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Start playing Clawee today - 100% REAL claw machines, 100% REAL prizes and 100% REAL home delivery!
YES, the same crane machines we love to play at the arcade - with a dash of extra PAZAZ, controlled from your phone!
Join over 2,000,000 players to get clawing and winning real prizes on the 21st century crane game!

- New Prizes EVERY DAY
- Free shipping for VIP members
- Daily bonus for some free and effortless fun
- Top quality live video streaming
- Tons of prizes to choose from
- Kick back and relax and progress with Clawee Saga mode!
- Collect tickets and earn FREEBIES!
- ENDLESS offers, coupons, events and challenges
- Won a prize you don’t want? Exchange it for MORE coins
- Want even more coins? Play the coins machine!
- Try the Magnet machine, The Scale machine and MANY other one-of-a-kind machines!
- Play online, feel at the carnival!

# High quality internet connectivity is required for the live game-play.
# Clawee offers games on real mechanical machines, which may malfunction occasionally. If you have encountered a malfunction, please email [email protected] and the issue will be resolved.
# Clawee delivers real prizes, which carry a real cost. Therefore, payment is required to receive the goods.

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Clawee App User Reviews & Comments

I can’t play itThis game would be fun but only if I could play it because I have no coins to start out with they don’t even give you at least 200 or 100 and you got a pay for the coins so I don’t think it’s not worth it when you won’t have to pay one dollar to get something from a real, call machine and putting all these cute things out there on the game that you really want to get but you have no coins and if anybody knows how to get coins on there without having to pay that would be helpful so I deleted the app it’s still a fun game if I know how to get the coins so I’ll give you two stars but that’s the best I can do but next time give them a little bit of coins to start with because I didn’t get no coins to start with so not trying to be rude but I’m just one of those people that don’t like to pay that type of money for that stuff like that’s too much to me I can get it for a lower price from an actual vending machine so that’s just my words I’d like to hear some of your guises other comments to I’ll be checking the comments every day and I’ll see if anybody tells us how to get coins without having to pay.Version: 5.9.1

Love It! I have to be good thoughI really Love Clawee. I am an avid crane machine lover from way back and was excited to find this real-life crane game. I have to be somewhat good though or else I will spend too much on coins. I do think that it does get a little bit expensive if you want to play a lot as the games do cost quite a bit to play but, they are very fun and seem to work well. Free coins and such will only get you so far if you’re a crane lover (some may say “junkie” like me). I just started playing so I can’t speak to the quality or shipment of the prizes. I enjoy the extras such as leveling up to have access to more games, the opportunity to earn free coins (and in turn, play (through liking the facebook and such), and the ability to change camera views. I really like that you can trade in your prize for more coins. That’s appealing to me because sometimes, I just want to play and don’t want a physical prize. Anyways. Great game and app... I just need to not drop too much money..Version: 4.7.1

Weird story that happenedSo, my daughter downloaded this app and won a bulbasaur plush from the beginners section. She entered the info so the plush could be delivered right to our door step. But the weird thing is, it never came to our door. But we had totally forgotten about Clawee and forgot the bulbasaur plush would be at the door 2 weeks after she won it. But still, back to our main subject: the plush never came to our door. So my daughter was casually playing in her room, when she saw the bulbasaur plush in her room! She came to me and showed me the plush and I was surprised. I didn’t hear the door bell ring for the plush, and I didn’t put it in the room as a surprise. I thought that the person who delivered it came through the bedroom window and placed it on the dresser. But then I realized that the room was too messy for break ins. Even if it did happen, the A.N.T alarm would go off and wake us up from slumber at night, or Disturb the peace of the quiet, Pokémon go playing house during day. Yet still, I’ll never figure out how that plush ended up in the room..Version: 5.7

Everything is lockedI don’t like it because all we have is these plushy‘s and I would like to get different things like maybe you could put in like something other than plushy‘s are a couch or a little tiny keychain maybe some thing different in the beginners and then putting more options in the beginners and don’t have everything else locked But in otherwise I love the game because it’s so fun and entertaining but I would like to be more prizes and for more coins and for like free trials like you have to have games to win coin in the beginners so and then we can actually get some coins because I don’t know how to and I don’t want to pay because I’m so new I just want to play a game so maybe we could do like 10,000 for beginners for coins and then we can actually play some games and then we can actually really read the game the way we would love to so if if you could please get these things in and I would love for you guys to actually get the things that are wrong into the game because there’s some things that don’t really make sense why do we have to pay to play the game it’s kind a different so yeah let’s do it have a good day.Version: 6.1

Good but....This app is very good and I love it but it gets very annoying having to buy more coins I wish there was an easier way to get coins without buying them like if you could watch an ad and get some coins also if the bonus was better because I looked and it said that i could not collect it yet but later I looked and it had expired and I already bought the vip pass so I could play and I also sent the link to two of my friends and one of them downloaded the game but I did not get the coins that the game said I would I love this game and downloaded it because I love claw machines but I just want an easier way to get coins because at this point I could probably go and play a real claw machine and it would cost less because I have no way of getting coins without buying them which I think is dumb because I feel like when I bought the vip that it did not change the game much because I did not get any other way of getting coins. Like I said I love this game but i just need another way to get coins. It is just dumb that I have no other way to get coins besides buying them I get that you have to make profit with the game but maybe you could get a spinster and use The adds to get money and also make the people who play the machines mire happy because I just can’t get anymore coins..Version: 4.1

One of the best claw games around but has some definite flawsPositive: I love the VIP and I love the daily bonuses! They are so many stuff that you can win. I love how you can easily win coins in the new collection golden box. I have won three things already but..... Negative: Yes I know, I know the concept of claw game, I know you can lose. But this is quite ridiculous. The only thing that I can win anymore is the new collection golden gift box, but it’s only coins and tickets. This game is just another way to tempt you to waste money. I had over 700 coins and spent it all on a claw game that has necklace I have been wanting really bad. But I obviously did not win. The camera quality is quite poor to where some of the objects in the container look smudged together. It’s glitches constantly. And no, my internet is not bad. It’s a steady WiFi. And most of the time, they put very few of that said object in there to where it’s impossible to pick up. When the quantity is greater, it’s easier to win stuff. But they choose not to. So please developers, if you can, make it easier to win so we can enjoy the game more. Because in the end, when you don’t win the prize, it’s very much a let down and disappointing..Version: 5.0

Fun Game for sure but needs workI absolutely love this game and it is addicting now with that said there is some downs to it. I honestly think they should redo the pricing of the prizes it’s a little crazy to pay 200 coins on a keychain plushie then have some bigger ones (non keychain) at 110. Also you do not get a coin bonus unless you buy coins with real money and like I said this game is addicting so I’ve spent way to much money so far on this game and when you do get the daily bonus coins you do not get even enough coins to play a single game because the cheapest coin machine game is 80coins I have to wait until day 5 to even get to play a 80 coin game, also in order to even play on the majority of the games you have to be a VIP which means you have to spend real money yet again just to play the game. I’d give it a 5star rating but with the price of coins and not even getting a free daily bonus plus the ridiculous amount of coins you have to spend to play on them it’s honestly not worth a 5 star I’m giving the 4 star because like I said I do love this game I just wish you’d make it better and make it so I don’t have to spend so many coins on 1 item..Version: 3.6.2

Good game, but hard to play without spending money.I’ll preface by stating that this app definitely isn’t a scam. The prizes are shipped to the address you enter, I’ve got two at home and a few more on the way. The prizes are good quality, the camera delay is very minuscule (which is to be expected), and refunds are given if a machine malfunctions, sometimes without a request for refund even being given. It’s a really fun game with tons of variety and I love it. For those who are genuinely interested in downloading it, though, I should state that this game is hard to play if you are not willing to spend real money. For the first seven days of play you get daily bonuses; however, after that, the only way to get coins is through buying them. Codes are given every day for additional coins added to your purchase, which is nice, but it remains true that real money must be spent. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a fact, so be wary that this game is hard to enjoy if you’re unwilling to spend real money..Version: 4.6

Clawee is not a lie!!!Look, I need to say THIS GAME IS FINALLY NOT A SCAM!!!!!!! I have seen games that say they will do something, like let’s say, give you a free toy, and then after 10 years nothing happens. But this, this is real! I got my squishy I, wait I almost wrote ordered, EARNED from your claw machine. It did take two months, it also came from China, and I respect that. At least I got it😂 Anyway, the only downside is the BONUS COINS ( dun dun dunnn ) When I went to bonus coins, it was a few days before I checked in so it said access expired. I checked tomorrow after that day, and access expired 😭 So I never got my bonus coins. Can you maybe fix that so it can at least reset it to day 1 if you miss a day or two or 5,000 instead of not able to do it at all? Thank you. Sincerely, Maddie 👍🏼 Psst! Also, when I got my squishy, it added a little bow. It’s super cute and that put in one of your stars since I would have subtracted one from the bonus coins. Ok you can go back to your Clawee updates now..Version: 5.0

Are you any good at claw machines? THEN GET THE APPI’m going to give a comprehensive review here because this is the first game app I’ve ever encountered in which you control a real machine from the comfort and safety of your phone. I’ve won three stuffed animals so far. If you want free shipping and access to the ‘VIP’ machines you have to pay 4 bucks but I shelled it out simply because this app is SUPER FUN! The machines aren’t rigged like so many actual machines I’ve encountered in ‘real life.’ I’ve played claws my whole life since I used to watch my grandfather wipe them out and give the toys to the local Shriner donation house when I was young. Now, since the pandemic started I have been super reluctant to go to the arcades and haven’t been able to scratch the itch, per se. If ever there was a reason to give an app a few bucks to play a game, it’s this one, and even if you don’t or can’t, they give out free coins every day so essentially you can play for free; it just takes about a week for a free go at a claw. They keep the games well stocked, not much funny business about stuffing them in either. They even show a playback of the last win, so you can see how other people have won the prize and give you a good idea of how to win yourself. Love it, keep it up you guys, I’m very happy..Version: 5.2

Was skeptical, but impressed!It’s RL claw machine game. Yes, you have to pay, no, you don’t “play until you win”, but it’s your arcade style claw machine game. You get two moves to grab a prize. Yes, I have won. Yes, I have received my prizes. I was actually impressed at the level of quality of the items. It’s definitely above Dollar Store or Wish (at least what I have received). People are supportive (can use emojis to cheer people on) and purchasing of coin is easy. Every day they have deals and sometimes fun things like guess the right number in the deal and receive bonus coin. I do wish that they rewarded long term players/high spenders. I also wish the pay out for the daily collection was slightly higher. The workers are on top of the machines and make sure they aren’t stuck in a corner or impossible to get. There are no tricks or snap springs. If your claw grabs the gear correctly, you’ll receive your Prize. If you don’t want the prize, you can exchange it for coin. I was pleasantly surprised that some prizes wield a high exchange rate. It’s like a little Easter egg in the game; finding the prize the wields the highest exchange. It would be fun if like one prize was worth 10,000 coins or something..Version: 3.7.1

Don’t get me wrongI love this game but I noticed some issues #1 is the prizes are almost impossible to win and the best prizes are impossible even for experienced gamers.#2 the games are way over priced it’s som much coins to play and the prizes aren’t that great like the tiny one tube of lipgloss that takes six weeks to get here.#3 the cameras are terrible and glitching I already noticed how the camera literally shakes in the middle of the game and they put more prizes in. It’s a constant problem.#4 you should be able to earn coins in the game by watching an ad or something it’s sad that you have to buy things in the game.#5 the prizes take too long to get here. I know it ships all the way from China but it has to get here faster like in 3 weeks instead of six please hurry up with the prizes.#6 I would like a camera or something like a tracing device on the package to see what’s going on or to see on a map it moving to see when it gets here so I could check the mail or know what the package is on my doorstep. But overall this game in my favorite claw game. Please do your best to fix these problems. Please and thank you!.Version: 2.4

Buyer BewareIf Toreba costs too much for you, Clawee is a good alternative. The prizes aren’t as diverse or high-quality, but many are easier to win. There are also lots of opportunities to win free coins, especially if you follow the app on social media. The app, however, knows how to pry your money away from you. It gives you some coins for free and lets you play the easy machines. If you lose, you either pay for more coins or give up. But there’s a good chance you’ll win. To claim your prize, you’ll either have to cough up 300 more coins or upgrade to VIP. There’s no way to get to 300, so you pay for VIP. It seems like a steal at 3.99, after all. You get some new features. Unfortunately, the new machines are harder, and it is easier to lose coins. At that point you feel like you’re too far in and keep spending. Believe me, you don’t want to get hooked on claw machine games at all. Don’t even get started. If you absolutely can’t live without a toy shown in the game, get it from AliExpress—they’re incredibly cheap for toys and certainly not as much of a gamble. There is nothing free about these games, and the money isn’t going to a good cause. Tread with extreme caution..Version: 3.1

One of the best claw games*EDIT* I’ve removed a star from my original review because of some of the things I’ve seen them do lately. Firstly, they made the game with some of the most desirable prizes nearly impossible to win without spending WAY too much money. This would be the egg bucket game. They had a golden egg that would give you an instant win, and now they’ve taken it out, but the machine still advertises the egg as an instant win. Plus, I watched a player fill the bucket almost all the way, so the next player would have been able to win, but a worker came by before anyone else could play the machine and reset the bucket. Kind of shady, IMO. The workers will step in front of the cameras while a game is going on, which isn’t right. Haven’t had it happen to me, but I’ve seen it happen while others are playing. So far, this has been the best of these type games I’ve tried. I won a prize on my very first game. And I never win anything on these! So far I’ve won 2 prizes in about a week worth of playing and I’ve only spent $0.99 just to get the VIP status. You get free coins each day which you can use to play the games and win. The lag isn’t nearly as bad as other games like this, but it’s still there. It’s worth a shot and definitely worth the $0.99 VIP cost..Version: 2.2

Fantastically, The Best Claw Game EVER!!!!There are others out there but non like Clawee. I found the app from Instagram. Was very curious as to how it worked. Read some reviews, and downloaded it to see for myself. I was immediately hooked, no pun intended. I was shocked that Clawee has REALLY GREAT prizes that when you win, you can have them shipped to you or exchange them for coins to play more games for different prizes. Everyday you get a coin bonus, the amount goes up as the week goes on. You can also buy coins, which then makes you VIP. Then you don’t have to pay for any shipping and then certainly there are more chances to win lots of prizes. Shipping doesn’t take terribly long, but even so it’s worth it for the quality of the prize. It’s not just junk. I can see just by playing the game how much thought and effort goes into running Clawee. Especially the Customer Service which I have found to be exceptional. If ever I have an issue, it’s responded to and promptly resolved always to my favor. Everyone I have conversed with has been super helpful and so nice to deal with. They do really go above and beyond. I play the game by myself and others we have Clawee parties. Who can win the most prizes! If you’re hesitant about downloading. DON’T be it’s hours of endless excitement and fun. Thank you to the Clawee developers and those of you that keep prizes new everyday and the games stocked all the time. - Mandy.Version: 3.5.1

Don’tOk I bought coins cause I won one thing well I had to try twice it wouldn’t take my card. I wrote them about my issue where I didn’t have to wait several days progress front and I think it’s bull that you have to pay $1.99 to become a VIP in order to have shipping and then I put all kinds of prizes and his machines on this game but they make it hard for you to win just like the ball game where you have to get the balls and you have to bring them over and drop them in the basket so you can get your little phone ring holder never want it that the connection is horrible in the coins are way too expensive I would not recommend this game to know what it is awful and several times during mist of me playing the game I could I could see your girl in the back I guess one of the workers restocking the machine and I missed my chance at winning because she was in my way thank but I’m deleting the game after I see if I can just get my coins refunded And the prices that I have one I’ve not seen in the mail yet.Version: 2.6

A fun experience!The game is really fun and seems to be improving very often, they have ways to earn free coins but very little but pretty fair for free, I have been playing for about a month now and I’ve won a few prizes and yes they did actually ship to my house it took a few weeks though. They have a leveling system and it’s pretty hard to level up but they do have random times where you can earn more experience points if you are wanting to try your luck at higher tier levels I suggest playing during those bonus times. They have lots of bonus coins and codes they give away quite often for the coin packs, just remember if you do buy some it’s not guaranteed you will win anything so only spend what you are comfortable spending! :) I enjoy trying my luck and getting practice in every now and then I’ve gotten a lot better I feel, also the customer service is pretty great they are really sweet people. I’m looking forward to what they decide to do with this app, they already have a few fun things to do and I have lots of fun, I absolutely recommend if you find any interest in it..Version: 5.6.1

Fun claw game! :-)I was looking for a fun game to play, and this one caught my attention. An actual claw machine game that has cute prizes that you can actually win. I never want to put money on an app, especially if there is not a tangible gain to me, but this one states you can get winning items shipped to you if you win. I have paid for the VIP, and have paid for about $40 worth of coins to play the claw machines and have had a fun time playing these machines. I have had a win not register, a double win, and a few times where the gameplay was disrupted (like screen went grey, and the claw button didn’t let me get my second move in) and was able to e-mail customer service to rectify the issue. I can’t wait to get the prizes I have won through the mail, like the Mega Charizard Pikachu, so I will have something fun in the house to know I actually won a fun item through a fun app. I have definitely had a lot of fun playing the machines and watching others play and win. I have my eye set on that fluffy raccoon now, and am trying to win that for my next big win. Thank you for reading this review and I hope you have fun with this game too. :-).Version: 3.4

Best Claw Game Around!After seeing an Instagram post about a virtual claw game, I was intrigued and wanted to try some out. I always loved playing claw games at restaurants/stores when I was younger. After downloading and trying about 5 different games, Clawee became my favorite! You can make purchases to get coins for playing, but you can also get rewarded coins for logging in every day. The prizes are awesome! Including plushies, jewelry, accessories, home decor, gadgets, and more! There are tons of prizes for people of all ages to enjoy. Shipping does take a while, but it’s worth it when it was something you were able to win. I have had some issues with machines malfunctioning, but customer serves is great! You just email explaining what happened and can link the video of your game to get a resolution. It’s super fun to be able to play claw games, but do it remotely so I don’t have to go out to one of those restaurants or stores. You know that it’s real because while watching claws, you can see the actual human employees replenishing machines. You also don’t have to go in to a machine blind. You can watch as other people play, learning from their mistakes or figuring out how to copy their moves to get your own win. If you follow Clawee on Facebook too then you can see updates on discount codes and share your wins and prizes with others! Join me in this app addiction :).Version: 2.8

Do not download, Just download Toreba insteadThis app is so overpriced, if you want to play crane games download Toreba instead. They’ll give you a lot more free plays, they have better prizes, and they’re all around cheaper. They also take less time to ship your prizes, Clawee is terrible and a borderline scam. As you can see the developer responded to my original post, completely glossing over most my issues with the app. I don’t doubt that they ship prizes and that they’re doing their “best.” But after playing both, Toreba is a much better option if you’re wanting to play a crane game. Like I said before, they offer more free plays, don’t require you to pay for shipping, and have better prizes. I actually played Clawee first and I’m still waiting on my prize (which is fine) but Toreba managed to get my prizes to me in 3 weeks. While I’m still expecting Clawee to take another 4 weeks before they ship it. Visit the Toreba subreddit and you’ll see that many other people agree with me. Competition is good and I wish I would have known about Toreba before I spent money on Clawee. Also, the developer seemed a little salty. I guess I would be a little angry too if another company was doing a better job with my business model. Lol.Version: 3.7.1

Awesome game!It’s an awesome game, the most accurate of all the real live claw machines as with prizes- a lot of the other games list awesome prizes, you click on it, and it shows a completely different prize- this one is ACTUALLY accurate prize wise though. And also when playing, the claw isn’t delayed according to your moves as it is in other games. In other games, you click a direction, and it takes a good 5 seconds to register your move and complete it- this game is AWESOME though, and is perfect in timing with your moves. You don’t have to pay to ship the wins to your house either, unlike other games that make you pay to ship. I’m comparing this app to other games because it is SO much better than them. The only problem I have is with the daily reward- I’m not sure I quite understand how it works. Today I came to get it, realized I still had some time before I could collect it, so I waited for another hour until I could collect it. When I came back to collect it then, it said my “daily bonus had expired”. Is there a certain limit of time it can not be collected? I am still unsure on this point, but if this continues to not be a working feature, it will be frustrating when I have to buy coins every time I want to try and win something. Developers, please make this clear, or fix it if it’s a messed up feature. Thank you! ☺️.Version: 3.3.1

Clawee at the end of the a scamI’ve won “plenty” of prizes, but the amount of $$$ for coins, is close to ZERO to the benefits of the “bonus coins” or “free” especially as you level up from 1, to 2, to 3 etc...and you get the very small chance to win the new prizes because they make it harder and harder with new machines/new ways to win. It eventually becomes practically pointless. AND don’t get me started on the obnoxious “maintenance” “malfunctions” on the machines or the countless times I’ve won a prize and it didn’t count it. (I use the quotations with mild sarcasm) Then emails I send to “SUPPORT” rarely get resolved. Here’s where it’s their is fault on my end...For the last 2 years, Kept on giving these con-artist’s more $$$ (literally 100’s and 100’s of $$$) all because as child I LOVED prize winning arcades and still do, but this was a HUGE mistake for falling for this bull$$$hit. Falling for the simple fact that it’s ADDICTIVE. And they know it...“exciting” but psychologically it’s very unhealthy because the chances of winning is so slim. They made it that way. It’s the same old scam, it’s gambling. It’s a waste of money. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and not spend even a single dollar$ and never have installed this scam/money stealing...stupid prize arcade app. I feel dumb for falling for this. SAVE YOUR MONEY and do not play Clawee. Worst mistake ever..Version: 4.9.2

Seriously?Now let me say this first, my internet connection is very strong. I’m literally 10 feet from my WiFi and have full bars and internet connection. The 2nd claw game I tried cut out midway and auto dropped my claw and said to check my internet and took my 200 somewhat coins. Then I decide I will buy coins the last 2 times I tried the games and EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. Something was up with the claw. Some it was loose and would barely touch the objects. Some it had a delay in the way the claw retracted and wouldn’t attempt at grasping until it was and inch away from the box as it pulled up. One I tried last (which caused me to say “f this stupid game” and delete the app) the claw DIDN’t EVEN FULLY OPEN TO EVEN TRY AND GRASP THE BOX. Now I remember why I deleted it the first time I got this game about a year or 2 ago. So many of the claws seem to get rigged after a few wins and it’s why I’ve ALWAYS hated claw games. It’s so easy to mess with them when doing “maintenance”. I’m not stupid I know how it works especially when I know plenty who have worked in places that have them. If you want to kill time and spend money out of boredom then this is the app for you. You will spend more than you make back for the stuffed animal or object you’re trying to get. Just go to the dang store and buy it. Lesson learned I’m not downloading any more of these virtual claw apps..Version: 3.8

The best game everHello this game is really fun because it has all kind of games like toys I meant it has monkey toys doggy toys big toys unicorn toys and plushy‘s baby Yoda socks I will eat a bowl of those and I just love your games I hope I can get more stuff from you guys because it is really fun to play this game because I will need to put just like it I love it and it’s the best game ever maybe and I have a lot of games maybe like this and it’s like a unicorn game in this I have like slime games and make up games and dress up games and this game is the best out of all of them because the princess game isn’t fun the make up game is it fun the unicorn game is it fun the make up and stuff like that isn’t fun I do not like that but I love your game it’s really fun so I hope you make more games like this please can you answer me but so this game is just the best I’m just saying it because it is the best it has all kind of toy plushy‘s and I love the baby Yoda socks my brother loves them till he plays on my tablet every day to just play this game and I hope you have a great day he actually loves baby Yoda to say hope you add moist up of baby Yoda I love baby Yoda also my brother and we love unicorns they’re really fun and I spent lots of time writing this I took two days riding this it’s really fun the game is really fun too it’s just doggy plushy‘s I really do love it I hope you add more baby Yoda stuff..Version: 5.6

Getting a refund is futileStarted playing this at the end of last year and loved it at first, until I bought extra coins and realized my card was charged 5 times instead of just once for the coins- contacted their support team immediately and they kept having different service people send me emails, then asked for a picture of my bank statement showing the charges. I sent a picture of it in November and by January I had heard nothing, so I reached out again and they claimed they never received the picture. I sent it again and they said they needed a screenshot of the actual bank statement, so I had to dig that up and then they said “all of your charges went through :)” which was confusing, until I realized they were basically telling me that because the sales went through, I couldn’t get a refund. The smiley face was strange and unnecessary for the context. I then responded and explained that yes, they went through, and that’s the problem. She then told me that she couldn’t refund me because “some of the coins had already been spent” and that instead she could just give me more coins to play Clawee with. I said that I just wanted a refund and I’d been trying to reach them for months, so I said I’d just call my card company about it. That’s when finally they emailed me and said “we have refunded you and banned you from Clawee.” I was not planning on returning to this app, and the unnecessary rudeness was unwarranted. Good riddance.Version: 3.1

UnhelpfulGame is fun I have to admit, I’ve been playing for a while and is always putting money into this app but recently not so much. I have 6 prizes that I claimed in May which is almost 6 months ago and never received them. I contacted support in August saying that I didn’t get 3 of my prizes. The reason why I mentioned only 3 instead of 6 was because I didn’t really care about the others so I only brought up the 3 that I spent the most coins on. All they told me is that they’ll get in touch with the shipping team so I waited and it still never came. It’s the end of October now and I contacted them again about it and they responded me saying they’ll contact the shipping team which is the same response I got the first time and then they ghosted me. I’ve been really patient about this but it’s getting ridiculous. I keep getting the same response, what help does it do telling me that you’ll contact the shipping department? Are you guys even doing anything about it? If I didn’t spend so much money winning those 3 prizes I would’ve shrugged this off by now because 6 months is way too long. I wish I can move on with this unless they’re willing to refund me all the coins I spent trying to win the never received prizes..Version: 3.7.1

ScammersSo I went on to try this game, and was able to watch many people play. I even saw some people win! I decided to finally spend my free coins that you start with. As soon as it said to go, the camera went out. Okay, maybe it was my connection, so I tried again. Nothing was happening when I pressed the button to make the claw move. This happened every time for multiple times. Every time I ran out of coins, it gave me more. I even got to level 3 and kept receiving free coins. However, the claw never worked for me. I could hear it moving, and my iPad was vibrating. So I figured maybe it was the camera. Nope, I tried one more time, and an Asian woman walked in front of the camera while I still could not see the crane move while I was pushing buttons. Yes, it made sounds like the crane was moving. Yes, it seemed like maybe it was a camera freezing up error. Nope. The camera was live because I saw the woman walk in front of it while I tried playing. It obviously isn’t working because I’m not a VIP and just a beginner. Way to try and scam people for real money when you say they can at least try it for free and you program it to be misleading. Stereotypical communist gooks. Should have known better....Version: 5.8

SCAM DO NOT BUYOverall, the game itself is okay. Not only do you only get 400 coins, which isn’t a lot considering you have to BUY more coin and each game or item you want to get is 200 coins. Think if it as an actual claw machine. Hard to operate, and is most likely a scam considering the claw itself never works. When you go to check out the thing you got, which you will get at least one because the first one you get is a tutorial, you have to pay with coins that you don’t have or get VIP which bother methods cost money! If you’re going to do this at least consider the fact the game is for 4 years old and older. What 4 year old is going to have money! What if they press a button and use their parents money because they don’t know the ways of the internet. Yes, maybe the parent should look at the games their toddler is downloading, but you also have to realize that in the game itself says “4+” which is directed for people that are 4 and up. Take into consideration reader, that you aren’t getting a good ratio from real money ($) to the in game currency. $10 is about 1,500 coins. That’s a complete rip off. I have seen so pretty bad games like this out there, but this has to be by far one of the worst. The concept is extremely cool, but I don’t like the idea of having to put my address into an app that you most likely will use once and that saves my data even after I delete it. I would just be careful if you’re planing to buy this game and not spend money.Version: 5.9.1

WARNING & Experience ReviewWARNING: If you go into your profile on the game there is a circle you have to check off that requests that they don’t sell your information. It is not automatically checked off when you get the app or sign in with any account and you would have to find it and make sure it is checked on your own. I found this very discomforting and it had me signing out and deleting the app immediately. my experience: At first I was unsure how to feel about this game. In real life you do usually end up spending more money than you intend to on claw machines. At least it brought that realistic feel for me. I had tried to save up enough coins just from getting the bonus each day to get one prize and it would take forever. Not only do you have to get the coins to get the prize but also a lot more just to have a shipped to you. You would indefinitely have to pay but as far as I can tell you could always get more coins from the claw machines once you do and would be set. When I did play it, it wasn’t impossible to get prizes like real life claw machines and I was able to on my first try. I had only gotten one prize and was trying to save enough coins over time to get it delivered to see how good of quality it was before I spent money on anything. Before I ever got enough to get it delivered was when I saw what was included in my warning above and I deleted the app before I ever got my prize. So, I unfortunately can’t speak on the quality of the products..Version: 5.0

No Point in playingOK I normally don’t write reviews that are bad but this was… Well how do I explain it this game my friend showed me and they said it’s awesome but then I realized you only get 400 coins and for the newbies you have to spend coins on the claw games and each game is 200 coins the first time I played I was like OK I want the cactus wallet so I clicked on it I played and I didn’t get anything so I said OK maybe I get another chance nope I did not get another chance so I basically spent 200 coins on nothing the only way you can get the good stuff and everything else is to get vip but VIP is four dollars you can only do the beginner stuff and it’s oh so expensive because you only get 400 coins at the start and all of the beginner stuff is 200 coins each and you have to spend money on coins you don’t earn coins by playing the game you have to spend real actual money on coins and if you don’t have any coins you can’t play the claw games when I ran out of coins I couldn’t play the claw games and I just wanted to play them not actually get stuff but I couldn’t I just looked at all the stuff wondering I want that. So yeah if you don’t like spending money don’t get this game it would’ve been fun if the coins you didn’t have to spend money on you could just earn them throughout the game.Version: 6.1

Not Worth It, Unless You’re RichWhen I initially downloaded this app, I was given coins that allowed me to play the claw machines twice. I won a cat keychain, which is nice, I guess. Problem is, the first time I played this claw machine, it dropped into the slot and said I didn’t win. The next time, the keychain didn’t even make it to the winner slot and said I won. I thought it may be a fluke scenario. I spent $3.99 to become a VIP member, which gave me “7 days of bonus coins.” Here’s where I became annoyed.. I acquired enough coins to play two times from the 7 bonus days. The first time, I successfully grabbed an item and it dropped into the slot that should have counted me as a winner, but it didn’t. It has been a week now and I have no way to play unless I spend actual money. I received the cat keychain in the mail yesterday and it is much smaller than it looked on the camera in app. You can also see where the seams are about to come apart, as it’s clearly cheaply made. Point is, you have to spend money to gain coins that allow you to play these claw machines. Except, none of these items are of true value and you will easily spend more money than you ever should to attempt to win a cheap prize. Had I realized the way the app functioned, I would have kept my $3.99..Version: 4.0

Tips & tricksIt seemed a bit sketchy at first but after a couple of try’s I won a small panda but in order to ship it you needed 700 coins. I had 30 after trying to win the panda and so I bought the VIP pass. You get free shipping on all the items that you win an extra bonuses. When you get VIP your are able toUnlock more prizes and get more things. I recommend getting it it’s only four dollars. Although you start off with some prizes you need to unlock the others in order to be able to play the game. You need to level up and get more wins. What do you level up to level two you can play more games and win more prizes. I suggest that before you play a game do you study how others play it,It’s ability. Some machines maybe more weak then others. You can also earn more coins which gives you more chances to play in order to play for more coins do you need to get to level two on the VIP. Do this by winning games. You don’t get a lot of coins when you start off and when you get your bonus so I suggest if you can play for more coins. I like the game but you need a lot of patience and time in order to win things and if you intend on not spending any money it’s gonna take even longer to cover the shipping cost although it does use in game currency to ship. But other than that it’s a pretty cool game..Version: 4.7.1

A joke and a scam! USE TOREBA INSTEADOut of the few claw machine apps i have tried this has to be one of the worst! i had it a few months ago, won a small sloth plushie and payed the 2-3 dollars to have it shipped (you have to either have enough coins or pay for VIP to get your prize). i redownloaded the game a few days ago, and noticed that you have to buy coins just to get your free daily coins, then most prizes are locked behind a level system or the coins it cost to play are way too high (the beginner prizes are 1000 coins, while 500 coins cost the player 5 bucks). I decided to play a quick game just to see if i could win, since i didnt have enough coins it prompts a ad saying “100 coins for 2.99” and i figured it would be worth it just for one try, then ill delete the game. Except when it ask me to use touch id to buy the coin pack it was 10 dollars for 100 coins and vip status. i instead bought a smaller pack and gave one game a try, just for it to lag so bad that its unplayable! the game is obviously designed to trick players into spending more money then necessary. if you want a decent claw machine game just use toreba, i havent had any problems with the machines, it uses classic japanese claw machines and you atleast get a free try a day!.Version: 4.7

Awesome game and support teamWon 2 prizes for FREE and ended up getting VIP for the $2.. I’ll admit some prizes are definitely harder to win than others but for the money I’ve spent and if you use their PROMO codes you can actually get some decent deals on coins. Only ONE time did I have the glitch lag out and I lost my coins ... I could of contacted support but I didn’t. Anyway I bought $5 worth of coins last night and won 2 prizes and I let my girlfriend try the game but she didn’t know how to play and ended up wasting 160 of my coins ... I contacted support explaining the situation and they gave me a credit to my account for 160 coins which I used myself and won yet a 3rd price in ONE night! I’ve received a total of 3 prizes so far. And 3 more are on the way... I definitely think it’s cool and the daily bonuses and other bonuses like play 20 games get 100 coins, connect facebook account, refer friends ... you have PLENTY of opportunities to earn free coins. I would have left 4 stars but because of the acceptional customer support I am doing 5. Only thing that could be fixed is very slow shipping time, otherwise it’s great!!!! Can’t wait to upload pictures on Facebook of my prizes to earn additional coins. One feature you should add is watch videos, surveys, or download apps to earn coins! COOL GAME OTHERWISE!.Version: 3.1

Easier than TorebaI just downloaded this app a few minutes ago, and was excited to play until I realized I had to be VIP to play most of the games. The price however, is only $3 and you get a daily bonus of coins whereas in toreba you have to pay a minimum of $10 and only get a daily play ticket or something. I tried toreba's free plays but the prizes are all wrapped in plastic making it really hard to get a grip on anything. I tried this one and won a rainbow alpaca after just a few tries. Really excited to recieve my prize! EDIT: After playing for quite awhile I still think it's easier and cheaper than Toreba, however you do have to be careful. A frustrating problem I come across is when I'm playing the camera showing the game suddenly lags but my counter is still running out of time, and I end up losing because I couldn't even see what I was doing. Luckily I have only been using coins from my daily bonus and I didn't waste actual money recently, but just know that it can lag sometimes and can cause issues. I have also seen one game (to win 100 coins) often paid out even when no one caught the prize. I think they removed that crane permanently because of that though..Version: 3.1

Warning- This game is made only to steal your $$$$$$$This game fools you at first that you can play it by earning daily bonus coins as all games now a days give you. But they give so little bit of coins so rarely you could only play one game every couple days if you plan to not spend money. Now they even took away the daily coins you get!!!!! They make it super easy for you to win at least 1-2 prizes then you must sign up for VIP in order to get free shipping every time. So it’s either you pay $2 for vip or you need to generate 600 coins- nonsense! So I bought vip thinking this is something I’ll have fun playing often. This was a waste of $2! I never pay money for games since there’s so many fully free ones! I am never going to pay another cent to this game. Especially their prices are ridiculous and you pay to only get a few losing games for too much money! It’s like it’s made that way on purpose to win first couple games and then you constantly loose- or your claw grabs something and it drops. Happened to me too many times! Looks like I’m done with this game. Really upset at this horrible horrible money stealing game! Oh and even though I paid the $2 vip I never received my prizes! So they not only robbed me financially they didn’t even send the prize. So I ended up with nothing at all but aggravation from this game!.Version: 2.9

Not bad at allI have played the game a lot ever since I got it it’s not a bad app but there are some complications that could get fixed but for some reason it just isn’t happening but it’s fine. There is only one main problem that I’ve been focusing on is something with the employees they keep going on the screen when a player is playing a round. Otherwise, I find the app really fun to play and for my very first 2 games I won both times! The game knows how to keep you interested. But there is also something wrong with the difficulty of some of the games here was some game I forgot which but I think it’s a magnetic type of game and those are extremely difficult I would really like it if you changed the difficulty just a tad bit. Also there are a couple of games that you could get extra coins so if you want more coins just play that game. I really can’t lie but this game really is an amazing game and I have had such a fun time playing Clawee none of the problems have happened to me and I’m great full for that but I still don’t want hat to happen anyway good luck clawee on this game I expect the best from you guys this has been an amazing time playing the game. Thank You!.Version: 3.3

Not like it used to beIn the beginning when I first started playing it was fun and the coin to play prizes were fair. I have won items and received them. I think anyone who hasn’t received them within the last 8 months hasn’t received them because of covid 19. These come from China so your prize is most likely stuck in an incoming international mail so it’s probably gonna be some time. That being said I have been away from the game for a while and came back and everything had changed, and not for the good. The cheaper looking toys are way overpriced for u to play they used to be like 200 coins to play now they are 1000. You kidding! There are so many things wrong with this now it’s not fun anymore I wouldn’t download this game it’s ridiculous now they are just after money Update: it was nice of the developers to respond, I’m not an idiot I know u can’t offer stuff for free that’s not what I was asking. Also the “daily bonus” is only accessible if u buy coins. So yeah that’s not a very good way to “earn free coin”. The coins u so buy doesn’t go a long way like they used to is what I was pretty much saying, u used to be able to play with the smaller coin packs now u really can’t.Version: 5.1.2

Bought coins, didn’t receiveI was enjoying playing this game, had bought several packages for $1.99. I even won a few cute little things that I’m still waiting on. However, I ended up purchasing a $9.99 deal and in the middle of my purchase I got an error, it said I would be notified if the payment went through or not. I checked my email and sure enough I had the PayPal receipt confirming the payment had went through but I didn’t have my coins. I understood there was some kind of glitch so I was patient and emailed them a few minutes after with a screenshot of the receipt that had just been sent to me, not even 10 minutes prior to the email. Someone named Sasha got back to me and said that they would forward the email to their manager and she would be able to help. It’s been 3-4 days and I haven’t received anything, not an update, an email, my coins, or a refund. I keep emailing them to let them know and I haven’t gotten anything back which is crazy because my first email was responded to in less than a few hours. Be careful spending your money on here. Defiantly don’t get the big package deals because you don’t know if it will glitch and they will take your money. Stick to Toreba..Version: 3.2.1

So far so goodI spent way too much time and money on toreba (the Japanese crane game) where every prize is rigged against you so you need to know all the tricks to making it work and it’s never a “first try win” sort of game, you have to meticulously edge the item towards winning it, each try only moves it a millimeter at best. In comparison- this app is just like the crane games I’ve played in the US- the claw actually grabs items and you have a chance of winning on the first go. The VIP is fairly priced and I think it’s worth it. I see lots of reviews talking about playing for free but that’s really not fair to the app producers. If they aren’t getting paid then they can’t maintain the game and I respect that. Even so, this one is the least expensive from my experience. And the price I feel is fair. Besides, no crane game in person is ever going to give you free coins, so to get them is just a little bonus. On my first try I won a snorlax plush keychain and my second win it took me 3 tries to get a large mewtwo plush. If you like crane games and you feel like you’re lucky/skilled with them, give it a go. I think the only downside is how long shipping will take. 7 weeks is almost two months, it will be spring by the time I get my prizes 😅.Version: 3.0

Terrible customer service and stolen coinsI payed for coins and vip in this app not to long ago. I loved on one day and they were gone. Emailed customer service, they not only said that I need to read the terms of service stating that anyone in there company can use these coins (I checked, this is not an actual rule) then emailed another women who informed my that my issue was some error but could not give me it back as I had already emailed another employee who had become upset. Told them both that I could not continue this and asked to speak to a supervisor to which I was told that they were customer service managers. I am normally not this frustrated and ask to speak to a superviser but I spent over $12 on this game. Will not refund me as they have threatened to shut down my account and say because I do not know my method of payment they will report me to there boss. When I told them I would love to speak to that boss they lost their minds and told me never to email again and took all remaining coins out of my account (the ones I payed for) please have any developers reach out regarding this issue but until then be warned. This game is total fraud. UPDATE: Clawed is still super bad. Emailed them again with proof and they lost there minds. Blocked me and now they send spam mail to my house and email. They should be shut down by Apple. Such a scam. If you want your information sold to everyone, this is the place..Version: 4.9.1

Fun!I hate this game....but I LOVE this game. This is just a review on the game itself as I have not yet experienced the need for customer service. I’ve always been obsessed with using the crane games in arcades and stores, but noticed that the claw power has dwindled, making it more difficult to win despite strategy. Although there is a difference between playing virtually and playing in real life, it is still nice to see a machine that actually does grab on to items. It is difficult, but yet satisfying. You will most likely spend money using Clawee, but if you enjoy crane/claw games, and have some money to spare, this app offers a lot of fun for its user. Depending on how you go about it, you can get some free coins (allowing the user to play the games), and you can find coupon codes if you look hard enough. Be careful though as it can get addicting for those who enjoy the thrill of the game. I definitely have enjoyed my time so far, but maybe a little too much lol. 💜 I like to compare what I would spend normally at arcades your what I spend on Clawee..Version: 4.9.1

Love this so muchSuper easy to get prizes and very cool too the only problem is: camera come times a little slow and /or delayed but overall I’m fine with it ❤️ Another issue was that in order to get money you had to play games and that’s fun and all but when I try to invite my friend to the game and collect 500 coins it never gave me 500 coins honestly I am fine with it but for all those people who really love this game and will actually get some items shipped I do suggest that this issue is fixed I tried it twice and I should’ve gotten 1000 coins but sadly I did not it’s OK though because I still love the game and I have 50 coins so far and I will try somehow to save up all those coins and try to actually buy another in conclusion, I do wish they could fix this problem because I would really love my 1000 coins if it did work. I don’t really care about this other issue but I also started out with 400 coins when some of my friends started out with more, or so I think I don’t really know I didn’t check my coins I or I forgot but overall love this game so much really enjoy it just hope those issues are fixed soon..Version: 5.6.1

Changed my review(used to be 1 star)Please read c: . once u download this app, you chose your first prize to win, and if you win (you probably will, the game devs want you to stay in the app, and i got the lil rainbow llama) you will most likely receive your prize in the mail as long as u put the correct address. the rainbow llama i got is cute, very smaller than i expected, and took a MONTH to come in. please, do not spend money on this game, it’s gambling and you know you’re going to lose. i bought the vip and still struggle to get any coins. (the only way to get coins is to use real money on the game) if you’re going to install this game, only play it for fun, don’t expect to win every time, and don’t spend a lot of money because it’s not worth it. the game developers completely control whether or not you win, you don’t get a say in it. to be exact, i won my prize on june 14, 2021, and i received it today.(july 17, 2021) the tracking info is really slow, and i wouldn’t look at it to track your package. go to safari, type in “universal parcel tracking” and copy and paste your tracking number there, it tells you exactly where your package is. btw, the 5 star reviews are fake lol..Version: 6.0

Legit but not all games seem winnableEdit: I’m definitely dropping my review. I really enjoyed this app because you got daily coins. I spent 2 dollars to get more daily coins. Now they’ve changed it so you get a week of free coins then you have to pay money to get seven more days. This app isn’t playable without spending money every week now. I’m going to deinstall it because that’s ridiculous. It is no longer free to play. So I will admit up front I spent the 1.99 to get vip which gets you more machines, more bonus coins, and free shipping. I figured I’d spend more then that in shipping if I won anyway. I won two things on my free coins and haven’t given any money to buying coins. You can definitely win without spending money. I think the most winnable prizes are the claws where you are grabbing the actual prizes so I’d stick to those. Sometimes the previous win on the one where they’re boxes is the exact same for two machines so it’s probably not possible. I did get my two prizes about 20 days after I won them and that’s really cool! So if you play and don’t spend any of your own money other then vip I think it’s worth it. Just remember to collect your bonus coins everyday!.Version: 2.9

Kinda rigged... kinda overpricedClawee is a fun game like Toreba. You push some buttons and you can win a plush. But the games are overpriced most the time, and you are given limited amounts of coins. Especially when you don’t want to pay for coins, you’ll end up paying money anyway. You’re only given seven days of tiny amounts of coins. Even to ship a toy, you’re expected to pay 600 coins or pay 3.99 for vip free shipping. The shipping can take up to seven weeks, but I received my package in 4 weeks. Yes, they are legit prizes, but they might not live up to your expectations. When you buy vip, most of the plush filled machines turn into box filled machines. Once you buy vip, you can’t get the easy experience back. You have to use skill on them. Not to mention, lag is a big issue. Lag interferes with your game time. On your first try, you’ll usually end up hitting the wall or prize shoot. There are times when people have gotten refunds, so you might not have to worry. But playing a game isn’t fun with lag. It can depend on your WiFi speed but most of the time it’s just a laggy game in general, from the cameras streaming all the time and everything like that. Overall, it was a fun experience, but prices on games should be lowered and more coins should be given out..Version: 4.3.1

It’s not a scam I love this gameI have played this game for only a few months yes I spend money but only a couple bucks here and there when I have it to spare to all the people saying it’s all luck not skill I have already won 38 times and yes it does take a while but they do ship them directly to you and if you do pay 0.99 cents to get the vip you get to play a lot more games and you get free shipping on top of that there customer service team is great yes some times there are glitches that’s because it’s all on WiFi poor connections happen that’s why the game records every time you play I have had 2 times where I won something but the game said I lost there is a folder in the game that stores all your videos and you can copy and paste the link and email the support team with that video I did that both times and they made sure I got what I won do t take my word and don’t take anyone else’s word for the game try it your self and see how you like it just make sure when your playing once you stop holding the move button you can’t move that way again.Version: 2.9

Waste of time and $$When I saw this game I was excited bc I love playing these games. It’s definitely addicting and if it was ran correctly they’d probably make a good amount of $, but unfortunately it’s not. So the daily reward you get isn’t even enough to play one game so you have to pay to play. Which would be fine if they didn’t scam you out of $ almost every time. Support is a joke. I’ve written them several times about the fact that I won and wasn’t able to claim my prize bc it said my address was incorrect. I haven’t once gotten a response!! So the only thing I could do w what I had won was trade it in and even that was a rip off bc I got 690 coins but wasn’t actually able to use them before it said I needed to buy more. So I paid 4.99$ to get 420 coins and played 1 game for 115 coins twice and by the 3rd time I was told I needed to buy more coins. There also isn’t even a place that keeps score of your coins at least not one that actually keeps track bc mine has said 10 coins for the last few days when that not correct at all. When I was given the 690 it should’ve been added to that 10 but it wasn’t. Then when I bought the 420 that also wasn’t added. This game is a rip off!!! Don’t waste your $$!!!.Version: 3.2

Had a great timeHad a good time playing this game. Prizes showed up. They are obviously bootleg prizes. I knew that just by looking at the prizes in the claw machine as I was winning them. Honestly though, I live in the middle of nowhere and I know that any claw machine around here is also going to give me bootleg prizes. I still hope that Clawee changes their ways and uses the money that paying customers give them to bring in some legitimate prizes. It sounds like they are making more money after taking away the free coin feature from non-paying customers (which honestly is a fair change and I am not against it), so I hope they use that money to improve their app, improve prizes (not EXPAND their options of bootleg prizes) and better the Clawee name. Customer service is pretty good, though if you contact them too many times they subtly tell you that they think you are trying to steal from them. Funny how that is when they are actively stealing from brands by buying bootleg prizes. They say that they take a video of every play, but there have been at least two occasions out of 100 plays where the app/machine malfunctioned and the footage of the malfunction just happened to not be saved by the camera..Version: 3.2.1

Buyer be warned!!!This app seemed ok until I purchased VIP. They don’t tell you this before you give them your money the cost to play a game goes way up once you pay to become a VIP member. If prices rise every time I buy coins it defeats the whole purpose of buying anything since the difference will always be the same. People buy VIP and pay for coins to increase their ability to play more games. If these apps charge more for paying customers that is wrong and unfair! As a free user you can check your daily bonus and skip days and still continue to get your bonuses BUT they don’t let you know that once you become a VIP member the rules change: if you miss a day you will lose all your bonus days until you buy more coins. The way they treat VIPs are very un-VIP! You’re better off never giving this app any of your money! Don’t do it! UPDATE: I received the one plush I won so they are somewhat legit and they changed the daily bonus so everyone gets one every day. Those are good improvements! BUT every time you level up the prices of your previous level items get higher. This is a problem when you are trying to save up coins to buy the item, you play more to earn more coins for the item you want but since you are playing more you level up and then the item price gets higher and keeps getting out of your reach!.Version: 5.6

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Clawee 6.1 Update

Version 6.1 (2021-07-18): Hey Clawee! In this version we've added the Rolling offer feature and more! Enjoy Clawing and winning prizes! GO GO GO!.

Version 6.0 (2021-07-06): Hey Clawee! In this version we've added the Wish list feature and more! Enjoy Clawing and winning prizes! GO GO GO!.

Version 5.9.1 (2021-06-20): Hey Clawee! In this version we've added bug fixes! Enjoy Clawing and winning prizes! GO GO GO!.

Version 5.8.1 (2021-05-30): Hey Clawee! In this version we've added bug fixes! Enjoy Clawing and winning prizes! GO GO GO!.

Version 5.8 (2021-05-23): Hey Clawee! In this version we've improved the app and added the new Golden Round feature! Enjoy Clawing and winning prizes! GO GO GO!.

Version 5.7 (2021-05-04): Hey Clawee! In this version we've improved the app and added the new Collection challenge feature! Enjoy Clawing and winning prizes! GO GO GO!.

Version 5.6.1 (2021-04-18): Hey Clawee! In this version we've improved our Free round feature! Enjoy Clawing and winning prizes! GO GO GO!.

Version 5.6 (2021-04-11): Hey Clawee! In this version we've improved our SAGA feature! Enjoy Clawing and winning prizes! GO GO GO!.

Version 5.5 (2021-03-21): Hey Clawee! In this version we've added a new daily bonus and free spins promotions! Enjoy Clawing and winning! GO GO GO.