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Word Collect: Word Games App Download

Play 2500+ Levels & Get 500 Bonus Coins! DOWNLOAD the best word puzzle games!

Word Collect has exciting word puzzle games! Word Collect starts as an easy word game and gets harder as you level up!

- Swipe to select letters in any direction to form the hidden word matches!
- Find as many words as possible to level up and earn bonus rewards!
- Fill in every word block puzzle! Earn bonus coins when you discover hidden words!
- Can't figure out the word jumble? Use coins to get a hint and win the level!

- Daily bonus coins and word puzzles!
- Daily Challenge gives you more word puzzle games, more bonus coins and more FUN EVERY DAY!
- Over 2500+ Levels to play word games!
- 500 coins at the first word game login!
- Easy to play, but hard to beat - difficulty increases as you go!
- Play OFFLINE or ONLINE - anytime, anywhere!
- Whether you want word games for adults or word games for kids, Word Collect is the best word game out there!

Get Word Collect for the best word games for word puzzle fans, word search addicts, and more!

Play word games now in Word Collect - it's so addictive!

The prizes in this word game are not exchangeable for real-world money or prizes. Having an issue with these free word games for iphone and ipad? For immediate support, contact us at [email protected] Thanks!

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Word Collect: Word Games App User Reviews & Comments

Awards not awardedHad been enjoying playing multiple times a day, but for 3 days now am not able to get “free” coins during games as video ads won’t open. Also have been cheated out of 25 coin awards offered at completion of games for same reason. Have also been getting a lot of messages that state video not available at this time—please try again later. Another problem is with daily bonus point (coin) awards. Will get one award then unable to play again because it won’t open another video to watch—just has circle “spinning” endlessly. Up until 3 days ago, it was problematic with it taking several minutes for a video to load. In addition, the bonus game puzzle has been stuck for days at 16 of 16 games completed but no award (“spin the wheel”) accessible. So, all this results in this game eating up my “coins” I’ve accumulated without an opportunity to add more unless I buy them. Am seriously considering deleting this app despite having reached level 737 and watching innumerable ads. Unfortunately, I convinced my daughter to download this app and she’s having the same problems..Version: 1.176

UpdateI have been playing this game for quite a while. This is my favorite word game ever. I play every day several times a day and while I watch tv at night. I never do updates unless the game won’t let me play without the update. I was updating another game and saw the update for Word Collect and thought why not. Biggest mistake of my life, now I can’t play, when I went back to play the daily challenge it froze after I joined a group or whatever the new thing is. I don’t usually do these because I never connect with Facebook I don’t like Facebook games. It came up to get my daily reward and it won’ close out of that. There is no x to close that screen or anything. Now I am devastated that I can’t play, what do I do this is the only word I play it is the best one I have ever seen. Now I am lost. I have never written a review but I am going to be lost. Sad to lose such a great game, I should never have updated because I didn’t have to. Sadly I guess I will have to delete and try to find another word game I enjoy so much (I know I won’t I have tried them all. : < ( ,,, I don’t know how to rate now, I would give it 5 stars up to the update but now I can’t play at all..Version: 1.139

Word collectI used to love this game until today. Went to play the morning challenge and low and behold it was totally revamped. WHY! I looked forward to the twice daily challenges, not any more. Hate the updated challenge. I play word collect several times a day. With the new challenge I will probably end up deleting a game I used to love. To score 3 stars on the new challenge you will have to be a member of MENSA. The old challenge used to be fun. I always tried to use longer words not settle for 3 letter words. Thanks for making a game I used to love a game I tried the game again. I dislike the new format very much. Why not offer the old and new format and we can choose which we want to play. I am good at word games but to solve this new format I would need to Google the letters. Words you use are not common words. Common words that are part of our vocabulary are rejected. I enjoy a challenge but I enjoyed the old format and liked being able to quickly solve the puzzle. Off to settings to delete one of my favorite word puzzles. Thank you for ruining my favorite word games one that I used daily to keep my aging brain sharp. You ruined it for this senior citizen..Version: 1.141

Fun and EducationalI am changing my review of this game. I had written a negative review because of some problems I had. The developer contacted me and they made things right to my satisfaction. If you have problems contact them and give then a chance to make it right. They have went above and beyond for me. I don’t think any app developer has ever done this for me. When you work up to higher levels the ads get pretty annoying but you can watch ads and get extra coins which is pretty cool. The ads even if they annoy me at times it is still worth it to play the game. The game is a lot of fun and can help you learn new words as well. I would def recommend the game..Version: 1.125

AddictiveI find this game addictive. I like to think word games like this, as challenging as this keep your mind sharp. It is fun. I am rather competitive, even against myself. I highly recommend it! The daily challenge puzzles are really addictive. Update: Since the onset of the Covid Pandemic my life has become laden with more responsibility, worry that my husband might get it, etc. the one oasis I have is that in the morning after I feed our border colllie-lab mix Coco, I get my cinnamon roll and Diet Coke and my iiPad and go to Word Collect. I tackle the Daily Challenge first. Then I lose myself for about an hour in the Daily puzzles. I like to think this game keeps my 'ind sharp but it also calms me. Trust me, calm extremely underrated. I recommend this game highly..Version: 1.189

Videos for free coins now time capped. Really??Love this game. Super addicting. I even paid the fee to have the ads removed and it made all the difference. I refuse to pay $7.99 a week though for ad free and coins for clues. That’s ridiculously expensive. I guess that’s why they are now capping the free coins for watching a video. If I’m willing to watch the ads for coins, that should be unlimited. They are getting me to watch their ads. Now there is a time limit and cap on watching videos. I have to wait three hours until the next video? Are you kidding?? For 25 measly coins?!?! They really are pushing you to spend money!! I love this game but I will not be manipulated into paying for coins! They are pushing me out instead!.Version: 1.186

Word Collect-Ads GaloreI love the game and I would love to continue to play but there are just too many ads interspersed throughout the game. It seems they are often after every two levels. If it takes me 5-7 seconds to clear a level and I spend 15-20 seconds on an ad, I’m spending more time watching advertisements than I am playing. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the need for them. They help keep the game free for those who do not wish to purchase in app. Perhaps you could go 5-7 minutes between ads? If that isn’t possible, maybe every 10-13 levels? At this rate my enjoyment is far superseded by my annoyance at the constant interruptions. I do love the game. Wish you’d consider tweaking that..Version: 1.185

Decent, could be greatThis is a fun game and don’t worry about the ads. You can close most of them after 5 seconds. The real is is lack of developer support. You can see this if you look at the update history - it says the same thing with EVERY update. The puzzle bonus doesn’t work as it always shows 16/16 and doesn’t reward bonuses. The scores in the team rankings are often wrong so you never know how many points you need (in this last round it showed is 20,000 ahead of first place and we finished 3rd). Words don’t make sense. Hell is not considered a word, but heaven is. If they don’t like a certain word then put it in the ‘bonus’ words and not the main puzzle (there are extra words in most of the big puzzles). If they spent time tweaking this and fixing the bugs it would be 5 stars..Version: 1.179

The simple thing you do is wrongThe tons of pop ups are unbearable in the free version to the point of seeming more harassment than friendly offers. I turned off notifications for this app and yet they keep coming. This is a bit aggressive for my liking or for a word game. I feel like uninstalling and may do so at this rate. The gameplay is okay but is geared toward generating income more than fun. Note that it isn’t being ad supported that is annoying and I certainly know how businesses generate funds for having handled billing for ours, but it’s how frequent and obtrusive they are. To stop ALL notifications I had to do so by sliding the last notification to find the setting to finally get them to stop. Why was this option tucked away from all the rest of the notification toggle switches? It’s not that a company conducts business to make money as much as how they go about it. Assaulting our senses isn’t my idea of the best business practices. To get me to pay you must be considerate and see my side of things too. Make the ads smaller, make them close as easily as they open, and do not ruin our fun by running an ad at every opportunity in the game. This game feels as if the actual game is closing all the ads as they come at you like a pack of ninjas..Version: 1.188

This isn’t the game that’s advertisedI saw an ad for this game and it looked like fun. The ad showed a huge grid of letters in which the object was clearly to find words from adjacent letters, like a word search. Once you create the word, those tiles disappear and the ones above it drop down. The ad demonstrates that action at least three times, so it’s very clear. Once you download it, though, you realize that ad was completely fake, because this is a totally different game. This game is nothing more than a Wordscapes ripoff, where you are given 4-5 scrabble tiles and you have to connect them to make words. It’s worse than Wordscapes, though, for two key reasons: 1) they include the use of two-letter words, so it’s not remotely challenging, and 2) like others have said, every level takes about three seconds to complete, and is then followed by at least one, and sometimes TWO 30-second ads. Give me a break! Such a waste of time..Version: 1.188

Good game but for three issues1 - The letters are too close together so linking them is oftentimes difficult and the letters have to be scrambled to make them easier to link. Suggest making the letters smaller or spacing them more or tapping rather than linking the letters or a combination of these. 2 - Not fun to draw the same word sometimes more than twice before it’s accepted. 3 - It’s really annoying to have a valid word be rejected. Suggest expanding game dictionary. Also I apologize for all the people giving one star reviews who didn’t bother to read the game description and only went by ads. Ads today are generally false and misleading. Several games I play are now being advertised as “pin pulls” but it’s only the ads that have that feature — only the characters are common to both game and ad..Version: 1.188

Needs control for using coinsI was obsessed with playing this game because it’s so fun and addicting. I love having the AM/PM daily challenge where you can earn some extra coins. I also love the weekend challenge. But I spent all this time earning extra coins, which could be used for hints on hard puzzles, and my finger would accidentally hit the “hint” button, and I would lose 120 coins immediately. Just now I was playing, and didn’t even realize I accidentally hit the hint button THREE times. I had all these letter hints that I didn’t need, and lost all of my hard earned coins. It’s super frustrating and made me want to stop playing immediately. They need some kind of control saying “are you sure you want a hint?” before taking away the coins. This has been an ongoing problem for me, so hopefully they can resolve it. Otherwise it’s a fun game..Version: 1.133

Tricks you to try and get you to spend moneyI really hate how this game goes out of its way to use foreign words, abbreviations, acronyms and the occasional totally made up word, just so you will spend money on hints or whatever they can trick you into spending. The dishonesty in the word play is completely unfair! I sent them messages about their foreign words and they said they would have it fixed. But when I showed them the abbreviations, acronyms and made up words they just sent me their pat answer about the dictionary they use (which several of their words were not listed). The only reason they would use such words would be in the hopes of getting you frustrated enough to use money to pay for hints. Rip off!! But if anyone gets desperate enough to actually spend money on this game, trust me, just use a word generator and there’s a decent chance you might find at least a few. The rest of the words you will just have to use patience and basically try every letter combination. Time consuming yes, but I refuse to pay them any money..Version: 1.185

Love Word CollectI love finding words as quickly as I can and then comes the real challenge. There’s often one or two left that aren’t obvious. Some of the words are not commonly used but for the most part, you can analyze and solve them. Hints are necessary at times. Love the game. A few complaints below that if addressed would improve the game. You get extra points for successive words and often it misses a word you have connected with your finger. Then I have to slow down and retrace the word I just used, it goes through but you didn’t get the extra points. When I am going fast before words I see slip my mind - the words I’ve already tried once are shown at the top if you try them twice. That’s clunky to use and once you open it, it stays on the screen way too long. Separately, I cannot figure out what is going on with team play. Way too complicated and not well explained in my opinion. The game doesn’t sync on your devices. I started on my iPad and it made my hand ache from too much playing 😬. So started playing on phone - better with less real estate to cover. Points acquired on my iPad are just sitting there. Wish they synced..Version: 1.187

Best word game out there!I am still playing this game even after I’ve threatened to quit a time or two (lol). On level 2300 now and I never expected to get beyond 1000, certainly not 2000. If you like word games, this is one of the best. The fact that the words are alphabetized is key...this gives you a fighting chance. It’s great for expanding your vocabulary, sharpening your spelling skills, and just keeping your mind sharp. I don’t participate in team play, just by myself and that is sufficiently fun. I buy hints occasionally, and while I’m probably addicted, I’ve gotten good enough that I’m just having fun, but not feeling stressed out or ripped off. At one point I criticized the starred word bonuses, because I thought they were impossible to get and they were words no one had ever heard of (besides having to use a lot of hints on). But I’m finding at this level the bonus words are often words that are known, just not as frequently used. I no longer do the challenges because they’ve gotten too difficult for me, but that doesn’t bother me. Very fun game, well designed not too easy not too hard, and bonuses and perks are offered from time to time to keep you motivated and interested. My granddaughter and I even play when we’re together. Good job, developers!.Version: 1.184

This game is a SCAMGame is not loading at all. I have restarted my device and troubleshooted issues on my end. This is not a connection issue in my end because I’m able to load other apps and games on my device. This is a server issue on your end. I subscribe to the Golden Ticket weekly and would like it to be cancelled immediately and refund the money because I have not been able to play the game at all for over a week and cannot even get into the game to cancel the subscription. The “no refunds” policy is clearly understood as a scam because I cannot get into the game to cancel the subscription. If you don’t support the server and allow your customers to load and play the game, you are not holding up your end of the bargain and therefore I am entitled to a refund. Please address this issue immediately as I will not continue to be charged for this game that doesn’t load..Version: 1.196

The dev allows time to try before delivering 90+ second adsI like the game and like that the developer gave me 60 some levels before getting onerous with ads. But then i started gettimg ads of 90 seconds or longer ever game or two. Its cheap to killthe ads. 2.99 kills them forever according to the offer. I haven’t decided yet so the other option is watch 5 ads and it turns them off for a day. The developer has put alot of thought into balancing the need for monetization, they have to make a living, and time to get into the game so you want to pay them a bit. The game itself is easy enough to be fast and addictive and hard enough to keep interesting. The ad i answered for it showed a timed game with a set of letters and challenged you to make as many words as possible. The game so far has presented differently with a set of boxes you fill in with tiles by making words, no timer. I,m guessing the further i get in to it the more variations will be presented..Version: 1.183

Word CollectI like word games and I found this one intrigued me. A little different scenario is used and I especially liked the extra games that can be played in the AM and PM. I never....EVER....spend money when I’m playing a free game.....but at one point Word Collect made me an offer that even I couldn’t refuse. So now I had a vested interest of $.99 in it and everything was just plain fun, fun fun. But then the screen went blank. I clicked everywhere.....using a stylus and then warm little fingers which turned into hot little fingers rather quickly. Nothing..... Finally I shut it down and went back to it later. It was all back including my investment. Now it shuts down once or twice a day...every day....but I keep on playing because, like I said, I really like the game and I do have an investment. So?..if you have a lot of patience and a lot of time on your hands.....download the app..Version: 1.129

Word collect reviewI have loved spelling since I first learned how in a spelling book at school. Creating,learning,completing brought so many rewards to me as a youngster. After purchasing my cell phone my son showed me about the games and when I found word collect it changed my life for the better. I’m on a team with others and we compete against others and each week is more exciting than the last. I keep having fun and still learning. Unlike other games I tried, this one doesn’t get old or boring. I’m glad to write a review if I can help one more person to get rewards from playing. Less stress. Better sleep. Time flies. The fun is free..Version: 1.189

Ads completed misleading, dictionary incompleteNumber one: the ads for this game are bait and switch. Multiple ads for this game show grids of letters wherein a player is to identify words from the jumble. That is the game I would like to play, and yet the actual game gives a player six or seven letters and is asked to find specific words, matching the number of letters to complete the puzzle. Unfortunately, a person with a large vocabulary (such as this writer) is likely to know many four or even five letter words using a set of letters. While the game awards bonus points for finding extra words, it becomes frustrating when a fourth or fifth bonus word is entered matching the number but isn’t the word the game wants. Given no other context, it is aggravating the game won’t accept an answer fitting the requirements. Number two: the game’s dictionary is incomplete. In multiple instances the writer has entered a correct and valid non-slang English words only to be told the word doesn’t exist. If the game is going to reject words of the proper length and instead award bonus points the dictionary needs to be complete. After 100 levels of gameplay I give up. Give me the game play advertised..Version: 1.189

Nowhere to goThis game is fun. But there are few rewards. You can collect golden apples which are useless unless you join a team. I have 97K but they are useless because I don’t want to be on a team. They will show a challenge but when you meet the challenge the reward is being able to buy coins at a discount. If I meet a challenge give me something free! Sometimes it says you get double coins to finish a chapter, I have done this with no rewards. There is a list of words with a reward but it gives me the same letters over and over. I love to play this game because of the challenge but I can’t constantly be buying hints. There is a daily reward and sometimes you can get extra coins there if you want to watch endless ads. You may be able to watch 2ads or 20, you never know. I would play this more if they would give me something to strive for. I am on level 2348 so I have been playing for a while..Version: 1.186

To many ad’sThe game is ok as far as it goes however noticed a few things. 1. Far to many ad interruptions when playing the free version. Yes you can remove the ads by paying for their removal. I think that is the purpose of thee deluge of ads when playing. I understand why the ads are there but it pisses me off when it’s doing it in the middle of your game. One tends to lose your train of thought with these constant interruptions. 2. Not all valid words will be in each puzzle. I’ve noticed that when one is entered, instead of filling the box it goes up top which I believe is saved for future puzzles down the road. I came up with this by wondering why a valid word was not in the puzzle but was saved at the top. But the biggest gripe I have is the ads issue. It’s like they are forcing you either delete to game or pay their price for removing the ads. I’m just about to delete the game..Version: 1.137

Not Fun AnymoreI’ve had this game for several months. The past couple of days, it’s moving very slowly and keeps booting me out. My phone is completely updated and there aren’t any issues with my other apps. The main problem with this game is the inconsistency with acceptance of words. After I hit level 2200, many common words are acceptable on some levels but not on others. Examples include DOES, TOR, ORT, THEE, MARS(third person present tense of MAR), and more. The same applies to plurals such as PRIESTS and STRIPES (Level 2615 or 2616). There are also quite a few words that result in “Oops! We’re having trouble finding this definition.” for words that I have never heard of, and they do not appear in the Scrabble or crossword dictionaries. Ads were not an issue after I purchased a small bundle of coins for $0.99. It’s the inconsistency that is frustrating. After completing level 2617, I deleted this app and will look for something else to play..Version: 1.185

ABC Collection RewardIf you get this game don’t bother with trying to fill out the ABC Collection for the star rewards. I’m trying to fill the words out with letters to collect the stars for hints and what not. I just reached level 583 and had 10 letters to fill out. I was excited because it was going to fill out five more but NO!!!! It started to recycle letter with this green highlight. Firstly, LEVEL 600 and I still haven’t received the rewards and now it stopped filling out the empty blocks and started recycling and highlighting letters I’ve already collected. 600 levels and the rewards still aren’t mine. Don’t bother. Why bother? That needs fixed. 600 levels and nothing to gain so I think I’m just going to find another word puzzle. This one is fine nothing to really reach for other than a high level with many many repetitious words..Version: 1.187

Wonderful, until....I loved playing this game back when it was originally called Word Addict. It was definitely named very well because it was very addictive. My problem is now I can’t play anymore because I’m stuck with Infinity Levels because I’ve played all 2,500 levels that the developers made. I have to wait endlessly for them to make new levels. What are Infinity Levels? You get to replay randomly selected levels that you’ve already beaten. Can you close out the game with an Infinity Level unfinished and come back to it later? Nope. It makes the fun Weekend Challenge (beat 50 levels before Sunday night) completely impossible. So do I uninstall and then reinstall this game in order to play? Or am I stuck forever endlessly waiting for the developers to make new levels? Edit: I have already contacted them and I’ve been waiting for a reply. What could they possibly tell me? That I have to wait for more levels to be developed, in the future- the way off future?.Version: 1.127

Misspells basic words and doesn’t recognize others as words at all.This game is ok in concept, I suppose, but it’s extremely slow and easy and there are so many mistakes that it becomes more frustrating than fun. There are a ridiculous amount of words that it just doesn’t recognize, even as bonus words, some of which are just the plural form of words it does recognize. (Some of which were even recognized in previous levels) Even worse, some of the words it is your object to find are misspelled, so unless you think to spell a perfectly normal, easy word incorrectly, you may get stuck on a level. (And just so you don’t think I’m the idiot misspelling words and then blaming the game, I’ll give you one of the examples I remember: tatoo. That was a difficult one to figure out, bc the only ACTUAL 5 letter word spelled with the letters given was not recognized by the game, again even as a bonus word, and I didn’t think to simply misspell a very common and simple 6 letter word in order to make it 5 letters.) The fact that it professes to calculate iq is very obviously a gimmick as well. For one thing, one must wonder how accurately a game could gage one’s iq that cannot even correctly spell tattoo. Once I had encountered misspelled words a couple times, I quit the game and found an alternative, of which there are too many to waste time with this..Version: 1.184

HmphHaven’t played many other of these types of games but this wasn’t particularly challenging. Waaaay toooo maaaany aaaaads. Three days later I say... The developer writes to say go to higher level for more challenging game. Ya got get there through the lower levels. I played for a few hours and stopped at level 165 or so. I feel like that’s enough to know boring or not. Seems like it should be at least a little challenging by then. I’m smart but not a genius by any stretch but it’s just the same simple words pretty much over and over. Enough. The point of a free version is to get me interested then I buy a full version. I’m not interested. It’s not a big deal. And I get that ads are part of the system. But again, enough is enough and too much is too much... Downgraded from three to two stars for arguing. Sorry, it might have been fun but it wasn’t. Bye....Version: 1.175

The ads are really too much!Here’s yet another person complaining about too many ads on a game, but it’s much more than that. Remember when it was clear where you had to click the ‘X”, and only had to click it once? Now we’re getting insulted by “X”’s that you have to click multiple times to get to work, and the click area is sometimes so small that you almost always find yourself in the App Store? Or the “X” being a couple shades off from the background colour, making then hard to find, and now I’m seeing ads that when you finally see the “X” and click it, it displays another version of the same ad where you have to do navigate through everything a second time. And the latest is the “X” not appearing at all. (IE Best Fiends & Toon Blast ads) When will developers learn that irritating people that are using their app’s isn’t how you get people to try other apps? All it ever makes me want to do is uninstall your app. This style of game now is a dime a dozen, so there’s really nothing special enough about this app to warrant having to deal with these types of ads. Personally, there isn’t an app on the planet that is..Version: 1.183

It could be so much better without all the ads.Note, I did enjoy the game . I downloaded the app and quickly went through the first fifty or so levels. I did watch a few ads to get extra coins but that was yesterday. This morning I start to play and ran into ad city. Ads playing after every level. I found one option that gave me three levels if I watched an ad. Then under settings menu, I found an option that would let me play all day for free if I watched five ads. I would watch one, and then get told no other videos available and to try again later. I did that time after time and have finally run out of patience. The game itself is enjoyable but the attempts to make money or credit for installing games via this app are overbearing. App has been removed and I will find a less intrusive word game..Version: 1.176

Change the ads to make it look like your actual gameI rate the game itself as a 3 star because although it’s a good game and good concept, there are so many other games just like it now-a-days, seeing the same thing over and over again gets boring but overall, it is still a good concept. However if I was to rate the ads y’all make for this, it would be a -5 star because I originally downloaded this game because I thought (from seeing from the ad) that this was a word unscrambler game, like there was gonna be an X amount of letters, scrambled up at the top of the screen and I had to see how many words I could get from those scrambled letters. Your ad made it look like it wasn’t one of those typical “drag your finger from letter to letter”, it made it look different and original, which made me happy, so I downloaded it, less than 5 seconds of opening the game, I deleted because I realized that y’all made the ad look better than the actually game, one thing I absolutely CAN NOT stand is when game developers make a game and the ads for that game, are nothing like the game itself, and btw, last time I checked, false advertising is against the law... fix the ads pls🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 1.174

Where is the game I downloaded?I downloaded this game because of an ad that popped up during another game that I was playing. It looked really interesting to pick out words out of a puzzle of letters. Where is the game that I downloaded? This is a totally different game. I started play hoping that I would get to the level that included the game I wanted. I am now on level 150 and still no. So let me review this game. First of all it is addicting. That’s it said it is also very frustrating. What is the use of collecting piggyback coins if you have to ultimately pay for them? Also the music is mind numbing! You have to go totally out of the app into settings to shut it off. Lastly amount of ads is crazy. I get you’re trying to sell other games but showing two and three ads at a time it’s totally distracting and counterintuitive to the mind sharpness that this game is supposed to promote. At least show different ads! Of course we have to pay money to remove the ads. I lost interest in the game because of these negative aspects. Playing is supposed to be fun not annoying. Developers please make some changes. Update: I received an answer from the developer. They should develop a game called Word Salad because that’s what the answer was. No issues were addressed. No reason why I got a totally different game than advertised. No problems were solved. I deleted the game..Version: 1.187

FUN WHILE IT LASTED !!!So definitely a game to help with cognitives having to ‘think’ through the pile of letter … the rescramble feature was helpful. There were a couple issues however …. 1. Nobody seems to want to chat… be nice to develop a little team commradary … 2. Videos to receive free coins were 30 seconds long with and occasional 15 second presentations… the last upgrade introduced the 45 second presentation… not all were 45 seconds but I can see that will come soon… 3. I have a sneaky suspicion the game developers inject high end leagues and member way ahead of the civilian membership to keep members chasing artificial inside member and leagues. 4. My letter collection kept losing letter I had already earned… again seemed like a ploy to keep me chasing… fix it guys… as for me…off to other adventures… signed crazy Viking level 450+.Version: 1.196

FrustratedI play lots of word games., and this one is enjoyable and straightforward. It has the bonus of showing a person’s rising IQ, which, if truly valid, is very encouraging. Because I have many word games, I had not played this one for awhile. When I started playing today, I quickly became frustrated. I played 1 round. I think it took me 45 seconds or so, and immediately had an ad to buy the piggy bank, which I had filled with words, followed by a series of ads. Then I played another round, again under a minute, and then several minutes of ads. I believe the average of playing time to incessant advertising was 1:4 or so. I understand the need for advertising, when one is playing a free app, but this became frustrating and utterly ridiculous. The time investment is not worth the enjoyment or learning factor. I likely will get rid of this app, but I will wait for a few weeks to see if anything changes, or this is addressed. Thanks!.Version: 1.188

Soooo many ads.Play 2 rounds see a video add. Play one round. Ad. Play 3 rounds, ads. The ads are longer than the rounds. Uninstalling after 15 minutes of playing. Response from app developers: Hello Tay, Thank you for taking the time to post a review. Ads support our game and ensure that we can offer it for free, but it's completely understandable that they can be distracting. You can disable ads from appearing by making any purchase. Send us a message through the app if you have any questions. Thank you!" My response: I understand ads, but If you just started playing the rounds take seconds to complete. The ads run longer than the rounds. The ads don’t let you exit out until a certain amount of time passes. That’s NOT including the pop-up ads for in game add-on! Other complain about the amount of ads. I played a round in 5 seconds had a 20 second round. Finished the next round just as quickly. A 20 second ad again. I spent more time watching ads vs playing. That’s the complaint. I don’t even know if I’ll like the game enough to want to buy because it was super easy in the beginning. The ad I saw for this game looked more interesting than the game I played..Version: 1.185

Leading you on to nothingI have been playing this game for awhile now and it seems to lead you on a lot. Theres one part in particular that allows you to do your best to get the space with an exclamation mark before it disappears, which in turn gives you a letter on a separate puzzle. Im on level 1222 and i still have not completed that puzzle. The game puts the tiles in spaces already used as opposed to spaces that are empty, therefore leading you on to think you could ever win it. You can’t win it. This is one part that is so irritating that i would not recommend it. There are other similar situations. One recently is you have to win a certain amount of points in the game to win an opportunity to spend real money. The creators are very arrogant in their continuous ask for real money. It is very much overkill and takes away from the fun of the actual game. It was fun in the beginning but it has lost its fun factor to the usual greed that comes with these games. It is sadly disappointing..Version: 1.187

I never write reviews so read onI am at level 700. The game is addicting during my smoke breaks. Each level I feel like it will be different but the words I find are always the same. They drive me crazy bc it will tell me a word is not a word and after struggling I go to a word cheat on google and it tells me it is words. After finding words in the end it will tell me a word I picked is a word. So it makes my brain struggle on easy words for nothing. The game gives me anxiety but it’s addicting. I will delete this app and find a new one. If you like struggling and getting right words wrong then go ahead. It also seems to take words I already answered leaving me to continue trying to find words and in the end it answers a word I already put and it’s as if they removed the word and finally let me put it again. It’s driving me insane and I really just need to give it up..Version: 1.186

Needs workI love this game because it deals with words, and I love words. However, I have found some discrepancies in the short period I have been playing this game. Some of the words accepted are words I make up after exhausting all other possibilities. They are words that I’ve never seen before. Perhaps these are words from the urban dictionary. However, my biggest complaint is that after every word is rejected and I am forced to use a hint, I enter a word that I have entered previously, and it is then accepted. So I have wasted a hint and am forced to watch ads to build my hint library again. This is frustrating, especially since you can not view the list of words you’ve already entered and were rejected. I was able to view words that I entered and were rejected once in a game. After that, I was no longer shown the list of words. So it is frustrating to have to write down the words rejected so you do not keep entering them..Version: 1.154

I want to like it moreI really wanted to give this game five stars, but I can’t. The game is fun and addictive, but here are some issues. First of all, the darn tiles are too close together, so if you don’t go slow enough, you may leave a letter off, or, as in most cases, add a letter you do not want. It’s a real pain. When I go slow to make sure I am spelling the word correctly, I often lose a letter or even get an extra letter added. Give us more space, please! Second, you can get points for extra words, but only if all the words that length are not already filled in. For instance, say you have filled all your four letter words in but would like extra points for another four letter word you thought of. Tough luck, no dice! Third, the developers offer no way out of an accidental game you are playing. For instance, I, personally, do not want to play against an opponent, but I somehow tapped a button that put me into a competition. No way out, and I don’t like that. If you want competition, great, but you ought to be able to decide if you want to compete or not. It’s a game that is fun and challenging, but it definitely needs some tweaking..Version: 1.185

Ad after every levelI love this game and have played it in the past. When I reopened it, I quickly realized that not only are there ads after EVERY single level, you cannot click off the ads until the developer makes you wait for what seems like an eternity. I don’t mind waiting for an ads on most games-I understand the developers desire to make money. However, not only are the number of ads ridiculous but also the fact that when you get the first “X” to close ad, instead of closing the ad, it brings you to the App Store for that ad THREE times. And then, when it finally stops bringing you to the App Store, it makes you watch another 10 to 15 second ad. I love this game and would enjoy playing it. And I am not averse to paying for ad free if it’s reasonable. But this game literally seems to want to make you so frustrated that you feel like you have NO OPTION but to pay. I’m sorry but I don’t like to be forced to pay bc the sheer number of ads, the trickery involved in bringing you back to App Store multiple times and the amount of time you must wait just to go to the next set of words. Too frustrating and deceitful for my purposes...Version: 1.184

Still Learning, please fix broken ads, updatedI just started playing and am enjoying learning the features and challenges. Please fix ads that have no way to end them once they finish playing. Especially annoying when I have chosen to watch to get something free. The only way I can get back to the game is to end and restart it and then I don’t get the promised reward. Also some ads have no progress indicator. I’ll only wait so long to find if there’s a punch line. Update: by happy chance I discovered that I can slide an ad off the bottom of the screen even when there’s nothing showing it’s done playing. Helps a lot. If there are ads that don’t yield to this solution, I’ll be sure to contact support..Version: 1.183

The good and the not-so-goodI’ve been playing for a long time and play everyday as I listen to a book on tape or watch tv and I keep coming back to play, but there are some things that really bug me. 1. After you win so many games, you “win” the opportunity to buy coins. That’s not a win. 2. So many made up words! When I accidentally find one because it’s the only letters that fit and then click on it to find the meeting, I get the message, “we can’t find that definition right now”, as if they are ever going to find it. It’s frustrating to get to one last word only to find it’s not really a word. 3. Word collection award. You never win! I’ve played the game over a year and never won. Supposedly, when you collect 5 of the designated letters, they are added to the word collection, but in fact, they only replace a letter already there. I took a screenshot of my last two games and there is literally no difference in the puzzle, just more points, which means nothing as far as I can tell. If I could insert that screenshot here, I would. So, in summary, for a free app it keeps your mind working and is fun to complete levels, but there’s no impetus to buy more coins or win at anything..Version: 1.187

Not GoodFor format and responsivity this app is excellent. Unfortunately, it is a ‘game’ based in language and in this respect it fails miserably. This is not a crossword so that the words chosen are particular to the words they must spell through. No, these words are all independent of be another and therefore any word of the required length should suffice. They do not. Further, it must be a rather peculiar dictionary that as a secondary issue identifies only certain words as legitimate (and therefore ‘bonus’ words, whatever that means!). There are words accepted that are not words in my dictionary or thesaurus. And there is of course the issue of unacceptable words, deemed not-words and dismissed out of hand. Next to last, the nonregistering of some entries causes problems when, at wit’s end, a hint is asked for and it turns out to be a word thought to have been rejected. Last, and simply annoying, are the peremptory instructions offered when, for instance, a ‘bonus’ word is duplicated in a attempt to see if perhaps it really might work. (See previous critique for source of this action.). As much as I have loved some aspects of this app I have today deleted it because I find no fun in playing it as a guessing game. TYVM.Version: 1.145

Evening AdsEvening ads trashy. I cancelled several because so obnoxious. Then so-called Google question if I’d been at 3 things I’ve never heard of, and now I cannot get to play ad to receive coins for letters to aid play. This game is excellent as my five stars shows. It has been extremely helpful in my recovery from severe illness that affected my brain. True. I have recommended to several rehab centers and educational facilities for reluctant learners. Please do right by your very good game and rid trash, sleaze, and obnoxious ads flooding evening and late night hours. Thank You. 💚🔡🐌⌨️❤️, Gibson Markee Now I have difficulty even playing the game and even getting ads for needed points. This is an excellent game, don’t let ads ruin it. Thanks.👍🏽👒🐾💕.Version: 1.189

Love Word Collect—have been playing it for years, but...Great word game! I am a word game junkie, it’s a super relaxing distraction, probably good for the brain on many levels—and I started playing Word Collect a few years ago. Then, life got really busy—work, family, and I did not play it for a while. I just started again a few months ago. I still LOVE it, but NOW there are all these “sub-games” which I’m guessing are fun, but there is no easy quick place to find out the explanation about what all these “sub-games” are about, what it means to join them, how to join them, how to gain points, whom you are joining these games with, what the point is, etc. That is a disappointment. Still playing though! Maybe work on your website..Version: 1.188

Higher levels are a strain on my aging brainI love this game but it does get harder as you advance through the levels. If I can’t figure out a word, I appreciate being able to use a hint or two to figure it out. The problem is that each hint uses so many points that I go through my points very quickly. I subscribed to the golden ticket but if I want to play more than one or two boards, it’s not sufficient. I end up having to look up the words using a word cheat to complete levels but it’s no fun looking through a list of words to find the right word. I want to figure it out myself. If I hit a board that is really hard for me, I can easily burn through a lot of points buying hints but I can’t afford to keep buying the amount of points I need so you are loosing a paying customer. Why not make the hints more affordable so those of us who need more help can continue to enjoy the game?.Version: 1.194

FrustratingThere is too much use of archaic and obscure words. Some have almost zero usage today as per usage stats, and/or are names of defunct monetary units, or rare extinct animals, or slang with origins from the Scottish language or other countries. For instance, words like laveer, orle, goa,sae, sau, gae, awa, cep, and so many more are not words that would come to mind even for a hearty word challenge. It becomes a task of moving my finger around the letters randomly hoping to make a word that counts. It’s almost as if there is an algorithm being used that finds the most obscure least-used words and sprinkles those words in each of the higher games of every level. The Daily Challenges are the worst with up to 50 words counted as ‘extra’ before discovering the most obscure words as the ones that count. I like a challenge but this simply becomes a frustrating task more often than not. Nice interface, though..Version: 1.155

WAS...fun...;/This is one of those “FREE” apps that’s fun the first 10 mins after installed. But then there’s literally a 30 second ad after each play. And while the sound effects are enticing, making players go ‘just one more time’, ultimately you’ll have to delete it or your whole day will be spent watching ads. Unless u pay $8/mth subscription fee. There’s dozens of apps just like this one w less ads, that actually ARE free, I have 2 on my phone already. I find it shameful that during times like this, app developers are also taking advantage of people. W that many ads, they clearly have enough sponsors that they don’t need to prey on users who won’t just delete. Nonsense. Reply to developer(s): I realize how the sponsorship/free thing wrx but my point was there’s too mANy ads. At least too many 30 second ads. The levels of play only last 10 seconds at most. It’s free but feels like a ripoff of time. If other similar apps don’t have as many, doing something about this will eliminate negative reviews. Plz don’t reply, thx for ur time..Version: 1.185

Great!At first I thought this game was gonna be terrible considering all of those bad reviews. But when I got on the game it was better than I was expecting! The first few levels were kind of dumb just because it had tutorials that I didn’t really need but once I got farther into the game it turned out to be pretty cool! It was kind of intimidating to think that it was a hard game again, considering the reviews, but it ended up being a game I will probably play again over and over! I think it’s great only a few issues. I think it doesn’t really match to what the add looked like but still better than I was expecting. I also think that there is quite a few ads. All I really want to do is just play the game! Not watch ads. Over all I think the app is great other than the issues! Thanks for this amazing app..Version: 1.174

Best word game in its classI’ve purchased/downloaded quite a few word scramble games over the past few years, & this by far is the best. They do not limit several words like the others, you get points for words that are in fact real, but may not be the ones with in the scramble of words. Also they give you several opportunities daily, to make extra coins. The levels do get harder as you move up, by they still throw in several mercy rounds with small words that even contain two letter words. If you like word scramble games, then look no further.... go ahead and rid your self of the others and free up some extra space on your tablets. Oh, & that’s another benefit...this app is no where near the size as most of the other word scramble apps. 😊. Best of Luck!.Version: 1.115

App Not Same As Ads Out ThereI downloaded this app based on an ad I saw in another game. The ad showed the game as trying to find/make words out of a large jumble of letters. Nope, it’s the same as other games where it gives you several letters and you have to make words out of those letters. Once realizing what the app is I went to the store & looked for reviews. I see other complaints of the SAME THING, from as long ago as a year ago. The “developer’s response” is “we’ll bring it up with the marketing team.” Yes, that same response was from a year ago and the game is still being advertised incorrectly. This kind of bogus, fake BS is horrible with these apps and games. I’m deleting, I want the game in the ad, not some completely different version. If they say they will “bring it up” a long time ago and the game is still not what is being advertised, do not waste your time..Version: 1.188

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.196

Recent UpdateLove this game. It’s very addictive. I feel it is worth it to pay a few dollars to get rid of the ads. But installed recent update this morning and it sits on loading and doesn’t open. All my other apps are working and troubled shooted :(.Version: 1.180

Good game, but the ads ruin itThe games quite good. But, the ads come after each level and take longer to wait to ‘x’ them than it does to play a single game. When will developers realize that most of us tire of the ads and ditch their game - which is what I’ll be doing straight after writing this..Version: 1.195

JudiAt 77yrs of age I realised that I needed help but it wasn’t until my husband bought a new tablet that I saw how neurological units were encouraging the aged to do this type of game and I have found that my thinking and recall is much higher and getting better all the time. Try it!.Version: 1.182

Passes the time on public transportThis game uses imaginary words in the daily challenges. Yet it is simple enough otherwise to mindlessly pass the time while riding on public transport after a hard days work. But only if you can put up with the endless advertising..Version: 1.155

Restrictive wordsThis game would be good if not for the fact that you have to find the exact words the game requires, not words made from the letters given but the exact words. This is very annoying and very restrictive, when six of the words I try to use are rejected and I know they are words in the dictionary then the game is deleted.Version: 1.171

Don’t bother with thisI paid to get rid of ads because there is a ridiculous number but the game is still interrupted by other things and offers. As noted by another review, you can’t proceed unless you get all the words. Some words are unusual, with other common words not put in the answers. This is annoying. The above are good mechanisms for getting people to make in app purchases but it’s just rubbish..Version: 1.184

Almost there.!!!I love the game and have had fun competing with friends and find it even great for young kids to learn to spell. But the ADS are driving me insane. There is no option to remove ADS which is the only negative I have and the only reason I gave 3 stars. I’d be happy to give 5 and redo my review once this gets actually addressed and fixed..Version: 1.112

Love it but..I love this game but it won’t let me remove the ads which are horribly annoying. It comes up with a message telling me I need an internet connection although I am already connected. Don’t you want my money????.Version: 1.143

ChoicesDear Everyone, If you are looking to get this app, you should. It is a fun app and really enjoyable. There is one problem that I have with it though, and it is that when you are finding words, a lot of them you have already found in previous levels. This is not a huge problem but, it is quite repetitive. If you are looking to find new words, this isn’t the greatest app to use. With that aside, I would recommend you get it because it is a fun game overall. Thank you for reading this!.Version: 1.188

Word CollectHate the fact they changed the position of the bonus letter. Conveniently where the 240 extra letter is now. Just another game trying to cheat you out of your coins / liked this game till now. Can you just leave stuff alone. We are not stupid out here and can see what you are trying to do. If we mistakenly hit the 240 choice, at least let us be able to go back. Also, just did it again. Put your finger in the wrong place and you have to spend 240 coins and there is no going back..Version: 1.125

What currency are the prices in?Love playing this game but whenever I have gone to purchase coins the price that gets charged is always more than advertised. I’m in Australia. Feedback would be to ensure you are advertising what currency when you have your price list for extra purchases..Version: 1.176

Unplayable After UpdateI was mostly enjoying this game and was a golden ticket user but as soon as I updated the game, I could no longer play it. I was locked on loading. I lost nearly 48 hours of a paid golden ticket week and my progress. I turned the phone off and on several times to no avail to see if that helped amongst everything else short of deleting the app. I’m very disappointed in the recent update to say the least..Version: 1.181

Best word gameThis game is awesome there’s so much levels you can do that you will never get bored like my mum is on level well, somewhere in the thousands and having two daily chalenges are amazing..Version: 1.183

Love the Game ... But Chat Keeps Falling OutI love this game, and have been playing for ages. I am the Leader of a League that is a fantastic team. We have two other Co Leaders who are magnificent, and we keep the team on their toes! The problem with the App is that our Chat keeps dropping out, and members can’t communicate, which is so frustrating. Sometimes it comes back within a short length of time, which is ok, but this time I have been out of the Chat for nearly 2 days..Version: 1.188

Good despite issuesThis is one of the better word games I’ve played, but a couple of things are extremely irritating. 1: You can’t permanently get rid of ads, you only get 30 days ad free so long as you buy enough coins, which is bs. 2: Some of the words are now obsolete according to Webster’s and Oxfords dictionaries..Version: 1.127

Great brain exerciseI do this daily to prevent memory loss. Also helps when I’m bored or a break if work is too much or overwhelming especially when working from home..Version: 1.189

Really good...BUT!The game is great and makes you think, I’m happy to play .....BUT... have decided to delete it because of the ads. I’m happy to watch a short add between games, but the add are long and tedious, and I’m spending more wasted time between games than actually playing. You lost me...sorry..Version: 1.174

Can’t stop playingI like this game but it occasionally has some words that don’t exist. Sometimes it offers coins as a really good deal, but the transaction doesn’t go through. Otherwise the hints are quite expensive, and the free coins don’t always work..Version: 1.189

Great but videos don’t workGreat game but just lately videos work after each round but not available to collect free coins. Happens from time to time but not for the last few weeks..Version: 1.189

TogramGreat game but having to go through about five videos at a time to get one letter is fast drawing me to the conclusion to finish. Because the more one plays one sees the same video far to often hence I will be deleting The app very soon..Version: 1.176

New version problemsEver since I downloaded the new version today all I get is new problems. The free coins option does not work. Even after watching to the end and pressing the x, I get a video incomplete message and no coins. More annoying is the pop up adds that appear in the middle of swiping letters to make a word. And I can’t be 100% sure, but it seems that sometimes my words do not save and I have to start a level again if I leave before it is finished. This new event button is unexplained too. Fast running out of patience at these problems now, having played over 1,000 levels..Version: 1.131

Not Happy!!Loved this game until the developers introduced a coin multiplier system where teams/people can buy their rankings in tournaments! This absolutely a money making scam for the developers! No matter how hard a Team works collectively to abtain a ranking in a tournament, another Team which puts in no work but is able to buy their way to top of the rankings! This is no longer a tournament or competition it’s a miney scam for the developers and like a silent Auction! So many players are very unhappy and disappointed in this game with it’s current format and game changes!!!!.Version: 1.176

Fun and AddictiveThis game is one that I find well worth playing. When I find myself saying “I will just play one more time” and then realise I have played five or six more times, then I know that it is a good game..Version: 1.114

Easy word gameThe words are not challenging and I would rate them at school age level. I didn’t keep playing past the first hundred or so levels because of the excessive ads. I recognise the need for ads but these are too frequent and way too long. Were it more challenging I may consider paying for the game but I am sceptical if that would be the case. There are many more challenging in the store with less ads..Version: 1.183

Broken AppThis is quite a fun game, but as many other reviewers have pointed out it has been unplayable for weeks now. It just stays on the loading screen and never loads. Don’t waste your time with this app until they fix it!.Version: 1.183

GULLNot a bad game keeps the mind thinking. If your stuck on words u just try anything an u be surprised wat words are actually real words. Need to giv more coins for tips sometimes an the adds drive you mad unless you make a purchase $7.99.Version: 1.174

Fun but frustratingGreat game to start but soon get frustrated and annoyed at the choice of word options. It doesn’t recognise some basic words. The thing that boggles the mind is why a proper, common word is relegated to being a secret word and an obscure and highly doubtful word is a find requirement. The odd words should be the secret words for those ‘on the spectrum’. And the ads.... Jesus. The single most annoying aspect of device aps across the board. If I cancel watching an ad for a game, I’m going to cancel that same ad the next 30 times I see it in a row. I’m not interested! Ads are understandable as that’s your income source (apart from idiots who buy coins), but do they really need to be after EVERY SINGLE ROUND?? And the clickbait fir this game with a findaword puzzle, where’s that in the game? 100% I got this game for that, then found I was lied to by the advertising. Fix it!.Version: 1.163

DisappointingSorry to the developers, but I find this game too much like other games that I’ve been playing for a long time. Disappointed as I followed a link from an ad where the game I was expecting was entirely different. I finished 54 levels in about 20 minutes, words are too simple. Far too many ads that as soon as I click out of it, another version of the same ad appears, they come up too often where I feel I downloaded the game just to watch ads that were nothing I was interested in at all, so they became a nuisance. I’ll be deleting the game, I suggest if you advertise your game in other apps, to advertise what your game really does look like. I thought what I’d seen was more appealing, if you make a game like that, I’d be interested, but this one was just a little too simple for me, I waited for perhaps a bonus game that was like the ad, but I’ve had enough now..Version: 1.189

Don't add the adsWould be a much more enjoyable game is you could get rid of the ads. You are constantly being bombarded by them and there is no way of getting rid of them permanently. Also some of the words are very suspect. Haven't been used in the language for centuries and even then one wonders. You are asked to spend money constantly and when you do watch a 30 second add you get so few coins it's not worth it, also the ads are SO repetitive. I'd give the game 5 stars if it wasn't for the ads,.Version: 1.134

AddictiveI really enjoy this app. Great when you have a spare 10 mins though I often get sucked in and spent an hour. I like the league ladder and that I don’t have to spend money to progress. I also like the head to head games that pop up from time to time. Each Chapter starts off relatively easy but gets challenging as it progresses. I like that there is a mixture of hard and easy to solve. if they were all challenging I would get frustrated and stop using it. i find the experience very relaxing..Version: 1.188

Reason I’m giving 4 & not 5 stars-edited down to 1 star 🌟Great game but I go through levels very quickly and I get hammered with ads after every level. That won’t persuade me to buy the ad free version, it’ll persuade me to dump the game eventually. I know you have to make money but please halve the ads. Also, I’ve been trying to open the game for two hours today and it’s just loading loading loading. It’d help if you sorted that bug. Other than these two things I love it! —————————- So it has stretched to about 8 hours trying to open this. I’m not dumping the app then playing 150 levels to get back to where I was. Dumping it. Sorry. A good game ruined with glitches and excessive ads..Version: 1.183

Great Game ~ FRUSTRATING & DISAPPOINTING!!This game is very disappointing and frustrating. I am up to a high level and many words don’t have meanings!! Are they real words? NO!! ALSO, it is IMPOSSIBLE to gain rewards for the word collection aspect of the game. You can NEVER gain a reward for filling in the letters to the words. When you get close, you don’t get the opportunity to find more letters as they don’t come up in games!! Then before you get opportunity to earn Rewards a new game of Rewards begins. MOST UNFAIR!!!! The only fair aspect of game is ability to watch adds to gain points which allow you to get hints to letters that help solve words..Version: 1.189

Good game but...Its a good game to play, gets you thinking but... 1. The hints cost an absurd amount of “coins” for one letter 2. Way too many ads, i know you need to make money, but you should cut down on how many ads there are 3. Some of the words are ridiculous and almost impossible to guess, which combined with obscenely expensive hints makes some levels so hard to pass.Version: 1.174

Best appI compile puzzles for a living and I just wish we had thought of this. Only problem is that it’s just too addictive. There’s always another level to conquer, then just one more..Version: 1.125

Man I love this gameThis game is so sooooooooooooo amazing. I can’t stop playing this game it’s so addictive and so much more exciting than word Connect it’s a bit different and I love when it gets difficult but my mum doesn’t have this game and I’m only six and I’m in year twenty eighteen.Version: 1.124

Good, but atrociousThe fundamental part of the game is great. No complaints. But the ads are everywhere. During your game, after a level, they slow down the game to the point that it even crashes (and that’s after I’ve stopped everything else my iPad is doing) which is sad because it is a really good game. If this performance issue is addressed, I’ll happily change my review..Version: 1.187

Third party con artists on this apI’ve had two devices with this game which I was really enjoying. I could put up with the ads to keep playing for free but I am not impressed with notifications coming through mid game in the last couple of weeks where I have variously supposedly won a million dollars and an iPhone 11. These obvious scams being allowed through the game have spoilt my enjoyment and so I have deleted both versions. Don’t load it, if you don’t want the scams or the constant ads. Certainly don’t pay for the ad free version as the scammers can access your financial information with no trouble at all. My privacy has been breached as they obviously already know too much info about me that I have never volunteered. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS AP if you value your privacy..Version: 1.183

Great game but.......I like this game, but it has suddenly started to glitch when I press free hints, also it occasionally has some very obscure words. I hope this is fixed soon, because It isn’t worth playing at the moment..Version: 1.183

Good game but...Good game but the free version has way too many ads! To make it worse when you press the ‘X’ to close some ads (usually the slot machine games), it just opens that game anyway... the only way to get out of it is to quit Word Collect and reopen it again. Very frustrating. Otherwise...🤔 it’s a good game..Version: 1.188

American words not English.Unless you are an American and know for sure how you spell some words, you can get stuck on one for days. It’s a good game and challenges your brain but it’s not words for spoken English. It’s been Americanised with words that don’t make any sense to me, I wrote down the ones I was stuck on for days until I gave up and then the answer you had wasn’t a word not how it was spelt anyway...Version: 1.185

Too Many Ads 30 secs Plus LongI like this game but I won’t be playing very often because the ads are at least 30 seconds or more long, and you HAVE no choice but wait, unless you pay. Great game, but I don’t have time to wait. If the ads were shorter, or if you only had to watch for 10 secs and cross them off, I’d recommend this game. I don’t recommend people trying to make money off you and wasting your time..Version: 1.187

God game, but ...Too aggressive on the ads. I get you need to make money, but having to watch an ad each time you play a level is beyond annoying. Less is more sometimes. I’m about to delete this game because the aggressive ads annoyed me. If you’d been a bit subtler, I may have played longer.Version: 1.163

Frustrating time wasterAnd not in a good way! Basically just an ad server. Ads are displayed pretty much after each level, and the ads are a minimum of 30 seconds - often taking longer to show than the level took to complete. The ads also seem to be for the same very small subset of other games, and quickly become a tedious bore to wait through. Some of them even have a false ‘x’ button that appears a couple of seconds before the end, which takes you to the install page instead of closing the ad. Real shame, because the concept and execution of the game itself is really quite nice - but I’m unloading it now..Version: 1.188

Good game, but...It's a good game. The game play methods are good. But: - you can't proceed to the next level unless you guess EVERY single word on the level. A lot of similar games only require you to get guess one word of the maximum length to be able to proceed, obviously the more words you guess the more points you get. - many levels have difficult words that need to be guessed (denoted by * * * * ). These words are not just difficult, most are downright impossible without cheating by using an app/web page to give you anagrams. Just encountered the word "vlei" which even the cheat sites had trouble finding. How about making these impossible words optional rather than compulsory so you get extra points if you can guess them, but if you can't you can still proceed to the next level - the number of points awarded for each successful level/challenge is very, very low compared to the number of points required to get a hint of a single letter, let alone an entire weird. Having to complete ~10 levels to get enough points to give you a single letter in one word is absurdly high. - I know you need to make money by showing ads or getting subscriptions - I've paid AU$4.49 just to not see ads but I get no other benefits for that. Some small improvements would be great..Version: 1.137

Good game spoiledAgree with Fierce Jester! This game now officially stinks! It used to be a useful personal challenge and didn’t mind the occasional spend, but it’s out of hand and I’m deleting this otherwise enjoyable game. Funny, but if you buy some coins to get a clue to help you out, the words in the next game you play get ridiculously obscure!.Version: 1.177

Way too many ads and spam screensI love the app itself but the excessive ads and stupid pop up windows offering rewards and coins make the game virtually unplayable. I get that you need ads to support a free app but this beyond ridiculous. 80% of playing time is watching ads or bonus coins or reward screens that bring absolutely no value to the game. I was really enjoying the game itself but I just couldn’t take any more ads and coin screens 😵😵😵🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ deleting the app after 2 days.Version: 1.196

Ads!!If you would like to watch ads, just as much as playing the game - go ahead and install! I know you can pay to have no ads, but although the game is alright, it’s not good enough that will not be paying for it, and also don’t like such a strong push to try and get you to buy. Unfortunately, I’m uninstalling..Version: 1.188

Got to a certain level and the involuntary videos started 😤Happily played til about level 30, then it would go gameplay-ad/video-gameplay-ad/video and so on and so forth. Players can pay real money to not see ads but I had only been playing a few minutes and I found being forced to watch ads (for no rewards, and couldn’t skip the videos) unbearable so I deleted the app..Version: 1.187

Awesome App!This app is such a great way to get someone thinking! I have a fun time playing it. I even got my mum hooked on it! The only thing I want to ask is that maybe in an update, they could do 50 coins for a hint instead of 150. I find that it’s too much and my money goes down. But overall I’m so happy that I found this app. People will get addicted too quickly!.Version: 1.128

Too many ads!I spend more time waiting for ads to disappear than playing the game! Ads after every game and even part way through a game! Very frustrating and will delete the app unless it improves! Will be deleting the app as it’s far too slow and even slower with so many ads that will not disappear !.Version: 1.188

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Word Collect: Word Games 1.196 Update

Version 1.196 (2021-05-11): GET WORD COLLECT! Try the Best Free Word Games for Word Game Addicts and Download today! NEW FEATURE: Free Hint Meter! Use 3 hints, get the 4th free! NEW EVENTS: Limited Time challenges added - VIP Party & Piggy Bank! - Swipe to Combine letters in any direction to form the hidden word matches! - Free 500 coins when you play for the first time! - Play ONLINE or OFFLINE! - Now in SPANISH! - New Improvements and fixes!.

Version 1.195 (2021-04-21): GET WORD COLLECT! Try the Best Free Word Games for Word Game Addicts and Download today! NEW FEATURE: Free Hint Meter! Use 3 hints, get the 4th free! NEW EVENTS: Limited Time challenges added - VIP Party & Piggy Bank! - Swipe to Combine letters in any direction to form the hidden word matches! - Free 500 coins when you play for the first time! - Play ONLINE or OFFLINE! - Now in SPANISH! - New Improvements and fixes!.

Version 1.194 (2021-03-29): GET WORD COLLECT! Try the Best Free Word Games for Word Game Addicts and Download today! NEW FEATURE: Free Hint Meter! Use 3 hints, get the 4th free! NEW EVENTS: Limited Time challenges added - VIP Party & Piggy Bank! - Swipe to Combine letters in any direction to form the hidden word matches! - Free 500 coins when you play for the first time! - Play ONLINE or OFFLINE! - Now in SPANISH! - New Improvements and fixes!.

Version 1.189 (2020-12-03): GET WORD COLLECT! Try the Best Free Word Games for Word Game Addicts and Download today! NEW FEATURE: Free Hint Meter! Use 3 hints, get the 4th free! NEW EVENTS: Limited Time challenges added - VIP Party & Piggy Bank! - Swipe to Combine letters in any direction to form the hidden word matches! - Free 500 coins when you play for the first time! - Play ONLINE or OFFLINE! - Now in SPANISH! - New Improvements and fixes!.

Version 1.188 (2020-08-24): GET WORD COLLECT! Try the Best Free Word Games for Word Game Addicts and Download today! NEW FEATURE: Free Hint Meter! Use 3 hints, get the 4th free! NEW EVENTS: Limited Time challenges added - VIP Party & Piggy Bank! - Swipe to Combine letters in any direction to form the hidden word matches! - Free 500 coins when you play for the first time! - Play ONLINE or OFFLINE! - Now in SPANISH! - New Improvements and fixes!.