Lowriders Comeback 2: Cruising App DownloadAnton Lebed

Lowriders Comeback 2: Cruising App Download

- Dancing with own music on lowrider car
- Hopping on lowrider car with opponents
- Other jumping modes
- SinglePlayer freeride in the city
- Online high jump with opponents
- Online freeride in the city
- View and evaluate tuning cars of other players
- Large number of classical lowrider cars

- continental whales
- painting machines
- Setup curb feelers
- Change rims
- Change tires
- Slabs Rims
- Flexible system for applying decals to a car
- etc

Lowriders Comeback 2: Cruising App User Reviews & Comments

Won’t load inMy internet is perfectly fine but my game will not load in but other people’s will..Version: 3.3.3

Big that needs to be fixedI literally just bought this game and it want even let me load into the game it. Basically when it gets in the middle of loading it just says it has been a error please fix this because y’all basically just robbed me here another one you guys need to fix soon as I try load it gets to like 70 or 80 then it just says error this game robbed me man it’s sad.Version: 3.3.3

Need to fix bugs again nothing changedI love the game , but it won’t let me sell a vehicle I am trying to sell my truck but the game won’t list the truck if y’all developers will get back to me that would be great plus my back button is still messed up please mak e another update soon just to fix the bug in this one.Version: 3.3.3

Buggy gameSo I have this game, I had it for around 6 months and I had a vast collection of vehicles, I ended up getting a new phone and I cannot access my cloud saves so I cannot get my vehicles and money back. Would give 5 stars but I can’t bring myself to when the game is as buggy as this. Game itself is fun but the menus are broken..Version: 3.3.3

Brandon woffordThis game is amazing it is fun but it won’t let me play on the beach place it won’t let me drive my gs don’t work but that is all I got but this game is amazing.Version: 3.3.3

Really funThis game is a really fun game if you just wanna have fun with your friends and build cars or trucks or whatever really it’s really chill some people are toxic but not that much I love the game it’s really fun.Version: 3.3.3

Lowriders comeback 2 DROP THE PRICESThe prices need to be dropped cause its to much money to get what we want and we can’t afford all of that.Version: 3.3.3

Fixed back buttonLove the game man but y’all said y’all fixed the back button and it’s definitely not fixed put custom parts on my car and it won’t let me go back to home screen or garage or anything would be better if that was fixed.Version: 3.3.3

TimerThe game is fun and i like everything about it but the timer has to go. i like building and selling and also buying other peoples builds and even trading but it’s annoying sometimes because i will find something clean and by the time my timer is up it’ll be sold. all i ask is GET RID OF THE TIMER..Version: 3.3.3

Great game just fix the constant updates that crashes the gameI bought this game 2 weeks ago and it absolutely fun but then it started putting a lot of updates on it and it is now crashed and i don't understand why.Version: 3.3.3

GREAT GAMEAbsolutely great game i love this game so much but it would be a trillion times better if y’all took out the buy and sell timer or make is shorter, i bought a truck yesterday and i still have to wait 10 hours from now to buy another, please make is shorter and/or take it out. make it like 1 hour.Version: 3.3.3

Change timerThe game is awesome but the timer for buying and selling trucks is awful. Have to wait a whole day before u can buy a new truck. It doesn’t even make the game fun because I usually like building trucks and selling them and buying others..Version: 3.3.3

Fix this pleaseTake off the sell limit and fix where you can’t see people’s cars and where if you have a lot of car and where you have a lot of saved stuff u can’t post in the community.Version: 3.3.3

Good game but 1 bug.Good game I’ve been playing for a while now, but. I came across a bug that’s very annoying. When I customize my car, go into lobbies or profile. I want to press the back arrow button, it makes the sound but the screen goes no where. I can’t even remove a mistake from my car cause of the arrow button having errors. Fix this.Version: 3.3.3

The game go hardCan y’all add the rain mode and night mode on here also that would be live and neon headlights and neon under glow.Version: 3.3.3

BadSo I buy this game with real money lags all the time it’s a really awesome concept of a game great game but fix the spawning bud doesn’t let people in servers half the time if I didn’t put real money into this game I would be annoyed becuase I understand but I paid so fix it.Version: 3.3.3

Sum things I would likeI would like to get more maps and stuff like more vehicles and sometimes when I’m going to comm accesories and comm it starts to lag I would like for that to get fixed or it might be my phone but who knows anyways this game is the best I have played.Version: 3.3.3

PLEASE TAKE OF THE TIMER!!!!!!!!!!! PleaseOne thing would make more people buy your game is to take of the TIMER! Every body I have asked or know say they hate the timer cuz some peoples ant to buy like 2 car a day and I think that if you guys took the timer off you guys would have more money coming in from this game and also please add some more cars and trucks please it would make the game way more cooler.Version: 3.3.3

Low rider comebacks 2 crusingEverytime I try to load into the game it keeps on taking me to where I gotta download something and then when I start to download it then it keeps saying connections to destinations host.Version: 3.3.3

Please consider changing thisSo this I not a bug or a problem about the game but it would really be helpful if you changed the car trading and make it so you can continuously buy more cars from people waiting a day is really annoying much rather would buy multiple at once.Version: 3.3.3

God and badEverything works perfect but just needs take off those timers that don’t let u buy nothing 😂.Version: 3.3.3

TimerBro take that timer off it gets on my nerves when I sold my car I have to wait hours to sell another one take that timer off what is it on here for.Version: 3.3.3

Bug that needs fixingThe back button sometimes doesn’t take you back it just make the sounds and doesn’t let you go back guys please fix that ASAP I love the game so much but that back button problem is still going on and it so annoying.Version: 3.3.3

CarsCan we get an Upgrade to where we can do Chameleon paint jobs to the Cars? And we need a Few more cars..Version: 3.3.3

Not to many bad things to saySo I love the game I learned of it of of a few friends it is better than any game I’ve ever played and there is only a few things I think they should fix. The timer, it is too long in my opinion..Version: 3.3.3

Cant click back buttonI have the iPhone 11 and when I go to click the back button it doesn’t work at all it’s there and it makes noises hen I click it it just doesn’t do anything is this just me? Kinda upset I spent money on the game and it doesn’t work right I mean it’s only $2 but still the game should work at least but then again it could just be my phone I would appreciate it if someone got back to me on this.Version: 3.3.3

I love this game but you should add motorcycles in the gameI love this game but it need motorcycles because that would look cool motorcycles and lowriders that will be cool and the paint hop on real life bikes that will be sick and maybe add some new inside for the cars like Cadillac inside so on put it’s a good game.Version: 3.3.3

Bug that needs to be fixedSo I had a friend ask me to build him a car and I did. I posted it for him and now he can buy the truck I made for him. It shows for sale in my end but doesn’t show it on his. This bug needs to be fixed cuz it makes some of us mad that we can’t sell truck. Please fix this ASAP it will make the game better. An also make the limit for custom builds high please..Version: 3.3.3

GoodGame is fun and all but Could yall please fix the issue of the “back” arrow i have to literally exit off the app to get back to the main page and when im trying to tune cars i have to restart the whole process.Version: 3.3.3

Takes 10 minutes to load but other than that it’s a goodBut yeah.Version: 3.3.3

Money lost after purchaseSo i accidentally deleted the game after i purchased the 7.99 pack and when i went to re download it it was gone:/ can someone please help me out.Version: 3.3.3

A bug that has been bothering meWhen I’m trying to get in for the first time it won’t let me it keeps on saying like retry or quit I don’t know why I just got the game this morning..Version: 3.3.3

Timer is too longI’m always looking for a nice car. But the timer is just too long... a whole day and I I can get one car. You should either shorten the timer and or just disable the timer in general..Version: 3.3.3

I love it but the time I don’t like itIt is an amazing game I love it there is only one problem the time for selling it to long and I do t think we need to wait for selling I get why the timer is there for buying but can you at least change the one for Both it would be amazing if it was changes.Version: 3.3.3

Love of LowridingThis is a perfect game overall but it would nice if you could make the Accessories for more then just 150 slots perhaps 1000 just how you have it for the decals. I would like to add more parts to my cars when building..Version: 3.3.3

Too bard to get goldIt would be a great game if it wasnt so hard to get gold, but its hard to get gold so you have to spend real money on a game,yall are basically robbing everyone and on top of that you make us pay for a game that constantly glitches,freezes up when you try to sell a car, i think its bs,PLEASE UPDATE ASAP.Version: 3.3.3

Great gameThis is a great game love the detail put into this giving 5 stars all the way but the timer on buying and selling it’s killing me that’s how I make my money . And the truck selection in the dealership is pretty low. Could you add a 2001 Ford F-150 ext can and 4 door and a 1995 Chevrolet Silverado ext can and 4 door.Version: 3.3.3

I can’t play the gameI like this game a lot but when I open the app the game won’t load. If you can fix this I would appreciate it a lot. P.S can you also change the map to a different city.Version: 3.3.3

Take the wait listing off!This game is great don’t get me wrong, but i hate it when coming to sell a car/truck and you need to get rid of it asap or when you want to buy a truck/car and there is a wait for other players please get rid of this!.Version: 3.3.3

Fix the bugSo I want to report a bug it is because when I play on free ride single player and I Choi’s Santa cruise city it kicks me out it also happens when I try to play on multi player mode so it will really help if you fix it..Version: 3.3.3

Parts and timerI love this game played it about a year now but on the other hand the timer it is making us annoyed and the parts we need unlimited parts so we can fit in games with more than 500 parts and it would be cool if we can have like a night mode and a night part in accessories so we can light up and hang with our friends/ if u can do this it would be very appreciated and I think everyone else thinks it to/ thank u ✅.Version: 3.3.3

More maps in future ?Need more maps for sure.Version: 3.3.3

Please fix this problemI love the game but recently no matter what the game will stay open to edit the cars but as soon as I try and join a party to play with other people or just drive around by my self in free roam is lets me on for a few second and then the game glitches out and I can play this really needs to be fixed so I can keep playing the game with my friends and other people.Version: 3.3.3

Lcb2Been playing this game since it came out I’ve never had a problem with it after all it’s pretty fun.Version: 3.3.3

Jaden_12The game is so fun but they should let us go to first person and the hands will be on the wheel and hitting the switches when we hop it and you guys should put new maps if you see this can you plz plz do this🙏🏽.Version: 3.3.3

Inside viewCan you fix the game it keeps saying downloading additional resources please fix please fix and can you put a inside view inside all the cars.Version: 3.3.3

Good game but keeps kicking me outI love the game otherwise I obviously wouldn’t spend money on it, however I just played it before and it’s kicked me out probably about 2 or 3 times and i don’t know why it’s doing that, please fix.Version: 3.3.3

UpdateIt would be cool and really fun and I’m sure several people would love the game more if you made it where you could blow black smoke even if it’s just with the v8 engine sound anything is better than nothing but it would make the game more fun.Version: 3.3.3

What Lowrider comeback 2 should doThis game is awesome but one thing I don’t like is I sell a car and someone buys it but it don’t show on my end so I cant collect the money or give him the keys and can u make the accessories up to like 500 or something and can u make it to the game dont freeze and put us in a screen of water do all that and the game will be perfect.Version: 3.3.3

TRADING IS DISABLED 😡😡I tried selling a car I tried everything getting more cars , lowering the price waiting 24 hours and nothing works I’m wondering why I can’t sell cars anymore.Version: 3.3.3

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LowsThe lowrider game is so good but it would be even better if you put cpu public transport back driving in the city. It would also be even better if you put bikes in the game.😀😀😀.Version: 3.0.1

I love this game but now it won’t star justThis game is awesome keep up the good work the only problem I’m having is my game wont start it just sits on a black screen I’m not sure what to do I’m in the middle of build the lowriders out of all the Friday movies.Version: 3.3.2

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Lowriders Comeback 2: Cruising 3.3.3 Update

Version 3.3.3 (2020-08-20): - added censor to chat - fixed bug with stealing cars - fixed bug with buying cars - added 9 new cars - fixed back button.