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IFit: At-Home Fitness Workout App Download

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Interactive. Personal. Training. The iFit app gives you access to thousands of interactive, at-home workouts, including HIIT, cardio, strength training, yoga, and cycling —all on your iPhone or iPad. Use it with or without your iFit-enabled equipment for a high-energy workout experience!


Access thousands of at-home workouts, led by world-class trainers. From energizing Studio Classes to Global Workouts filmed all over the world, you can choose from a variety of exercise classes, including:





Strength training


Bodyweight workouts






Virtually train and travel all over the world with Global Workouts. From Antarctica to Bora Bora, you’ll burn calories as your trainer coaches you through workouts in stunning locations. Enjoy learning information about each destination’s history and culture while you sweat it out!


Work out with more than 100 personal trainers in the privacy and comfort of your own home. With a variety of training styles and personalities, you’re sure to find the perfect fitness coach.


You can use the iFit app with or without fitness equipment. If you don’t own equipment, simply choose a workout and follow along at home! If you do own equipment, pair the app to your machine, so your trainer can fully control your workouts.


We've hand-selected more than 100 of the industry’s best trainers, including Olympians, professional athletes, and biomechanics experts. You'll feel guided, motivated, and challenged—no matter your level of fitness.


You're never limited with the endless possibilities of iFit workouts. Choose from thousands of workouts—whatever suits your mood and motivation.


Stay on track by quickly viewing your metrics during any workout. You can also view your post-workout summary, as well as your entire workout history, to measure your progress over time!


Follow your trainer’s cues as they take control and automatically adjust your machine’s incline, speed, or resistance for you. With this unique type of training, you can spend less time fussing with buttons and knobs and more time focused on your workout.


Immerse yourself in the group energy of iFit Studio Classes. With upbeat trainers, incredible music, and a touchless workout, you'll feel motivated from start to finish.


Non-equipment users: Download the iFit app to start your FREE 30-day trial and start working out with iFit! After your trial, your subscription will auto-renew, based on the membership you choose. These prices reflect your selected billing frequency:

Individual Monthly


iFit-enabled equipment users: A year of iFit is included with select machine purchases. Log in to your account on your machine to access the full workout library.

Payment will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will renew automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. There is no increase in price when renewing.

Subscriptions can be managed, and auto-renewal turned off in Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

Read our full Terms of Service at https://www.ifit.com/termsofuse and our Privacy Policy at https://www.ifit.com/privacypolicy.

IFit: At-Home Fitness Workout App User Reviews & Comments

My First RideIs the rating for the App, or more for the trainer. This was my first ride, so I’m not sure which I’m to be rating. The App seems okay, but I’m not sure it’s worth 15$ a month, unless there is more functionality with that payment. Currently, I have a free one year trial from Costco. I was expecting to see awesome landscape, hear great music and have tips from the trainer, Nicole. That’s not what this ride in the Spanish Valley was. It was tips and inspiration from Nicole (you did a great job, five stars to you personally) but there was no music to help my cadence, and the camera was largely focused on Nicole and not the scene around her. It was flat road, which was nice for a first ride with the App, BUT flat road can be boring. I can do flat road out my boring front door. I’d have much preferred drone shots from up above of the vast landscape with Nicole tracked on the road, as opposed to watching her from behind the whole ride. I will tune in again, maybe for a mountain ride tomorrow, and play with the App today to get a better idea of what it has to offer. Thanks!.Version: 2.6.42

Great Workouts but app needs to improveI have the Norditrack Bike which is great but using it with IFit is hard. There are many workouts where you combine cycle with weights and you need to step off the bike. If that happens and for wtv reason you need to pause your workout then there’s no way to resume it (it will only give you the option to end the workout or resume movement, but because you are now off the bike it doesn’t sense the movement). I’ve had to end workouts without finishing because of this and also it doesn’t allow you to fast forward the workout so you cannot continue where you left out. This happens on the phone as well, sometimes workouts don’t get saved. Because you can’t fast forward you cannot preview the workouts. I feel the whole point of working out at home is that you can adapt it to you but the app doesn’t allow that. To my example if I need to step off the bike to do abs I need to move the screen and fix my mat (because I’m not in a gym) well you’ll end up missing part of the workout because you can’t pause and resume..Version: 2.6.51

Horrible implementationFirst of all, I don’t want my treadmill to be constantly connected to this horrible app. Without this app, my treadmill made by NordicTrack, gets locked which is extremely dumb and stupid, in my opinion. Me and my family use the treadmill as a exercise machine and not using high speeds or inclines, but the programs on this app are meant for extensive weight working people, not for casual people that want to walk casually in their house on their own equipment without going to the gym. Had I known my treadmill required this garbage app, I would’ve gotten an LA Fitness membership. Second of all, the connection between this horrific app and my treadmill is mostly a hit. Usually I don’t take 5 minutes to start my workout session, but with this app, it takes multiple attempts to connect to the machine and to my iPad 2018 to even start. But even when I start it errors out and makes me go through the entire process again. Honestly waste of time and money. Once my one-year free subscription is over, I am going elsewhere for my house workouts..Version: 2.6.24

Awesome app, but needs a few major enhancementsThe concept of following along the speed and incline of an actual person and place is super immersive. Here are my major issues: - Speed deficit or fitness level options for “follow trainer”, please. There are many videos I would love to use “follow trainer” for, however they are just a bit too fast/advanced for my current fitness level. It would be nice to have different level of fitness options (I.e.: beginner, mid, advanced, actual speed) that automatically adjust the speed and incline for you based off the level. Currently, those who can’t keep up with the trainer’s pace are forced to manually change the speeds / inclines throughout the workout in attempts to match the trainer; it’s super annoying and actually keeps me from trying more exercises. We are all paying for this feature, regardless of fitness level, so making it useable for a wider audience would be nice. - There’s currently no way to search videos by exercise type; I still can’t believe this function doesn’t exist. I have to spend too much time searching through the browse section to find a specific exercise type. There should be a way to search all walking videos, hiking videos, etc. - No video control. If you have to quit an exercise mid-way or the app crashes, there is no way to fast forward to where you were. This is beyond frustrating..Version: 2.6.15

Interface Issues and Work Out InconsistenciesWe just bought a NordicTrack s22i and I want to love this app, but I don’t. The follow friends feature doesn’t work as it doesn’t find my wife on the same account and she is public. When reviewing workouts, it only shows some of the stats on iOS and watts and power look to be available but you can’t scroll up to see them. There is a details card, but this only lists incline and resistance. What’s most annoying is that during the video workouts, the intervals do not match the terrain. Rests happen on the uphill 6+ incline and efforts are on the flat 0 to -2 incline. Shouldn’t the push happen where the greatest effort is? The experience just doesn’t feel natural. The leaderboard is a nice addition but it may update too fast. I have a friend with the different NordicTrack bike and her stats at a resistance max of 4 were all higher than mine at a resistance of 12+..Version: 2.6.28

Has potential, lacking currentlyThere are some great workouts on this app. I was excited to get into them. There are some basic features this system is lacking. I’m referring to the app and treadmill (in my case). I really like the diversity and iFit trainers! Cons: 1. Lacks search feature. There are a lot of options for workouts that may be featured on social media, however, finding that particular workout on the app, computer, OR on the equipment is very difficult. Without a search feature, it’s almost useless. I can’t really understand this one. 2. Once you do find the series you like, there’s no option to “follow” that particular series. For example, you may “join” a series, but if you don’t follow it exactly, you’re out of luck. Neither the app nor the equipment tracks your progress in a particular series. Therefore you have to find (without the search feature) the next workout yourself. 3. Buffering. Internet speed is not an issue for me, and yet the equipment has had to buffer on multiple workouts. Each time, it never caught up and the workout stopped. Once the workout stops, you’re unable to resume at a particular point, it just starts over. Today, I did 2 half workouts...ridiculous. Also, no option for an Ethernet cable (not that I should need it)..Version: 2.6.2

So much potential, so much frustrationI love the iFit “outside” workout videos - the app & the non-studio based workouts have so much potential!!! Since I love the concept, it’s so frustrating that there are so many problems with the execution (as detailed in many of the other reviews) - I hope they can fix it. Specifically, the lack of a search function is ridiculous, and if you have the (expensive!) membership you should be able to watch all the videos, both on your machine & on your personal device. (I have the Nordictrack rower, and would love to be able to watch the outdoor walking videos without having to also buy a treadmill.) What would be even more awesome would be a totally non-machine dependent iFit membership for phones & tablets, so you could use the programs on any machine (understand it wouldn’t automatically change the machine settings for you) - my dream combination is the Concept 2 rower + iFit on an iPad..Version: 2.6.14

Impersonal TrainerIFit is marketed as a virtual personal trainer. This is a big exaggeration of the experience. It would be more accurately described as Netflix for workouts. The content is good, but there is limited guidance as far as program specific nutrition, or advice regarding how often you should workout. You are left to your own devices to decide what workout to do, and when to do it. Scheduling a 25 part workout should have planned days on / off, with some flexibility to reschedule. However, in practice, you can only tell the system specific days of the week that you want to train. As a result, if you have 7 days a week of availability, joining a 25 day program will schedule as 25 consecutive days. The calendar feature is very lacking and only shows the name of the series, and not which workout in the series you are scheduled to do. Personalized feedback is non existent. There is no heart rate based “target zone,” etc designed to optimize for your specific metabolism. This is much more of a virtual spin class than a virtual personal trainer. A personal trainer gives you direct feedback and adjusts programs to suit your needs..Version: 2.6.42

Time of Covid workoutOverall an excellent way to workout at home during this difficult time. Get the same quality workout in the comfort of home. Immersive and fun workouts. Excellent Ifit trainers, knowledgeable and fun to workout with, despite the one way communication between trainer and trainee. Technically advanced that keeps the trainee engaged and looking for to the next workout. Additional refinements are probably on the way but one annoying issue is in the beginning workout. Manual workout starts instead of the selected workout and must go through cancelling to restart. Not a problem just annoying. Should have a way to calibrate the intensity based on level. As an example, the workouts are set by the trainer based on the current workout but does reflect the true intensity set to the equipment. This is a great feature that makes it more immersive but good to be able to adjust the intensity calibrated to the app..Version: 2.6.47

Motivating rides, great videos. Technology needs help.I’ve been using iFit for about four months and I’ve done hundreds of miles across the globe. I love the variety of rides, locations, coaches, and workouts. I love it when I can climb the leader board. I’m a data guy so I like all of the tools for measuring my workout. Where it falls short is that more often than not the leader board isn’t available. I can’t always view the data screen during the workout. I save a lot of info from my workouts and there’s no reason that it can’t be accessed with every ride. I’ve had several rides where the cadence and effort given by the coach is way off from what the ride is giving me. I’ll definitely continue using it so the weaknesses aren’t a deal killer, but it would be great if they could fix the problems..Version: 2.6.51

Workout dropping off calendar and not reschedulingDuring the free trial everything was great. Didn’t start the paid membership until 4-5 months later. Now the app is a problem, the workouts are disappearing from my app calendar mid afternoon on their scheduled day and the workouts (settings are set to rescheduled when missed) are not rescheduling automatically. Initially they were returning the next morning on the following day as a rescheduled workout. I did contact support and if I could give them a different rating that would be a 5! They have spent countless emails with me since January trying to resolve this issue but it’s just not working. I now have to schedule my workouts on the following day and if I miss it find the workout in the library again to be able to do it. I hope this is resolved soon..Version: 2.6.48

Lacks basic functionalityThis app works well on the iPad and works well with my treadmill, however it lacks some basic functionality that should without a doubt be included. The first missing feature is the ability to play your own music during a workout, or at least be able to chose the background music iFit has decided to include for a chosen workout. The second missing feature, which almost completely breaks this app for me, is how hard it is to search for specific workouts. For example, I am currently following a workout series and it takes me a few minutes each time i launch the app, to find the same series. I’ve tried searching by the trainer, I’ve tried “favoriting” the series/workout/trainer and it changes nothing, if anything by “favoriting” the workout, I should be able to quickly find what I’ve “favorited”. This app is not very intuitive or user friendly. I hope the app developers read this comment because once these items are addressed, this app will for sure earn 5 stars..Version: 2.6.47

Could be great. Needs some tweaksCumbersome to navigate. When I finish a workout treadmill comes to a stop. I have to navigate through the app again to restart and it’s a solid few minutes to get another one going. If I do 20 min workout it will stop at 20 min then require me to go back to fav, pick a new workout, start that up with trainer intro etc. not helpful n Suggestions: 1)create a “ playlist”where it moves into the next workout seamlessly and allows me to organize before my workout so I don’t waste valuable time on my treadmill. Would also enable me to better organize. Now only way to organize upcoming workouts is to favorite them them scroll thru favs to start it up. 2). Workouts need a “skip intro/warm up” option so that if I stack them I can go right into the next without 5 min of chatting at the beginning. 3) . Allow user to set top/bottom speeds and inclines but still use the program. When I use a program (eg: interval workout in Venice) but change the speed of one of the intervals (make walk faster or run slower) it negates the rest of the auto controls. I want a way to set my low and high speeds and have treadmill still follow trainer and kick up to higher speed at intervals and back down even when I have to adjust top speed/ low speed etc. Right now it’s trying to do everything (Ted talks, etc) instead of doing one thing well. Make this easy to use w my treadmill so that I can set up workout in advance then hit play and work out..Version: 2.6.46

Workouts are great but the app needs to improveI love thé quality of the work outs and variety of exercise and locations that the trainers provide. however i’m struggle to enjoy the experience because the app will freeze up, “buffer” my videos (play audio and keep pace but won’t increase incline/speed), and force quit if i receive a call. sometimes i need to increase brightness/sound on my phone to follow along and the app will close the guided workout i was following and save it as a manual workout. i’d be less upset if there was a way to skip ahead into some workouts so i could just jump back in. the main page does not seem to update with the types of work outs i routinely select or favorite. besides going through my calendar or searching for the specific trainer/exercise, it’s very challenging to quickly locate favorites exercises. i wish there was a way to schedule certain workouts on the calendar to better plan out what to look for. because of all this i hope the app improves to match the quality of content on it..Version: 2.6.45

Workouts are good, user friendliness and ease are terribleI really like some of the trainers and feel there are different levels depending on what mood I’m in. HOWEVER, it is very difficult to search and takes a long time to find the workout that I’m targeting. A search bar would be super helpful so that I can just type “yoga” or “glutes” instead of using the browse feature. I think filters would be great too. Like “body weight only” or filtering by workout duration for time crunch days, level of effort, trainer, or target calorie burn. Additionally, you cannot fast forward or rewind during a workout, only pause. The app has been glitching lately and it will freeze and restart. Extremely frustrating to have to wait through what you did or work double!! Im glad I saved favorites because it has been near impossible to find workouts I have already completed that I enjoyed. Lastly, there is some content on the website that I have not been able to find on the app such as the iFit daily segments. I have to switch between the app and the browser on my device. I basically have to plan ahead to use this app in order to not waste time on working mornings finding the right workout. I can’t make an impromptu switch that morning because of timing if I am no longer feeling that workout I saved..Version: 2.6.24

Great workouts. Usability is dreadful.I bought a treadmill that basically has a screen that displays this app. I didn’t think I would ever use this but was surprised that I really like it. However, as others have indicated, this developer is in DESPERATE need of UI expertise on the team. A simple search button would make a world of difference. I found a part 2 of a series that looked interesting but I can’t find part one so I have given up. The filters they give at the top of the browse section are laughable... I’m not going to pick my workout because I want to see a beach vs mountain behind the trainer. It gives me the option to pair by “pressing the ifit button on the treadmill” but there is no button and trying to pair with the Bluetooth button is for audio only. I do hope improvements are coming as I could see myself giving up and doing manual workouts as I run out of interesting workouts on the main screen and don’t want to spend 10 minutes finding one each day..Version: 2.6.34

Great Value, Easy to UseUsing the iOS app on an iPhone 8. Connects easily with my treadmill, seamlessly adjusts it to follow the workouts, and has a nice variety of locations, trainers, and types of (running routines). The only thing is I can’t seem to find a lot of videos for runs/walks longer than 3-4 miles, and since I’d like to build up to a half and then full marathon, it would be nice to have more variety in the longer courses (though I may just not have found all of them yet). I can’t speak for the non-running workouts, but I like that they offer a lot of strength/cross training options since that’s so important to increasing your running performance. I’m going to try some in the next couple of weeks, so here’s hoping it goes well..Version: 2.6.32

App Interface needs some loveI purchased a HIIT trainer for Christmas and I’ve been using this program since it came with my purchase and I’ve been loving the workouts. It’s so neat to travel to different areas of the world and actually feel like you’re running along the trails or hiking along a mountain slope. The trainer is right there beside you and helps to keep you motivated and pushing through the workout. Top remarks for the programs and the trainers. Where this app falls short however is the UI. It’s hard to search for something and it seems the categorization of everything is all over the place. It’s was difficult to find a series of workouts that were tuned down to a beginners level or for one that was fully appropriate for my particular machine. And then it also appears that there isn’t a way to check out my stats other than what shows up on my actual machine. It would certainly be nice to know what my average pace was for the past week, or how many miles I put in, but for now I haven’t been able to find it. I’ve fairly tech-savvy, so I’ll update this review if I manage to find it, but for now I’m fairly certain it’s not there..Version: 2.6.46

Great but not perfectThis is a great app, especially for the price. If I want to join a workout, I can. If I just want to creat my own route in the area I grew up, I can do that too. Either way, it makes working out on the elliptical a lot less mundane, and dare I say even fun. My only gripe, and the reason I gave it 3 out of 5 starts, is that on several occasions when wanting to start a workout, there is a little lock icon and saying it’s for premium members only. I’ve already paid for it, yet I’m stuck with the icon and can’t start the workout. I’ve tried closing the app or restarting the iPad, one time i even went so far as to uninstall, which finally worked. I looked it up and found from other users that it’s a software glitch. If that was fixed, it’d be a 5 star from me, but until then, it’ll be 3..Version: 2.6.46

Great if you have patienceThe functionality of trainer led workouts that control your machine is wonderful and works great. Navigation and scheduling within the app is garbage. They have series of classes that build on themselves, but no way to schedule them or search for them. Plus if you have multiple machines, say a rower and a treadmill, you can only search for workouts on the last machine your device was connected to. So if I linked my phone to my rower last, and am at work trying to search for workouts for my treadmill, I just can't. The app thinks I only have a rower in that moment. The classes are awesome, but finding the one you want when you're trying to work out take a great deal of patience. Their website is actually even worse for searching and scheduling, if you can imagine such a thing..Version: 2.6.17

Fix the iFit app, PLEASE...I have had iFit for a year now and have had constant issues with loading and buffering. ( I’ve even broken a tablet because of iFit app ). I have sent iFit messages about these issues and they seem to have the same messages back to all customers. After reading numerous other reviews and seeing the same messages over and over. Delete app and reinstall, reset app, log out then log back in. The issue is within the iFit app. Recently iFit server crashed and they keep telling their customers it’s our problem not iFits. I just got an email from iFit noting that they increased their server, but still have the same issues. Maybe take the money that I paid for this expensive app and fix the issues. I only use about a dozen of the workouts and don’t need more workouts loaded that I won’t use and that will slow down iFit’s servers. I sent my last message and it has gone unanswered. My last workout with iFit the app froze and I had to start workout again. Then on my second attempt the app froze again. It’s like going to the gym and finding out all the equipment doesn’t work. Wish there was another app I could use..Version: 2.6.32

I can thank this app for starting to get into shapeThis is a remarkable program. It has a great blend of prerecorded and live workouts. While Peloton may be slightly better at delivering live studio workouts around the world, iFit has very good live workouts but absolutely crushes them with their prerecorded hikes, runs, bike rides and workouts. Where else can you hike on an old gold mining trail in Alaska with a tour guide, run with Tommy Rivs down the Iberian peninsula learning about the history of the region, the architecture, geology, and working out itself. Walking in Bora Bora, the Alps, Bondi beach Australia, Mt Kilimanjaro, training for 5 and 10ks in Costa Rica, full marathons in Hawaii; it's all here. And if you own multiple pieces of iFit equipment, they can all use the same account and subscription to bike, run, use elliptical, or row. I only have the bike and the treadmill so can only say that I think this program is top notch..Version: 2.6.35

Great Videos but Constant GlitchesI have the iFit bike and love all the classes and trainers. I love how they can control the incline and resistance and all you have to worry about is to pedal, it’s a great push and motivation. However .... I am SO frustrated by the constant glitches. I put an internet router right next to the bike but still have horrible pixelation. Also, at least two times a week it just randomly kicks me out of the workout. It re-loads and starts the workout again but there is no way to control/fast forward to the section you got kicked out of. I was in a 40 minute class and got kicked out at 30 minutes and had to either do the entire workout over again or stop. So annoying. Love the classes iFit but for the love of God please fix these glitches!!.Version: 2.6.28

Not so greatI use this in conjunction with a pro fit treadmill. At least once a week it will not log the workout, the app closes itself randomly, loses connection, or not display all the information to the table, it doesn't consistently speed/slow up or incline the machine in sync with the workout. I contacted customer support via email, they wanted video of it not working, I spend a considerable amount of time submitting video and they tell me they can not view them because its iCloud! Wow, so I called support after 45 min on hold they had me reinstall this app, reset my treadmill, then said to wait a week and call back if it don't eventually correct itself. Sometimes it works well but not like what's advertised. There is no option to search the workouts to suit specific needs, manually going through the workout library is not suitable for what this cost. Having recent lower back surgery I'm advised not to run, a fast walk is fine. It just don't work well for me on several levels..Version: 2.6.1

Could be betterWe subscribed to this App for our new Profrom bike.......and while it is nice overall this app would benefit from some improvements. I wrote an email to their support, but no answer - so let me try this way. - $15 per month is quite pricy! Yes the app has programs for running, biking, CrossFit.... you name it they have it. BUT I don’t want this! I only want bike programs! They should price this differently - I only want to pay for biking programs! I don’t even want to see the rest, it makes the app to cluttered with programs I don’t want. - base resistance on most workouts is too low for me, but when you change the resistance during the workout it won’t auto adjust anymore.....I propose letting everybody set there base resistance and then let the trainer adjust by going up and down from there - for me many programs are just too easy. - I find the trainers talk to much - I rather mute them and play my own music - BUT now I cannot hear their instructions about how fast (cadence) I should be going! This info should be put on the screen just like the resistance is so we don’t need to listen to the trainer - think about how annoying if you do the same program over and over because you like the ride....and you have to listen to the same story over and over...... So overall a decent app that could be easily made excellent with an update!.Version: 2.6.31

Wonderful trainers and locations!!!I got my new treadmill with iFit on Sept 1st. I’ve done a couple of hundred workouts since then... I am SO excited to see new places and meet new trainers. Depending on my progress I will sometimes switch up ‘series’ and trainers during a given week. What I love most about iFit is the variety. The photography is excellent, I also like being able to override the trainer. When I do an override it’s usually because I’m doing several workouts in a day and I skip the “warm up” that precedes the workout and I tend to increase speed and/or elevation at the start (the warmup that’s part of the workout). A couple of changes I’d like to see in iFit are the ability to stop and save a workout and then pick it up where I left off previously at a later time. I’d also like to be able to save searches. IF I search for a particular trainer or type of workout I’d like the ability to SAVE that search... this could easily be implemented. Lastly, the “disclaimer” that is mandatory and precedes the WARM up could easily be removed if users agree to a stipulation via a DocuSign affidavit that we’re aware of the risk etc. This could be renewed annually..Version: 2.6.50

Needs major workI got an elliptical and got a free year of iFit with it. At first I was really enjoying iFit, but problems started to arise. The premade workouts that are listed under the elliptical tab are often designed for a treadmill and speed changes don’t really translate to elliptical use. Also the pre-programmed changed in incline and resistance are often too fast (by the time my incline increases all the way, it’s time to go back down to 0). Or the changes don’t match the workout (why does my incline and resistance go up if it’s during a rest interval). There needs to be better labelling of intensity. One workout was listed as 1/7 intensity, but it had me doing 45 strides/min at an 18 degree incline with almost maxed resistance! Also, it is almost impossible to find a series and do said series in order. Also, I should be able to create my own workout that isn’t tied to google maps? This app has a lot of potential and I think the workouts are cool, but they really dropped the ball on how they actually implemented it within the app..Version: 2.6.46

Pretty GoodThere is a lot to like here, but there are some updates that are needed that are pretty standard nowadays. First, I want to run a half marathon which is 5 videos. I understand that they probably need to be broken up due to size, but there should be the ability to “link” them. Right now you have to stop your run, start the next one and skip the warmup - that’s 8 minutes of standing around (4 videos) when I want to run it straight through and have the ability to see the total stats, not broken up into 3 mile increments. Also as I’ve seen in other reviews, the stat tracking is abysmal- this is pretty basic for 2020, people want to see details and easy to read formats, not download a JSON file. Lastly, there is no support-I’ve field 3 support tickets and didn’t receive a response to any of them..Version: 2.6.30

Love it!There is a trainer or workout for every body and level on iFit! Don’t get discouraged, browse around and find your fit. I don’t like studio workouts, or too much cheery hype but I do like to learn so when I stumbled on Tommy Rivers Puzey during my iFit trial period I was instantly hooked & subscribed! I’ve gone from barely being able to sustain a slightly faster than walk pace for a minute to running at incline for over 30 minutes. Find your trainer/s and stick with the program but don’t be afraid to explore & know that you can override the preset parameters to suit your level. The monthly challenges are a great way to find new trainers and series types. I mostly use the app connected to my treadmill but I have also used it a bit with a rower and elliptical (and a mindfulness series and yoga). Occasionally I get “stuck” in a workout but that’s my wifi, not the app, and eventually it catches up. Love that I can schedule workouts via calendar and that the app is improving (yay for being able to search by trainer!).Version: 2.6.46

Love the workouts, but...When I first purchased my Proform treadmill, I had zero desire to use the IFIT app. However, after one workout, I fell in love! I’ve been using the machine and following workouts on the app for 6 weeks, and I’m obsessed with several of the walking and running series available. The reason I did not give the app 5 stars is because it is missing what I think is a major component, video controls. I have been kicked out of two workouts recently (which could be a glitch itself), but when I tried to resume I found that there is no way to skip ahead to get to the place I paused, without starting the workout from scratch! As a mother of young children, it’s inevitable that I will need to pause or even temporarily stop my workout to take care of my children. I don’t have the time to restart my workout, especially when I’m already 20 minutes in. Video controls that would allow me to pick up my workout at any point would be so helpful. Or maybe some other type of save and resume function would be great. Either way, I do love the IFIT app, I just need a little more flexibility in controlling the workouts!.Version: 2.6.5

Love the app but missing one thing!I have been hooked on iFit since I got my new treadmill in January and I struggle to get off I love it so much. There’s so much variety in terms of workouts and challenges and there so many trainers you are sure to find a ton you enjoy working out with. My only criticism is that (unless I’m mistaken) you cannot schedule workouts from the app. It would be a life save to be able to schedule workouts from the browse/live calendar and then have push notifications on your phone to remind you when they are coming up. Right now I’m having to set my own reminders in Google and even though this works it would be great to have it all in the one app. Then you could look at the calendar within the iFit app and it could show you your future scheduled workouts. Right now the calendar on the app seems like more of a history than a calendar or schedule. Keep up the good work!!.Version: 2.6.47

Coronavirus quarantine cureIn the three day that I’ve had my Pro Form 505 CST, I have gone running on the beaches of Miami, hiking in the islands of Hawaii, and walking in Paris with a French Guy. I bought the Treadmill knowing I was going to be stuck at home during the coronavirus quarantine. Because the gyms we’re closed and my allergies couldn’t handle the Spring pollen, it was the best decision I’ve made. The iFit workouts allow me to go to different parts of the world while getting to workout. The iFit App motivates me to get on my treadmill every day. Instead of listening to Music and getting bored, I stay focused and do what the iFit instructor says and time flies. I am also Learning history about each place that I fit takes me. I’m loving the husband and wife team in Hawaii (Stacy). Keep up the motivation!.Version: 2.6.32

Lacking some essential featuresThere are a few features that are missing from this app, features that should be essentials. - The app should let you log in with your biometrics (fingerprint or face). Forcing me to log in before starting is difficult when the tablet is mounted on the treadmill. - The app should also let you pre-load your login credentials from the saved passwords on my keychain. Doesn’t do it. If you select the given credentials, the login screen just stays blank. - If your internet connection is not present at the time you finish your workout, the app throws up an error screen and deletes (or just loses) the workout information. The app should save the workout in cache or locally until an internet connection can be re-established. My treadmill is in my basement, very spotty WiFi service there. There are lots of fun features and creative workout capabilities, but the above are simple, essential gaps..Version: 2.3.1

Huge fanCan’t say enough good things about iFit. They’ve thought of everything. Great variety of workouts from live classes to worldwide locations. Trainers are engaging and I always learn something new in each workout. I can walk, run, hike, bike, row, weight train or do yoga on any given day or all in one day if I wanted. The monthly challenges are fun and I look forward to that magnet showing my end result. I participate in all the live 5K runs - which I only started doing thanks to iFit - and the finisher medals make it worth the effort. iFit keeps me motivated by constantly coming up with new ways to help me keep fit especially with the new introduction of smart adjust and active pulse. I also really enjoy the TED talks. I could go on and on about my love of iFit and all it offers. Try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Instead you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner..Version: 2.6.53

Awesome Concept - functionality not so muchLet’s start with the positive; love the outdoor class options, live options are limited but are decent, trainers are educated, motivating and scenery is great. Love the interactive nature of the bike with the trainers such as incline/decline adjustments. Feel like you are really there. Negatives: App on Nordictrack S22i bike times out often, cumulative workout data works sporadically (frustrating esp when you are trying to stay motivated and track time on the bike and mileage). Error messages pop up frequently when ‘saving’ workouts and they don’t save all the time. Should have an option to manually add workouts to be sure things are tracked. App on the iPhone doesn’t show cumulative data at all (don’t know if it’s weekly or total stats - should have all those options) and Bluetooth option doesn’t work with the app/bike. No search functionality which is annoying. Filter options are decent though. System often buffers and sometimes historical ride data doesn’t show up at all. I even tried uninstalling and installing, clearing the cache, etc.....need to get this infrastructure fixed or people will get frustrated and go elsewhere. I’ve had better luck with regular Iphone apps like map my run for the tracking aspect - at least it doesn’t lose the data! Hope all of this gets improved as it has a lot of great potential and I love the bike but yikes on all of the issues!.Version: 2.6.40

Love love love.I’m not a gym person & I’m actually quite uncomfortable working out anywhere people can watch me… Which is basically anywhere outside in my suburban neighborhood. A couple months ago I got iFit - both for my iPad and on my new treadmill. It’s been a total game changer. I can work out without being self-conscious. I’ve gone from working out maybe a couple times a month to almost every day. I love the variety of trainers & workout types. I love seeing beautiful scenery flowing by. There is always something that suits my mood but still manages to push me a bit more than I would’ve pushed myself. Yes, it costs money, but so did all those gym memberships I never used. Getting fit & loving it!! Thanks!!!.Version: 2.6.40

Profit Cadence WLT Treadmill and IFit.After going through a bad marriage and divorce, I became extremely depressed and put on some weight. I tried exercising and because of the weight gain I developed joint pain. Every time I tried to excise I would injure myself. I started walking and this was fine. Then my depth perception and balance became a problem and I started tripping and falling. This made me afraid to do anything more and depression set in even worse. I gained over 80 pounds. I finally after months of being sedentary, I decided to workout on my treadmill. I completed 2 miles and feel great! The IFit app helped keep me motivated and keep moving. I still have the same issues but now when I feel like I’m going off to one side, I can hold on. I now feel more determined to begin my new journey to health and fitness..Version: 2.6.42

Good for C19 workoutI am using a Proform bike with iFit. The iFit App is a great tool for scheduling your workout. You have choices from mountain to road bike. You have a ton of excellent trainers with a variety of skill sets to train you on. The App has most of the necessary categories you want to monitor for - incline, power, time left and RPM are the most common used by trainers. Rate of Perceived Exertion is missing in the App - so I normally combine this with Watts and RPM and judge from 1-10 how much RPE I am exerting. With C19, iFit never stopped providing programs. They continued with more C19 bike series outdoor and indoor program. Why I gave it a 4 star is that their app is wanky - when starting in the morning- even after you select a program and Bluetooth has connected to the bike - it goes often to Manual Mode. So I have to exit out again, go back to navigation and select my program again. This is a bug that has been there for 6 months now. The other reason is navigation. It’s just ok, but could definitely be improved. It does remember your last filter. If I have a bike, it should focus on bike and not provide other features like trails. I can compare this with Peloton- and the IFit trainers are better. But if we’re talking about the software- there are lots of room for improvements..Version: 2.6.32

Workout detailsPlease, please add a feature in each workout that tells you if there is any running/jogging involved in the workout as a small side note! As a heavier girl with a big chest, the clothes I wear for a hike (more comfortable, airy) are much different than those worn on a run or jog (tighter sports bra, higher waist, not ideal clothing for all workouts). When I’m in the middle of a exercise that’s categorized as a walk, I want to know there will be running. I have found that in multiple episodes, I cannot do the workout to my fullest ability because of the clothes I am wearing and not because I cannot physically do it. I haven’t done too many because I just started, but I have found this to be especially true for the Hawaii series. My chest starts flying everywhere and my back hurts or I have to stop the workout, change clothes and restart. This feature would be beneficial for a lot of people I am sure!!.Version: 2.6.31

Promising, but falls short in so many waysI love my NordicTrack rower, and iFit has decent content and a simplified on-screen stats display. But the iFit iPhone app and onboard app need a lot of work. Where to start... the calendar is a great idea, but it has a major bug rendering it useless: each day, all of my previous workouts appear for that day even though I previously completed them. Today I have 38 workouts scheduled for me. What else...The app gives me an option to connect Bluetooth to the rower. It never connects. The content browse and suggestions are full of workouts that are nowhere close to my needs or interests, so it’s frustrating they are front and center — eg I only have a rower and I’m not a beginner, so why all this basic non-rower stuff in my face? It makes it really really hard to find the rower workouts at all, let alone the ones at my level. There’s more...e.g. In the app, I thought I’d have fun and share my workout on social. Tapping the share button flashes the button, but that’s it — no share options appear. And then there are missing basics for a modern workout app in 2020: no Apple Health integration, no way to download stats, terrible/non-existent aggregate reporting (including on the iFit website)... I hope these developers get some funding so they can bring this app into the 21st century..Version: 2.6.31

Great potential, execution still lackingThere are many good features, but the interface, speed, and ability to customize is severely lacking. Even on their flagship 5k treadmill, with amazing screen, the back-end interface/Android is severely limited. Slow to load, search, exit from even the simplest apps makes it feel like one is back running on processors from the 1980’s. Unable to modify any of the programs, even created ones, makes it cumbersome. Cannot start a program except at the beginning? Can’t save position and come back? So many features lacking it’s difficult to list the numerous examples, All the guided programs look good, except you are staring at the backside of the guides in nearly all of them. Camera positions should be enabled to be in front of the guides, or not have them in view at all. I suppose some folks like being behind folks for the entire episodes. Music - poorly executed, ability to stream/use other devices is simplistic, doesn’t work, and zero options really to connect to other devices other than if you have a 10 year old iPod. Seriously - the engineers are way way behind on this. On a 1 year subscription that came with the treadmill. Seriously would have a hard time paying monthly for this without significant improvements by the time the subscription ends. And certainly wouldn’t add additional family members onto it for additional price..Version: 2.6.42

Not a peloton app that’s for sureSo I downloaded this app to check it out because I was thinking of adding a rower to my home gym. I recently bought a peloton bike since lockdown to exercise at home, and I like it so much I wanted to create a full home gym experience. I know several rowers connect to iFit so before making the purchase I thought I’d check the classes to see if I liked them. It seems like the instructors are good and the classes I checked out were challenging so overall, I liked the vibe. Here’s the big downside: the lack of ability to filter content. On the peloton app I can filter classes by instructor, length of class, genre of music, etc. and all I was able to do on this app was browse, which I found cumbersome and annoying. When you have set aside a certain amount of time to do a task, you want to get right to it. The amount of time to browse through a bunch of content and not narrow down to what you want quickly makes this app a thumbs down for me..Version: 2.6.28

First walk with ifitMy family needed a new treadmill- hubby had had a heart transplant, daughter neck surgery and I needed to lose some paunch. Did some research and saw a low priced Pro-Form with Ifit at the Aldi grocery store! At that price it seemed worth a try. We would be walking, not running- and the brand is one of the best. I let my oldest daughter and husband set it up, so I don’t know how complicated it was. I did not hear any cursing and no real complaints, so it must have been tolerable. Today I used it for the first time and had a really good time! The iFit let me do a guided beginner walk around the Egyptian pyramids, a slow mile. It was great fun to see things from a walkers perspective and have an enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide. I am actually looking forward to going into the pyramids tomorrow! I used my phone as the screen, which was fine, but tomorrow I’ll have the iPad charged. I love the idea of walking and touring. A better escape than the news or tv. A great way to exercise and learn. I hope it will keep me motivated.Version: 2.6.47

Doesn’t work with smart bikes!?Ok, so Peloton owns this space and Nordic is trying to enter it. Good for them. To enter a space and do exactly the same thing as the market leader is, well, to put it kindly its probably not the best course. Currently Peloton has a big installed base of bikes and an even bigger installed base of app users. Peloton treats the app users as second class citizens (slow releases of functionality, not all the classes, not as timely access, etc) which makes financial sense for Peloton as the hope is it will drive someone to a Peloton bike but most importantly the over priced subscription. Let’s call this the Apple model. What if someone came along and offered a more open ecosystem. That could be Nordic. Make the bikes, sure and the service they connect to also but the thing they aren’t doing is offering iFit for people with smart bikes and making it a first class experience. It would cost virtually nothing to do other than enabling open protocols that are well leveraged by Zwift, Sufferfest, et. al. It increases the addressable market almost overnight. Everyone who has a smart bike becomes a possible subscriber. Duh! This space needs more competition, I hope Nordic sees the light and changes course..Version: 2.6.31

Can’t easily find a workout desiredIt’s okay. The primary issue is that it isn’t possible to quickly search for a workout that suites your needs. They aren’t categorized by type of equipment, activity, intensity, or length. Instead, there is a huge picture posted with each workout (limiting the number of workouts you can see at a time) listed by location. They show the length and # of estimated calories you’ll burn. The titles all are cropped, so you can’t even read them. You click the picture/link, and after it finally loads, it then gives you specifics, such as intensity. If it’s too easy or hard for for you, you back out (again, slowly) and have to click the next one. Location is probably the least important reason to choise a workout. They should be by QUICKLY/EASILY searchable by type of equipment, type of workout, intensity, calorie count, length, and location for example..Version: 2.6.15

It’s okay but it has a lot of flawsThis app has a lot of potential. However there are some definite updates that I would like to see. The social aspect of the app seems to be broken. I can’t find my friends and family to add them and they can’t find me. The music on the app is pretty weak compared to Peloton so adding any updates to the music would be an improvement. I also wish they had bike rides without the trainer. Sometimes I just want to ride and not have someone riding in front of me. The other thing that kind of ties into that is I would like to just have nature sounds or live sounds. I don’t always want to hear a trainer and I definitely don’t want to listen to that music. If there was an option to just have live sounds I would totally be into that. The one thing they should definitely fix is the ability to fast forward and rewind. Not having the ability to pick up where I left off is probably the biggest drawback of the app as a whole. Like I said it’s not a bad app but there is definitely work that needs to be done..Version: 2.6.28

Great program, terrible appI love the idea of iFit and really enjoy all of the sessions so far, but this app is really not good. There are some good things about the app. The quality of the videos is good, and the controls for the machine are relatively responsive. The app does lag a bit in some areas, particularly loading and saving workouts, but no breaking bugs that I have noticed yet. However, when it comes to finding workouts to do this app is simply just a dump of every video they offer with no infrastructure in place to find the workout for you. The organization of the videos is in endless tabs arranged by series. There is no searching, filtering, or sorting of any kind. This really falls into the bare minimum of what an app like this should have. If you want to find a workout for a given intensity or skill level, your only option is to swipe through the tabs until you find something with a promising title, select one of the videos in the series, and hope that it is one of the ones with a description that includes the intensity, because not all of them do. I will adjust my rating if future updates improve the workflow but as an application developer by trade the laziness of this app is a major let down. Seeing as this app is a key component to using iFit for entry level NordicTrack users (and non-NordicTrack users), improving the user experience in the app would increase the value of iFit tremendously..Version: 2.6.13

Buggier Than The RainforestI love the workouts, trainers, and concept but issues are nonstop. Videos buffer constantly, causing choppy workouts or worse, causing you to start over (no, it’s not my wifi at issue); Airplay up and quit working with the app - huge disappointment as I purchased a TV specifically to use with the app (Airplay works with all my other applications); Last, they recently installed a “radio station” that users are unable to turn off, forcing you to listen to unwanted music, unless you turn the volume all the way down. Worst of all, a black box with song titles remains on the screen (blocking the gorgeous scenery your working out in, which was my initial draw to the app). You can enter full screen mode which removes your speed, incline, and other stats from the screen ☹️but as soon as a new song begins a pop-up box with the song title invades the screen. It has been so disappointing spending time I could be working out trying to fix issues with this app..Version: 2.6.42

Almost there..I’ve been a NordicTrack CST and Freestryder user for 2+ years now. The iFit app and service has been getting better and better- and with the intro of live workouts it’s clear they are keen to stay abreast of the competition. The content is expanding all the time so if you are an avid home gymer I’d say it’s totally worth the expense. The only thing that I’ve been waiting for that still hasn’t arrived is integration into Apple Health. Everything else in my connected life is linked in for a complete picture except my workouts in iFit. Just seem like an easy thing for such a tech savvy brand to miss. It would be great if my Apple Watch could sync with the machines using gymkit but I suspect this is even further out as it requires a hardware change. Not the case with Apple health sync though- ICON- please please please release this feature, I’ll buy even more machines I promise..Version: 2.6.32

App is great in controlling connected equipment but lacks some of the most basic featuresGiving the app 3 stars because it does quite a bit. However, it lacks some of the most basic features that consumers expect to have in a similar app. First and foremost, the Browse section lacks search capability, which requires users to spend a good bunch of time looking for the workout they want to start. People have limited time to workout and if it’s taking me 5-10mins to continue scrolling up and down then thats half my workout time spent. Not to mention the headache (literally) I receive through scrolling up and down. Second, there’s no way to control the video - move it forward to where you left off. Several people get interrupted for various reasons and the last thing they need is to start the same workout from scratch. Big blow on motivation. Lastly, if one starts first of a series of multiple workouts, they have to go to the browse screen and spend a long time (related to first issue listed above) to start the connected second, third related workouts and so on. Having said all of the above, I believe iFit is definitely a great start with tons of improvements awaiting. They need to move forward and close the gap on these basic capabilities before other competitors come to market with better experience and enhanced controls..Version: 2.6.14

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Why am I being asked to buy a subscription when I’ve paid for equipment.Now to start with the elephant in the room the subscription is main advertised for the personal trainer however I’d rather use the app to see the data of my current and previous workouts that I’ve done so far so I can compare to what I’ve done ect, I rather not have a personal trainer as much fun as that would be I don’t think it’s fair that one of the key advertising points was that I can Bluetooth to my mobile device to the equipment. Besides that, the equipment is great! Just missing the only thing that made it $800 in the first place..Version: 2.6.22

In love with exercise againI upgraded my Nordictrack treadmill and cannot express how pleased I am. The new cardio workouts keep me really inspired and I just love the enthusiasm of all the coaches. I now look forward to my workouts and running/cycling through all the different countries and learning about the different cultures along the way. Exercise has become a lot more fun Thank you AAA++++.Version: 2.6.6

Number 1 IFit fanI cannot express how much I love IFit... starting at age 56 I have lost 37kg and maintained it and built fitness for over 6 months now. It has changed my life..Version: 2.6.45

Love itThis is a great app, you can adjust your pace and incline, or just go with the basic, it works really well..Version: 2.6.42

Great workoutLooking forward to the rest of the program.Version: 2.6.35

Absolutely uselessI bought a Nordic Track recumbent bike with iFit Bluetooth feature. The instruction manual tells me I can track my workouts via Bluetooth with the iFit app. Fantastic. Now I can automatically track my fitness in the Apple iPhone Health app. Download the iFit app, create an account, then it wants me to subscribe for $15 a month. I click the “no thanks” button and it tells me the app does not work without the paid subscription. I have to pay $15 a month for fake trainers to teach me how to pedal an exercise bike. How about this: have basic functionality for exercise equipment users, then have a paywall for the overpriced trainer videos. I don’t need somebody running around a beach in Hawaii telling me to exercise harder. I just want calories burned and minutes of exercise per week. No more...no less..Version: 2.6.24

Why no ability to use ALL iFIT videos without the machine?To be honest i like to concept. However I really get annoyed that i cannot also play ALL IFit Trainer videos without being next to / on my machine. I travel a lot and this makes things very annoying as i cannot take the trainers with me online. Also searching videos by trainer & equipment type would improve the experience and streamline selections. There is still a lot of work to do in my opinion to make this worth the money for the subscription. Please take the feedback on board and improve things!.Version: 2.6.14

My reviewBest thing for me. Thought I was reasonably fit and always pushed myself, but found out I have a whole lot more due to great sessions and an eye on the leader board. Excellent, thanks..Version: 2.6.35

Keep motivatedI really love this. I used to find the incentive to exercise dropping off, especially in the winter months. With this system, I look forward to using it each time and enjoy the excitement of what might be on offer. I still have my music in the background, and the trainer keeps me going. You don’t have to meet the intensity of each program if you are not up to it at the time, but you will get there. Did I say I love it???.Version: 2.6.3

Wants to be goodCan’t believe year 2020 and can’t get this work properly or consistently....has a heap of potential to be a one stop shop but just is not there yet.... 50 years since a man walked on the moon apparently yet this has so many problems.Version: 2.6.31

IFit staff refuse to help after wrongly charging meI’ve been charged for a subscription after cancelling before my free trial ended. Despite receiving cancellation confirmation through the app I was still charged. iFit says this is not their problem and I need to argue the case with Apple, although they’ve not been able to explain why this has to go through Apple. There is a complete disregard for me as a customer and they have no interest in helping to resolve this. I intended to use the app again in future but after being ripped off and treated very poorly by their customer service I won’t be using this anymore..Version: 2.6.32

Motivating with a wide range of workouts for every fitness level!I love this app and my NordicTrack treadmill. It does not matter whether the weather is outside or if I am in quarantine, I can still get a great workout. Well worth the money and cheaper and easier than a gym membership..Version: 2.6.41

App issuesLove the App. It so so many issues with it, not starting, not recording, not allowing access, etc it makes a for a very disappointing overall experience.Version: 2.6.46

Best iso purchase yetI purchased the Nordic track commercial 1750 with iFit. I then realised I could use the cardio and strength workouts on my iPad. This is a game changer for fitness and especially during a pandemic. I will never be without this equipment. I love it!.Version: 2.6.41

Paying subscription but can’t loginPlays the welcome video over and over again. Keeps asking me to login then join. Constantly asking me to join a subscription I already pay $20 a month for. I have seen zero benefits to using this besides frustration. Fix your broken app or my sub ends this month..Version: 2.6.24

Great app, a few tweaks would make it perfectI’ve really enjoyed the variety of workouts available on the app and exercise has been quite enjoyable. However, a couple of things would make it perfect - Option to track in kilojoules instead of calories - ability to connect to Apple health kit / Apple Watch - option to chromecast - sharing workouts, stars, etc with other iFit members Otherwise, excellent.Version: 2.6.47

Great updateFinally, the search functionality comes to the App Store to more closely resemble the Nordic Track treadmill console. Well done..Version:

LoveLove the update. Can finally have my bike automatically change resistance with workouts.Version: 2.3.4

Would like the option to fast forwardSometimes it’s just too slow.Version: 2.6.50

Fantastic and game changerThis has been a game changer for my fitness and motivation. Tommy Rivs has taught me so much about building up fitness. Can’t recommend highly enough..Version: 2.6.32

Great AppIFit is a great App. I love how your heart rate monitor connects to the app- even if your treadmill/bike/elliptical is not iFit compatible. I enjoy this app because with all the pre loaded programs, it’s like I’m going for a run with a trainer- but even if I speed up or slow down I stick with the trainer. I always enjoy my workout. The variety of programs is also very good, I have stuck with the running programs because my treadmill is Ifit compatible, however have also completed some bike workouts and strength training programs. One of the best features is the leaderboard- on days you feel competitive you can do your workout ranked against other users who have completed the same workout. However you don’t have to view the leaderboard during your workout and choose to see it at the end - or not see it at all based on how you’re feeling on the day..Version: 2.6.32

Expensive BrickGot the machine (tick) Used for a while (1 month) (tick) Decided to try out iFit app (fail) - the app decided that machine needed an update - failed for no reason (i have high speed broadband), turned my machine into fan whirling brick. - restarted the app, attempted update again, failed. I now have a dead machine that makes noise for no reason. Trying to find support articles or even an email address to reach out to someone, impossible. Don’t have technology if it is not user friendly and robust..Version: 2.6.28

Love the trainingI love the integration of the app with my elliptical trainer and the huge variety of exercise programs, the only issue I have is trying to search through all of the available exercise programs can be clumbersome, I’d like to be able to search for a specific word in order to find what I’m looking for easier..Version: 2.6.31

Really liked it and now it’s a waste of moneyWe really liked this app and used it pretty much everyday. Unfortunately now something has happened and the app just loops around between the introductory iFit Coach video and the login screen but the weird thing is in the top right corner it tells me I am logged in already but then keeps coming back to the ‘join now’ or ‘ log in with planet fitness’. Nothing I do works and I will be asking for my monthly subscription fee back as we have not been able to use the app at all!!.Version: 2.6.28

Needs casting optionNeeds option to chrome cast run to big screen.Version: 2.6.42

App not workingI’ve been using iFit since January and all was great until the 25th when my monthly payment came out and the app stopped letting me sign in. Being in Australia getting hold of them has been tricky, sent multiple emails and got no response. Finally got through using online chat and they told me to contact Apple support, Apple support said they can’t do anything as all is good on their end and to contact the developer..Version: 2.6.24

Connected straight away with my old iPhone 6sConnected straight away on my old iPhone 6s but could not use iPad 2. Bought an iPad 3 on eBay but IOS could only go to IOS 9.3.5 and this app requires IOS 10. So will need to buy another iPad. Silly me!.Version: 2.3.4

No subtitles for the deaf.I love the iFit app but an very disappointed that iFit does not have subtitles for the deaf.. I would love to understand what is being said. It is a requirement by law that you must make you services accessible for people with a hearing impairment. Why iFit are you allowing this, otherwise I would been happy to give it a 5 stars..Version:

How to sync with apple watch or health?I didn’t find this answer. Do you planning to add this moment into to your really good app?.Version: 2.6.22

Makes working out so much easierI always hated running on a treadmill - so boring even with good music. Since I discovered this app I feel like I have my own personal trainer and the time passes so quickly. I love it..Version: 2.6.45

Free with new treadmillI got 12 months free subscription with a new NordicTrack treadmill and just a few weeks into it, the benefits of iFit are immeasurable! I will subscribe after my 12 months are up! The workouts are fantastic and for someone in their 50’s returning to running after a good few years, I am already seeing results. Tommy Rivers Pusey is an excellent trainer and a joy to train alongside. Highly recommend!.Version: 2.6.32

Love, love, loveWith Tommy Rivs it’s more than a workout, it’s a cultural, spiritual and mind blowing experience. I feel like he’s my best friend, but the sharing only goes one way. Thank you iFit for providing an experience that is just more. Get well Tommy Rivers..Version: 2.6.46

Makes running funIt’s been years since I’ve enjoyed running and iFit has really helped me get back there. Great trainers, huge range of activities. Love it!.Version: 2.6.46

Great appKeeps you motivated with loads of different activity which continually. Challenges you on your path to achieving your goals.Version: 2.6.32

FantasticOur family love having iFit on our Nordic Track treadmill. Tommy Rivs has brought me from being an occasional jogger to running 10k races. Much better than I ever expected and has turned our teenage girls into athletes..Version: 2.6.41

Makes treadmill funGreat app! Makes treadmill challenging and fun. Definitely do more running with this app..Version: 2.6.47

The futureThis is the future. Thank you for starting it now. As I write this, have begun to get more mid-video crashes here in Australia. Developers please fix this. Thanks..Version: 2.6.2

Great app except search and Apple Health integrationGreat app, good range of sessions. Would be good if you could do a key word search for classes/series e.g “beginner” or “yoga”. Very disappointed there is no Apple Health integration..Version: 2.6.28

Poor experience with the app and terrible support serviceI have been using the iFit incline treadmill for three months. The most annoying and disappointing part are the iFit app on the machine and the unhelpful support service. The app had frozen from time to time during training and it required a reboot of the whole machine to fix the issue. The worse is after reboot i cannot resume from where I was at in a training. When I ask the support for help, they didn’t make a good investigation or consultation but simply said “ The connection on the machine's isn't designed to be able to work at full potential when other devices are connected to the internet. I would suggest getting a WIFI extender or turning off other devices to stop the buffering issue. Also I can't view what you sent me.” I felt my complain has been put aside by their support and asked me to buy something else..Version: 2.6.47

Workout buddyI am so glad I gifted myself a treadmill that came with iFit just before lockdown. Interval running with Tommy Rivs through the Iberian region and Casey Gilbert in NY and Germany is helping me to reach my health goals and is a salve to the pain of not getting to those incredible places. Thank you iFit..Version: 2.6.48

7 months in7 months and done so many workouts. I feel I really let myself down if I miss a day or two. So many great trainers and enjoyed all my series so far. My pro form treadmill doesn’t agree with the incline sync very much. It used to be fine, but manually it works so not sure what the issue is. Very happy though to continue on with the app though. Well done iFit guys😀😁.Version: 2.6.32

Great potentialSadly the app isn't recognising my bike, even though both are logged in. So when I have finished the workout, the app records a fraction of the kms that I have actually done. This is because the app logs an arbitrary speed which bears no relation to my actual speed. If iFit refuses to use Bluetooth on its machines, then please at least permit the app to talk to the bike through WiFi!.Version: 2.6.32

Angie_A76IFit is an exciting, inspiring and entertaining way to train and reach your fitness goals. Not only do you get transported to amazing locations across the world but you get great advice and encouragement from a range of highly knowledgeable trainers as you go! You won’t regret subscribing..Version: 2.6.49

Comprehensive and completely engagingI use this predominantly with my NordicTrack Treadmill but it’s strength and HIIT/HIRT programs are great also. The treadmill programs are brilliant for all levels of fitness and you are taken to the most amazing places all around the world with the nicest trainers imaginable. #runwithrivs.Version: 2.6.47

CovidGiven the current pandemic I think an extension of the 30 day trial to say 90 days would be appreciated during this lockdown and a chance for your company to show support for the community during this tough time..Version: 2.6.21

Worth it!Appreciated the iFit software works well using the Bluetooth technology with our trendmill purchase at home and found a variety of places (and trainers too!) we could have visited under the lockdown. Thank you very much for the help I needed.Version: 2.6.32

Great motivator but could be improved..I do love using this. All the trainers I’ve seen are fantastic. It is very easy to change the speed or incline if needed and also easy to return to the program too. It would really help if there was a search function to find the series I’m interested in though. You can add a workout to favourites but not a series and to find the next workout I need can take awhile. It would be sooooo much better if the next workout in the series came up for you to choose easily. Or even have a search function so that you can find the series quickly rather than scrolling through a whole list that’s not in alphabetical order. I still enjoy using it though..Version: 2.6.10

Best appLife changing! Can’t live without it!! TRP especially has changed my life!.Version: 2.6.47

Inclines now working in non Bluetooth mode! Thank you!Love the app. I have an older ifit treadmill with a small screen and no Bluetooth. The new version of this app allows me to play the video on my iPad - finally big screen and true colours! Only one request - the incline reading on non-Bluetooth remains as 0 while the speed reading changes according to the program. Can you make the incline reading on the app screen same as the program please? The iPad covers up my whole treadmill screen. Although the incline adjusts, it would be nice to see it on the screen. Also love the chart view of the speed changes - hopefully you can bring in the inclines also. Thanks! Deleted and reinstalled app now inclines showing! Hurray!.Version: 2.6.24

Karina DunneAbsolutely awesome! I just love the trainers, the locations and the intensity. Variety is also key. So much more motivated to solo train when there are knowledgeable trainers with excellent advice on many things. 10 from me!.Version: 2.6.54

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IFit: At-Home Fitness Workout 2.6.55 Update

Version 2.6.55 (2021-05-07): We’ve included a number of backend app updates and fixes that will result in a better user experience..

Version 2.6.54 (2021-04-23): In an effort to make it easier to switch between user profiles, members will now see the account selection screen displayed after a period of inactivity. Fonts have been updated throughout the application in order to improve overall member usability. Settings features have been updated throughout the application in order to make it easier for members to manage their account. We’ve also included a number of backend app updates and fixes that will result in a better user experience..

Version 2.6.53 (2021-04-03): We’ve included a number of backend app updates and fixes that will result in a better user experience..

Version 2.6.51 (2021-03-29): We’ve included a number of backend app updates and fixes that will result in a better user experience..

Version 2.6.49 (2021-03-03): We’ve included a number of backend app updates and fixes that will result in a better user experience..

Version 2.6.47 (2021-02-05): Various bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 2.6.46 (2021-01-19): Various bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 2.6.45 (2021-01-08): Bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 2.6.42 (2020-12-12): Bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 2.6.41 (2020-11-24): Bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 2.6.40 (2020-11-17): Various bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 2.6.35 (2020-10-28): Various bug fixes and performance improvements..