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Catch and evolve monsters!
Dive into a breathtaking fantasy world filled with mysterious monsters to capture, battle, and train. Explore sprawling landscapes, bustling cities, and mythical dungeons in this expansive open-world RPG!

Join a band of unlikely heroes and free the world of Erden from the deadly Pandemonium. Collect, train, and evolve over 180 creatures and warriors to fight alongside in supercharged monster battles!

Immerse yourself in the engaging single-player offline story or build your team and test your skills against global players online. Battle it out in fast-paced PvP leagues and form guilds with other players to unlock limited-edition gear, power-ups, and more to take your team to the next level!

• Catch, train, and evolve over 180 monsters and heroes across an impressive story-driven adventure!
• Encounter friends and foes as you journey across the 6 diverse regions of Erden, each with their own unique monsters to collect.
• Discover legendary weapons, accessories, and equipment to boost your warriors and gain the upper hand on your opponents.

• Build a strategy from hundreds of unique ability combinations to devastate your opponents in engaging turn-based 4v4 combat!
• Jump online to compete in real-time PvP leagues and form collaborative guilds with other players to uncover one-of-a-kind items.
• Participate in weekly online events that offer exclusive unlockables and limited characters to add to your collection!

The world of Erden is plagued by an ancient curse—the Pandemonium, a shroud of evil that descends once every 100 years. Only the fabled Crestbearers can cease its destruction, but all have failed to stop it from returning to wreak havoc once again.

Join two young heroes and the allies they befriend along the way and embark on a perilous quest to uncover the secret to ending this age-old curse once and for all!

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Evertale App User Reviews & Comments

DO NOT DOWNLOADHow this game nearly has a perfect score is completely beyond me. The drop rate of the gacha for this game is so bad. You literally have to pay for the in game currency to summon because you can barely earn them anywhere else except PvP. Even then PvP is filled with pay to win players so if you’re a free to play, keep dreaming because you’re never ever going to make sufficient currency needed for a multi summon. If you do decide to pay for a multi summon, just one multi cost around $4-$5 and that’s just one. Furthermore, like I said the drop rate are so bad that it could not be said just once because it is that terrible. By now, you’re probably thinking, I’ll just catch monsters from the campaign, well look here smartass, the game does not let you and I mean it refuses to let you catch anything above a rare. So your going to be catching rare and below. If I could, I would rate this 0 stars because of how bad it is. Do not let those 5 star reviews fool you. They are Pay to Win players. If you do not believe, me look up honest review videos of how bad this game is. Do not waste you time and money on this game. The main thing I can take way from this game is that I am glad I did no spend any money on it and got the app when it was free..Version: 1.0.50

I’m simply amazedAllow me to preface this by saying first and foremost that I have always loved these types of games. Pokémon and Digimon games have been my bread and butter, along with some Dragon Warrior/Quest Monster titles before. And yet I’ve been finding myself utterly bored of them as of late. Some Digimon games try to hard to make new mechanics, Pokémon games have gone completely MENTAL with their designs (a trash bag? REALLY?!). I was starting to lose my like for these types of games. A friend recommended this to me. I’d always had a slight disdain for mobile based games, preferring to call them “time wasters” instead and generally looking down on them. Needless to say, a gacha/Pokémon hybrid seemed like yet another thing to look down on. Turns out, I was wrong, and I am glad to be. While the character/monster types are fairly strong straight forward and occasionally boring, I find myself enchanted by the graphics, the story, and the constant desire to do as I did in Pokémon. Train and level up while catching everything I could for fun. And surprisingly, the gacha mechanic hasn’t ruined it for me. I’d even wager to say that it actually works well. I’ll be playing more, so who knows if my opinion will change. For now though, thanks for reigniting my joy..Version: 1.0.23

Amazing, but room for improvement.Now that I’ve sunk a lot of hour into this game and have completed all the acts. I love it. The combat system is dope, I like it more than Pokémon. It has nice mechanics and animations. The cost of soul stones are ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. That being said, you can easily obtain soul stones from the story, events, PvP, and daily logins. I think maybe it’s the devs incentivizing playing more than paying? Idk. If they wanted to make more money tho, my friends and I really like this game so we would definitely buy souls stones if they were a reasonable price. THIS GAME NEEDS END GAME MONSTER CATCHING! The characters, the story, the art style, it’s all appealing. I remember starting the story and thinking wow, everything about this game is great. I was saddened to find out how none of the monsters you catch will scale into late game, and you can only catch one of each instead of being able to get multiple and power them up like you can from the draws. Overall, very fun and entertaining game. Love the character design and the combat. The story is really cool, and the art is beautiful. Stay with us Devs!.Version: 1.0.46

~The graphics in this game are undoubtedly breathtaking. Along with the unique character designs, Evertale is a game that definitely outdid itself with the visuals. The story is intriguing and explained very well; though, the overall length of some of the cutscenes slows down the pacing and progression of the plot. (Sometimes it feels as if characters are just bantering between each other with no progression to the story). Strategy is also another one of Evertale’s strong points. With an easy to understand but hard to master combat system, this game has a very satisfying skill curve. The [Auto] option during wild encounters are another plus, it makes much needed grinding way easier in later parts. (Also the AI actually has sense in what it is doing instead of randomly throwing out attacks). This is one of the few games where I could get invested in the characters along their adventures. (Finn reminds me of some sort of Anime Protagonists which I find enduring). A few flaws with the game, but the enjoyment I revived while playing Evertale was able to far out way that.<3 Ty Devs!.Version: 1.0.14

Please fix the mana systemI really liked the concept of this game. I downloaded it because I thought it would be similar to Pokémon with capturing monsters with the cool twist of fighting alongside your monsters. The story mode was really fun to play through and I really enjoyed playing for a couple hours at a time, but after I completed the offline story mode was when things slowed down for me. I still enjoy logging in and being able to summon different monsters and power them up, but there really isn’t much else to do, and I think a big reason is the mana/energy system. The offline story mode was great because it didn’t require mana to play. After, each stage for the online story mode and the events costs mana. 300 mana isn’t a lot and can be consumed in the matter of 15 minutes and the regeneration of mana is really slow. And the cost of mana for each stage only goes up the higher stage you are in. I really enjoy the game and I want to play for a long time, but the mana system really makes it hard to do that. I understand the need for mana for events, but I don’t think it would be unreasonable to remove mana consumption at least for the story mode so there is at least something to do and a way to grind for basic resources other than just logging in every day. I really hope something is done about this in the future, but other than that, I really liked this game..Version: 2.0.15

Terrible gatcha system & pointless monster catchingMuch like many other reviewers on here have mentioned, the gatcha system is terribly implemented. It takes way too long to grind up the gems for a summon, they’re stupid expensive to buy with real cash, and when you finally do get enough for a x10 summon it leaves you regretting the time and/or money you put into it. The monster catching system is also a waste of time, which is a shame, considering it’s what I downloaded the game for in the first place. It’s got good art and decent writing (at least from what I was able to see before giving up on it) but it all feels greedy compared to other gatcha games, and that’s saying a lot. I’m glad I didn’t give this game any of my money and I feel bad for those who bought this game back before it was F2P..Version: 1.0.58

Great game ruinedI have been a supporter since dragon island blue. I have loved all the games you guys produced and have been super excited about all of the games you guys made. Recently I fell off because it was too pay to win. Now with Evertale when I first played it was fun, but got boring. I recently started playing again and their is a small 300 mana cap with hardly any way to get mana potions! The only way to actually play the game more than 15 minutes is with money. Not to mention you are pandering to people who love big breasted women because that sells I guess. It is just super sad to see you guys grow then ruin your loyal fan base by greed and just doing what gives you cash. The funny thing is you aren’t even doing that well. Having mana packs to allow more people to buy mana would be smart to atleast make money there too. I really wish y’all would make a new game back to your roots. I don’t mind having options to buy stuff but the fact you can’t compete or progress without money just is a big turn off..Version: 2.0.07

Terrible PvP modePvP mode in this game is terrible. That is the only play mode that needs to be corrected. The opponent told gets 2 attacks per character where as you only get 1 attack. So the opponent has a major advantage over you. I have been playing this game for sometime now and have high character levels. If your opponent has let’s say, level 20 characters and yours are level 40, you will still loose with only 1 turn because the opponent gets 2 turns. Also, when you try to evolve or upgrade your characters, it will not allow you to do so if they are on your team lineup not in a battle turn. You have to remove them from the lineup in order to upgrade anything. Which takes a long time to remove them, organize them, and upgrade. It just a pain. The developer could change this which would be a simple fix. Other than that, it is a very AWSOME game and I love it. I recommend this game to those who like the Final Fantasy style games.😎👍🏻.Version: 1.0.42

False advertisementI do thoroughly enjoy this game. It’s amazing to play and a real time sink if you love stories like this. However I have a gripe that needs to be spoken about. The advertising. I’ve played this game for awhile now and I know exactly what it’s like, but to take this sort of game and turn its advertisement into Pokémon? That doesn’t sound at all right to me. I get you want people to play your game and that what every company wants, but you’re going about it all wrong. Don’t settle for trying to copy Pokémon with your ads. If anything that will make people delete it as soon as they see what it really is. Because they saw an ad that looked similar to Pokémon but just didn’t get what they expected. Be original with your advertising of this game and perhaps you’ll get more players..Version: 2.0.15

Evertale, IT’S GREAT.TLDR; This game is absolutely phenomenal and you won’t regret picking it up. Just like any other game, this one has its flaws. Namely being the price of soul stones, however, you gradually accumulate these throughout playing the game and by means of cumulative logins (streaks), which makes up for it in my opinion. The story is intriguing and the characters are enjoyable to follow, a very refreshing change in comparison to other mobile games with annoying characters and crappy “plot”. The art is very endearing and the character art is beautifully drawn. But by far the best thing about Evertale is its combat and strategy. Simple to pick up but mastering it is an entirely different world. Changing the way you play changes the way the game feels, which leaves you with a lot of different styles and team comps to tinker with and enjoy! I’m very impressed with this game, and the negative reviews concerning game issues sound reasonable, but I’ve personally not run into any problems thus far..Version: 1.0.16

Best iOS RPG yet!I have scoured the App Store, playing (almost) very rpg and mmo available. I stumbled on this and had the $0.99 to buy it. Totally worth it!!! Very rewarding and perfect animation for iOS!! I will be spending money but you do earn diamonds through playing the story too. The story! I almost always skip the story or dialogue in games, not here! This story is captivating! Not so cliche save the world as it is a Zelda esque story. No spoilers. Only complaint is when you do use the 1000 diamonds for a 10x summon, the drop rates encourage equipment. Making characters even more rare. Plus, SSR characters are basically a dream. Otherwise, everyone you do have work just fine! Since no 4.5 rating available, I’m rounding up for it’s worth to a 5!!!!.Version: 1.0.34

Pay WallInitially I really loved this game. The story was actually interesting, you could catch monsters and add them to your roster, and I liked that I was able to free roam. Then I reached the end of the offline story. When you get to the online story things are completely different. No more free roaming, no more monsters, the story has become convoluted and makes no sense. On top of that in order to progress you have to have top tier characters, and since the in-game currency rewards are incredibly hard to come by you will be forced to pay for a horribly low chance to get SSR characters in order to progress. Evertale is just like all of the other predatory gacha games out there. I’ve played way better mobile games than this one that don’t lock content behind a pay wall. If you’re not looking to get tricked by a game that requires you to spend money with little reward, avoid Evertale. You will be disappointed and broke..Version: 1.0.56

Good game, I recommend itThe game is well made, the art is amazing, the gameplay is fun, and the story is really good. Honestly I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the game but then I go to read some reviews and there’s a lot of people complaining. Every single one of these bad reviews complain about the gacha system and that it’s pay to win. The game is NOT pay to win. Completing both the offline and online story modes give you tons of soul stones that you can use for 10x summons. Also even after you complete both the story modes there’s almost always an event that lets you earn more soul stones. If there isn’t an event, a week later there’s another one plus the daily reward system that lets you earn lots of soul stones. And after you use all the soul stones you’ll most likely get at least 2 SSR characters. One last thing if you’re going to get the game, PLEASE read the storyline. It’s really good and will make the experience 100x better..Version: 1.0.59

Great Game, Need MoreThe greatest complaint I could possibly make about this game is that the developers need to give me more of it ASAP. The initial story mode was some of the most fun I’ve had playing an RPG, and it’s a phone game. The turn-based combat somehow doesn’t impede the game from having creative boss fights in which you need to spot the hole in the enemies’ strategy. Unlike some other turn-based games, you can’t find a way to grind and push your team’s stats high enough that even the bosses become easy marks. One decision I thought was a tad strange was the shifting from a relatively open-world RPG to one in which you can only follow a path, and battles begin costing mana to initiate after beating the main story. Don’t get me wrong, I still thoroughly enjoyed playing through that segment of the game as well, but at the very least I wish I didn’t have to expend my mana to get more of the story I’ve been enjoying so thoroughly. I’m nearly out of mana potions at this time, and I haven’t even had the chance to play through the story again on hard mode (which, sadly, costs even more mana). Please, Developers, give me more of this game..Version: 1.0.19

Multiplayer needs fixed matchmaking but other than that it’s a good gameMy only real complaint is bad multiplayer matchmaking it’s always pins me against people who are way higher level or has ssr units and I only have the starting sr other than that I really love the game it’s got a good story tutorial was easy to understand and gameplay is enjoyable with different features that you can see as you progress such as new passives and units, and character design is good they gave back stories to characters and this would have been five stars for sure if they fix matchmaking In multiplayer for the newer players cuz new players just get dominated in multiplayer I’m in the worst rank and haven’t won once or had a single fair game love this game so far other than the one problem still a awesome game and I recommend.Version: 1.0.42

For those who believe this is a rip offOkay, so, a rip off is something that uses those characters straight from the game and a encouraged game is something like it, only it changes itself up a bit. And not only that but, if you take a look on the screenshots from devs, you can see slayed creatures, In Pokémon can you slay monsters? In Pokémon do you have that? You don’t, and stop going around saying, there’s too many ads. If you really have a problem, turn on airplane mode. If that doesn’t work, then maybe think, “these guys have to make money since there is a chance people won’t buy the stuff in game, But every ad they watch, we get 1 cent, so let’s upload lots of ads to make sure we have enough money to pay our staff, Bills, taxes, and have left overs for extra staffing and updates.” So guys, Just stop. It’s a good game and I think this review, is the truth..Version: 2.0.15

Don’t waste your moneySo at first I was somewhat enjoying the game besides the fact that the cut scenes are annoying as hell, and it made my phone over heat and sometimes just glitch out of the game. But, then the game went ahead and glitched out to where I couldn’t close the newsfeed after you start the game. I was forced to do leave the game and reinstall it, and it made me lose all my progress. Very frustrated at this game and I will not be re-attempting to play it. Also after looking over all of the five star reviews, it seems clear to me that most of them were probably put there by the company itself and written this fake reviews. Do not be fooled by these fake five star reviews..Version: 1.0.16

Mostly Just a Pornographic Money GrabWhat started out as an open world setting with a rich story and some monster catching elements has turned into a Pornographic, Power-Creeping, shameless cash grab with recycled events that offer little playability above an auto feature sluggish grind. The developers shamelessly lie in the advertisement of this game in order to fool new players into spending on increasingly broken new units that feature mostly nude artwork. Anyone fooled into paying to get these new units will quickly come to regret it as they will release a newer, probably more nude, unit the next month that’ll make your investments obsolete. On top of all that disgusting behavior, the developers have added to their Terms that criticism of them is grounds to be banned, essentially stealing from you everything that you’ve invested. The developers in essence are little more than perverted, shameless, money hungry thieves and do not listen to their player base at all. Not only should you not play this game, but you should avoid all games from this developer at all costs as they are all, most likely, much of the same..Version: 1.0.54

Love it!I absolutely love the game, strategy is a huge part in winning any type of battle which I appreciate. The only things I could say against the game is that when you’ve finished all of the offline and online story it can be a bit boring unless there’s events but still they make the events fun. The biggest downside to me is the in game purchases I’m definitely the type to put money into a game I enjoy but the way they have it set up makes it absolutely not worth it to spend real money. Summoning is set up in a way that unless you do a 10x then you probably won’t get anything good but if you wanted to buy enough soul stones to do the 10x summon then you’re looking at spending more than $20 and with still a small chance of getting what you want I just can’t bring myself to spend that. If they added packs or deals I’d be a lot more willing to spend real money. The game is great in the sense that it gives opportunities to earn the soul stones to do the summonings anyways so there really is no need to spend money in general so this money issue is only for those of us that like to spend a bit on the games we enjoy so it really is a great free to play game..Version: 1.0.54

Evertale reviewEvertale in itself is a good game. It is very challenging, and you are going to spend plenty of time grinding and losing. That being said I would never spend a dime in this game to get SR or SSR characters. The problem is you will have to spend 20+ dollars to get 10 pulls in the game which gives you a guaranteed SR or SSR. Sounds great right? Not really you see each character and monster in game can equip weapons well it just so happens weapons SR and SSR and R and mixed in with character pulls. Out of the 70 pulls I have done I have gotten all R characters which is the lowest you can get off of pulls, and of course 7 SR weapons. It feels like a scam with how rare SR characters are I won’t gamble with real money if I can’t get a SR character. Weapons are great and all they do help very much, but they should be a separate Draw entirely like most games of this type. The day that happens I will spend money..Version: 1.0.16

Skills over BillsTbh, the gacha rates are painful, but ultimately needed due to how powerful they are, if you struggle to get SSRs at the beginning, just restart and try your luck again, one or two SSRs are good to begin with if you want to start off strong. The game favors synergy and strategy over money, I know this from personal experience. That said, this game isn’t a walk in the park, it is brutal and unforgiving at times. The ultimate challenge is pvp, that’s where the real pain is, if you aren’t ready to lose a lot of matches, then this isn’t the game for you. Though if you want a strong challenge for supremacy with pretty simple battle mechanics then download the game and go crazy. There is also a official discord where me and other players come together to help teach the numerous strategies and tricks that have been crafted for the optimal gameplay experience..Version: 1.0.46

Pretty darn goodI just want to say this is a pretty good game. Good character design, decent story. However there are a few issues. Firstly, I’m not receiving cumulative login rewards. It shows that I’m supposed to get, say 150 gems, but then i check my mailbox and there’s other stuff but no gems. Secondly, whyyyyy doesssss itttt takeee soooo longggg to loaddddd anythingggg???? If i want to select a friend’s merc, sometimes it can take 10-15 seconds to do so. Whyyyy??? Reduce your network payload! Same with any upgrade actions, though not nearly as bad. Thirdly, I feel like the menus can be set up better. It takes so many clicks to get to what you need. That plus the load times makes it incredibly slow to do anything. Number 4, there’s no indication of what potential items are dropped from the various locations, making farming items more difficult. Other than those it’s a great game!.Version: 1.0.31

NOT A MONSTER CATCHING GAMEI mean it is... sort of, at least for the first hours into the game. If you expected to get a full blown pokemon game that you could play from the comfort of your phone, then you are mistaken. Granted, the $0.99 you pay for the offline portion of the game is wholy worth it but the amazing part of the game come in the amazing artwork and actual strategy of the game. THIS IS NOT A MONSTER CATCHING GAME, it tricked me, but that doesnt mean i dont like being tricked. This is a full blown jrpg gatcha with reliable reroll system for beginners and cool characters. If youve played Another Eden, Dragalia Lost, or Epic Seven, its alot like that with a monster catching feature and characters of the story(at least for me) that i felt sad to say goodbye too. They apparently update the story every now and then but a live pvp feature is also very cool. Highly recommend for those into good story telling and gatcha gamestyles..Version: 1.0.41

Wonderful so farI hope I’m not changing this review later on but a lot of these reviewers are complaining about a lack of set characters in summons. It does take some time to get gems, a 10 spawn is 1000 gems, you get 20-50 from events in the story and often 200 as a login bonus. But I’ve done a 10 spawn 4 times and got the banner monster twice. This could be a range of things from dumb luck, a skewed rate to get beginners to spend or they fixed the spawn rates at some point. The positives about the game I’ve seen I agree with, great graphics and mechanics as well as the art work. So far I don’t have any complaints. After all, most of these gacha games will cost you 300$ for a banner monster or have “paid” and “nonpaid” gems and they all cost 30$ for a 10 spawn that is skewed towards garbage. Compared to that this definitely seems like a winner..Version: 1.0.26

Game need more upgrade!I have spent about $50 on the game, I already had 4 SSR character and they seem unusal because I can’t build a good team with them. The game at the first time is exciting because It looks like Pokemon game, you can go to catch some monsters. But it just stop when you’re done the offline stories; Moreover, All those monsters are able to catch just the normal ones, some are rare if you’re doing the task of the characters in the story, and you’re never got SR, SSR monsters or characters. You’ll have chance to got SR characters (not SSR) or SR, SSR weapon if you play events of the game. The event cost you mana to play and it stay long for a month (it means you’re able to get SR character or SR, SSR weapon one of a month). The game also gives you some gems to get a chance to get SSR character, but you need to spent at least 10k gem to have higher chance, and it will cost you plenty time to get them. The graphic of the game is good, but it need to get more upgrade to make the game is more insteresting!.Version: 1.0.46

Fun, but greedyEvertale’s story was very fun and interesting and the characters are all unique and have their own flair. The “catching” system becomes kind of pointless after the third chapter as you will need to summon units through their insane summoning system. This is why I rate this game 2 stars. You have a mere 1% chance to get an SSR unit in this game and no matter how much you summon, it will always stay at 1%. Also, when you summon you have a much higher chance to get weapons so more often than not you get about 7 weapons and 3 rare characters that won’t help you at all. PvP is impossible to play as it’s a playground for the people who spend thousands to have all the good characters. SSR units are also pretty close to necessary to beat the harder online story and event missions. If you are coming in expected a monster catching game then don’t even bother, but if you liked to be squeezed for money, ran over in PvP and forced to wait to play missions online, then this is the game for you..Version: 1.0.29

Great game, but notable flaws.First off, there’s no question that the art design is stunning. Obviously, ZZG went all-in and I thank them for that. The gameplay is easy to understand at first but definitely hard to master. The learning curve is fairly steep, but that’s to be expected with most games these days. The most major issue I have with Evertale is its gacha game component — soul summons. Let me explain: you have the option to spend 100 soul stones for one summon or 1000 for ten (with one guaranteed SR+ and one guaranteed character). I respect that ZZG makes the drop odds abundantly clear before you purchase, but obviously they aren’t in your favor. The odds of getting an SSR at all are very low, and it just so happens that SSRs make up the meta of this game. It’s pretty hard to survive without them. Not only that, but the lower tier characters can only carry you so far because they’re outclassed. And even beyond that, evolving the SSRs once you get them appears time-consuming. I haven’t beaten the entire story yet, so I can’t say this for certain, but it looks like a huge grind. Other than this, I have no complaints. ZZG did a good job..Version: 2.0.11

What you need to know.TL:DR at bottom. This is a fun game. The combat is interesting and has several different combinations you can pull. The visual art is fine, combat art is retro, which I like, the alliance system is fun and the storyline is especially fun and unique. This makes it better then most games like this, however, it falls a bit flat when it comes to how it plays out. The energy your given constricts the gameplay in a MASSIVE way. After the first act of this games offline storyline, it suddenly turns to an online storyline. You have to spend a lot of energy to play the story line, the same energy you need for special events that give you a lot of good stuff the more you play. This is the big downfall. I can’t play the storyline anymore because I’m using all of my energy to play the special quest. And the special quest use a lot of energy. At the earliest of the events you can play them 6 times before your out of energy. Then it takes 15 hours to refill. If not for this, 5 stars all the way. It just really took me out of the game. TL:DR- the game has a energy bar. Energy bar does not get you very far. If they did not use energy for the main quest it would make the game flow better..Version: 2.0.12

.Ive played the old version and was nearly perfect (except the auto) however this new version is way easier and the only difficulty is dealing with auto that has no idea what its doing. Another issue is how much mana it takes to do anything, original story mode was 12 mana now 27. Event mana would range from 5-30 as the event got harder and rewards more but is now 50+ mana with a cap of 300 mana with no increase. Its beginning to be a little more ptw because of the new leveling feature just using gold to upgrade a new member to 100 takes little to no effort or time, no purpose in grinding for levels or materials. Graphics are nice new events and options are cool but almost every option is pure auto with no idea how to strategize or use a character within the team leading to more losses than wins. I like this new version but not as much as the previous version.Version: 2.0.04

Enjoy the game, butI genuinely enjoy playing this game. The story is engaging, the graphics are pleasant, and the battle system is good. I’m excited to see all of my units grow, and find out their evolution milestones. Definitely worth paying $1 for. Unfortunately I feel like the cost to summon is a little steep and can see the game being a money pit where you dump hundreds of dollars in the hopes of getting high ranking characters/monsters/items. I’d much prefer spending a little more for the game and then having it be a little more liberal about rewarding the player soulstones for milestones, because I would feel less like the makers were trying to bleed my pockets. I do still enjoy playing this game and would happily recommend it to friends for its playability..Version: 1.0.19

The game is fun, but they need to implement a bad luck streak fix.I’m rank 86, and have had a lot of fun with the game. Offline story was pretty short but fun. Catching monsters was pretty cool, but something that quickly became pretty trivial and not needed. The online story is when I started to get a lot stronger with my characters. However like most games there was a pretty hard ceiling. I slowly somewhat broke through and got my characters 99 boosted and 5 stars. Here’s my huge problem. Even with playing for 45 days straight with no breaks in between days. I HAVE NOT GOTTEN A SINGLE SSR CHARACTER. I have gotten over around 10 SSR weapons though. Which according to the drop rates is only a 2% drop chance difference. I’ve done all the events, been there for free summon fodder, even payed for a few summons (which is expensive imo). So I’m sitting here now, while people around my same rank have a boat load of SSR characters and me having none. It is truest frustrating to not get at least one SSR character after having PAID for the base game, and play so much. If I were to rate this game just for how fun the game play is, it’s be 5 stars; however it’s not. The effort put it isn’t paid back in full and isn’t worth my time. If you value your time and wallet, don’t play this game..Version: 1.0.23

Average overallGraphics 4/5, cutscenes 4/5, offline story 3.5/5, online story 2.5/5, pvp 4/5, character upgrade system 2/5, gatcha rates 2/5, balancing types of characters 1.5/5. Overall, its decent. If u like storyline this has tons, unfortunately there were times things just kinda didnt feel as good or dragged on a bit. Pvp is fun, combat is nice, info to do certain things is decent but sometimes falls short, but the meta types of characters, for example burn or poison or etc, some are just much stronger making it more likely for people to avoid alot of them over picking stronger ones. Gatcha rates for how many cash shop tokens u get are sorta atrocious, and for a paid game ( yes only 1$ but still p2p) there are just better free ones. I have to put 2/5 in comparison to other free games that are eons better like Tales Of Erin, if there was no other good competition id go to 2.5/5. Not bad game, not great game..Version: 1.0.42

Very funThis game has a good Pokémon feel to it, what with the whole catching monsters thing. I enjoy this feature, but I really think the monsters in the beginning are way to strong. I could’ t even catch a dumb Noctbear(?) (which is just a cute teddy bear) because it wiped out my whole team. The battles I’m okay with, if it weren’t for the fact that the enemies always attack one single person. They always attack the same monster I have over and over and it’s really annoying. I’m still getting started with the game, so I guess the only thing I could say needs fixing at this point is to get rid of inventory cost. I really don’t think it should cost me anything to just equip my units with better gear. Overall, if you want to spend your time with something, then this game is perfect for that. Side Note: The female character designs (specifically in the summon menu) are so revealing that if you showed them to someone, they’d think this was porno game or something. I’m not one to criticize art work, but does the super rare character that I can get from summoning really need to be shown in a mini bikini? I think maybe this can be changed to them wearing cool looking armor or something like that..Version: 1.0.56

Starts off so awesome.....Then it turns into a repetitive, boring money grab. I downloaded the game since for something to do and didn’t think I would enjoy it so much, but the offline story is amazing and had me hooked. That faded fast once I completed it and continued to the online story- you can’t catch any characters, and it’s no longer free roaming- you just jump from square to square either battling or viewing dialogue. Also no more mini quests, and since you can’t catch ANY good characters in the offline mode even, you need to summon them using “soul stones”. If you want to buy soul stones they are INSANELY overpriced for a very very small chance at a good character, or any chance really- $25 it’s absolutely nuts to charge. This game has so much potential to be incredible! The art and storyline are really cool, just wish it didn’t end up like this. I would gladly pay money for a game more like the offline version..Version: 1.0.46

Had potential but that’s about it.Played it since launch and sadly going to stop after this review. Combat is fun I will give it that, some strategy involved problem is it’s just to hard to get any crystals for summons and when you do you will pretty much never get an SSR. I know they are supposed to be crazy rare but while using the draw 10 summon which guarantees at least and SR, I saved up enough crystals to do this 10 times ( 10,000 crystals) I was able to get one SSR and it was not even the featured one i wanted which has the highest percent chance of being summoned for the week. I would give them money but 1000 crystals which is enough for one 10 draw summon is 24 dollars...and of course won’t guarantee anything. I can’t see any reason to continue this game which is a shame. Don’t let the game fool you..this is in no way a catch a monster game..act 1 only..this is just collect enough crystals in events and summon and hope beyond hope you get something...which you won’t. Daily login in bonuses rarely award you crystals..Version: 1.0.16

Great but also not F2P friendlyAt first, this game was fun and all but it started getting hard for me. Most people will just tell me roll better characters or get more materials to upgrade them but it is extremely hard to do so without money. I’m trying to go with this without money but that ain’t cutting out for me. I haven’t spent money yet but I can probably tell that it would probably be a lot better. I’m slowly gaining materials to upgrade my characters but they are still very under-leveled sometimes and it’s terrible. Also, the PVP battles are the most unfair thing possible because they keep on putting me with stonked out people who have probably wasted money since they have a whole entire SSR team. How am I supposed to beat them? Like the best I have is 3 gold starred characters but that’s it. Everything else is silver starred which max out too easily. Then we can evolve them but it doesn’t do much. Overall, it’s fun but not the friendliest to some of use that are F2P. Also, the rolling rates are terrible..Version: 1.0.59

Please change character designThere is this evolving system in Evertale that allows you to progress your character to a final form called Ascending. It’s to fully awaken the potential of the character with copies of itself and unlock story elements of the character. Yes this is an awesome mechanic, but it is poorly used. They use this mechanic to shamelessly unclothe and show off bodies of female characters who are well underage. This is disgusting! There used to be a time where they would use this mechanic to progress characters and they would gain something or become more evil/ dramatic but now they are just removing clothes to the point that the women (who are basically children) are being graphically shown off. It’s like this game has decided to put more into selling sex than actual quality characters and it’s disappointing. I used to love this game, but now all I feel is disgust. Please change this issue..Version: 2.0.14

Final Fantasy meets PokémonFor $1 you get a very very good iOS game. It brings together the multiple character turn based combat along with the catch them all style of Pokémon. There are so many great things about this game it would take to long to name them all. There is only one Con I can offer this game, but it is lessened by how generous the developers are. The only Con is that getting SR or SSR is almost impossible without having gems. Now I’ve played the game for 4 hours and have gotten almost 2,000 gems, that gives me 20x to roll the dice and hope I get that awesome SSR. I wish there was some way to get them in game without the gem currency. Other than that one thing, I adore this game and would tell anyone who likes Pokémon or Final Fantasy to play this game. It’s not a must play in my book, but it is a very high “you won’t regret it” and for $1! Epic. Thank you for this game..Version: 1.0.21

Nevertale, a game of no helpHit a glitch after the update. Ruined my days of hard work on the event. (Honestly, if you don’t pay loads of money it takes a LOT of work to get even a medium character going.) I put in a request for help. Below is what you can expect from them should the game have any issues. It’s my email and their response word for word. My email: Yesterday after the update I attempted to awaken Gloria (I just purchased the final 3 copies needed to fully awaken her.) When I selected her to awaken, it displayed the locked version I had been leveling up as the selected version but only showed two out of the three other copies. I selected those two to use for awakening materials and figured after I would just relog and do the last one separately. However it hen merged the two with the missing third, NOT the one that I’d been leveling and had selected. I tried merging that newer one hoping it would sort it out, that it was just another display issue but it treated the newer one like a single copy with boosts. Can you please separate them so I can try the awakening again and see if it works as intended? Even if I lose levels, it’s be worth it. I greatly appreciate your time and hard work on this game! I hope you and your family are safe and healthy in this current pandemic! Their reply: Apologies, I’m not able to roll back combined characters or weapons. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for playing Evertale!.Version: 1.0.49

RPG DreamI have never written a review for a game, until now. Evertale has everything that made me fall in love with RPG’S as a kid. The storyline is very well written. The characters are funny and relatable, from the Pervy frog “Nagi” (reminds you of Brock from Pokémon), to the sweet and heartwarming “Rizette”. The top review states, some cutscenes are just Banter, with nothing to do with progressing the story. Well I have to say, I’ve loved every one. They let you in and allow you to get to know your characters better. They reveal more of their personality than you get from just the main storyline. I feel they help you get that much more invested in the characters. The summoning system is not ideal, HOWEVER, you get soul stones a lot, from quests, leveling up, logging in every day. So if you save up for a ten summon (Doesn’t take long), you make the most out of your free soul stones. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a true RPG..Version: 1.0.39

Don’t expect pokemonI have mixed feelings. It’s a freemium Jrpg. So of course there’s the free draw cash cow stuff. Seen all that & used to the inherent problems that has. I can live with that since there’s a decent amount of single player content. The in game currency is extremely overpriced. Don’t bother with it. The turned based rpg battles are entertaining but nothing groundbreaking either. One issue is the marketing for the game is very misleading. Do NOT expect pokemon because it’s not even close. Biggest mixed feelings come from the frequent crashes. Online story mode is very bad with it. Act 4 is completely unplayable right now. Boss fight always crashes right after it starts. Worst is crashes happen during payouts or draws with no refunds on mana or spirit stones. Don’t pony up any money until that issue is addressed if it’s ever addresses. In fact. Don’t pony up money anyway as pricing is very overvalued. I’m leaving a 1 star until crashing issues are addressed.... which have been around a while so 1 star is probably staying until app is retired.Version: 1.0.42

Was 5 star now 1I have to take this game which I was really enjoying from a 5 star to a 1 star the reason for this is the summon system which does not separate weapons and character/creatures the problem is you save up to do the ten draw to get guaranteed SR or SSR ranking card and it is always equipment as the high end card which is nowhere near as important as the character/creatures (weapons add one potential ability while character/creatures have 4 active and multiple passive as well as potential leader skills) really crappy feeling when you have saved for 5-10 of these pulls and never seen a character above the R rank as all the SR and SSR cards that have been seen are weapons every time afraid I will have to go away from this game until the system is fixed and they reimburse all current players that have dealt with this issue with a free SR or SSR character/creature can be a pool they choose from but it’s just a really crappy feeling never getting any really good characters and having used so many of the story gems you can never get back please fix!!!!!! Also because of how low your chances are for a character I have never even seen an SR let alone an SSR do not spend a dime on this game you will be wasting your money!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0.16

Developers don’t careI have a multitude of complaints. One, a game that is paid shouldn’t be a pay to win GATCHA game. And it’s laughable the prices for the premium in game currency. To do a 10x draw that has a 1% chance each draw for a single SSR character is, can you guess? If you guessed 24$ then congrats. To even have a single draw that’s at least 4$ Two the only monsters you can catch are always Rare or lower, as far as I know the game doesn’t give you the chance to catch anything valid mid to late game. Other than one SR character at seemingly random at the very beginning. Cause they need you to get them precious premium currencies. Like seriously make the game a flat 5$ or 10$ or something and get rid of the GATCHA system. It’s not fun. Three, did you fall in love with the campaign characters? Well to bad only the main character and anime girls get SSR variants that your lucky for even the chance to draw, other then that one frog that no one I know of cares for. Ga’Laga, Theo, and Mysha get no love from the devs. Which is unfortunate given Ga’Laga looks awesome and Mysha has an interesting story. Four is referring back to catching monsters. The rare ones you can catch? They are one time catches, once you get one they won’t appear there ever again. So even though they aren’t even valid for late game they won’t let you upgrade them to a somewhat usable degree..Version: 1.0.39

Just another paywall greed gameGame is fun at first, but like a lot of games these days you hit a wall and cannot progress unless you shell out ridiculous fees for meager in game rewards. I have nothing wrong with supporting the devs and the time it takes to make and support games. I however do not believe spending $40 - $70 for meager packs that can be earner with a few hours of game play. The devs seriously need to recheck their pay structure as it is ludicrous. Really too bad, because the game starts out nice. The offline game play is fun. However the online gameplay is more rewarding, you have to use mana to play it though. And yes, you either wait every three minutes for 1 mana to recharge when you consume 36 mana in one action! So whoever developed the game, kudos to you! Whoever is managing the game specifically the greed side, needs to be fired! Or you can wait till everyone realizes who and what this game is and deletes it like all the other paywall games!.Version: 2.0.15

Creators are getting lazyAt first when I played this game, it was amazing. The first story had me hooked and I’d play it straight for hours. The content and graphics were amazing and before I know it I was playing the game like crazy. After finishing the first story I began to notice how you can only play a limited amount and if you want to play more you need potions or gems (gems costing money) which was disappointing. The adding of events were great, but soon enough the creators defiantly slacked. The graphics in the stories beyond chapter 1 shouldn’t even be compared considering the drastic change in art work (not good) and the creators haven’t release a new act/story over months now. They only release events and sometimes not even after it ends. How am I suppose to play a game that lacks so much content at this point. No wonder people are leaving. The game started off strong, but has fallen..Version: 1.0.19

ReviewDo not be fooled, this is a summon/gacha game just like any other accept they make you pay for this one lol, they dress it up to look like a regular Pokémon/final fantasy game but with all the predatory practices of other pay to play/win games. I’ve began to wonder how many people this company paid for these bull crap reviews lol. This game is not nearly the godsend of phone games that some of these reviews are suggesting. For one this game isn’t even balanced, don’t expect to get far without amazing pulls or grinding your life away. For comparison this game is a bigger grind then most final fantasy grinds. The drop rates are horrible, for the few months I’ve had this downloaded I’ve never got a 5*. The main character is a non customizable Mary Sue type and the story is about as cliche’d as it gets.. insert ancient evil, now a teenager with inexplicable godlike powers conveniently appears, blah blah blah. All in all this game was a huge waste even if it was only $1.Version: 1.0.25

Not badThe game itself is really fun, I pre-ordered this game when it first came out, had fun with the offline story but got bored rather quick as I wasn’t getting the monsters I wanted, basically all I was getting were ssr weapons and a sr monster here and there but no ssr monster/characters. Now this wouldn’t be a big deal if they had two separate places to pull (one for weapons and one for characters) but you pull from the same box with super low chances of getting a character, let alone one you would even want. I don’t expect a ssr character every time I get enough soul stones to pull, but when I save up 10,000 souls stones to possibly get a ssr character that even had increased odds of obtaining, I got 4 ssr weapons and not one ssr character/monster. Even worse 3/4 of the weapons were the same one. Once again the play style of the game is fun and I don’t feel the need to spend money in the game as the storyline does give a lot of soul stones but even when you save those stones up for a x10 pull chances are you aren’t getting anything you want..Version: 2.0.07

Would’ve been perfectI love the game so much the story is great and the way the characters actually hold the weapon you equiped them is spot on however the story can be boring sometimes and I think the game is too money hungry I mean I can’t even get enough soul stones to draw a 10x summon well when I started playing the game I got over 6000 soul stones just from the achievements and the offline story which gave me 100 soul stones whenever I finish a chapter and gave me 30 soul stones whenever I defeat an enemy but when I completed the offline story and started playing act 2 the game gave me 10-35 soul stones whenever I defeat enemies and gave me nothing when I finish a chapter so I went to the shop but I couldn’t purchase any because it was too expensive just for a small amouny of soul stone so maybe I could suggest to make like a page where you can exchange your load into soul stones just like in codashop.Version: 1.0.39

Excellent, but also why?I really actually dislike writing reviews but this one has earned it. Definitely one of the best Games I have played in a VERY long time, especially on a IOS platform. The graphics are great, and there are tons of different monsters and characters. I was hesitant because I don’t like to have to pay to win these games, but I beat the entire offline story without even buying anything at all. The offline story, however, took maybe 4 hours. After that the online story isn’t bad, but you started needing higher ranked characters and summoning is eventually very difficult without spending money. Even if you spend money(which you shouldn’t have to because you bought the game) the probability of you getting a good character is extremely low and you will probably get a high class weapon because they don’t differentiate between the two when summoning and weapons are more common. While this is frustrating, it still has some good qualities. The storyline is fun, and as stated the before the graphics and artwork are great. With those positives I’m willing to give three stars. I do recommend either lowering the prices of IAP’s drastically, or better yet just raising the price of the download and taking IAP’s out completely..Version: 1.0.46

Overall Good, Endgame Grind/Content DissapointmentThe offline story mode will get you hooked! It has a descent story with engaging combat that keeps you strategizing. You can get a good amount of gameplay in with the $1.00 you pay. The monsters are interesting, and there is a bit of a learning curve to create a perfect team (only thing is there are to many humanoids imo). Really, the only downside to this game is in the online content. The mana system and PVP system are huge disappointments. Nothing like wanting to sit back and play a game for an hour... Nope used 100 mana after just 10 minutes, and the replenish rate is 1 mana per 3 minutes... better go back outside and throw a ball at the wall for 300 minutes so I can play again for 10 minutes. Disgusting.... PVP content has huge potential, but right now you get ranked and then nothing afterwards. You put a lot of effort into making a strong team and don’t really get rewarded for it. Evertale needs to make it interesting, add a thorough ranking reward system, add a trading feature, make tag teams, have guild challenges, add more value to the endgame!!!!! Evertale has the making for a very success and long standing game. It is critical they focus on either continuing the offline campaign, making mana management more reasonable, and/or adding some features to make pvp more appealing..Version: 1.0.21

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WowVery great game just started playing it and I’m loving it thanks you for great game.Version: 1.0.22

AwesomeMy friend and I are just grinding through this. It reminds me of Pokémon but also like those Japanese games I see my japanese friends playing and it works really well. Really fun..Version: 1.0.9

AwesomeIt’s like a Pokémon digimon baby , I hate in app purchases.. other then that amazing game.Version: 1.0.14

No supportLoved the game till i lost my phone and so i tried to get my account back by emailing stuff. Nothing over 2 months with no support. Clicked app support on this store and it takes me to facebook page. I tried to get support on there but auto messaging says use the email I already tried. Yay lost money on this one.Version: 1.0.57

BugThere’s a bug in the team management section where not all the characters appear and there’s a character with a blank white icon called the dragon goblin that has 9999 stats on everything which I never obtained and it keeps replacing my 4th team member making me unable to use more than 3 members. Please fix this.Version: 1.0.6

Laggy but goodThe art is beautiful and the style of gameplay is really easy to learn and interactive. The story is also really interesting!! Thing is, this app lags on me every time I enter the game, during attacks, clicking menu buttons, EVERYTHING!!!.Version: 1.0.37

CrashesThe game is really good but sometimes the app will crash on me mid battle or opening settings.Version: 1.0.54

Lure to pay moneyGame has 2 parts. First part is free to play and grind, hooks you in and is a really good game. But after you spend money to beat the first boss, the second game needs energy (mana) and its a lot of mana, you would go broke playing it. Basically, you will never complete this game. Also the PVP is not matched to your level. It’s against anyone who is playing cos the pool is small, so you will be matched with insanely high level characters, and you’ll struggle to join a guild cos of the minimum player rank needed. It’s a shame, cos if they kept the second part the same, it would be a 5 star game. Instead greed spoiled a very good game..Version: 1.0.16

Should add NavigationThe game is excellent, worth to spend tome. However, should have the navigation button instead of touching all the screen. Very uncomfortable and inconvenience.Version: 1.0.56

NoiceFun with interesting available strategies with quite good content. only problem is as with games with summons or draws:free tp is very luck dependent. My friend got 3ssr characters at rank 35 whilst I am a rank 119 with only 2ssr so there’s that. but overall a super solid game.Version: 1.0.52

PvP is trashDuring pvp you only go up against extremely strong people and it’s so annoying because your not weak it’s just everyone has ssr’s for some reason yet I know many people who rarely even get sr’s it’s so annoying and trash because of how low the chance is to get them even though I’ve played many other games which have a drawing idea to get characters and all those games it was relatively easy, it’s completely unfair how some of us just want to do pvp but everyone else at least 5 ssr’s and we have none. Secondly I didn’t like the second chapter, the first was completely fun because you could move around freely and do what you wanted and it was fun, then the way you move and do things is completely boring and annoying in the second chapter, also I don’t it’s pushing people for micro transactions the only time I felt I needed to buy some thing was crystals because it is way too hard to get ssr’s, I do really enjoy the game but pvp is just infuriating and the second chapter is boring, also most clans are just inactive and players in general.Version: 1.0.48

Poor Operational GameI was very excited to play this game pre ordering it and all. Had high hopes and the Game play definitely matched the hype. However, the fact that it crashes FREQUENTLY has put me off it a lot. To the point where you would fight an intense battle and winning and it decides to crash, having to play it all over again. I don’t like the fact that gems cost so much $$ to buy seperate to the ones you earn. $7.99 seems pretty steep for 120 Chrystals. Please work on whatever is causing it to crash as I can’t even play 15 mins of gameplay at this point.Version: 1.0.7

TroublesI absolutely love this game... it’s my number one to pass time and also thoroughly enjoy, especially with the story. I’ve been having issues with daily bonuses.. it’s had me on day 17 for a couple of days, and today I wasn’t able to play that game, it kept bugging out, especially with daily challenges. Are there currently some bugs going on with this..Version: 1.0.9

Pokémon but a Fantasy AnimeGood fun. Story is solid and I’m enjoying myself..Version: 1.0.59

Great JRPGAwsome tactical JRPG for mobile highly recommend.Version: 1.0.48

Amazing!Only just released and already in love! The game doesn’t crash when you start it, no lagging and really great plot! Keep up the great work.Version: 1.0.6

Could have been greatThere were so many issues with the game mainly the fact that there was barely any game to play I wish I had known so I could have waited for the full game although either way hunter island and dragon island blue are infinitely better.Version: 1.0.12

Pulling is too badI have been playing this game more than a month, had 200pulls not a single SSR, the changes is just way too low. If you want to play don’t spend money the pulling is nightmare.Version: 1.0.50

Not offlineSo single player offline is stated, let’s say that’s not the case, 5minutes into the play and it forces you to connect online to open a chest, you can not walk past without opening it, so unless you connect, your not playing anymore, also, just tried to launch the game, will not launch unless connected to a network. Game itself, well the little bit I’ve been able to play has been an interesting story, combat is interesting but not not too tactical, was looking to play something while on the train with no network, guess this isn’t it 😱 I think this has some potential.Version: 1.0.55

Very bad mechanics and designDON'T START AT ALL - WASTE OF TIME 1. Very few ways to get summon resources and incredibly slow. 2. Very expensive to buy summon resources with no bonuses for making purchases whatsoever. 3. Very poor progression of difficulty. When you're blocked from progressing in the story because you need in effect two-three weeks worth of non-stop grinding, it's not fun. Make the base story more flat in difficulty and add hard mode and ultra-hard mode (or whatever else) for those who want a challenge. 4. Random fights become virtually impossible. difficulty randomly spikes. 5. Act 8 Chapter 6 boss - Endless Ludmilla. Whoever designed this fight deserves to be slapped a million times. 100% impossible unless you've spent probably $1000+. Those of you who are screaming "I did it easily", move along and go back to your pedestal and leave us mortals alone. I wanted to like the game..Version: 1.0.55

AWESOME!I don’t know why others are claiming that it pushes micro transactions, because it really doesn’t. You can easily play this game without any micro transactions, or ads! - THANK YOU DEVELOPERS, you’re onto a winner! Keep up the great work, we’re loving it!.Version: 1.0.38

AMAZINGThis game is one of the best games I have purchased I would recommend this game to everyone. The fighting in the isn’t boring like in some Pokémon games. There is also an amazing story line and you immediately know all the characters personalities. Definitely worthy of 5 stars.Version: 1.0.6

Very unstableDon’t get me wrong I like the game. It’s just that it crashes far too much and to make it worse most of that crashing is after you WIN a bossfight. For example, after I beat the Eternal/arcane(final form) by the skin of my teeth (Won using a desperate strike on my last unit when it was on 1hp) the game crashed! And I wasn’t even surprised. This happens so often that it feels like getting lucky enough that game doesn’t crash is the real challenge. Please spend the time to fix these bugs instead of just adding more content and making the game more unstable. This otherwise great game is dragged down by all the bugs and crashing..Version: 1.0.53

2-5SSR starter accounts from 10USD!!Hey guys, I’m selling amazing 2-5 starter accounts! My discord is: Tonyplaygames#1579.Version: 1.0.25

A great concept, thoroughly exitingI’ve had the pleasure of playing many RPG’s but this one stands out of course like many games it features turn based combat and a speed meter (essentially) but this game adds so much more to the genre i honestly wish others could follow the example made in this game. Of course this game has its flaws but it makes up for then easily..Version: 1.0.54

Worth the moneyIt’s so cool I’ve never liked rpgs but this one has some really cool storyline and sick characters!.Version: 1.0.18

Very good gameI enjoy the starting of the game, Love the story line so far, love the characters so cute and adorable monsters! Keep up the good work it’s a brilliant game!!!.Version: 1.0.6

Soul stones suggestionsThe game is pretty fun. But if u play for 2 weeks u come to a halt. U run out of stones n HAVE TO BUY. It would be nice if the developers gave more options for earning soul stones. Like every 100 pvp rating gives 100 soul stones. Every rank level up u get soul stones n after maintenance every game gives rewards except this one !! It’s also hard to get SSR char but worse u have to wait weeks to get 1000 ss for 1 pull.Version: 1.0.53

AwesomeThis game Paper, Scissor.......ROCKS.Version: 1.0.52

Initial view - high hopesFrom what I have played I feel like this could be a very good game and would love to continue playing, however there are a few bugs that need to be looked at and evaluated, I’m unaware if any of these are happening to any one else but they are present for me First off there is a bug in which once I open my team menu to edit my team, it will only show 1 of the few weapons I know I have retrieved, and it will change each time I open that menu, relating to this, once I equip a weapon it is removed once I leave the menu/or when I return to it Another bug that I have been seeing is when I try and place a unique rarity monster I caught in my team, if I return to said team page it is replaced with a white box and have pushed my unique monster back out of the team These are only the two I have found as of thus far, I have high hopes for this game and feel this needed to be said, it’s not exactly game breaking but it is quite annoying Thank you.Version: 1.0.6

Increasing the importance of a guildSo far the game is pretty fun so that’s a job well done! Just that I feel the guild part could need some more brushing up. Some ideas could be like implementing guild levels that are gained by member contribution points in battle/events etc and each level gives a skill point(or SP) for guild skills that could increase exp gain, attack power, speed, gold gain etc. I’d also like it if the date of the creation of the guild could be known/accessed. The guild member limit is fine for now but in the future if my member limit is full I’d want to expand/increase the limit and I wouldn’t even mind paying for it. Anyways that was just some suggestions from me because I would like the guild system to reward players for their effort and not just be there for not much of a reason. Aside from that I am having a lot of fun with the story arcs!.Version: 1.0.6

Lunch dayOk... the game is great!!! The battles requires a minimum of strategy, not sure how much (just started) but potentially it can be really a good title. Today it doesn’t connect to the server, so login bonuses, market etc are not available. I reserve to believe that might be because is day 1... we’ll see how it goes... for anybody who likes Pokémon style games and turn based games: this is a must!!! Please fix the connections!!!!!.Version: 1.0.6

GreatGreat.Version: 1.0.26

Loves itLove the game and it’s future can’t wait to see what’s in store for it, so much fun, great story line, I see a competitive future, 5 stars for me 👌🏼.Version: 1.0.7

Great gameGameplay in this game is amazing, it’s a good mix of final fantasy & Pokémon, really enjoying it so far.Version: 1.0.6

Recent changes for the worseIv played a lot of this game. Haven’t spent a single dollar on it and the gatcha mechanics are as bad as they always are. However the recent update is terrible! Energy costs used to be 12 per event stage with a mana max of 300. Now the mana cost is 50 with the same max mana of 300? It’s like they are trying to get you to stop playing the game. Idletale. As it is now referred to. Is no longer trying to be a fun game and is instead trying to run you for as much money as it can.Version: 2.0.12

Good storyGood good.Version: 1.0.16

Can’t evolveI only got to evolve one character, and now no matter what I try it still says there’s no internet, EVEN when I’m sitting right next to the internet!!..Version: 1.0.9

Fun and Compelling StorySo far the story has been really well thought out and great game mechanics that require some strategy to overcome! Love the boss fight at the End of Act 1 and cant wait to get deeper into the game!.Version: 1.0.8

Great gameGreat JRPG with monster leveling awesome game.Version: 2.0.04

Network not working on this gameFor some reason my internet will not work on this game..Version: 1.0.7

Nothing great - mediocreCharacter designs are decent, battle style is bad and slow and has nothing engaging to keep you wanting to play. Worst is that I paid for something lame when games like ffbe, summoners war, epic seven, one piece treasure cruise etc are all FREE.Version: 1.0.8

Good gameVery nice game! I love the storyline! But 60 manas for one stage is ridiculous lol.Version: 1.0.18

NiceGood game.Version: 1.0.31

CrashesIts a really fun game. The fight system is fun. The story is fun. The art style is fun. But the crashing isn’t fun. It keeps on crashing. Im on a mini boss or something, and whenever I finished the fight whether it be win it lose, the game crashes and i have to fight again. And then when it finishes (the battle) it crashes again. Please fix this. The game is really fun and i want to play, but it keeps crashing!.Version: 1.0.49

WowIt’s awesome just too sexy!.Version: 1.0.54

Grinding is REALI love this game so much cause it reminded me of Pokemon and I like grinding levels in Pokemon so much that I always ended up evolving the starting Pokemon to the second stage before the first gym. Anyways what I want to talk about is that this game can be seriously laggy and really hard to get good heroes and items. It would be better if the 1000 gem summons has a plus one bonus so that it’s 10+1 per 1000 gems. Also please fix the crashes cause every time i verse a boss, the game crashes and I have to do the battle again. This has happened every single boss battles.Version: 1.0.8

Lost my accountWas a great game, But I couldn’t get into the game and pls help me. I can’t close the news and it is very frustrating. Pls fix..Version: 1.0.39

Extremely flawedThis app is trying to be both a story driven payed for game and a money grabbing micro transaction game and miserably fails at both. So much potential but everything after act 1 is just trash. I was so in love with the game when I first started but the insane mana cost for battles (you can play 4 every 10 hours giving you a total of 4 minutes gameplay per 10 hours), extremely low summon rates given the ONLY way to summon is to spend money after you finish the story line (can finish in 2 days if you semi commit) and essentially no late game content after you breeze through the story line on auto with mediocre units, has made me confident in telling people not to buy this game as you will only end up disappointed by how far short it falls from its potential.Version: 1.0.21

Well... just lost a supporterAfter I’ve done around 10 multi summons on the rate up banners, I have not even got a single SSR character.. I’m just going to uninstall. The game is super time consuming and has not provided any rewards that have left me and numerous other people feeling pleased..Version: 1.0.31

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Evertale 2.0.15 Update

Version 2.0.15 (2021-06-04): Preparation for new story event release.