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Webull: Investing & Trading App Download

Join Now, Get Free Stocks.*
1. Get free stocks for a limited time when you open & fund a Webull brokerage account.
2. Invite a friend, get free stocks. More friends, more stocks.
* Currently U.S. citizens only.

Zero Commissions
- ZERO commission when you trade Stocks, ETFs and Options.
- ZERO per contract fee when you trade options.
- ZERO minimum deposit requirements for brokerage accounts and IRAs.

Trade Cryptos with Webull Crypto
- Buy/sell cryptocurrencies at a $1 minimum.
- Trade Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Litecoin (LTC).
- Complimentary crypto real-time data, customizable charts, and indicators.

Free Level 2 Advance (Nasdaq TotalView) Access
- Sign up with us and instantly receive a 3-month complimentary subscription to Level 2 Advance (Nasdaq TotalView).

Trade Conveniently
- Place orders and look up tickers by only using your voice.
- Customize and revitalize your mobile trading space by entering “Big Button Mode” to quickly place trades.
- Webull supports pre-market (4:00 AM - 9:30 AM ET) and after hours (4:00 PM - 8:00 PM ET) trading sessions.
- Available on mobile, tablet, desktop, and web platforms.

Access Smart Trading Tools
- Explore in-depth analytic tools and charting software. Over 50 technical indicators and 12 charting tools help you to analyze trends and decipher market information.
- Practice and explore trading methods without spending real money. Test out your trading skills with our Paper Trading feature.
- Sift through the market swiftly and concisely with Webull’s stock screener. Utilize this search engine to build a diversified investment portfolio according to your investment goals.

No content in the App shall be considered a recommendation or solicitation for the purchase or sale of securities, options or other investment products. All information and data in the App are for reference only and no historical data shall be considered as the basis for judging future trends.

Webull Financial LLC is a member of Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash).

Free trading of stocks refers to $0 commissions for Webull Financial LLC self-directed individual cash or margin brokerage accounts that trade U.S. listed securities via mobile devices or Web. Relevant SEC & FINRA fees may apply.

Webull Financial LLC is a brokerage firm regulated by FINRA.

Crypto trading on Webull platforms is served by Webull Crypto LLC and offered through APEX Crypto. The trading of cryptocurrencies can result in substantial losses. Investors must evaluate particular financial circumstances to determine whether or not trading cryptocurrencies is appropriate for them. Crypto trading is not yet available for New York state residents.

Subscription Descriptions
1. Subscription Services:
Nasdaq TotalView
OPRA Real Time Data
2. Subscription Cycle: Monthly
3. Subscription Pricing: $1.99-$2.99 per month
4. You can enjoy 7 days' free trial for your first subscription.
5. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current billing period. You can cancel your subscription from the iTunes Store/App Store. Upon cancellation, your subscription would be valid until the expiration date of your present order.
6. Your account will be billed 24 hours before the end of the subscription cycle.
7. Once a user purchases a subscription, they forfeit the remainder of their trial period (if any).
8. Privacy Policy:
9. Service Agreement:

Webull: Investing & Trading App User Reviews & Comments

Excellent App/ But iPad Version Needs WorkI’ve been using the app for a few weeks now. So far, I’ve been loving the service and functionality, and the app itself runs super smoothly on my iPhone, but on my iPad it still won’t let me rotate the app to landscape which is super annoying. Only watch lists are viewable in Landscpae on iPad. I would love to be able to access all areas of the app in landscape on iPad especially trading. It would be excellent if this could be fixed in the future. Also if we could be able to see which stocks support short selling without having to be told after setting up an order, that would be most helpful. It is super annoying to have a very precise short order all set up and then when it is time to submit the order it says the stock isn’t supported. Very annoying. Even a small emblem next to the ticker would suffice. But overall this is a to notch app, and coming from Robinhood I’m definitely not going back. This app is way better for the active trader than Robinhood. I place about 10 day trades a day cannot do what I do now on Robinhood. Active trading is infinitely better here at Webull..Version: 4.10.4

No Stars for app or their hidden margin Fraud aboundApp is not easy to use. Has technical data, but you have to tap around a lot to find what you’re looking for. I’ve found their help to not be accurate, ie it will tell me to look for a specific category or item to tap and then you won’t find it. Could be an issue in updating help. Slider bar keeps you spending into margin unless you have over 2K in account then the bar isn’t accurate and you will spend 400 % of your account and it will say 100%. No warning no pop up just fine print somewhere. Customer service told me to deposit more money instead of first trying to help me understand. Then I got real quick brief responses when I requested details. They think snapshots of transactions is explaining which is frustrating. Suffice it to say this company scammed me out of money, tried to get me to deposit more, and has terrible customer service. On several occasions the customer service agents have asked me for screenshots of something on the app because they don’t know what it is. Is a very sketchy company in a very sketchy app. I have filed complaint with the FCC in the Better Business Bureau..Version: 6.3.1

Help/support is incomparably worse than RobinhoodHelp/support is incomparably worse than Robinhood and that’s saying a lot because Robinhood already has such a bad reputation for that. People have a big portion of their savings in Webull so not having appropriate customer support can potentially be devastating to many. I’m hesitant to give this app a try after running into endless problems, without being able to find any useful resources online. I’ve heard about Webull so I downloaded the app. Despite mass spam/advertising by Webull that doge is now available to trade, for some reason I am not able to. If I can’t speak with a representative, that’s fine, but I’d expect that there’s at least some useful resources online other than constant advertising of doge. They should’ve spent half that money on a better support page. It’s like they spend all this money luring people in and once they’re customers, they don’t care to provide adequate support. I’ve only had this app for a few weeks but I can’t imagine what would happen if something really went wrong and I needed support urgently. They’d have 3 useless questions on faq, and that’d be it. I get that this is a commission free service but at the rate that I was running into issues and the lack of helpful resources, I’m nervous about using this app seriously..Version: 6.6.7

The Early Bird Gets The WormAs the title indicates, I really like WeBull because it allows access to the market the earliest of any trading applications out there (4:30AM EDT). I always wondered, how come certain equity price shot up when I was so early (typically 2 hours before market opens) - the answer was - Birds from the WeBull forest! I like the interface, very easy to understand and highly appreciate the Live Quote area, opportunities to interact with other investors (you have to use a ‘Common Sense’ filter because you are interacting with keyboard WB wannabes 😅). I would love to see more consistency to the Desktop version, or I haven’t figured out how to find stuff there. But like to see both the same. I also love the IPO and SPAC section, that inform you of up coming companies. They also have built-in Stock Screener, that is very helpful. I love to see more enhancements in the interface that allow ability to categorize investment options by sectors and investment opportunities based on that (similar to M1 Finance interface), I would love to see also option for me to create folder or categories based on sectors (e.g all Financial companies under Financial folder or category). I appreciate the section that allow me to see “My Position “ on a given equity. All and all, love weBull. I am very optimistic about its success..Version: 6.5.9

Dont listen to bad revviewsThis app is great, thsts why finance experts on yt use it, got 2 stocks free prety fast, no long wait for deposit, plus options , extended hours, paper trading, lvl2 real stock prices, theres only 2 downsides for this app and some people have mentioned it, 1, this app looks like is only madr for proffesional traders , U.I is soooo dificult to understand , and use for normal people especially someone with vision problems,like me , to find something and do stuff within the app is so hard, from Looking for a stock to purchasing or selling or even looking at charts on your position you cant, please make this easier for regular people who are not experts, and change font sizes bigger, other than thay way the app works and is set up, if u can manage to work with this app then you are a robot proffesional lol, just make it easier and simple plz, looks like a nlog with bunch of ads poping up, is just a mess.Version: 6.1.3

Highly RecommendUsers get real time quotes for stocks, ETFs, forex, mutual funds and commodities and get rich data for fundamental and technical analysis. The news section under Market can be improved by opening news articles faster and by allowing users to sort news that is more relevant to them. Other improvements or features that would enhance the app and services includes, the ability to view American option contracts for equities and having a desktop version of Webull. The brokerage service Webull offers is not compelling because of the commission costs. Other apps such as Robinhood offer commission free trading and has similar features as Webull. Overall, this app is a great tool for casual investors and traders seeking current market data and information from their mobile devices..Version: 3.0.4

AmazingComing from Robinhood. It was challenging at the beginning getting used to the user interface. Little by little, I learned more and became more adapt, and now I wouldn’t invest without it. The charts and technical indicators are helpful, and I’m learning how to read charts, and how it can help you foresee how a stock might fluctuate, something that Robinhood doesn’t care to implement other than the basic. Chat section and news for each stock are a big plus. It has a screener, which I use to pick potential investments. The fact that Pre market opens at 4:30 ET is also great. I don’t wake up that early to invest, but you never know when you need to sell your securities ASAP because of some bad news (example: oil collapse of 2021). By the time you are allowed to sell on Robinhood during Pre market, you dear stock might have tumbled 50%. Also Robinhood charges for Pre market trading, what other platform does that?.Version: 6.6.4

App and desktop incomparableThe app is spectacular...for research. But if you’re seriously trading, you’re not doing it on a smartphone. That being said, it’s beyond me why it would seem as though any online brokerage in this day and age would make their app version better than their desktop version. For context, the real-time services on the desktop (Time & Sales, Nasdaq Totalview) lag to the point of almost never refreshing at all. Basically NOT actual real-time. I can’t imagine how many intraday trades I’ve lost on Webull because of poor entry prices that I was making watching Time & Sales and Totalview thinking they were real-time, when in reality they’re 5+ min behind. I couldn’t figure out for weeks why I was losing more than profiting until I noticed how slow to almost non-existent the real-time quotes were. Massive problem that needs to change..Version: 6.1.3

Latest Update (7.0 (?))It looks terrible, first and foremost. Almost looks like Robinhood, but with a few extra features. PLEASE restore the old look and functionality of Webull. I have to scroll to click on different timeframes, can't draw on the chart without going full screen, and everything looks bubbly and playful now. I liked the old, hardcore look the app had with the color additions, nothing more or less. Please, fix the layout. It's not user friendly and not professional. When I go to purchase shares of stock or crypto, the total amount it costs is hidden under that silly slide up bar which I have to push down on in order to view the balance. Even when looking at options charts, it's not user friendly. When I place my finger overtop the chart to view prices of certain points at certain dates, the time is for some reason tracked underneath the drag of my own finger, and the price is shown in a horizontal manner not vertical (?) Not sure who developed this one but not only do I, but we, want the old version back. Did you guys even test out the app before publishing?.Version: 7.0.5

EJMThe best app of 2020. I have 3 of the other platforms and WeBull is better, faster, Informative, learning tips, my stop losses do not get stuck like the other Broker platforms. Recently had a stop loss for Netflix at another platform - the stop loss did not go through until the next morning when the price had dropped $70 dollars.. waking up to a big loss.. Wish list for Webull : 1. Faster depositing - all of them are like this however if you make it faster - that’s one step ahead of competitor 2. Able to add WeBull account to my Quicken or Quickbooks. If it’s a bank account must be able to add to a personal finance tracking. This is a big one should have listed it first. 3. Less generic answers when something is not working.. maybe a live technical support phone call when an issue is not resolved for over 5 to 7 days.. 4. Ability to apply for margin without having to clear your positions. (RobinHood has this and WeBull should. 5. WeBull should always work in making the app better so that new subscribers keep coming. Not like some apps that look really have not been updated and look like the 1980s.. 6. Give some interest for account holders to hold.. this will bring more money in as interests have almost disappeared. Thanks it - WeBull is the best investing platform 5 stars !.Version: 6.1.11

Horrible service (They try ever step to keep your money locked in)I have never been so frustrated with a financial service that I wanted to warn everyone on how poorly it is run. I tried to withdraw money back into the bank account I had used to deposit. They use the horrible service of plaid to connect to banks. Now during the process, plaid asks you to reverify your bank. When you do and plaid says everything is alright, webull will loop you back into the withdraw screen. When you proceed you will get the notification to reverify the bank. This requires two step verification codes (enough in fact that your bank will say you ran out of verification codes for the day). It’s a constant loop. If you run an in app ticket to explain that either webull or plaid is having an issue, the customer service will respond “have you tried deleting and reverifying your bank again.” Stay clear of this service they will try everything to force you to wire the money and charge you around $30 for the transfer.Version: 6.1.2

SuggestionsI recently switched from robinhood to webull. At first I hated the app and didn’t see why everyone recommended webull. Thought it was too clunky. However, the app has really grown on me and after learning how to best customize each tab layout to my liking, I am loving the app over robinhood. I love the trading hours, comments section, amount of info available, etc. I do have one recommendation that would make the app 5 stars. As far as I know, robinhood is the only broker so far that shows the current after hours/pre market price in the overview on your watch lists screen. If webull would give users the option to see the real time after hours price on their watchlist instead of the close price with after hours percent change underneath that would be awesome. I hate having to click on the company and go to the chart to see the actual after hours price. Please provide this option webull!.Version: 6.5.9

Not honest, deposits take too longToo many hidden rules. All other brokerage accounts deposits show almost immediately, 24 hrs at most, every deposit to Webull has taken over a wk to gain access, how? The free stock promotions, the integrity is nonexistent, was supposed to be free stocks from $12-$1,200. If the stocks fluctuated then Webull should be obligated to change the stock they give, and we all know no one is getting anything above lowest stock value, but still very dishonest. The stock that I was given was $10, how? That’s not what was promised. No customer support, Webull’s support is less existent than Robinhood, but let’s face it the stock market is full of criminals that don’t have to follow rules. I’ve read a couple reviews about poor customer service and there is a common theme of customers being charged unknowingly, and the response from Webull is that it’s charged by their “clearing company”. What the hell is this?!?!?! That’s not mentioned when you sign up, crooks. I’m just over of the little guys getting taken advantage of..Version: 6.0.7

Terrible service, terrible information, terrible wait times.I can to edit my previous review, only to find that it is longer here. So I’m here to write ANOTHER one. I signed up for a free account here and on Robinhood. I’ve been reading on RH and loving the experience. My account on Webull has still not been created after 11 days of waiting. I’m emailed and used the in-app help and I only received an automated reply directing me to the FAQ. I don’t have any crazy financial situations that would warrant any delay. My RH account was active instantly. Also, I’ve had 3 friends get Groupon stock as their “free stock”, worth a little over $2. Their disclaimer is that your free stock comes from a pool that USED to be worth a certain value. So don’t get any high expectations on any free bonuses, if that’s what you’re here for. I really wanted to use this app for the additional tools, but they’ve made it impossible. But don’t just take my word for it. Read the other reviews. You’ll see that these are common issues, especially in recent weeks. GO USE ANOTHER BROKERAGE APP. ***(And if you care about such things, the data portion of Webull collects your data using a firm based in China, not the US. I personally don’t mind, but some people may be concerned about international data collection.).Version: 6.1.1

A+ Trading PlatformI couldn’t be happier with Webull, so much so that I’m probably going to pull the trigger shortly to transfer everything out (FINALLY) of Robinhood and put it all into Webull. Their platform offers so much more, but as a result it IS a bit more complicated than Robinhood. But if you take the time to learn the platform, I think you’ll find you like it as well. There are a couple of things I don’t like about Webull though. 1, my saved hot keys keep getting lost. Webull Developers, can we PLEASE implement the hot keys to be saved no matter which desktop/computer you’re on? Can’t it be saved to the profile so the hot keys are there and stay the same on the next computer you’re on? That would be so awesome. And 2, I’m still not really leaning on their ‘analysis’ tab too much. I’m pretty sure these are random peoples opinions who get ‘points’ if their ‘analysis’ of the stock price ends up being correct. For a platform this informative, it really needs to have a professional side of the analysis as well..Version: 6.6.0

5 Star App - 1 Important ThingsI started trading on Robinhood and made the jump to Webull via a friend recommendation. The amount of data you have access too is amazing. Great traders make great gains because they do their DD and Webull provides a ton of data points for you to do your analysis. Not only is the app great I love using the Desktop version as you can set up your boards for multiples trade widgets on one screen for multiple orders on different plays. The only thing I would have to say they lack in is speed when it comes to settling or clearing your money for purchases. There have been multiple instances where I have not been able purchase options as my cash had not completely settled from trades I made earlier in the week. Even putting more money into your account can not side step this as they do not allow you to purchase option on instant buying power either so you would still have to wait for your deposit to settle before using it. That was the explanation I received from their support. One way around this, I have started is making sure I have any money I want to use for next week deposited or having a portion of your portfolio start the settling process a week prior to when you want to trade to make sure it is available for you. Hoping they fix this as that is one thing Robinhood has over them. It is just about immediate on their platform to use your money which is nice..Version: 6.2.0

MUCH better than Robinhood! But missing...I've switched my banks brokerage to WeBull full time and have to looked back. I've also used Robinhood and this blows it out of the water. The charting, the desktop apps, the iOS apps, are all smooth and have no major bugs that's I've noticed. The ease of use was the number one thing I was looking for and it is seemless moving across all platforms. The best by far. I would like to see a bit more ease of use for dividends. Being a dividend investor myself, I find it a bit difficult to hunt down the information. Info such as yield, payout ratio, estimated dividends, dividend schedule, ex date, history, etc. Having a dedicated widget or area for this would really push it over the edge. The one thing that I think would make it PERFECT. Overall, this is the best app and now my main brokerage for investing. HIGHLY recommend!!.Version: 6.0.12

Great platform / other aspects that need to be improvedI’m updating my review from 2 stars to 4 for a few reasons, yet not going to 5 for others. Some notes: 1) One of my biggest concerns is lack of transparency. Well more recently I feel that customer service has been more open and responsive especially with issues that are not directly related to Webull (e.g. any issues with Apex clearing). I mentioned earlier about lack of acknowledgment on ties to Fumi, but in a recent interview - on Benzinga - I found the CEO was as transparent as he potentially can be. Yet, I do think some further transparency overall, with eventually its own self-clearing would make me very confident in Webull overall to maybe put a larger part of my portfolio with them (currently I have 25% with them). 2) My other big concern was stability of non-mobile platforms, which with the newest iPad and desktop 4.8 updates are getting better, but still need some further work. 4.8 especially seems to be missing some features which the earlier desktop version and web version have, so I can’t wait to see how desktop 4 develops over the next few months to include all of the great features..Version: 6.6.0

Wanted to make an account but forget itI’m not comfortable with the questions. I was interested in investing and trying to get the two free stocks, but I am not comfortable with giving you my exact work address in addition to a photo my driver’s license. I understand needing to verify identity for SEC purposes, that’s why I was okay with the question for SSN, but all this is too much. Also, I don’t like my answers being herded; when asked how long I plan to invest, I said +7 years. I don’t plan on retiring within the next 40 yrs so it felt like the right answer. But when I said it is very important to me to have liquidity, the system refused my answer saying it doesn’t add up. Yes I plan to invest for decades to come, but I also know emergencies happen. In the past I’ve use my investments to pay for school, I’ve used them to repair my car when my savings weren’t enough. So while I would like to invest for as long as possible, it is still possible to consider liquidity very important. Anyways, I don’t think the two stocks are worth selling all my identity for to have a profile that doesn’t actually represent my investing needs, so I won’t be finishing the application, nor recommending this app to others. There are much better, less intrusive options out there..Version: 6.2.6

Apex needs to be stoppedGo to a real bank and actually talk to a broker. This app is nothing but smoke and mirrors for them to charge you excessive amounts of money. I tried to transfer money from my BofA account and it was blocked for no reason. I was charged the deposit amount and had to get it back through BofA not webull. On top of that i was charged $30 for a failed transfer. This is unacceptable when it lies on the behalf of apex to sort this problem out. I also have been blocked by trading on the app even after my deposits have cleared. To make it even worse i only did this because i saw the deposit $100 or more and you'll get an additional 5 free stocks. This is nothing but a sham that they use to make you give them money because i deposited $200+ and nothing. I have had an account at Merrill Lynch for 2 years now and i have never had a problem with money transfer. Dont use this absolute joke of an app that tells that you cant trade a stock and not give a reason other than its not supported even though it is on other platforms..Version: 6.6.7

NO CUSTOMER SUPPORTI like the app so far. A little hard to learn and intimidating for a new investor with little teaching methods. But gives lots of information once you start to pick things up on your own. However, if you ever need customer support, I hope you like bots. All you get is a “help center” with only automated responses. I should say plural, as I’ve only gotten one response. I had to google a phone number to call and once I went through the automated prompts as to why I’m calling, left on hold for hours with no one answering the call. My situation is that I have verified my email is correct and I get almost daily emails from Webull. But they say that weren’t able to email my purchase or sell confirmations or my monthly statements. So they are now printing them and mailing them to me, but they are charging me $2 for each confirmations and $5 for each statement. So far they have drained my account of $30-$40 and I have no recourse to stop it. If I don’t keep enough available money in the account for those fees they threaten to put my account in a “margin call freeze” and I will only be able to liquidate my portfolio. No more purchases would be allowed. I’ve sent countless unanswered emails as well. They have absolutely NO customer service..Version: 6.5.8

Good. Some bugs. Needs some UI tweaks.Love the app, the extended pre market and after hours times after coming over from Robinhood. The ease of executing trades without having to wade through menu after menu. But there is one major bug that has been plaguing me recently. I’m on an iPad Pro 11 and usually the second or third time I navigate to my dashboard (the blue button in the side menu) it crashes. It hasn’t caused me to lose any money yet but I’m sure it will at some point cause me to be unable to exit or enter a trade at the speed I want. One other thing I don’t like is the fact that on the dashboard, you can obviously see your positions, but when you tap them, it takes you to a secondary screen, not the chart. To get to the chart of it you have to tap another button in the corner. For an app that caters to day traders, this seems like poor design. Other than that, and maybe a few small other issues barely worth mentioning, this app is phenomenal..Version: 6.1.2

$2 paper feeThe app itself is okay. It has nice tools for limit purchases and auto loss prevention selling but is laid out poorly. I am using a cash account and shockingly received a margin call, lol. Turns out without my knowledge or permission a third party issued a paper statement of unknown origin that I don’t even know about even now. Rather than bill me or inform me they gave me one day during trading hours to liquidate 4x this amount in stocks. As a long term trader I didn’t even check this until after trading hours as I was not even notified a margin call was triggered. So it turns out a third party claims to have sent me an email to my gmail account. They claim it bounced back. What a joke. Then they told me they only email reputable emails like gmail. Lol again. My email is gmail. Anyways, I’ll be liquidating everything so I don’t have to worry about fraudulent charges or having my stocks liquidated. Poor policy and a class action in the making..Version: 6.5.9

Version 7: The End of WebullI honestly don’t know what they were thinking with this release. This was in beta for a while. Did anyone test it? Every task is more difficult to do. Portfolio viewing? You need to scroll back and forth. Chart times used to be able to be selected right away. Now it’s multiple clicks and that drop down menu is not aligned properly. Don’t get me started on the indicators overlaid on the charts, which makes the charts unreadable. Settings do not save. Spelling errors galore. Literally everything about version 7 is inferior to the previous version. I have no idea how this was released to the public. I never post reviews but I felt compelled to warn people before they updated. I’d reach out to their customer service about this but unfortunately they’re too busy to respond to anyone these days (they’re definitely not occupied with QAing their app). This is a HUGE red flag for a company that’s used for monetary transactions and if this isn’t fixed quickly, my account will be moved to a broker that’s got their stuff together. P.S. I can txt TD customer support and get a response in minutes. There’s zero reason why it takes you weeks to respond to an email. If you ever actually respond. UPDATE: As predicted I haven’t received a response for DAYS. Stay away from this fraud company..Version: 7.0.1

Ambitious development with some amateur focusesI appreciate the stylistic designs for color palette and the advanced charting, but a few things are silly and plainly disruptive (in a bad way). The promos are interesting and I have used them, but when a third of the watchlist is occupied by an ad to refer others, it smells of pyramid scheme rather than serious investment platform. WeBull isn’t alone in this strategy, but that doesn’t mean I have to appreciate it. In addition, the community tab ought to be removed outright. No serious investment platform ought to have a community tab unless it’s private chat rooms with no focus on a global stream. The posts are all bozos saying they can give you investing advice when clearly they just want to scam you. I’m stunned WeBull allows something alluding to the toxicity of StockTwits to exist on their platform. Altogether, I like the feature set and the regular updates to the app, but it needs to grow up. Even the name “WeBull” is a childish title straddling caveman English and buy-the-dip hubris..Version: 6.0.2

Glitches since iPhone IOS upgrade to 14.5.1Prior to upgrade I was using this mobile platform without issue. Currently, Webull offers a free short membership which allows Level 2 stock data to be viewed. This allowed, among other things, the ability to see more detailed information during trades… very fast… but today at opening, and for about 20 minutes thereafter, the data shown was processing slow… as if the refresh rate was slowed to happen every 10+ seconds; contrast normal operations with a “refresh” of fractions of seconds under normal conditions. To add - while using the app, and in the comments section, the app froze, showing the webull refresh icon in the center. I waited for the condition to pass, and even after 20 minutes the app did not return to normal. I then went to the Apple app store to see if there was a Webull software update to be found… none was. At this point, with the app still frozen, I deleted and reinstalled the app, yet when I did it seemed to install an updated version?! Between these two situations, my confidence in the app performing under more critical trade situations where time and money are involved, is just not there. Finally - the company’s policy of holding deposits, even fractionally, is bothersome. As such I have to rate the service, as it stands, a solid average given what I’ve experienced in its use - but your mileage may vary..Version: 7.0.5

You have to customize it to your needs.I’m reading a lot of reviews stating an overly-complicated interface, which could be understood as there is a lot of information, but you just have to get used to which buttons do what. And understand the terminology associated with them. After switching to Webull from RH it really only took about a week to get used to. Motivated investors/traders will take the time to understand the interface. Secondly, the time it takes for cash to settle does take longer than RH, but if you have system in place where you’re always rotating money into the app and having cash on hand, then this won’t be an issue. Like I said, I think most people leaving negative reviews just haven’t figured out how to use the app in a useful way..Version: 6.5.3

Top Trading App for a Full DayGood Day All, To begin with Webull is by far the best trading app and their interface is stunning. You also can pay for extra perks to gain for more data exposure for the user which is why I love Webull. I had contacted customer service via phone and or through their online help. Calling I have received exceptional support as for the help support chat messages on the App need a little more TLC. Besides that any issues I have run across like a bug or glitch it was taken care of same day. The community aspect of the app is great, they have plenty of professional traders assisting new comers. The one thing they need to work on is getting rid of spam bots and duplicate fake accounts, warning for new users do not take direct advice from anyone on the platform, find out who exactly your seeing a watchlist from or advice from. Don’t jump aboard a stock just because, another account says “it’s gonna explode”with a horrible chart or non at all. I would start doing their paper trading and they also have paper trading competitions you can join prior to going live and spending your hard earned money. Always trade smart, have a passion for learning more, and the road to financial freedom doesn’t come easy. All the best, David.Version: 6.5.4

It’s a great brokerage app especially for new investorsThis is a great brokerage app for new investors. Majority of my investing funds are in my Webull account. The only bad thing I can say about Webull is the whole not being able to buy certain stocks. I highly recommend using another brokerage especially for crypto & international stocks as well. I’ve had my account for about over a year now. I haven’t actually started using my account until maybe a few months ago. Aside from the lack of certain stocks you can’t buy, but can look at the data (depending on the stock) I enjoy it. This is not financial advice but the comments section they have is very useful to in certain ways. You want to always think critical and remember that’s not everyone knows what they are talking about. Do your own research on whatever stocks you might be interested in investing in. Make your own decisions..Version: 6.6.5

Webull vs. RobinhoodI just switched to Webull from Robinhood, and honestly I’m super glad I did. I had used Robinhood for over a year because of the free commissions, but free commissions doesn’t mean there aren’t problems with the platform. Robinhood has a lot of bugs and was often slow and would be slow to refresh. The charting on Robinhood is also terrible and not customizable at all. Also, reaching out to Robinhood customer support is a pain and they often don’t respond for at least a week. Webull is way better. I haven’t come across any bugs so far in the two months I’ve used it. It’s charting is amazing and you can do way more with it than Robinhood. Also, their customer support is super easy to get a hold of. It’s almost as easy as sending a text message. The last time I messaged them they responded in less than 15 minutes. They never seem disappointed in having to respond and always seem cheerful. Overall, switching from Robinhood to Webull was one of the best decisions I’ve had for many different reasons. Keep up the great work Webull!!.Version: 4.13.0

Poor Audit Process/ Possible Glitch/Comcast type customer serviceI was referred to the app by a friend. From day one had issues to create the account. First the system would put two “xx” in the first three digits of my social instead of three how it had and when attempting to change the SSN it apparently matched to what the system had... but was rejected due to SSN not matching the SSN picture when in fact what I was placing did match even when seen from space. Tried for weeks getting customer service and was always told they would be working on it, they never did. Got tired of bad customer service and glad I did all other apps are better than this! Try Robinhood instead! I have more details to complain how bad this app and its service is. Will be talking about it with everyone and told my friend and they changed to Robinhood and love it instead of this. Will be expressing my opinion in social media hopefully to refrain from others going through terrible experiences!.Version: 6.5.4

They Almost Converted Me...AlmostThis app is the best when it comes to charts, information, customization, and what is available to you. Even the level 1 upgrade is at an amazing price and simply a great deal. The only thing that isn’t up to par are the stocks themselves. Many may argue that they don’t even use them, but there is a large amount of people who trade stocks under one dollar. To ask for OTC stocks or crypt may be asking too much on top of what you get in this app, but this app will not get as many users as an app like Robinhood if I’m limited to the stocks I can purchase. In short, the app itself is great and valuable, but it’s not worth it to switch back and forth between this app for research and then go to another app for actual trading. Once I can get all of the same stocks, bye bye Robinhood and hello Webull with a Level 1 membership!.Version: 4.9.1

Not worthy. Keep the hassle awayAfter using Webull for 2 years and being a fan of it and awestruck how much a app can do, I’ve started realizing the pain when you join the bandwagon just cos it’s free. First and foremost 1. Webull only supports a FIFO execution on your stocks, which is the stocks brought first is sold first. So if I have to sell last brought as first to save on taxes where in one instance doing FIFO would cost me to pay tax $1400 whereas LIFO would cost mere $100. 2. Entered an long call option anticipating that I could sell a short call option later or once brought. I was taken back surprise as they do not support it. While every other brokerage supports this. I do not want to blame Webull for this for running into losses, but you’re left with not much choices 3. There is no way you can place an order during your night time say after arker hours for both options as well as stocks. If you are putting up an order for something, it has to be done during market or atleast post market hours but not during night time If you want to keep these hassles away, try different brokerages. Almost everyone provides free trades except .65 cents on options. But given these hassles where you pay more taxes because of they wierd FIFO mechanism, I can guarantee that other brokerages saves me on such things. P.S: I’ve reached out to their support team and I’ve always told that they will support this in future and no date. It’s been months now..Version: 6.5.8

Wonderful app with a few shortcomings—highly recommendedThis is a great app. I love the depth of detail it provides on my account and the securities I’m interested in. The free stock for signing up is a plus. Also, it offers all kinds of IRAs for people interested in investing for retirement. It’s missing one of my favorite iOS features: automatic dark mode switching at sunset. Instead, it provides a “night mode” and lets you automatically switch by manually entering the time you want night mode on. There are several problems with this, including: (1) the rest of my phone goes into night mode at sunset, which is a moving target, so the app sticks out when it’s still in light mode and (2) even in night mode, the keyboard is still white, not the more appropriate dark iOS keyboard. This is a small quirk, but I was surprised that an otherwise wonderful app had an issue with this. Anyway, I highly recommend it. I intend to switch over my account from Fidelity to Webull..Version: 6.0.10

New to WebullHave been using Webull for about a week now. Like anything, it takes some getting used to but time will fix that. My main frustration so far is that I wish there had been more guidance to setting up a margin account immediately. I may be wrong here but it does seem like Webull makes changing from cash to a margin account more complicated than the other platforms as well as requires a couple of extra steps. The other really big drawback is that fund transfers from external bank accounts don’t actually settle for 5 days. That is definitely much longer than the others I have used in the past. One smaller complaint is I wish there was a more macro view of everything going on in your account in one place. Currently you have to bounce through a few different places to get all of the information, particularly on the pc site..Version: 6.1.5

Stock lending programI noticed on one of the Webull sections the app keeps track of. Interest and dividends and than other fees or something now with margin account I assume I have all the cash to purchase what I’m invested in and it’s difficult to diferentiate what I purchase on margin and another thing I can’t tell how much I’m purchasing on margin when I didn’t want credit so I think or believe I may be paying more in interest than I can earn! And there is no record of it that I can tell otherwise the app is awesome and I still enjoy it it’s always updating and bug fixes are quick and efficient # to in testing the cash account the subsequent testing of the margin I do prefer the cash accounts day trading and would like to be able to revert to a cash account! There isn’t a whole lot of available reading material on options trading I missed reading material available on the sjbject and unable to find it again.. please advise us up update to change account back to margin when it becomes available thanks again Account is restricted from trading because I want to switch to cash account!! Not cool to restrict and freeze my account!!.Version: 6.1.7

Superior platform than RobinhoodDownloaded this app because I wanted to try out the “commission-free” feature which is similar to Robinhood . At first the interface can be a bit overwhelming considering the vast amount of information the UI presents to the user compared to the clean and minimum look of Robinhood . However, as I continue to use both Robinhood and Webull for more than a week , the advantages of Webull become very apparent. The charts are far more informative and stock screeners such as “Top Gainers” of the day and “Earning Calendars” are very useful, somethings that Robinhood just doesn’t have . On top of that, the extended hours and the ability to short stocks are just wonderful features to have . I would highly recommend it to anyone who is into occasional trading without wanting to pay commission ..Version: 4.3.1

Slow to fill orders, poor customer service, bad appYou get what you pay for: they are slow to fill orders. Sometimes a limit order won’t get filled at all, even if the stock sits at or below the limit for some period of time. This has cost me on several attempted trades. They have abysmal customer service. You can’t get a human on the phone, it’s all done through messages - which they are slow to respond to and usually do so in an unsatisfying manner. Finally, the app is very difficult to use. There’s way too much junk / clutter that no one needs, and the process of getting an order submitted is confusing. On multiple occasions I have thought I have made an order, but apparently it didn’t go through or something. I’ve had to re-submit, usually at a higher price. In sum, I wouldn’t trust these guys with very much of my money. I believe you’re better off paying commission to a more reputable broker, if you have a large enough portfolio to absorb those costs..Version: 5.7.5

Customer service response lagsBeen trading with them since March, I also have 2 other trading platforms that I use, but came to WeBull to see how the charting was and was satisfied with everything until I realized that they take forever to reply to your questions or concerns. When you invite someone via your link they take forever in accepting/approving the individual hence making you miss promotion periods and you missing out on free stocks. I don’t get this issue on the other platforms. Also they have been having glitches and we all know those cost us money, not too happy right now :/ P.S. Forgot to mention that when you refer someone by text using your link to get credit, WeBull makes the person link their email and then in the end you don’t get credit for the referral since according to WeBull “they crated an account via email and not text through your link, it has happened to me the last 3 people I have referred, won’t be referring people anymore and I don’t recommend anyone else to it either..Version: 6.1.7

Best app but need more featuresI love Webull app the most out of all the apps that I’ve been using including Robinhood, m1, td, etrade,..I think I don’t need to point out how excellent Webull app is. however, I had to move to m1 finance when my portfolio was growing bigger and bigger. These are the 3 main reasons that’s I hope Webull can improve or update so I can move back to my favorite app (I’m still using Webull app for researching and analyzing stocks) 1. fractional share: this is I believe pretty important if you are a long time dividend investor. 2. Instant deposit: I’m pretty sure only Webull gives people headache in this matter. Pretty much all other apps will give instant money to buy. 3. Customer service: I believe quality is better than quantity. I usually don’t care if it takes a long time for a response. However when I receive a response I do care that you guys can solve the problem instead of giving many generic answers. In Webull customer service, you guys have neither quality or quantity. Hope I can [email protected] to our Webull family soon..Version: 6.1.8

Stay away!I signed up a few months ago along with a few other similar platforms as I started investing after a while I noticed my profits getting eaten up by fees from a supposedly ’free’ platform, turns out they charge you a staggering $5 ‘paper statement fee’ that I never signed up for or wanted! Through out this time I kept getting spam emails, messages, notifications about every stupid thing from solicitation to refer more ‘victims’ to them to solicitation to play their paper trading game, but not a single mention they’re charging me this fee. I had to dig for a long time to even find those monthly fees in their user unfriendly complicated app, when I called in asking about this outrage they simply told me my email wasn’t connected so they sent by mail and their clearing house is charging the fee, as if I ever asked their clearing house to send me garbage mail and charge me for it. further more, I searched for a long time even before I saw the charges on my account and couldn’t find a way to turn off the paper statements on the app or the website. I saw what kind of people they are and promptly closed my positions, going to clean out my account, delete it and move over the funds to a different more trustworthy trading platform. These guys are not worthy of your business in my opinion..Version: 6.3.3

Not up to the hypeTried setting up a cash account and just got denied saying that the photo that was of my driver’s license did not show the birth date. Wrong. It did show it and it was a good clean photo. Now it wants me to retake the photo of the license and now my social security card. Not in a million years will I be doing that. I am going just keep my money with Robinhood where none of these issues have ever occurred, that require photos of my personal information. And where it is easier and fast to setup an account. As well as, from what i have seen of Webull, Robinhood better customer support. And by the way Robinhood offers free stocks on their platform as well. So do not use this app/platform until they fix their attitude towards their customers and clients, and offer great consumer support and service. And not photoS of peoples personal document to some unknown persons. Unlike going’ to the bank to setup and account with them since I know the people who I am revealing my personal docs to, unlike Webull. And just watch the nasty reply I will probably get for this review..Version: 6.0.10

Robinhood is not even in same league!The analytical tools and overall layout and trade execution in this app has all been great so far. The PC web based platform is very well done too and Robinhood doesn’t even come close as far as studies and trading analytical tools Webull provides. The more I use it, I think there are many features that make me like using the Webull PC interface even more than Power E-Trade. Crypto trading is nice to have too, but the ability to do 4:00AM pre-market to 8:00PM after market trading was the reason I wanted to use Webull originally. Within 1 hour of testing Webulls tools and intuitive webpage layout options, I was amazed at what Webull has to offer. I sold all holdings in my Robinhood account and plan to switch to Webull for good! There are definitely better brokerages choices for hard core traders, but if you’re looking for a step up from a bare bones beginner platform like Robinhood, Webull is a great choice! If I had one complaint, it would be that Webull doesn’t offer fractional share training..Version: 6.5.9

Horrible Customer ServiceUpdate1: I have now tried getting in contact with Customer Support for 6 days. Aside from an initial auto-generated response, I have not been reached out to. They market that they have 24/7 customer support available to their users but it is a flat out lie. All I want is for them to take back their free stock so I can close out my account because my banks are not supported by the app. That’s it! Someone from support please help me!!!! Original:I can’t really weigh in on the app itself since my bank isn’t supported, so I never got to fully experience it. However, while trying to close my account, I’ve tried to get in contact with support to give them back the free stock they gave me so I don’t have any association with the app/company when I close out my accounts. I have attempted to use the app, email, and call customer support for two days now and no one has responded. Through the app and email, I keep getting auto-generated responses with links to things they think will help my question, but they say if they don’t help to reply to the message and someone will help me. Well, I’ve replied and no one has reached out. I called and was on hold for like 45 min and no one answered. I eventually had to hang up for a meeting. Their website says 24/7 customer support. It’s been over 48 hours and I’ve received none..Version: 6.5.9

Great app, but can be betterThey constantly update and the app is pretty amazing. The customer service is more helpful and faster than Robinhood. I would recommend implementing a market sell function for options like fidelity has, but I’m not sure that’s possible since they create most of their revenue from payment for order flow and no commission. I’d rather pay commission sometimes for best execution. I will say though, they have Robinhood beat on execution and pretty much everything else too. However... They lost me money on Kodak pump because my stop loss order didn’t trigger during a halt so I was forced to cancel the stop loss and market sell which was a 7k difference. It was unresolved and i had to bite it. So better than any brokerage app out there as far as features, but still have trust issues in regards to order execution. That said I wouldn’t keep my life savings in the brokerage. If a feature was implemented to fix the bug and or provide better limit order execution at the price of commission that would be amazing. They are growing and growing fast just not sure their mission is in line with what I’m looking for; assurance and safety with my money. Also I would fix auto correct in your comment section and get more strict with spam/bots. I think these features would be next level. 3 stars for now compared to Robin Hood’s 1 star. Nice app though 👏👏👏.Version: 7.0.6

Great app, horrible supportUPDATE: My first review (below) was a little unfair because the apps (both mobile and Windows desktop) are awesome, so I changed it to four stars. Just don’t expect support from anyone at this time. Even though I moved my IRA, I still keep a regular account there and use the news and analysis features to help research. The breadth of features is amazing. Everything works great and I haven’t found a bug yet so big props to their development team - you guys know how to test! Old review: I needed support from a human about rolling over a pension lump-sum and got no answer from emails or in-app messaging, so I tried calling. I was disconnected after 20 minutes on the first attempt. On the second attempt I was on hold for four hours, 25 minutes even though I was only number 20 in line at the start. Then the rep answered but hung up when I spoke. I have to find another broker to take this lump-sum..Version: 6.1.0

Non-reviewer reviewingI honestly never write reviews because it feels unnecessary until I come across something that is just phenomenal that moves me that much to want to get it out there. This is absolutely one of, if not the the top trading brokers/platforms. They followed 0 commission Robinhood but took it to a new level. And if you’re going to compete you have to bring something to the table. They are so noob/user friendly but at the same time very refreshing for anyone advanced in this area. When needing assistance they make it available on most screens so it’s convenient and they were so quick to get back to me I was pretty stunned. That was a big selling point to me, how nice it is to have someone there so quickly especially when you’re facing a difficult situation that often arises in finances. I just have nothing but positivity to say about these guys. Honestly, once options are here this is going to be the alpha platform, they’re just better in every way as far as I’ve seen. Maybe offering DRIP after that and it’s game over. But yeah mostly if webull reads these things just thank you for the great platform and team you’ve made here. Glad to be apart of this and to continue to go forward.Version: 5.7.14

Poor service look at the name we BULLBy far this is the worse trading app it’s take so long to deposit money in your account for you to start trading until all the markets up already and they tell you you will receive between $8 and $1600 in free stocks when you open an account I knew it’s was sketchy and they tell you you will receive between $8 -$1600 when you deposit $100 I deposit $100 two days ago I still don’t see anything including my $100 nothing I messaged them I emailed them and I called I was on hold for 45 minutes then I gave up and hung up . Now this is just $100 imagine if you trade and make money and you want to exit . What headache and problems you are going to face before you cash out still no one responding thank go i have other apps I was able to buy doge and other stocks at low price I am waiting to see when they are going to respond good luck guys but my advice is find other apps . Stay away from this one The most terrible dead customer service It has the most terrible customer service in the e-commerce world! I have deposited and provided all required info, however the money was taken from my bank but did not show up in my wallet more than a week later. No response ti my daily follow up! I tried to escalate however no info could be found anywhere. I even can’t make a complaint!!!.Version: 6.5.9

Not for meI trade on robinhood and love it despite what anyone says but I thought I’d give Webull a try. Pretty much the only things I liked about it are the promotions, comment sections, and the free stocks. Webull takes ridiculously long to deposit money and you won’t have instant deposits right away. Once you buy a stock with instant deposits you can’t sell for at least three days so forget day trading with instant deposits. You can forget trading options with instant deposits too and the options quotes page is awful to look at and the Greeks are different than other brokers. It takes forever for money to settle after I sell a stock and the costumer service takes forever to respond to anything. I also don’t like how the piece won’t update after the market closes so I can’t see after hours trading. The only thing they have against robinhood is the charts but other than that it’s an ugly hard to use interface. If you are a beginner Webull will be extremely complicated for you to use. I’ve been used to smooth and easy trading on rh and I was extremely disappointed when I tried Webull. If you are on rh and are thinking about trying Webull don’t do it cause you will be disappointed. I really don’t understand how some people love Webull so much. I will probably close my account after it takes 10 days for my money to settle and withdraw but I will keep the app for charts and comment section..Version: 6.6.5

WeBull as in we bull you around and around hoping you forget the problems.**UPDATED** - you’d be better off taking your money and grinding it in a garbage disposal than using this app. It glitches constantly and the customer service team will give you 5 different responses to how it’s your fault for the glitch or how you’re not operating correctly. Don’t even bother showing video of it not working they will tell you they aren’t responsible. My advice pay the 1.00 fee to TD or use RH. Just know you’ve been warned. Let me first say this app could be absolutely Amazing. It’s has the potential to be a hybrid between ThinkorSwim and RobinHood featuring the best of both apps in one. The app charts need work but they aren’t terrible. However, after using this for a couple months I can say the following YES, the app does glitch and YES, it does cost you money as a trader. Every platform has problems it happens. The bigger issue is the customer service response. Listen to people who say don’t use due to this. I’ve had multiple small problems most have been addressed rather quickly. This time I’ve had a large problem and after weeks I have no resolution. Sending 10+ email and app messages all to be told after weeks of waiting “Sorry it’s been too long for us to verify this.” Until the customer service is fixed this company will never be great everyone has app problems it’s how you handle them that matters..Version: 6.2.3

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 7.0.8

Free stockWas super exited to get into trading but once I realised I don’t actually get a free stock it sort of put me off investing.Version: 5.9.5

Unavailable in Australia, yet on Australian App Store..Review will change once they give us access to their platform..Version: 6.5.7

Great AppApp contains a lot of information one can use to benefit from, well organised, easy to locate data, info, news, etc. Keep the great work!.Version: 6.0.12

App vs web differentSince your last update on the 20th Jan, the chart markings differ between the app and the web. Whatever you changed stuffed up something. For example I can put a horizontal line in at $10 on the website (desktop) however when looking on my iPhone it doesn’t appear. Even after refreshing/ restarting. I’ve also found marked charts on the iPhone app that was from another ticker. Somehow they switched. ????? Please patch and fix.Version: 6.5.6

Fantastic App I have used so farSuch a powerful app and user experience it has been. I never leave any reviews but you deserve it. The only thing is I am in Australia and I am waiting for you guys to cover Australian market..Version: 6.0.14

Only available in the USIt would be nice if you expanded to other countries, eg Australia. This app is useless if you aren’t in the USA..Version: 6.0.7

Earnings per stock is not showing correct figuresI’ve updated Webull app to the latest version. However, earnings per stock is still not showing correct figures. Instead, it displays share amount for each stock I hold. Please fix this technical issue ASAP. 我已将app更新到最新版本。然而,个股盈亏显示数据仍旧异常,变成了我持有股票的当前价值,而非盈亏金额。希望尽快修复此技术问题.Version: 6.1.3

AUSTRALIA?!?Great app with great features however you can’t buy or sell shares in Australia. Would be amazing if this app worked!.Version: 6.5.4

Absolutely amazingAbsolutely love this app and it’s my go to app usually for information and checking charts etc, only problem is I’m in South Africa and can’t open an account here with you guys! Otherwise from what I’ve experienced without it, if you can get an account with WeBull then I’d 100% recommend it, otherwise use it for the information, it really is brilliant I just wish they’d let us South Africans sign up for it….Version: 6.6.0

QuestionDoes this work in Australia?.Version: 5.5.0

FantasticIt’s good, I like it a lot. It’s clean and functional probably the best mobile experience you can get. 2 requests I use landscape a lot but find it annoying having to flip my device around as I jump in and out of windows. Full landscape would be great. This is no biggy but accessing paper trades without going back to the start menu would be cool. (Not relevant to cash accounts).Version: 5.8.1

5 star App but 3 rating... because Australia is not covered yet :(.Version: 6.5.7

Remix not neededCome on. We don’t need logos on each ticker. We don’t need menu items becoming italics with blue capital letter. Sinplicity is the key to typography..Version: 7.0.6

No helpfulCouldn’t find the promotion center that was on the link from a YouTube video..Version: 5.9.4

Not working in AU^.Version: 6.4.3

Ticker no longer refreshMy stock ticker no longer refresh.Version: 4.13.1

Doesn’t work in AustraliaThe app has got very rich sets of features and indicators. Make it work in Australia..Version: 6.5.0

Wonderful app for TradersUnfortunately I cannot do much In Australia. Wonderful user experience for worldwide traders who want S to get into US market..Version: 6.4.3

Chinese OwnedSo if you don’t mine the CCP having access to your account and personal information then use the app.Version: 6.1.8

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Version 7.0.8 (2021-06-12): - Provides users the ability to easily access useful and relevant information. - The new account page makes it easier to read and access your information. - Upgraded message center offers broader insights into key information about your account. - Transformed in-depth financial data into a quickly actionable and understandable visualized analysis. - In addition to NASDAQ level 2 and NOII, you can now see advanced Market By Order. - DOGE, XLM, ZEC, and ETC are now open to trade..

Version 7.0.5 (2021-05-19): We are excited to announce the launch of our latest version: Webull V7.0. - Provides users the ability to easily access useful and relevant information. - The new account page makes it easier to read and access your information. - Upgraded message center offers broader insights into key information about your account. - Transformed in-depth financial data into a quickly actionable and understandable visualized analysis. - In addition to NASDAQ level 2 and NOII, you can now see advanced Market By Order. - DOGE、XLM、ZEC are now open to trade..

Version 7.0.1 (2021-05-09): We are excited to announce the launch of our latest version: Webull V7.0. - Provides users the ability to easily access useful and relevant information. - The new account page makes it easier to read and access your information. - Upgraded message center offers broader insights into key information about your account. - Transformed in-depth financial data into a quickly actionable and understandable visualized analysis. - In addition to NASDAQ level 2 and NOII, you can now see advanced Market By Order. - DOGE、XLM、ZEC are now open to trade..

Version 6.6.7 (2021-04-21): 1. Added a watchlist on the left of stock detail page for tablet version to easily and quickly switch between stocks in the watchlist; 2. Bug fixes..

Version 6.6.6 (2021-04-17): 1. Added a watchlist on the left of stock detail page for tablet version to easily and quickly switch between stocks in the watchlist; 2. Bug fixes..

Version 6.6.5 (2021-03-24): 1. Added a watchlist on the left of stock detail page for tablet version to easily and quickly switch between stocks in the watchlist; 2. Bug fixes..

Version 6.6.2 (2021-03-14): 1. Added a watchlist on the left of stock detail page for tablet version to easily and quickly switch between stocks in the watchlist; 2. Bug fixes..

Version 6.5.9 (2021-02-06): 1. Added a watchlist on the left of stock detail page for tablet version to easily and quickly switch between stocks in the watchlist; 2. Bug fixes..

Version 6.5.8 (2021-01-31): 1. Added a watchlist on the left of stock detail page for tablet version to easily and quickly switch between stocks in the watchlist; 2. Bug fixes..

Version 6.5.7 (2021-01-24): 1. Added a watchlist on the left of stock detail page for tablet version to easily and quickly switch between stocks in the watchlist; 2. Bug fixes..

Version 6.5.4 (2021-01-02): 1. Highlight! We redesigned an adaptable interface for iPad which supports both portrait and landscape layouts and brings a more immersive trading experience; 2. Bug fixes..

Version 6.5.1 (2020-12-17): 1. Highlight! We redesigned an adaptable interface for iPad which supports both portrait and landscape layouts and brings a more immersive trading experience; 2. Bug fixes..

Version 6.3.1 (2020-09-30): 1. Optimized the access of trade confirmations, account statements and tax documents; 2. Added NOII data of IPO crosses for US equities; 3. Bug fixes..