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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter App Download

Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms. Your goal will be quite challenging as you will have to save the Universe from its evil enemies. In this space shooting game, you will be facing an increasingly large number of enemies in hazardous environments. As the game progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity.

* Touch screen to move and kill all enemies.
* Collect items to upgrade or change your weapons.

* Multiplayer mode
* High quality images optimized for tablets and large screens.
* Ability to use active skills during the space battles.
* The game is packed with 140 levels on various difficulties.
* Beautiful levels with immersive missions to complete.
* Multiple extreme boss battles.
* Upgrade your guns and lasers.
Enjoy classic space combat - powered up. Download Galaxy Attack Space Shooter now!

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter App User Reviews & Comments

Mindless fun but annoying.The game has a lot of the features you would expect from a space shooter, but also a lot you would expect from a f2p game. As far as the gameplay goes, it’s much like most other f2p games, since the difficulty and “grinding” aspect increases way too fast. The fun destructible meteor mini levels get replaced with these invincible alien asteroid levels that are just boring. The boss fights go from interesting to aggravating too quickly as well. Enemies shooting heat seeking missiles at you while you are having to dodge 40 other things at the same time. Enemy explosives and attacks that fill 50% of your screen while ALSO shooting smaller ammo at you... essentially making it 100% impossible to avoid being destroyed. There are many times where you won’t complete a level in the 23 seconds for the achievement... simply because the enemies take too long to re-enter the screen. They will seriously drop out of the bottom of your screen and then the screen will be empty for about 7-10 seconds while waiting for them to drop back in from the top. There’s always a meteor or two in the meteor levels that will be just too far to the left or right of the screen so that you can’t destroy them. There are other frustrations but these are some of the worst for me personally..Version: 4.6.0

Solves Global Economic DisparityYou will never see more flags for countries that you’ve never heard of, each representing players with VIP status in the double digits, than when you play this game. Apparently the economy is strong enough in Southeast Asia, or the Horn of Africa, that scores of players can spend upwards of $100 on this app to beef up their fictitious space assault craft that will litter your screen with indelible obstacles and blast your ignorant American backside into oblivion. If only they spent that cash on anti-corrupt campaign funds, or vaccines! If you are tempted to spend money on this game, and you will be, you will quickly learn that the items you WANT to buy to compete are not eligible for direct purchase (skins, shiny ships, cards) but locked behind achievements that may take three decades to accomplish. So after Vietnam makes your Nike’s, they print $100 Apple gift cards, and time travel into the future where high-tech AI has enabled their avatars to grind through unreachable achievements, all for the purpose of intergalactic dominance in a fake telephone game. The mechanics are mostly crisp... challenging but enjoyably time-eating in single player modes..Version: 4.7.9

Great game but a few major glitches.The game is a fun game with lots of stuff to do between all the different PvP modes, campaign, and daily quests. I would have given it a full 5 stars if I had not encountered some major bugs. The first bug is in pvp mode when I must play against my opponent without receiving any upgrades or power ups the whole time. This not only allows my opponent to get a massive lead but also makes the game extremely frustrating. Thankfully this only happens every so often. The other major bug is when I have played the daily game where you must try to reach the higher level than any other player. I have played this multiple times and have gotten a full 5 rounds farther than any other player but yet do not receive and prize and furthermore I do not receive any ranking. The third and final annoying feature is when you wat to change the starting time of the clan boss but when you do, it says, “Invalid Boss Time”. This is frustrating because the majority of the time the boss starts when I am unable to play and it only lasts for 30 minutes. But even with these periodic glitches I still intend on playing because the game is fun and easy to learn how to play and still requires skill to beat the higher levels..Version: 4.6.3

Should be 5 stars but.....This game is fun...... most of the time. However, I do find one aspect boring to the point of deleting the app. On certain levels (i.e. Singleplayer level 63) it takes WAYYYYYYY to long to clear the first wave simply because of the lack of power ups made available. I can completely appreciate the developers desire to make certain levels more dependent on patience than skill, but when you don’t complete the level and then have to return to an insanely boring Wave 1 for almost two minutes to clear the screen it is not fun. Why wouldn’t you let a player start at Wave 2 once they have completed Wave 1? At least provide a SIGNIFICANTLY increased amount of power ups on levels like this after a player has cleared a certain wave. When a game isn’t fun, it has a short shelf life..... it would also be nice if there was ANYWHERE easily identifiable in this app where you could get some basic information. You know, stuff like HOW TO PLAY. Come on developer, you have a goldmine but you are going to lose it..... your hardcore players will not make you successful, it’s the rest of us who will determine your long term success or failure.....Version: 4.1.34

Good Game To Play Daily but..A couple of updates ago it was very addicting when we could wage stones and coins in PVP matches which made it easier to see our goals unfold so that we may upgrade and keep up with the hardcore players. It seems harder to keep up causing us to purchase more items now instead of relying on pure skills because some players have every upgrade in the world and I play humbly making my way up the ranks, which that in itself takes a while going up 20xp points each time when the next rank is like the next 1000xp. Also, the PVP is matches are not favorable sometimes, there are instances when I’m stuck on my beginner ship while getting one or two boosts up until wave 5/6 and the opponent gets their top tier ships breezing through the levels winning easily as a result which is a drag. PS: I hope on the next update there are more reasonable ways to get ranks, evolves, upgrades, clan points, ships, etc. Overall, a good game to pass the time and has great potential..Version: 4.8.5

The last update is no buenoThe star rating for the update, not the game. Before the update the game deserved a solid 4 star (not 5 only because of ridiculously overpriced “real money” stuff - cmon, i may buy it for a buck or two, I’m not spending $40 on your spaceship). Anyway, I don’t want to sound like a complete loser who doesn’t know how to play, but after the last update the game became just like ways harder. And no fun to play anymore. Reducing the time for a chance to win for defeated player from 60 seconds to 30 was not a great idea - before you had a fair chance to win even if they are like a few levels up from you.. now you don’t. Though I could still live with it. But you also added these rocket shooting stuff that just kills you the first second of the game. That’s the most annoying part. And, developers, I hope you read the reviews - none of those I asked liked it, just FYI. Besides, there are glitches now too. I got stuck on the level that I passed and it wouldn’t just take me to the next one. I’m upset and not happy with these updates. I used to spend hours playing this game. Now i just played for ten minutes and don’t want to go back :( disappointing..Version: 4.0.27

I did like this game before last updateI did like this game before the latest update, reminded me of some old school games but this last update has given me nothing but problems. First off the player player mode (when you can get it to work) puts you up against players that have three times as many cp’s as you do with a much better ship so there is no way to win, second if you choose to spin the wheel from the quest screen then you will have to exit out of game to get back to the home screen and you never get your reward for completing that quest and now starting today when I would loose a round I would have to close the game out and restart it just to be able to play again because it would freeze up. Edit. Game was actually better with the pvp mode until the latest update, now it tells me that I need to update the app to play in the pvp mode even though it just undated 5 days again and no new updates available. The latest update changed the (endless mode) to now it has levels so it’s not actually endless, it never really let me into the the world boss challenge and the ships that’s have fireballs come out of them makes some of the levels almost impossible to beat, I like a good challenge but some of the things that have been done with this game is ridiculous..Version: 4.0.30

Sorry, can’t rate it higherLook, I’ll still play it, let’s be honest. I have down time and I get bored. But, there is just too much difficulty in this game to find much enjoyable about it in terms of longevity. It’s very much a paw to win model, which is not atypical when it comes to casual mobile games, but this is where Galaxy Attack comes in clutch. Playing campaign to further progress your ships’ improvements? Well, you better watch ads and spend in-game premium currency in order to move forward. To supply this money making system, you get ONE life to complete a single stage, and basically an ad is your second life. Died on your second life? Well, touch it up because you have to spend the premium in game currency to get a third life. Not to mention the PVP pairing is absolute garbage. You will literally see people with 0 pvp points completely wreck you because they went out of their own pocket to buy whatever it is that completely destroys any sense of making improvements. I’ll play for now, but I don’t foresee this being in my casual down time mobile app binge for the long run..Version: 5.2.12

URGENT! New update is Terrible!The newest update 4.3.5 is the worse to date you put a timer on pvp which is the stupidest thing ever! If you’ve completed all the levels in the game, pvp is the main thing your playing most of time and sometimes endless but once you get all your tickets or if you have your drones maxed out then the only thing you can do is play pvp. So why would you put a time limit on how much you can play that’s the stupidest thing ever. Your going to lose daily players because of the time limit cause there’s nothing you can do I played pvp for almost an hr and now Im not allowed to play again for another 20hrs that’s crazy! I can’t even play pvp for cash just to have fun which at this point in the game has no use anymore anyways. Come on man, you guys need to seriously rethink this! I understand there are people out there cheating with second accounts but don’t put a timer on all of pvp matches. I don think it’s possible to cheat in 2v2, 1v3, or arena I would imagine it’s only in 1v1 matches so you should either put the time limit on just 1v1 matches or get ride of creating roooms all together and that would stop the problem..Version: 4.3.6

Last update has made impossible to play on my iPhone XUpdate on my below listed issue. They have since fixed the glitch and have since had no more problems. So I will be printing this game from a 4 to a 5 star. Enjoy guys ! Guys it’s fun game with the normal pop ups to drive you nuts but that’s the price you pay for a free game. I’ve spent a little money on this game the crystals are worth it but the ships are not so don’t waste your money. Since the last update I can’t click the X on the add after it’s over so I’ll be in the middle of a fight get killed on the boss and watch a add to get a continue but after the add the X In the top right is un clickable. So I have to close my app and restart it losing any progress. Now today I’ve hit another glitch. After I beat a boss on the quest page my ship just endlessly flys through space with no end in sight. I see there is a part two to this game so I don’t have my hopes up the developers will spend much money trying to fix the glitches..Version: 4.1.24

I like it but...I like the format, reminiscent of some the arcade games I played as a kid. More challenging though. The game is fun it’s exciting and you can double your winnings by watching a 15-30 second video. Other games I’ve seen would offer that but their was either a catch to buy or the connection or the game would mysteriously glitch and kick you out of the app entirely or back to the start screen and even to the beginning of the game to begin again. I like how the game pauses itself if you get flailing wildly back and forth on a your phone and go too far. The thing is that this game asks far too much for its objects to upgrade or improve your gaming experience. I’ve played games that were worse priced and less fun though. I like the game and will continue to play it as long as it doesn’t become something I can’t do. So, this game with its low pressure “sit and watch a commercial” method of obtaining gold for upgrades to my ships and other such beneficence is neck and neck with the large amount of expenditure to do the same things quicker are what makes this a 2 1/2-3 star review..Version: 4.1.1

Excellent game but VERY $$ Hungry!The game is a blast but its designed to VERY strongly urge you to spend money to ease your advancement through levels. Don’t spend your $, its not worth it. I play a little daily and after a few months have reached stage 89. Progress is very slow at this point because I wont spend $. DO NOT waste your crystals to continue a level unless its literally to defeat the final wave of a level giving you tremendous trouble. The least the developers could do is not screw you out of a powerup you elect to start a game with such as a bomb if you don’t even get to use it because you die first. That’s just an extra slap in the face to those of us refusing to “buy our way” through the game. Reduce the need to spend $ and reduce the ridiculous amount of ads and I’d give you 5 stars. UPDATE: Greedy developers are UNBELIEVABLY GREEDY!!!! Updates install new ways to force you to pay to play as well as limit your play and cripple your ability to utilize your purchases or even stripped you of items and bonuses you have purchased. CONGRATULATIONS MORONS, YOU JUST GAVE US ALL MORE THAN ENOUGH AMMUNITION FOR A SUCCESSFULL CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!!!!!!! 😁.Version: 4.5.3

The campaign mode is fun and challenging, but you have to spend money to advance farVery challenging game - fun and even addictive. Excellent graphics and endless variety of enemies. The campaign mode gets very challenging as you advance, but unfortunately, it becomes impossible to advance towards the higher levels unless you either spend money on the game to upgrade your ship’s power, or unless you literally have hundreds to thousands of hours to spend time playing a video game – which no successful business owner does! Lol. Might be a good game for certain millennials who have lots of time to spend playing games. One more comment – the live battles against other players is a great concept, but they ruin this feature by making the battles entirely uneven. Basically, you wind up getting paired against people who have spent money or ridiculous amounts of time on the game so that they have a ship many times stronger than yours -And they can clear the levels much faster than you or use tricks (called “talents”) to spontaneously destroy your ship and kill you. Therefore, you have almost no chance of winning those games. It would be like playing chess against your opponent without a queen - or playing a physical sport against an opponent with no arms or legs. A battle, or test of skill, should provide both opponents with the same tools - or at least similar ones. Pretty dumb concept..Version: 5.0.16

All gone !!!!!!!!!!What do you mean. I love the game. Well I loved the game while it lasted. You have caused me grief! I wrote a report before but I did not list everything. Well before I said it had a lot of real life money problems and ads and everything but I did not list the major fact that I only get two hours of video game time a day. I played for so long and bought two new ships. This may not seem like a lot to you but it is for me because I have not been playing for so long. I got the update because I wanted the new PVP…………. Next thing I know it everything is deleted! Its awful. 😡👿 Updates are supposed to mean new things added not everything taken away and a couple things added. I just want them to give me back everything I had before. I spent all my time getting the light phantom and The one I before that. Again you can make it up to me and everyone else by giving us everything we lost back and fixing up everything I listed. I wish I did not have to waste my time by writing this report! 😤 Thank you and sorry to waste your time. P.S. everything else is fine though just get this fixed and I’ll be back to play. 😊😞.Version: 5.2.0

Rigged and bugged!To start off, I noticed when I purchase in game ships with in game coins that I earned without paying, the game becomes harder! To me this is either bugged or rigged to force the gamer to pay with real cash for upgrades and then they work. I’m on level 48 and have used all kinds of in game upgrades that barely worked and made the game harder to play or beat that level. Call me a skeptic, but without paying real cash I noticed the game becomes harder and harder to play without paying real cash. . Secondly if you report a bug it’s mainly ignored, so why invest in a game if the developer can’t invest in the gamer who will end up purchasing the game. I also noticed a big bs scam, the upgrade or power up that is not permanent that kills faster for maybe 10 or 20 seconds, if you use it and the next round takes a little longer to load before enemies appear so you can use the power up before it runs out. Yet it runs out just when the enemy appears making it an unfair advantage! Again might be a bug of the developer attempting to force the gamer to purchase more upgrades with real money. . Game would be great if these areas were fixed..Version: 4.1.16

Needs tweakingThis game is a lot of fun, but it gets one start because it forces you to spend money in order to fully complete. The S5 mission is nearly impossible for a couple of reasons - one, the ship is garbage and the levels are designed to be impossible. Even at max power it takes so long to kill anything because you have to hit the right spot on the enemies to do damage to them, despite your beam clearly hitting them. Two, 90% if the time that I make it past level 7, the game sits there and does nothing. The next level doesn’t load. The time just keeps ticking by. Other reasons this game caters to people who pay; daily requests often require you to make a purchase or participate in events that require crystals, the higher currency, which are nearly impossible to get without paying. Tournaments that first require you to login with social media, then cost gold every single time you play but only offers rewards to the 10 people who have paid the most money in that hour. Which are again requirements of the daily quests. Fix the bugs, stop forcing people to pay money if they want to enjoy the game, and get rid of the purple ship entirely..Version: 4.0.43

Gotten out of handI have been playing this game, since it has came out. The game initially was excellent. However with all these updates it has became nearly impossible to advance in the game. Invisible aliens, taking 20-30 shots to kill one alien, PVP mode will kick off or else you will not get a good ship upgrade, so it takes you 15-25 seconds longer to kill a boss. The levels are to the point they have became impassible. Also I have every ship unlocked and every drone, with maximum HP. I have tried forever to give the game time to improve and get straightened out at least to the point it is playable. Yet it hasn’t. If the game is not sorted out before long I will delete, as many of my friends already have. Update 9-7-19 After this last update, the player vs player has gotten ridiculous to try to play. I am averaging 30-40 seconds to defeat the first wave. It is taking anywhere from 20-30 hits to kill one alien. Therefore the players who haven’t updated are on level 6 before you can get through your first wave. I’m all for tough game play. As long as it is tough for everyone. This game needs updated immediately..Version: 4.2.5

Fun but you’ll have to pay to get anywhere goodThis game is fun but it’s full of 30 second to one minute ads that you’ll have to sit through constantly if you want items to level up. They really need to fix their multiplayer matching system cause it always puts you against somebody at a MUCH higher level than you. How can the creators ever expect you to win and level up when they constantly pit you against people with double your experience level?? If you want to get more powerful ships and actually be able to win, be prepared to spend some money. ABI support claims that you’re matched against opponents with the same rank as you. I’m not sure what rank they’re talking about because when I look, I can see that I’m constantly matched against people at a MUCH higher level. Higher combat power, PvP points, campaign level, and overall level. I mean seriously? In what way would you consider that same rank? It’s unfortunate that the reviews don’t allow you to post screenshots cause I have plenty showing that you’re lying about this. Stop lying and fix the algorithm to still be challenging but not so challenging that people stop playing!.Version: 5.2.14

Why did you add energy?It’s a fun game but really hard to upgrade without spending money. $30 for a ship? Been trying to grind it out and have been enjoying the collecting the quest items. I prefer single player. I’m not good at PVP and my match ups are based on my ships which I spent a lot of time trying to upgrade but I’m not skilled so I get paired up with players with similar ship ratings and get creamed. (I’ve since read that you need to be circumspect about upgrades to keep your rating down to get easier match ups.) That’s okay, I like single player. But now you’ve instituted an energy system. One of the things I hate in games. So you pay or watch even more ads, because you don’t watch enough to spin wheels, revive your ship, etc. (Please note that was sarcasm!) I guess the developers saw a new opportunity to gouge players but they’ve certainly taken away some of the fun. The bottom line is I mainly like to idly play endless and collect quest items. The new energy system now makes you pay to play (endless, campaign, and bosses). I’m really disappointed in this..Version: 4.5.0

I’ve spent more time in this game than most.I have only played the version of the game against the computer, but I don’t recall experiencing any bugs. I love this game. It makes me angry and frustrated (relatively speaking), but so satisfying when I beat a level - especially the further I get into the game - to me, that defines a great game. There are ads, but I don’t feel there are any more than other free games - AND the ads seem shorter than what I experience on other games. So I’ll take it. I love the genuine arcade feel of the game. I love that you can try out the ships in mini test drive games. That’s awesome. I love that you can eventually earn or get enough points to use a better ship - so as long as you’re patient, there’s no need to purchase anything. I thank the developers for being thoughtful about both the freebie experience and the benefits of purchasing. The more powerful ships are amazing, but you must have patience and a keen eye. With the default ship and its green torpedoes, it’s easy to see most of the enemy orange torpedoes coming at you. But be careful when you earn the more powerful ships - it can be really difficult to see what’s coming at you. Sometimes the default ship and a little patience go a long way, especially as the levels become more difficult. Kudos to the developers for creating an arcade game built with the mobile experience in mind. A lot of games don’t feel natural as touch experiences. This game definitely does. Great work!.Version: 4.0.17

Unbelievable amount of adsFind game so for. Up to level 35. Only complaint is the amount of ads this games has. Each one is 30 seconds. You literally can’t do anything in this game without an ad. You die, 30 second ad. Need a life 30 second ad. Doing the wheel 30 second ad. All they are trying to have you do is join there monthly subscription for money. Whomever is the owner needs to calm down with the ads. Have a limit of ads for a day or a month so we can play this game with a lot less disappointment. No one likes ads, especially when your attempting to beat a level your having problems on. I understand you must make money but come on, does everyone need to watch an ad each time they die or revive. Make your $5 for the month in ads and take it off until the next month. The ads or never ending. Update November 2020, still ridiculous ads! In game purchases are $15, $30, $50 that’s insane. Apparently the developers haven’t noticed that people pay $30 to $60 for Xbox and PlayStation games. Obviously a phone game is not worth that much for just 1 item. Reduce ads, reduce prices, if you would go down to $5 you would probably make much more. I’m sure I’ll give another review in the future so I’ll be playing and seeing what you change..Version: 5.0.1

Love this game, but...You keep making it harder and harder to play without spending any cash. I wish it were back to like it was 4 updates ago, without the crappy new stamina feature. You should also not require evolve stones for new skins, doing that was a mistake, because it just keeps getting harder and harder to play, especially as a lower CP player. I do love how much it resembles galaga, too. You, the developers, are also constantly making it harder and harder to farm materials by constantly lowering PVP bet amounts, in crystals, coins, and PVP points. I would also suggest making an open market where you can buy items such as evolve stones, legend tokens, and drone tickets with crystals, and coins. This should be bought from other players, and not from the game. And the players who sold the items on the market should also receive the amount of currency listed for it when it is sold. Please lower matrix ticket costs by a bit to make things more accessible to people who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on your game, and let us buy unlimited tickets, instead of only ten per day. It takes about 3-4 Months get a ship out of the matrix without spending money every day to get the matrix items. Just lower the matrix item amounts from 40-90 to like 30-80. It just doesn’t make any sense to require that many pieces. Please put the PVP bets back into the game, and raise the amounts back to 30-38 PPW..Version: 4.7.1

The game is riggedI have played this game a long time. I had especially enjoyed playing the PVP. However, over the last few months, it is clear the developers have rigged this game. Example, one way to win in the PVP is to get six waves ahead. I have been 3 waves ahead, and within 3 more waves, I’m suddenly 4 or 5 waves behind and then lose shortly after for falling so many waves behind. That’s saying my opponent, goes through nearly 10 waves in the time I go through 3-4 waves. They send in opponents who have the ability to attack you but there’s no way for us to attack them. I have won matches but suddenly get “disconnected” and lose not only the match but energy used on that. I have filed over a half dozen complaints and all I get is “thank you, we’re aware of the problem and are working on fixing it.” I get that every time. I have looked on groups on google and find out that they have their own developers going in and doing this in order to get the players to make in app purchases. It is rigged to get your money. The game is no longer enjoyable and I’m trying to find places to report them to have the game removed. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!.Version: 4.9.4

Great fun, not really freeThis game is lots of fun and that’s where a good deal of frustration lies, if you're going for totally free to play. The resources take so long to grind for with out paying for pack or box xyz and even then you’re paying for the chance to get xyz. The prices to buy things outright are absurd, still kinda pricey when on sale but better if you have the patience to wait. I find it great fun regardless, just have some of those days where I get to enjoy it a little less than others. For those who can handle a grind here’s some tips for staying free and still getting by. Get ships 1, 2, 4, & 5. Level up power and bullet to the max minus the bullet level on the first ship, lvl 4 or 5 should be fine, you usually pick up another ship before that many power ups. Save your crystals until you can get ship 9, wait and grind a while to get drone parts and buy ship 10. Once you grind your way to 200,000cp play in super leagues, even playing field, all up to how good a flyer you are. Good luck pilot..Version: 4.8.3

Last update killed it on the iPhone X.I like this game well enough, and haven’t experienced most of the bugs that are reported on here (although I’ve never tried to actually purchase anything with real money). I would have given it four stars, but had to give it two now that this last update completely broke the game for me. The four star review would have said that this game is a lot of fun and doesn’t have a lot of needless stuff to make it confusing like some of the other similar games I’ve tried. However, there are a LOT of ads. And a lot of them are pop ups for the game wanting you to buy/unlock stuff for $100!! The unlocks in this game are way, WAY overpriced. I can honestly say I probably would have bought several things on here if they weren’t overpriced so incredibly badly. I’m talking like the cheapest pop up I’ve seen was about $30 to unlock a ship. It’s ridiculous. This rating, unfortunately, dropped down to two stars today. The update that released a few hours ago made it to where I can’t see the sides of the game on my iPhone X. I think the developer tried to make it work on the X, but instead of making the app longer for the new screen, he just zoomed in and now you can’t see everything. I tried to contact the dev and nothing. And the link provided here in the App Store goes to a web page that isn’t even running. There’s literally no way to contact him, so I hope he sees this review..Version: 4.0.4

Used to be fun....I’ve played this game for a few years now. In the beginning it was challenging, fun and rewarding. Using skill and technique to advance in levels and ships; however now it’s become too hard to advance and win in any way, shape or form without spending lots of money. This is especially hard during a pandemic where not everyone has the luxury to spend extra money to advance. At the very least you should allow skins and upgrades and crystals be available on an open market forum utilizing coins rather than players income. In addition: for PvP adding the little ships that create challenges each stage has made it even more difficult to advance ahead; especially since PvP seems to always match one with another player leaps and bounds ahead of oneself in level and combat fire. This game wasn’t always like this- it used to be fun. Addictive. Happy. Now with all the issues, problems, money hungry add ons the developers have created- it’s become frustrating and tiresome. It feels like this game is only for those who have extra money to blow- not for the loyal, hardworking players such as myself. I know I’m not the only person with these exact same complaints and yet nothing has been done to fix, modify or change it. Sorta represents the system and reality we live in everyday vs. being the wonderful escape this game once was for players..Version: 5.0.21

Don’t spend your money here!!I have spent more money on this game than I really want to admit over the last several years. I received a message a few weeks ago that I was cheating in some way. This was absolutely false. It said if you wanted to dispute it, follow the FB link it connected you to. I provided screen shots, all of my history and advised them to check my account. I also asked for a refund for things I had paid for that was taken due to time outs, freezing and other issues on their part. To which I have received ZERO response. After about 3 days without a response from them, I was locked out of all PVP matches and online play. So, I sent a message regarding this. Again, no response. They have no problem taking your money for all of the in app purchases, but are lousy with customer service. I have requested a refund for ALL money spent on/within this app due to the issue of my game no longer working. No response. Now, I will go to the Apple/ITunes and keep working up the chain. From what I understand, this happened to a lot of people. Not just myself. I just contacted them way before most others. This was my favorite game to play while my grandson was napping. I have lost tons of money and time. You spend so much time working on your ranking. 3 years or more from me. All to have it GONE with NO communication from app owner or anyone else from their team..Version: 5.0.16

Greedy DevelopersThis game could be 5-star; and it used to be. It’s fun and very addictive. However, the developers are so focused on making money that they have ruined the game with their updates. Rather than fixing bugs, their updates add more features that attempt to coax players into paying real money to be able to complete the game. The worst update of which was the ENERGY UPDATE, that now requires players to pay energy to play single player, which used to be free. Players are given a set amount of energy each day, but must pay if they want to play endlessly, like before this update. Everything valuable in the game takes crystals to our buy; crystals are impossible to gain in large amounts unless players pay real money to buy them. Unlocking a new IN-GAME SHIP COSTS $30-$50 DOLLARS! That’s outrageous! Often, when players do purchase things, they are given nothing or LOSE THEIR PURCHASES when they make updates. Customer service auto replies and fixes some things, but they fail to follow through on about 90% of requests for reasonable refunds - that is unless the person complaining has opened a case with Google Play first! ABI has got to be the greediest game development company that I have ever come across in my entire life. Believe me when I tell you that, in this game, the richest person wins. Games should be about skill, not money..Version: 4.6.7

It’s good, however...I’ve been playing it for about 4 months now. I like the game. There are different modes to make the whole thing not feel like the same over and over again. There is variety. However, when I play PvP (player versus player) I keep getting paired up against other players that are VIPs. I find it unfair. I’m not a VIP (a player that has made a purchase, the more a player spends, the better the benefits). They get advantages to begin with. A non-VIP can almost never win against a VIP. The game keeps track of everyone’s rankings most people on top are all VIPs. I think VIPs should play against each other within the medals/rankings and non-VIPs should play against each other like wise. Otherwise, the developers are forcing players to lose or buy. That doesn’t seem right, if one considers they are getting advertisement money from us. I see a lot ads during my playing time. Other players have mentioned the options for ships and crystals, etc are pricey. That is very true. One becomes a VIP-1 by spending 99¢, each 99¢ = 1 point. To get to VIP-12, one needs 2000 points. Who spends this money on a game? Much less during a financial crisis.Version: 4.8.1

Fun game with unexpected consequencesGame is pretty fun, constant stream of fire to destroy swarms of enemies. Bosses are designed well and with enough variations that their reuse is natural and not boring. Unfortunately, upgrading ships also upgrades game difficulty making the game less fun over time instead of more fun. To provide an example, in Endless mode you can make it through perhaps 50 levels with the first few ships you can acquire. As your fleet grows in power you can approach 100 screens...THEN you cross some invisible boundary and the difficulty of every screen increases. Asteroids begin breaking up into unkillable debris, alien ships explode releasing homing missiles and start shielded dive bomb runs. These difficulty enhancements are great, but the start on the first wave of every mode making it difficult to clear even 50 waves on Endless mode despite substantial investment in improving your fleet. Highly recommend that these difficulty enhancements be removed from early waves of Endless and Multiplayer. They take a five star game down to three stars in my opinion. A go to diversion has become a frustration not worth continuing since it seems upgrades that should make you stronger, really just improve the enemies..Version: 4.0.28

Purchased special deal and nothing was sent(400 crystals Halloween special deal)Beware this app has major glitches and when u make a purchase especially on the specials they offer for crystals you are at risk of not getting anything in return and not even a refund. Feedback team says contact Apple store but Apple store uses a program that won’t refund your money back on any purchase over $20 as it uses a program to dennie your refunds. BEWARE! Plus now there more adds that some are played while another is also played at the same time in background. It’s like u get stuck watching adds most of the time and lucky to get rewards when most of the time the app freezes up on you and have to close app and re load and nothing again.. save ur cash ... and if u are playing guaranteed freeze or waste of ur time playing to get no rewards or useless support that always reply late nites and ask to send screen shots of ur account and again have to wait days to even months to get the same reply again to resend screen shot of ur account. I’m sorry for the bad review but after losing my money over and over it’s just makes no sense to awards anything higher then 1 star..fix the app and give out what we pay for !!.Version: 5.0.5

Be ready to spend spend spend!Please stop taking away turns. You keep limiting— first survival, then the PVP then the against 3. Actually— keep doing it. It will make it easier to delete the app so I can stop spending so much time playing. I absolutely love this game but it’s really for those who have plenty of $ to toss into it. I don't mind spending a few bucks for a great game but obviously you’re going to lose PVP against those who have paid more in. There’s little skill involved when you’re up against a higher VIP. You're going to be given the lowest of the low end ships repeatedly playing in super league against those who are higher VIP and be prepared to feel very frustrated as you watch the 6 levels needed for the other to win get blown away in no time. Campaign is probably the best to stay in although I loved playing PVP, campaign is at least more skill involved but there are some areas you will find it extremely difficult without a stronger ship. So if you’re patient, you’ll eventually get it, if you’re not— pull out your money!! To the creators — the graphics are beautiful. You’ve done an awesome job. The colors are amazing and the aliens are great. Prettiest aliens I’ve ever destroyed..Version: 5.2.0

The bugs kill this gameJust uninstalled this after losing 20,000 coins from two multi-player matches which I won. I thought the first was a flook, but the second time was the last straw. I absolutely love playing this game and got quite good. The server issues were annoying but I worked with it (usually switching my wifi off fixed it temporarily). And I even endured the more obnoxious bugs pointed out in the other reviews. But when you're losing almost your entire bag of coins because of the terrible coding behind this game, you lose a lot of respect for the company. And that's not to mention the extreme greed within the company. It literally costs $30-50 of real US dollars for a higher level ship, and that doesn't include upgrades. And to be successful in the campaign, you have to buy them. I was saving up gems from daily tasks and whatnot because I decided early on to never give my real money to the game until the bugs were gone and I knew I would get a return on my investment. But after this final straw, I'm done. I'd recommend you avoid this game at all costs. Would easily be a 5/5 if it wasn't for this..Version: 4.0.8

Fun but predictableI didn’t know about this game until my step dad air dropped it to me so I thought oh I guess I’ll check it out so I am pretty easy going when it comes to downloading games because I am always on the App Store looking for something to play so I read some reviews and over all it sounded like a good game from like the 4 reviews that I read. So I started to play the game today and I’m on level 6 and I already have like 14 phases of these Alien things that I have to battle so the phases go up INSANELY and that is definitely something that needs to be fixed. Also every level is the some predictable thing!!! The some thing happens in every single level that I have played. So surely you know the game best fiends I am on like level 14 of that game and their has been something different EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! Now sorry if I get yelled at by the creators for talking about a game that they did not make but I just had to tell the person reading this review that this game is VERY PREDICTABLE!! So if you like to play the same thing over and over and over the pls go ahead and download this game it’s low key made for you but if you like to change things up all the time then pls ignore this game and movie on with life. Over all the game is really fun but just insanely to predictable..Version: 4.3.10

Awesome Game, but needs tweakingI really, thoroughly enjoy playing this game. Even with the tweaks this game needs I still enjoy playing this game. However, correct the few issues I see, and this game would blow others out of the water! I enjoyed Endless mode before it was updated to the Stages version it is at now. Also, occasionally the game freezes during gameplay. This freeze often disrupts a move to evade a missile hit, then upon unfreezing, the move I was in the middle of has been disrupted to the point that it is either no longer in the direction I was moving, or my ship unfreezing is delayed and gets hit by the oncoming missile anyhow. A third issue with the game I have noticed is touching a bonus video after losing all three lives in an Endless mode match is that occasionally the bonus video never displays an X anywhere to close out the ad after displaying. It is not a case of a well placed X either, as in a white one in a white cloud or something similar. I have scoured these ads. In these instances I have had to close out the app completely to get back into the game. Please correct these problems! Thank you!.Version: 4.0.33

Hello playersIf you’re looking for a game to play that is legit without any hacks or cheaters. I WOULD NOT PLAY!!! This game. If they got rid of the hacks and cheaters it would be really fun to play like it was over a year ago. The game has gone downhill since e then cause the developers of the game can’t figure out how fix any problems within the game. They do an update almost everyday which fixes one problem then creates two more. They add stuff to game and give out crappy prizes. I’m not saying this just to say this. I’m saying it because I have and many others have said it. The customer services is the worst there ever was in the game besides GOW. The gifts for the codes are useless. Yes they tiny gift will help out the very small player like the beginners, but even that won’t get to far. The game focuses on how much they can do and pretend to help out. The developers of this game are getting shammed by all the hackers and cheaters in the game. Many have complained but nothing is being done. Other than the executives, developers or whatever you call the crooks going on vacation for a couple weeks and putting out a post saying we will be off for vacation. Now when they are not on vacation you can’t get a hold of them. The customer service is a 1 and that is 1 being low and 10 being high. And 1 is being nice..Version: 4.3.12

Old-School throwback masterpieceI’ve been playing for a few hours and haven’t had to buy anything to get past levels (tho admittedly it often takes many tries). From what I’ve seen so far that i don’t really like is how expensive it is to buy-in just a little. I’m one of those people that believes: if I enjoy a freemium game for two hours or more, I buy in at between $1 and at most $5. I understand that this is how this model sustains itself and I’m happy to pitch in when it’s a game that’s kept my interest for a few days and a couple hours. But I feel strongly that these types of games should offer really good, low priced, one-off $1 & $5 kits. If you want to buy more after that, then they can charge whatever cause that’s where I stop. This gaming-business model seems to be asking a lot for what seems like a return with maybe one or two things that are a level up. Just my 2 cents. But the game itself is fun and challenging tho not impossible ... yet ;).Version: 4.0.33

Fun, but too many adsThis is a fun game, reminiscent of games like r-type and galaga. However, there are WAY too many advertisements at 30seconds each advert and the prices for in game items are horrendously expensive. It’s a phone game not a PlayStation/Xbox or pc game, I cannot justify paying such high prices when I can get these things on other reputable platforms, half the time they don’t even charge that much. If prices were lower and relative to other phone games more people would probably spend money. Minecraft, Pokemon go, the Star Trek and Star Wars games and other games like those don’t even charge these high prices for in app purchases. My kid wants to click on many things and there’s no way to just have a 0.99c or $2 monthly ad free subscription. There is no way to change account photo or name unless it is linked to a Facebook account which I do not want to do because it means changing Fb account info. So when you set it the first time be sure you choose the right name and photo!.Version: 5.2.10

I hate this game.When I started it was ok. I won some, I lost some. Now, you can only play super league twice a day. They force you to play free league and I’m constantly going against people with better ships and upgrades. You have to fight the aliens and sometimes 3-4 attacks from opponents at the same time! It’s like putting a teenager in the cage with a pro MMA fighter. It don’t stay fun long, you get what I’m saying? Now I’m definitely not the best player, even if I was fully upgraded, but I can promise you an even playing level I would be winning more than I am now which is about 10% of the time. Even in free leagues, if you’re against someone who doesn’t have upgrades it’s like 8 times out of 10 they immediately get their most powerful ship and I get the two least powerful until like wave 9 or 10. By that time you can’t catch up if the player is good enough. I hate to delete this game because I actually just spent real money on it just to buy one ship. But I’m gonna. I’m so done I just want everyone else to know, you cannot compete unless you spend money. I repeat, you cannot compete unless you spend real money or deal with losing for 10 years to finally upgrade some stuff to get to where you can compete. My only hope in winning free league is if one of the other opponents quit or is killed early or if my teammate has lots of upgrades and attacks them and then I just ride my teammates coat tails to victory. It just gets old..Version: 5.1.8

Good game but I game purchases are too priceyThis game is really fun and you are able to play without spending money but it would be nice if the other ships in the game weren’t $30 and $50, yes those are the prices, I’m sure the developer would make waayyyy more money dropping these to affordable prices. Way more people would buy(why do you think Walmart is so popular do you know how much they make a day?) for every 1 $30 purchase you could probably have like 20+ $5 purchases. Would be way more fun if I could enjoy the pay to play aspects too. UPDATE: the shield does nothing. You get a little shield thing you can select at the beginning of a level and all it does is lag out your game for like 2 seconds. It occasionally shows up, at random intervals, and just lags everything. It doesn’t even protects you I got hit with a middle and died. Also I’ve hit a level where I simply cannot beat it no matter what I do. It’s as though they designed it to only be beaten with the ships you have to buy, which are still way too pricey. UPDATE: the new update messed up the game. It’s now laggy constantly, no it’s not my phone it’s played this game perfectly fine till now also my phone is new, and if you try to resurrect by watching an ad the ad doesn’t resurrect you it just asks you to watch another ad and freezes. I literally got killed by nothing in a meteor level where the meteors didn’t even come near me..Version: 4.0.39

Fun Game, but.....This is a very fun game. Lots of aspects to keep it new and keep you entertained. HOWEVER, it is near impossible to continue to advance without spending large sums of money. 40, 50, 60$ for a ship?!! Having to spend your energy (and coin) to play in PVP and Clan ( to be paired up extremely unevenly with players who have vastly higher rankings, vastly higher ship performance, to lose instantly from special ship attacks) It’s very frustrating. It feels rigged. Some days it’s buggy. You win a match, but it marks you as defeated. You are defeated and it marks you as victorious. Some days it’s very sensitive when you brush up against ships, somedays not. Very ad heavy!!! You choose to watch an ad to proceed in game, and the it freezes and you can’t proceed or it will show as not watched and kick you off. Each update makes the bosses more and more difficult and near impossible to beat unless you purchase the 60$ ship or one of their skins. Developers could make more money if they lowered prices. PVP matches should be more fairly paired. 1500 PVP player against. 25,000 PVP with specialty ships and special attacks is ridiculous..Version: 5.0.4

Game only good for single playerUnless you are willing to pump a whole bunch of cash into this game, don’t expect to beat the single player missions past level 30 and the “crazy” difficulty setting on each level is actually impossible because after level 7, crazy mode will randomly kill you from out of nowhere. PvP is outright, blatant, shameless pay to win setting. If you can’t buy ships and upgrade them all the way(which you can only do by spending money because the game itself will not let you earn the necessary funds through gameplay) you will always lose in the Arena and Survival modes. Those modes will favor the pay to win players because the rounds won’t generate enough dropped power ups to even be able to kill the enemies on higher levels. Good to pass the time, but don’t worry about earning achievements or “fighting” your way to the top. The developers of this game have absolutely no qualms with rubbing it in your face that you will never actually earn your progression by way of skill. You just have to pay for the top spot. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IF YOURE LOOKING TO WIN A CONTEST BY SKILL. PAY TO WIN! PAY TO WIN! PAY TO WIN!.Version: 5.0.19

Remove Last Update Special EffectsI really like this game. It’s been very fun to play and I like the challenge. Unfortunately, the last update has made it even harder to play. I don’t like how the ship flies in at the first when it goes big and then shrinks down to normal size. It places your ship at an awkward starting place and especially when you die and use a revival you lose control for the first second of game play which is crucial especially with bosses. And when playing with the terminator and reviving you got the full missile block from the bottom of the screen. Now you only get about 1/3 of the top of the screen because of the change in the animation of the ship at the beginning. I also don’t like that you can no longer update the terminator without passing level 80, even with crystals. I’ve been stuck at that level for months and can’t get pass the boss. I just used all my crystals to start at power up 4 and was going to update the terminator next. I like the idea of the new side ships but just added it up and it will cost $150 to get them all. Yah, I don’t think so..Version: 4.0.21

THIRD REVIEW PLEASE FIX THE APP ALREADYOkay so I like the game and all but it's glitchy af. Like I keep losing gold and PVP points because the game keeps crashing not even 5 rounds into a PVP game. And I shouldn't have to pay for it when it's not my fault at all. I'm can't complete quests now because it always wants PVP matches which I can't play because the game crashes. And then I get penalized for it. Which makes NO sense whatsoever. Also the constant IAP ads are seriously annoying. Literally no one is going to pay that much money for in game crap that is literally worth nothing at all. It's almost insulting to be honest. You need to work on your business model. And coding. Or lack thereof. Update: Tournaments don't work either. I only joined one for the daily quest and even though I got through 20+ waves it said my highest wave was 0, gave no reward, and didn't fulfill the quest. So I lost 4000 gold for literally nothing. And can't finish the quests now. I'm starting to wonder if these things are intentional because you're so desperate to scam people out of hundreds of dollars on a MOBILE game when no one would even pay that much money for a REAL video game. How do you even make money?.Version: 4.0.28

It was great but now...When I first downloaded this game it was phenomenal. So many different modes to play and ways to upgrade. Now it just keeps getting worse and worse after the updates. First off you need materials (crystals) to upgrade your more powerful ships. The only way to get those crystals are by paying an obscene amount of money or battling someone else for theirs. It used to be 7 crystals for a “super” battle and you had unlimited play. Now it’s 4 crystals and there is a cool down period that stops once you exit pvp mode. Not only do you need the crystals to upgrade ships you need them for opening chest to get different materials to upgrade your ships. It just seems Lomé the ya re doing everything in their power to make you pay $40 for 300 crystals to get a chance for the things you need to progress. You also need to spend money to move up into VIP. There are 12 levels of VIP. If I’m not mistaken you need to spend $100+ to get to VIP 12. This is starting to get ridiculous. Edit to review: it is nearly impossible to advance in the game without spending money. Especially with the skins that send obstacle to an opposing playing during PVP. Unless you pay for those upgrades it’s almost impossible to spend enough time on the game to acquire those upgrades. It keeps getting worse..Version: 5.2.3

Awful, terrible waste of time!Do not expect a fair game unless willing to fork over exorbitant amounts of money to become a “VIP” member or become one of the many hackers who seem to easily scam the game. It is crawling with bugs, from PvP mode (game will randomly shut down during matches which can result in costly losses) to what is called the boss mode (where a beaten “boss” is not recognized and the game timer ticks on into infinity.) Most things in game can be acquired with crystals; which can be earned through various tasks or bought with actual money. Several ships are available for such purchases and are necessary if one is to progress throughout tougher levels, opponents, etc. For example, one can own the “Terminator” for either $50 USD or 300 crystals although it is randomly (scarcely) dropped while playing levels or matches (especially scarce while matched against a VIP member.) There are almost no ads, so it stands to reason that these people need to monetize the service provided. But please be warned that this isn’t a crazy awesome game deserving accolades and dollars; it’s super basic Atari-esque retro in design and play. ***Pay at your own risk!.Version: 4.1.23

Horrible play after you level a littleNo skill base match making. Was fun in beginning and even started to spend some money. Now it’s just out of control. Can’t win or do anything in PvP mode. Expect to battle people that are double your rank and maxed out accounts. They will real you in at the beginning and make it very fun and addictive. After about the first 30 days you will completely over ran by maxed accounts horrible playing experience. Would not advise to put any money into this game. Use it as a time waster at most. I will be delegating the app!! They say that they have updated the skill base match making lol. Not even close to being true. I would say it’s about a 1 in 5 chance that you will play someone the same rank or lower. For instance I’m a rank 60 and during my PvP match yesterday I finished with 2 win and 3 losses which is a total of 5 matches. Played 1 that was a equal rank. 2 of the matches where people level 150 and PvP points over 10k. Game continues to decrease daily. Will say it is a good time killer if you just want to noodle around for a couple minutes or if you want to spend about $100 plus a month. Anything between that the game play is horrible.Version: 5.2.12

HONEYTRAP ($$$$$) SCAMThis game was fair and fun before. Now it only pairs me with players who have SIGNIFICANTLY higher combat power than me with every ship juiced to the MAX, and also they keep throwing attacks. Of course I’m going to lose. I’m being punished for not purchasing ridiculously priced items? Most of the time when I play against a VIP player, the game hardly releases power ups. I’m running on fumes. This game is incredibly biased and frustrating. Update I see you developers applied addict psychology to your game. I’m now 100% sure this game is rigged to frustrate the #&$% outta you and try to force you to pay $$$$. After being paired with players with at least 5x more CP than me, I finally paid up and upgraded my basic ships. I finally had a shot and won a few games fair and square. But the glamour faded my ships don’t do the same damage on standard levels anymore and now I get paired with players who have skins I ain’t even seen. I finish level 2 they’re already in level 8 game over. These players had at least $1,000 dollars worth of skins and drones. You can’t sucker me like those chumps. You fooled me once and it won’t happen again. I’m deleting this scam game..Version: 4.7.3

Update Killed It....I'm still going to give the 4 star rating because this game is awesome, and I know it can be fixed....But, that being said, if it is not fixed, it basically becomes a 1-Star (0-Star) game. Since the update, I have not been receiving my coins when I win Endless/Campaign/Bosses/Multiplayer. It has either been closing itself halfway through a game after glitching, or closing at the end of a game, after I had already won my coins, and then closes and when I start it back up, it's like I hadn't even played that last level. Also, when I try to watch an AD for double coins, it will either play through the AD (about 10% of the time), and the other 90% it will play through the AD, then the screen goes white, and stays that way until I close the game. Now today, I go to play and it won't even open the game at all. It brings up the white with orange logo screen, and then as soon as it popped up, it immediately closes. Please fix ASAP. I absolutely love this game and I love the new daily tasks part of the new update, but the bugs/glitches need to be fixed..Version: 4.0.5

Used to be great, now it’s a money-sucker.Ok devs, I’m not going to fall into your trap. I know you want us to buy everything with really money. Screw that. Why would I pay hundreds of dollars for a little space game on my phone? No one in their right mind is going to do that. This game is on the verge of being almost completely PAY TO WIN. I hate the PvP mode, which has almost no matchmaking fairness (which I’ve said multiple times on world chat and people agree). And I’ve looked through the reviews, few people are finding this game good for more than two days. I played this a couple years ago, but the past updates have pretty much ruined it. Why did you add “energy”? You offer vague explanations for in-game items, and what little things that have explanations are in terrible English and hard to understand. Mind you, I get that you might not operate in and English speaking region but please take into consideration what you are writing. I still have no clue how to get said “clan coins” or whatever those overpriced skin buyers are. Maybe you should consider the consumers when looking back at your game. Sorry but I have to down rate this game..Version: 4.5.6

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 5.2.17

Who Knows!!!I totally agree with some of the other reviews, I don't have a lot to spend so try and upgrade by playing and earning stones and coin, a lot of the times I've been sitting through an add, only to be put back to my home page on my iPad and the free spin I seem to wait a lot of 30 min for, probably another bug. Good game but very frustrating. I've gone to delete many times but then change my mind..........Who Knows???????.Version: 4.2.9

Get rid of the Attack functionI love this game but….. It drives me insane when you know you’re a decent player but then you’re up against who has spent money to upgrade ships and have the attack function. You play, you die - no matter how hard you try. Either remove the function or players with attack should only play others with the same. Rant over, thanks..Version: 5.2.11

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING IN APPSeriously, any 5 star ratings over the past 6 months are bogus! This is the crappiest experience ever! I had been playing this game for about a year, happily slowly making my way through the levels. They recently had a half price sale on crystals, so (against my better judgement) I purchased the large pack. 2 days later, the app crashed and not only did I lose my purchase, but my game reset back a lot of levels and I lost most of the cards I had worked to collect. I have tried to contact the devs, I’ve had one auto reply and that’s it! No help whatsoever!!! And absolutely no help from Apple anymore! The worst App experience I have ever encountered!!!.Version: 4.5.5

Great game needs fixingThis game is awesome love it, BUT! There are some things that need fixing. When you buy a spaceship and then want to add a shield or something the spaceship you just bought disappears but the money has already been taken. So you have to spend more money to get what you already had!.Version: 4.1.31

Remember Space Invaders? 🤖Similar game experience and almost as enjoyable! Adds are not intrusive because the user controls what they watch. If you want the bonus rewards for watching them it’s up to you. There’s a decent number of gaming modes and fair warning ... it’s highly addictive so get those household chores done first. Happy gaming 👾.Version: 4.1.6

Last update, not so good!This has been my go to game for months now. The last update appears to have some bugs in gameplay now. I can no longer click on the coins or gems at the end of the level so am not sure if it is allowing me to collect them or not. Also when you opt to watch a video at the end to get a higher coin drop, it makes you watch the video and not be able to collect at the end. I have also noticed that the Walkthrough button no longer works. I did find this handy in getting tips to defeat the bosses. Please fix.Version: 4.1.19

Quite DisappointedThe game in theory is fantastic, but the supposedly random way that your ships appear is utter garbage. A player vs player game should put skill against skill, yet I’ve lost count how many times my opponent gets his main ship first, sometimes mine does not appear at all. Try making the game more even, cause at the moment it’s pretty poor..Version: 4.0.35

Adds are intense!!Not only are the amount of adds for such little reward extreme, now the latest adds they are showing are double adds. Just when you think that 30 second annoying add is enough, another 15 second add automatically starts. Maybe if you tripled the reward it might be worth it. You need to control the adds a bit better. There are also some adds that when the clock has counted down, the X won’t come up for another 15 seconds, and all for 100 coins which gets you absolutely no where. Create a healthier balance between adds, money grabbing and game enjoyment..Version: 4.2.16

DisappointedNot a bad game in itself, BUT, way too many ads. I mean a totally ridiculous amount of ads for the time spent in the game. Makes the whole thing disappointing and annoying. Further the in-app purchases are obscenely over priced and of terrible value. Over $70 to unlock a ship that you have to pay each time to use... Or you can spend $150 to buy a boost pack... Really, this is basically Space Invaders, not Elite Dangerous or No Mans Sky which can be purchased for less than unlocking a ship in this.... There has not been the development put into this basic game to warrant these ridiculous prices for the in-app purchases.Version: 4.0.1

5 stars game playI was totally addicted to this game , especially someone who like old school games during late 90s. It really testing your skills without purchasing the extras . I do admit there are way too much ads and too many purchasing options which may lead the player feel some sort of frustration. In a way is tricky, however purchasing right is totally up to the buyer. Overall it is a great game..Version: 4.1.12

Greedy, greedy, greedy game developersThis used to be a fun game, now it is not. It feels like every second “upgrade” it costs more money to play. If you are a less experienced player you get royally shafted. It really is a case of the rich get richer & the poor get shafted. The only way to win is to upgrade your ships, upgrade your power, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade $$$$$$. Even then it is not enough. I keep being pitted against players with way higher combat power so losing again. Pay more money to buy more opportunity to win, except the same over & over again. Game needs MAJOR overhaul to make it fun & accessible again..Version: 4.5.0

Great game with incredible let downsThe game itself is actually fantastic. The thing I can’t get over is the ridiculous amounts of money that the creators ask to upgrade spacecrafts. It’s daylight robbery!! There’s also other factors in the game, such as purchasing boosters and they are not able to be used during the level you’ve created... Not sure if it’s a glitch or not, such a shame with what could have been... Also, what’s the go with those massive missiles sent from absolutely nowhere!? What a terrible idea!!!.Version: 4.2.4

The game that wasIt was an awesome game, until last 7/8 month, the developer seems doesn't care about how the players feeling anymore, all their focusing are how to charge players more n more money, i just couldn't help to think are they in a huge financial trouble at moment, besides, hackers seems rule the game right now, can't see any improvement in the security side of it, would you like to see your account been zapped and lost all your credits due to hacking? I would give below zero if i able to. Its good to get reply fr Abi,i AM looking forward to the next update IF it can fix some issues, if viewer do get to my review i suggest you search GAAS pages in FB, either official developer's FB or gaas global, see what's ppl are saying ...Version: 5.0.23

EpicnessThis game is very fun and I can’t think of many others like it besides space invaders and the game doesn’t jam ads down your throat I can’t imagine anything wrong with the game besides the fact that u can’t upgrade all your ships at once but that doesn’t really bother me anyway thanks for making a genuinely good mobile game that u can play whenever have a good day whoever reads this.Version: 4.5.4

Pay to playBeen playing it for well over a year. The developer has made it impossible to progress now without spending I would say $2k Aus. Would be fine for those with established accounts that were upgraded the old way by passing levels and PvP but now with the need to buy energy just to play, ships requiring outrageous amounts of crystals it is an absolute waste of time if you are not going to spend serious $$$. PvP was great till somehow now you need to be in an established clan to even participate to earn ships. Great game to play for difficulty levels but you will only get so far before pay to play..Version: 4.6.12

Another update and more laggy than everI have spent so much money on this game I’m VIP level 8) and the 2 latest updates make it unplayable yet again. Every time an alien is killed the lag time is horrible and you die. It needs improvements immediately. As a VIP I already get unlimited shields and bombs and some spaceships so it’s so annoying when I get them in the daily spin instead of something useful like Supers, crystals or coins. The clan boss should be allowed to fight once per day whenever I choose rather than the one hour period when I’m asleep..Version: 4.8.3

RubbishPlayed about 30 games had over 300,000 in coins, watched a zillion ads to either give me an extra lifeline or to get extra coin at games end. Used my 300,000 coins to upgrade my spacecraft only to find out in the next game I go back to using the crappy green spacecraft that you get originally. Every time you catch the red power up it lasts for like 15 secs max, however usually this time is waiting for the next round to appear! In game purchases are way overpriced and not worth buying mainly because there expensive as hell. $159 for a few hundred crystals and coin! Lol honestly you got to be Kidding me??.Version: 4.0.42

Glitches with clan and cardsWhenever I try to open clan or to buy a card it comes up with the “check internet connection” GUI, even when I have a stable internet connection. I can open up the leaderboard though, fix the broken clan and card please, Fix this glitch!.Version: 4.7.5

Greedy developers squeezing gamersThis game has a fairly good interface, could benefit from a user guide, and the gameplay can be really challenging. Then the updates keep coming and they are not about improving the gameplay they are about increasing revenue for the game developer. Frustrating system in place in update for energy. You get to a point some days when you might play an hour or two and then you can’t play even single player for an hour or so because they want you to buy energy to play. There are no instructions and the support is hit and miss. The emphasis on miss most of the time. You also need a lot of patience or like being frustrated to try and play this game without paying for extras..Version: 5.0.6

Enjoyable but a blatant cash-grabThe game over all is very enjoyable. My main issue is the fact that it prompts you to purchase ships and upgrades that cost upwards of $50. The really sneaky way they do it is by making the purchase pop-up look identical to the retry/continue pop-up and only do it at random intervals. You’ll be playing the game for 10 levels and the BAM! - you narrowly avoid spending $80 on a spaceship that pops up instead of the usual retry/continue. It’s pretty under-handed. Make sure you lock down your purchase settings before you play this..Version: 4.1.2

Internet issues?!?Hi, Been noticing that for some reason I cannot open chests or do the matrix play as it keeps saying no internet connection?!? But their is no internet issues as I can still view ads and such! Just updated today thinking the issue may have been resolved but no, it’s still happening! Really annoying, otherwise the game is great..Version: 5.0.17

Caleb krznarThis game is awesome but there’s an issue I don’t know why there is different types of planes on the levels when we should have a shop to buy them I’m not judging just could you add that in please but anyways this game is so cool and great. Keep up the good work.😁😁😁😁😁😁.Version: 4.1.39

Where’s stuff I paid forI played this game so much it’s really good but recently I got a new phone and I had tonnes of stuff on my old phone including all the ships and wanted to know where they went because I don’t have them any more my ships are the basic and I’m missing my progress and the other mini ships so would you be kind enough to tell me where they went please but if I had them back I’d say it’s a five star game.Version: 5.0.25

Very Good Overall..... Couple of ButsVery cool game, good graphics, music is cool etc. however two big things prevent me from good the whole 5 stars. 1. Ship upgrade prices are an absolute joke. Using that amount of real money to buy a computerised ship, come on !! 2. The multiplayer battles are really fun but very uneven. I don’t care about people who have a better ship than the best one I have but the game should give each player the same opportunities at the same time. The amount of times I have played someone and watched them get upgraded ships and power ups and I have been given nothing. Make winning impossible..Version: 4.1.28

Too many bugs since from the latest updateI was discontinued compulsory when it had the last two players alive in PvP survival. I had it happen 8 times to me in the last two day, it’s annoying.Version: 4.5.7

Fun game but ads are painfulLove this game, very addictive. Only complaints I have are regarding the ads. Some go for 45 seconds and then on occasion once the ad has finished the game hasn’t recognized that you have watched it and will ask you to watch an ad again to continue. Feel like it’s 50/50 gameplay to ads.Version: 4.2.3

Could be betterI am on level 19 now and so far no significant rewards in terms of upgrading jet or weapons. Each time I complete a mission, it pretty much starts same game on the next level. I even spent real money to purchase a upgraded jet but I can only use the generic jet, not sure why I paid no point to continue. I could just play level one over and over again. However, it could be a better game if you actually get rewarded as you progress to next level..Version: 3.9

Greedy, no customer service, hacked game full of glitches.June 2020. Everybody stays playing this game because we’re optimistic: narcissistic owners who sadistically abuse customers. It was a great game. I would not recommend this game to anyone. Over priced game. Hundreds of thousands of players still hold onto their accounts because they have invested thousands of dollars and hope to claim their glitched losses, but everyone is ignored. I watch on hoping to see this game destroyed. It has made many many enemies. Do not believe all the positive reviews. They are paid workers. No one is happy with this game..Version: 4.6.10

Awesome game but hardI love this game and it doesn’t even have adds! I do wish pirate king would be for coins though. I love your creativity of the game and I think you worked hard. I love the challenge that you have ready for us. You should watch the chat section because people are sometimes very rude in their words. Thanks so much.Version: 4.5.1

Good way to pass time and improve finger movement skillsI have downloaded this game out of curiosity last year, and I’m still playing it now during my break. It keeps my mind sharp although keeping calm after a loss has been a challenge. Love the difficulty levels and the concept of building a career within the game as time passes. PvP is the most exciting although most of the player power mismatches can be frustrating sometimes. I wish they’d fix that. Overall it reminds me of space invaders, hence I got it in the first place..Version: 4.5.7

Good game but now buggy after updatesI’m really liking this game, it’s fun and addictive. The only thing is it is now buggy after the latest updates. The issue is with the gameplay. After certain levels after I finish where it tells me to upgrade a certain ship, no matter whether I press the upgrade button or the x in the top right corner the screen goes to a darker shade and I can’t do anything, so now I have to close the app totally and reload it only to have it happen again the next time. It’s very frustrating. If this is fixed I will give the game 5 stars..Version: 4.0.33

To app developersHi, I agree with all majority of other reviewers, the game is great-BUT...its only great until it’s suddenly not. From the beginning of the game I’ve not had the ability to play events-AT ALL, but still get offers for me to buy packs of tokens for the events though lol. That hasn’t bothered me too much because the game even without events is great, BUT I’ve paid A LOT of money on this game and I’ve never even once got to play in an event which is a real bummer. I’ve had items I’ve paid for disappear, clan issues in 100 different ways & SO many other things I could list but I’d be here ALL week. All of these issues in game building up has left me pretty limited to what I can do & I’ve really paid as much as I have to be able to play MORE NOT LESS. I’ve contacted support multiple times over a long period of time with ABSOLUTELY no response...please respond to me so we can have a chat & get these issues resolved! It will not only benefit me but a lot of other players of the game & of course it will benefit yous because more people will play the game & continue to play the game. If you help us, we will help you! If you can fix these issues & be more responsive & take responsibility for your game, you might even get #1 in the App Store!.Version: 5.2.3

Was good but....Sadly the developers killed this game by making it too expensive to progress after latest update. It seems the only way to move forward is to buy crystals which are ridiculously expensive and you get little bang for your buck. Only people who benefited from update were those already skilled up, wealthy people and maybe the developers - although I suspect they have made the game too expensive now for the masses. In the league games, you’re pitted against players who are so advanced that it’s pointless even trying to win. So no rewards there. Too bad, it was a great game once upon a time..Version: 4.1.36

Ridiculously AddictiveLove this game. It kinda reminds of old school shooting games. Absolutely love it. It’s great to play on the way to work & home. Definitely recommend this game. If you’ve seen it in other games or apps advertising n are thinking of downloading, definitely download it.Version: 4.2.4

Stay awayFirst - gameplay is not bad, however all fun is taken out by the developers. Way too many bugs that let you loose all advance no matter if paid for or not. Complaining doesn’t help, you simply don’t get anything back or even an acknowledgment. All in game purchases are way overpriced, have not encountered a game yet that is so greedy. Playing online with other players was fun at first, now you van only really play when you pay. Read all reviews, the longer someone plays the worst the reviews get....Version: 4.5.0

5 stars for the gameAlien shooter is a really cool game and it has power ups that get really powerful. I love everything about it and every thing about the game is perfect except for the ads. The difficulty is really good, easy is easy, medium is medium and you get the point. I am on level 11 and I only started the game this morning!.Version: 4.2.3

Only for the wealthyFantastic space shooter game, brilliant graphics and playability. And unfortunately the embodiment of the greed that dominates fremium gaming. Im happy to spend 5 dollars here and ten dollars there to upgrade my ship. But the writers of this game are greedy and in my mind unscrupulous. I think they covered this digital drug dealing on southpark. Don’t play it unless you own a large oil producing nation..Version: 4.1.4

Not quite right as yetThe bonus to double up coins doesn’t work .the game itself is great. Good graphics but a bit hiccup is. With a little more work on this game it would certainly be worth a five star. Keep up the good work and you will end up with a great product. Oh also easy up on the ads. I understand the concept of it but it’s just a little bit to much. I’m here to play the game not watch ads..Version: 4.0.26

3 Stars To HardI love this game so much, it’s fun and entertaining. But this game is unbelievably hard at times. I have had this game for a year and a half and have been stuck on level 111 for 4 months now. I don’t have all the spaceships yet which is frustrating. Even you have to join a clan the upgrade the spaceships is really annoying. Please make the spaceships easier to get as well as the spaceship upgrades. Please make the easy level easier..Version: 4.1.34

Great but bugs and ads galore!Many bugs, which keep changing. You would think they would have a stable game by now. Very very expensive if you want to pay to advance. The number of ads and their repetitive nature are the worst I have ever seen in a game. I now just put the phone down to hide the screen for the duration of the ad so I don’t get annoyed by watching the same ad for the n’th time. Global chat is impossible to use. The game itself is lots of fun and challenging, BUT the above complaints means I can only give it a low one star..Version: 4.9.8

This. Game. Rocks!I don’t know where to start. I love the fact that you have to play the game to get ships. It kinda has that sense of achievement when you win a level. It’s also good that you can chat, join clans, have friends and more! Also, they real raised glaga. My brother and I think this game should be in everyones top ten fav games!.Version: 4.1.35

Awesome game !!!! ButTotally addictive game. Up to level 72 just gets more challenging with each level . I have a couple of criticisms 1/ the adds are next level annoying and I’ve noticed recently when a reward is on offer it’ll go straight back to home screen on phone after having to endure yet another add but no reward, really frustrating when you’re on stage 10 of a level and about to defeat a boss. 2/ the cost of buying a better ship is unbelievably expensive, ridiculous. So if you’re like me and can’t afford to spend a fortune you have to do it the hard way and endure all the adds for rewards ( see above #1) no win situation. Love the game!!!!! But???.Version: 4.1.7

ScamIts money making machine for developers, it makes you addicted to the game and want you to spend money on it. Even if you cross certain level to get to new plane but it won’t unlock them and eventually you have to spend money in order to unlock them. Totally BS of not getting better ship. Its annoying to watch ads to get build up your money stash to spend them on new ship but certainly not enough..Version: 4.7.9

Ripped offGame will only allow a certain number of PVP matches before asking you to wait 5 hours or play with random Combat Power match up. When I agreed to play random, the game only allows matches that are unequally matched against my favour. When matched with Combat Power below my own it automatically defeats me on first wave with coin and crystals lost. If you are going to fix bugs how about fixing that one?????.Version: 4.4.1

New update idea/requestI love this game so much and I really enjoy playing it!!! I just wanted to put this idea out there- so I was thinking when you die playing 2v2 instead of just watching your screen until the match ends it would be way better if we watched our team mates screen until the match ends.Version: 4.8.6

TOO MUCH MONEYIt’s a good game me and my sister, other sister and dad play it but for the ships it’s WAY TO MUCH MONEY I mean like $80 is WAY to much just for a ship and sorry but sometimes the quests are kinda like disappointing like give the game 5 stars or use three boosters and spend 10k those ones are ones you just DON’T wanna do and I think this is my last advice 1st I was on Hawk League and then Owl league and then Phoenix league and dragon league and now I’m back on Hawk League 👽 🔫 💥 🔫.Version: 4.1.3

So buggyThe premise of the game is great but execution is lacking. Every time I go to play PvP the game says no internet connection. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my internet connectivity. When I eventually managed to enter into a PvP challenge and won, instead of gaining the money/gems, I lost it instead. WTH???? I thought this was a one time bug thing but it keeps happening. Now I’ve lost all money and gems are too low to upgrade anything. Give me back the money and gems!!!!!.Version: 4.0.1

AnnoyedI’m on level 64 and I find this game addicting and fun. However, since the update there has been a few issues. One, the multiplayer doesn’t work, like when you go to how much gold you want, it doesn’t load it. Another is when you die on a level, the restart button doesn’t work. I have to hit the ship button, go to the starter page and go back into the level. It is really frustrating for a fun game. Please fix, otherwise this game is unplayable..Version: 4.0.20

DissatisfiedI like playing the game but you spend time building up points then use those points to earn more against other players, then it disconnects you and you loose them even when you’re winning, might delete it, too many ads, I would pay to have these two things fixed. No ads and give my points back when a bug appears in the app.Version: 4.0.10

My ReviewFirstly awesome game, kinda takes me back to being a kid and playing Space Invaders. Find that some levels slightly difficult and I’m only at level 15, so I know the levels are only going to get harder. Love the power ups but get slightly frustrated that it takes so long to actually kill some of the alien spacecrafts. On a whole though, I love this game! 😍😍.Version: 4.2.1

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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter 5.2.17 Update

Version 5.2.17 (2021-09-24): - Prepare for Big Event: Ressurection - Fix some bugs.

Version 5.2.15 (2021-08-28): - Fix some bugs.

Version 5.2.11 (2021-08-08): - Fix some bugs.

Version 5.2.9 (2021-07-30): - Prepare for mini event: Infinity Stone - Add new Merge Wings - Fix some bugs.

Version 5.2.6 (2021-07-19): - Fix some bugs.

Version 5.2.1 (2021-06-29): - Prepare for Big Event: The Last Predator - New spaceship skins - Add more skins to Matrix System - Fix some bugs.

Version 5.1.8 (2021-06-04): - Prepare for Mini Event: Boss Hunter - Add 2 new Drone Skins - Improve NEW PvP Season - Fix some bugs.

Version 5.1.1 (2021-04-17): - Improve performance - Fix some bugs.

Version 5.0.25 (2021-04-01): - Improve performance - Fix some bugs.

Version 5.0.17 (2021-02-27): - Prepare for mini event: Become A Champion - Add new Spin Event - Fix some bugs.

Version 5.0.16 (2021-02-03): - Improve performance - Fix some bugs.

Version 5.0.6 (2020-12-22): - Improve PvP Survival 1vs100 - Christmas theme - Big Event: Merry Christmas - Add 2 New PvP spaceship skins - Fix some bugs.