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Mighty Party: Battle Heroes App Download

Mighty Party is a turn-based strategy Idle RPG that is an excellent example of combining action, strategy, battle rpg and turn-based roleplaying games. We took the best from different genres to create an amazing experience for you in the world of Massively Online Role-Playing Games. Challenge mobile gamers from all over the world, crush your enemies in battle arenas and rise to the top! We will change the way you think about Battle chess RPG games!

Consider your own offensive and defensive turn-based strategy with thousands of card combinations, because powerful heroes alone can only get you so far. Use your wits, come up with tactics and strategy, use brute force and slay your enemies!

Join other players in guilds and clans to crush opponents and bosses for the most valuable loot and to claim the victory crown of battle chess RPG!

Download the game for free to experience epic turn-based strategy turn-based Idle RPG battle chess and embark on an exciting adventure of this battle chess turn-based strategy!

Some Features:
● Challenge other players all over the world of battle chess!
● Join other players in guilds and clans to conquer everyone!
● Level up your hero!
● Gorgeous graphics and a wide range of locations!

● PVP battles in real time!
● You can try to be afk at any given moment - no problem! You can even try to be an AFK Hero in battle arenas! But will you be successful afk player? We don’t know.

More Features:
● Turn-based & fast-paced innovative battle system. Real strategy and tactics!
● Infinite battle combinations from dozens of war heroes.
● Epic Warlords with unique battle skills.
● Captivating PVP (Ranked Battles, Brawl, Arena matches, Tournaments, Survival, Raids, Events etc.) with great rewards!
● Single player campaign with an epic story of through the realm. A true hero’s Journey!
● Turf Wars is a game mode where your guild alliance fights using their troops against opponents for the most valuable territories. Prepare the Guild for glory!

Mighty Party is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your App store.

A network connection is required.

Are you having problems? Please contact us via e-mail: [email protected] or in-game by going to Settings > Support.

Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mightyparty.game
Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/yzYQa7

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Warrior's Subscription - is a monthly subscription service that gives the player 350 elixir every day. Warrior's Subscription costs 9.99 USD/month (or local equivalent) and will be charged on your iTunes Account after purchase and when the subscription renews monthly.

General's Subscription - is a monthly subscription service that gives the player 2500 elixir every day. General's Subscription costs 49.99 USD/month (or local equivalent) and will be charged on your iTunes Account after purchase and when the subscription renews monthly.

Daily Gems - is a monthly subscription service that gives the player 50 gems every day. Daily Gems cost 9.99 USD/month (or local equivalent) and will be charged on your iTunes Account after purchase and when the subscription renews monthly.

Subscriptions will renew automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Mighty Party: Battle Heroes App User Reviews & Comments

I want to love this game...This game is really, really good... except for the in game purchases. This game is very much so a P2W system which I hate because if it wasn’t so heavily P2W-ish, this game would be a instant 5 Star game. Obviously I’m not saying to remove the P2W system, but maybe making it so you can get a legendary from the basic chest would help. The fact you can’t get legendaries from the basic chest is NOT ok. That means you only get legendaries from gem chest, which you get 1 free a week, but even that is still not ok. I don’t know, it’s just that the “pay to win” thing is just so in your face all the time. I’m willing to always do 5$ or 10$ once every now and then because I like to support the devs, but systems like this just ruin it for a lot of people and make me not want to support this app anymore. Even though the game play is awesome, I can’t recommend this game to a friend because of the current system..Version: 1.51

Good but Pay to WinThe game is a lot of fun and ya great design! I’ve really enjoyed playing it, but there comes a point in playing the game that everyone you encounter has an unfair advantage due to paying real money for in game cards. It’s not an issue all of the time as there are some circumstances where you can still win. However, there are many matches where you encounter someone who has all legendary cards and the cards stats are very over leveled for the division you’re in. Overall it’s a good game, it just seems that in some ways it will fall to the trap that many others have of the pay to win experience ruining it for many players One good thing that I enjoyed was that it seems they added weekly events such as the last chaos themed one...I definitely think that one way to keep people playing is through events like these that reward fairly. One particular issue I found with the last event however was the level of the event bosses, there was a boss that was leveled at a recommended power of 2400. But I was fighting him with a power 3600 team and the units that the boss spawned were higher level and much stronger than mine. So I honestly have no idea how a power 2400 could stand a chance seeing as how all of the enemy units were much stronger than mine..Version: 1.56

Constantly crashingI used to love to play this game and to spend on it as I felt I was initially get more bang for my buck. That has slowly changed. Everything is toward diamonds and the packages that sufficed before no longer get the job done. Also the constant crashing and freezing of the app. I have contacted customer service, only to be told ‘thanks for the request, we will do our best to improve it.’ Another update comes out and boom more crashing. I can even play the game for more than 15 minute before the game freezes in the middle of a match that I was winning only to have to exit and see that now it is my loss. I am so over this. How do you make this much money for an app, but can’t work out the glitches. There are many games that have just as many components and little to none of the glitching. I may have to say good-bye to this game and put another on my favorites lists..Version: 2.1

Fun but too focused on getting your money.The basic game play is fun. They’ve improved the “story” mode by not making it as tied to the PVP arena as it used to be. But still. Too much of the game is stuck behind paywalls. Events and PVP especially. Even if you played as much as possible you won’t get very far on any of them unless to put down some serious $$. If you don’t it will take you about 3 months of play to get enough decent characters to stand a chance of moving up a league. And then you have to get lucky enough to get characters that work well together. Some characters are nearly impossible to beat if you don’t have the right character to counter them. But I do like the basic concept of the game and the variety of strategies that can be used..Version: 2.99

I don’t like all the new updates.I love the game, but since the last update, it’s become very hard to do any summons because you’re forced to rely on others to get friend coins for the summons now, I liked it better back when you had to use gold, although now the price doesn’t change. I think there should be two common summons, one for friend coins and one for gold so there’s more options. I also don’t like how the decouples thing has been changed, I do like it to a degree, like how people are automatically assigned to a teacher from the start, but I don’t like how the disciples can’t choose who they want to have as a teacher when they change it. It would be better if when getting a different teacher, you had the option to search someone up available, although it is good that now people can’t cheat by having more than one account, I have friends that have gotten the app, as well as my sister, and I can’t have any of them as my disciples because they can’t search me up to be there teacher. I love the game, just not all of the new updates. I feel that they could be better, that’s why I put 4 instead of 5 stars. Thank you for reading!.Version: 1.97

Great game...for a while.The game is quite fun and picking your team leader and members offers quite a bit of self specializing. However, unless you’re committed to spending some serious IRL cash you will not advance to the point where you can obtain the more powerful units. Yes, you can bank the gems you earn and use them for the chance at a good summon. Which is you’re only option, but it will take a long time. It’s a fun game, but when you’re competing with those who have no problem dropping $15 or more for each unit on their team...well battle rank 21 or 22 is about as far as you’ll go for a long time. That is their choice, I don’t begrudge them for it. Overall, I’d give this game a chance. You’ve really got nothing to lose but time. Which, is why you’re playing games on your phone or tablet to begin with..Version: 2.93

Stupidly fun game to playSo I’m looking for a game to ease my slay the spire edge and this game is right up the ally. Gameplay is by far one of the funniest without a question. customization top notch. Quick and easy to understand. The downside which isn’t technically a bad thing is it’s a pay to win game. I’m not a fan of those but hey. It just takes wayyy longer to catch up to those to pay for their decks. The reason I don’t give it a higher rating is you need a subscription to keep your vip active which make no sense if you paid for it in the first place and there is no way get vip points for free. The balance from rare to epic is pretty good I would say but the balance from legendary to anything else ... is just not comparable. Another major downside is when you get enough legendariesyour epics rares and commons become food for your legendaries..Version: 2.1

Game is nothing more than a money grab scamLet’s be honest once you get to tier 14 in PvP you have to pay to win which btw is why companies like EA and Activision are in trouble right for pay to win which is considered gambling. You even have to pay to do the events and even when you pay unless you spend 20 or more you get basically nothing but the same rate cards from draws every time. The game is a scam the PvP is bad the story being based on PvP is terrible the game needs to be taken off the market place and the devs should honestly find other jobs because clearly scamming people is all they know how to do. The devs should also and I mean this be in ashamed of themselves they don’t deserve to make money they should be locked up honestly better games out there to play hell for the amount you would be required to spend just to get what they advertise as a chance of getting a ultra rare hero you can buy a brand new Nintendo switch or Xbox screw these guys I’m uninstalling the game and reporting them to iTunes as fraudulent.Version: 1.89

Terrible customer support and greedy developers.This game is a money pit. I spent thousands of dollars in game purchases and they continually nerf heroes that you buy or pay to receive. I recently spent more money in game because I thought my last good hero was having an event and I quickly realized (after the purchase) that they completely changed all his skills. After contacting the tech support they did nothing to help reverse my charge and refused to work with me saying to go to apple support. (Which doesn’t give refunds). I bought event sparkles (a limited time in game event purchase) for their rigged loot system and didn’t spend them. I waited and waited for support to help me reverse the charge and apply the sparkles as a refund. They refused and then didn’t respond to me, when the event ends the sparkles disappear so I spent them. I just received an email saying “you’ve spent the purchase so now we can’t do anything to refund you”. They are greedy, shady developers who won’t help their paying customers and will not only nerf the characters you buy, but they will entirely change the characters skills so they are useless within ur build. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO ANYONE. ITS PAY TO WIN AND EVEN PAYING PLAYERS ARE TREATED LIKE GARBAGE. The only reason I am giving them even 1 star is because I have to in order to review..Version: 1.86

Money trap...I agree with other reviews. It’s a money trap. What happened to allowing players to beat a game because they play it. It’s no longer about fun. It’s about make them spend money. The game itself has a great setup. A game that could be incredible, allowing you to continue to grow and get better. But it’s created to get you to a point and then you’re up against guys 5-10x more powerful. Where you are stuck unless you buy more. I spent a little on a better character and it happens again 2 leagues later. It’s never ending. One game was so bad the opposite team beat me in 2 turns. 2. They match you up with players 20-30 points higher. There should be an algorithm or something at least matching you with players closer to your level. Spend the money on a real game on a PC or game system. Because you’ll end up spending that much on this if u want to succeed..Version: 1.85

Way too complicatedThis is yet another game where you land on the main page and your stomach just hits the floor - it’s overwhelming just to look at it, let alone try to remember which of the 16 buildings does what and to deal with the 12 red alert circles vying for your attention from 12 different places on the screen. I see this kind of thing, stare blankly at it for five seconds, and delete the game. I want to simplify my life, not complicate it exponentially in the name of having fun. A UI this complex - or one half this complex - is a burden, not a pleasure. I loved AFK Arena but I quit playing when the UI got as ridiculously complicated as this one is. And this one didn’t even have the decency to lure me in with an enjoyable experience first - it just hit me with the overwhelming right out of the gate. No thanks. I have a life to live..Version: 3.08

Addicting and expensiveReading the previous review, i feel this will sound much the same. I play this game daily and it has sadly become one of my largest time consumers thanks to covid (though restrictions are beginning to wain). The gameplay is smooth and attractive. It has cut out during duels with online players a few times now, most recently using up an opportunity to continue winning prizes as part of a side challenge, which upon glitching/cutting out I logged back into the game to see that it showed me as having lost. And now to the expensive part. I have always been extremely frugal when it come to in game purchases. However, since I was enjoying this one so much I decided I’d get a starter pack, which led to buying more gems, which led to more and more purchases. Just today I spent more than $50. In all, in just about 2 and half months of playing I’ve spent approximately $200. It’s ridiculous. Even after spending $50+ today my team was no more effective than it had been. I may be cutting my losses on this game soon as it feels the expense to satisfaction ratio weighs much more heavily on the expense side of the equation. If they can lower cost of improving your team I may consider keeping it. Initially I thought the game was 5 stars, but 2 months into it I’m leaning toward 3 stars..Version: 3.16

What is this game?This is the most disjointed thing I’ve seen. I downloaded it for my daughter on her phone and decided to try it myself. The art direction is all over the place, with a mix of stick figures, cutesy “chibi” characters, and a more “painterly” style butler looking gentleman. The gameplay switched from a basic math-style maze with stick figures to a drag-and-drop combat on a grid with the chibi characters and generic audio clips. The story is told through word bubbles over each character’s heads, but the text was sometimes too large for the bubble. There’s supposedly a multiplayer mode in here, but the game got stuck on one of the treasure chest screens and I didn’t care enough to try again. On the plus side, the game is free to download, but that usually just means they make it up with in-game purchases and selling user data to other companies. And the slapped-together feel of this game definitely makes it feel like a cash-grab..Version: 3.20

UpdatedCurrent Review: So, I used to love playing this game but with recent updates, I find myself playing it less and less out of pure frustration. The balancing feels massively broken in Hall of Fame and Brawl now. I end up going on lengthy losing streaks, whereas I had NEVER had this issue before. My fellow Guild members mention the same complaints, as well as seeing similar remarks on Facebook and Reddit posts. I’m not sure what happened to the game but I no longer play it for fun. I do Events purely to get new Heroes in hopes the game becomes playable again in the future but for now, I’m only doing the bare minimum and not really enjoying even that. Previous Review: Really entertaining game. There’s plenty to do and there are regular events to keep gameplay interesting. The app runs pretty smoothly; any glitches or crashes I’ve experienced have been few and far between. The one time I did need to contact the support team, it was simple to do and they responded promptly. My singular complaint would be the difficulty scaling in Dungeon of Trials. Aside from that, I really like the app overall..Version: 3.18

Be aware! Do NOT put in real moneyThis game is good and addicting, but don’t put in real money! Before I put in any money, I can often get legendary cards and a plenty of epic cards when I summon with the free diamond. HOWEVER, once I put in real money, ALL cards I can get from SemiGods summon are now rare cards, which are the worst I can get from SemiGods!!! Meanwhile once I put in real money I see a summon option “God of War” - which is only available if I reach VIP7 (through paying way more!!). I know developers what us to put in MORE money, but that is very, very disappointing: is that how you treat people who actually spent money? Hope that developers fix this problem, or otherwise I would not be willing to continue spending on this game (and I believe there are others thinking the same way Thanks.Version: 1.27

Most dedicated I’ve ever been to a game.I want to preface this by saying that I never leave reviews. But here I am. The game is that good. While the ads and photos for this game in the App Store aren’t this game lol, this game is amazing. It doesn’t have ads which is a huge plus. Also, even though there are ways to spend real life currency in game to boost your characters, it is still totally playable without that. You can still easily beat pay to win people by out smarting them. And the only way pay to win players have a huge upper hand if if they’ve spent over $100 on this game in one sitting. My fiancé and I play this game religiously and recommend it to all of our friends..Version: 3.21

Amazing Game!I love this game. I have been playing since January which is probably the longest any mobile game has held my interest. I kind of tend to lose interest in games very quickly. With this game I love the different types of heroes and their skills. Even if I think some heroes are ridiculously OP (mostly jealous feeling). I would love a little bit more animation but I understand that this is a mobile game and not much you can do about it. So far the game keeps me captivated and is very alluring and I look forward to playing it every day. I do wish the storyline was a little easier but I love the push to get better that it makes me get..Version: 3.12

Early pay wallIf you’re a casual gamer and don’t want to spend $5-$20 a purchase then this game might not be for you. League 22 is where you’ll start facing squad leaders that are several levels higher than you who have several fighters with at least three skills unlocked. Either the PvP matching is broken, or you’re just not meant to get any higher without shelling out some serious dough. I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to stick with this game, as you can’t even unlock all of the features of the game without battling your way to League 20. The best I can do is struggle to L21 before getting knocked right back down. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem if it weren’t for every other facet of the game having extreme wait times to regenerate energy. The Journey portion of the game is the literal story line, but you only get 5 chances to battle, and each chance takes FIVE HOURS to regenerate. Not a big deal early on when you regenerate all chances when you level up. A much bigger deal when it starts taking a couple days to get to your player to the next level. Some cool concepts in this game, but I’ll probably be deleting it soon..Version: 2.2

Fighting broken playersSooo, I end up spending a couple bucks (5$) to get a mythic hero, not a huge deal to me, and all of a sudden I’m winning match after match (league 16 up to 14)and then league 14 hits and everyone I’m fighting has league 10-‘1 units? That’s not even remotely fair!! If I had at least been given a offer to buy the units, ok fine but how am I supposed to progress to their 10-1 without any decent units to counter those league 10-1 units in a later tier??!! Plz fix the pvp match making, otherwise I love the gameplay. Sure it’s probably buyable In the recent summon box but how is someone going to get 500 gems each buy and expect a legendary? No, it’s unlikely to get a legendary so how am I supposed to get league 10-5 mythic units without getting to league 10-5? Help? Sure I’d spend $5-$10 if they offered a deal for even just 1 mythic unit from league 10-1 but I’m not seeing a deal sooooo, r I p my league chances :I -_-.Version: 1.68

Standard money grab schemeLots of games have a strategy to hook you with plenty of stars, gems, attaboys, etc early on only for you to encounter a very steep curve within a few days. Some games like Caravan War for example do this as well but manage to balance the game in a way that doesn’t require you to spend money to make satisfying progress over time. This game is essentially a one or two day step function due to matches being unfairly matched where the opponent is always overpowered or even if seemingly matched or of lesser powered always goes first. This first turn advantage almost always guarantees defeat unless you’ve spent early dollars to power up to counteract said advantage. Developers need to eat like everyone else, but there is better game design out there and other ways to generate revenue like the standard watch a video for gems deal or whatever. Quite sad in this case because Might Party does have appeal and is just plain fun to play. Unfortunately due to the aforementioned cash grab tactics I’ve deleted....but If you’ve got a mountain of cash that your willing to burn on a mobile game providing you 2 minutes of virtual limelight this game is for you..Version: 2.94

Weak PartyI’ve been playing this game for a couple of weeks now, and am getting more and more disenchanted by it as well as frustrated by trying to get anywhere. So many things that are making me not want to play it. First off, the mechanics of npc boss/enemy fights is a headache because trying to use a sound strategy or any strategy period has no effect. Another issue I have is the long gaps between time in being able to do any of the in game features, i.e. the gold mine. Other events/dungeons are like that too. Having to wait 12+ hours to collect and/or fight isn’t my idea of “fun”. And the last thing I’m going to bring up is the mindless grinding to get the champions up high enough to even stand a chance, let alone win, if even it’s one in five that are wins. All in all, a very boring, tedious and frustrating game that I wouldn’t recommend to anybody..Version: 3.06

It would be 4.5 but benefit of the DoughtOk the game is a lot of fun for someone like me I love card strategy games and although basically started yesterday I managed to get to rank 19 playing with players way beyond my level lol adds a sorta ruler that evolves! The game is awesome despite being slightly on the cheesy side of animations and graphics. Now for the only reason I don’t like this game! It froze 3 times on me once when I was opening a pack of cards of I ended up loosing a card I would have used for my deck (eventually got it back later) but it’s quite aggravating! It’s funny because the deck I made almost became meta lol! But I hope this game fixes and will continue to play because it’s that good despite the game breaking crash.Version: 1.80

Fantastic game, but…So, I downloaded this game from an advertisement off of another game, Random Dice. Seemed interesting enough, even though the ad itself was *loosely* similar to the actual game. Out the gate, I dig the turn-based unit defense. Has a TD feel to it, with a heft dose of turn-based RPG mixed in. Leveling and rewards are pretty neat, the higher level monsters are pretty cool, and you can get some crazy synergy going with all of the various abilities. The above WOULD net a 5-star rating, however… the game seems a touch unstable (iOS on an iPhone 7; inb4 I just haven’t had a chance to upgrade), with crashes at least once or twice a day. Additionally, there is DEFINITELY a pay-to-win scheme setup here. While the RNG is… sus… the fact that you can pay for a subscription (which is heavily overpriced in my opinion) and in return get a nice helping of gems, which in turn translates to a greater likelihood of you getting legendary monsters, which can substantially put you far ahead of the game in your league in every respect, and it makes it difficult at times to want to stick with the game. All of that cost the 5th star. Even with that, though, once you start getting your legendary monsters, creating very effective and devastatingly synergistic builds becomes relatively easy..Version: 3.21

Don’t botherI’m not gonna lie. I’ve played and spent some money on the game. At its core it’s actually really fun and a solid game. However, everything the devs do is to squeeze players pockets. There’s only one server. You jump in now and you’re already years behind others. You never actually play real people just AI versions of their decks. Then there’s the biweekly events to get decent heroes, which cost several hundred dollars to complete and were even nerfed to be harder on the latest update because of lowered exp rates from journey chest. Since I started the game, it has just gotten worse and worse with the need for micro transactions to the point it’s not really worth playing. After week 2-3 you won’t feel a single step of progression without shoveling in cash..Version: 3.05

Really fun! butThis game is really fun and i feel there has been a better balance of getting cards but my only complaint is that all purchases are REALLY overpriced. the mighty pass is 20 dollars and it takes a really long time to get a tier. i think that the pass should be cheaper or it should be easier to get tiers. or both!!! nobody wants to buy something for 20 bucks unless it’s really worth it and the mighty pass seems worth it until your struggling to try and get one tier a day. you run out of challenges and thats it. i also think the guilds should be improved. there should be a more simple tutorial on guild wars because i still have no idea how they work. overall game is fun but can be improved.Version: 2.92

Myriad issuesPlayed for a bit but it quickly became stale. There are clear balance issues where some cards allow you to flood the field with a tank and dps, but there isn’t easy unit removal. Sometimes you’ll be thrown up against people with way better units — both the rarity and the level — so rng and p2w is a large factor. The chest mechanic seems to almost discourage play if you aren’t paying. Once your chest slots fill up and you’ve gone through the chests you automatically get from winning, you don’t get a ton of benefit from continued. Also, I installed the game because the gameplay looked interesting in an ad but the ad misrepresented the game. Also the iap seems a little expensive but that’s just me. All in all it held my attention during breaks for an evening but it’s already uninstalled..Version: 2.9

Game is fun if it lets you playNever in my life have I come across a game that actively cheats you. This game just puts forth goals and makes them impossible to achieve. Need magic dust to complete a task? they remove it as a reward you can get through gameplay. Need copper coins? Only one place to win those unless you want to earn a thousand coins through playing a brawl for 5 coins a pop every 30th game played. Gonna accomplish a goal? Game will shut off right before you win and not let you replay the level for 11 hours. Don’t play this game if you want to actually play a game. It’s repetitive. They have a fun game but they never actually let you play it unless you drop a hundred dollars in in game purchases. And the support is non existent if you want help. F this game and seriously don’t play unless you want to wait 11 hours to get a crashed game and wait another 11 hours so they can do it again. And don’t think purchasing something makes it better. It doesn’t. The just screw you 1% less. I want to like your game. The game, the story, the quests are all cool… I just want to be allowed to succeed without losing a week of gameplay to move up one level..Version: 3.18

LeagueThis game is amazing so far I really love it but there’s one thing that I hate about this game and that is that we are having to fight players who are way more stronger than us in the league or as some of you might call it the arena and that is really annoying since your loading a lot of trophies everytime you lose so ye please fix this issue for us I begging you this problem is making me rage quite the game and I might even delete the game if this continues so please try to fix the problem and another thing is that even if you do reply to this review I hope it won’t be a robotic reply cause if it is than I will be sure you guys did not read this review and the problem won’t be fixed and yes I do understand that there are millions of other reviews that you might see instead of this but still try to reply and tell us if the problem will be fixed or not thank you :( Infinite.Version: 1.62

Please change updatesThe game is an absolute amazing game and the only reason it isn’t 5 stars is because of the recent updates. I never write reviews but this I feel this is a big issue. The friend coin summon is not a good idea with the fact that you have to rely on other people to get these coins and rarely anyone even takes them serious. 150 friend coins is as easy to come across as it is to come across 150 gems. The coins, even as they increased within payment, was fine the way it was and I actually enjoyed it way more then what it is now. Looking at the other reviews I see many people agree so please fix it, thank you..Version: 2.1

Fun but pay to win mechanic is wayyyy too expensiveI enjoy this game! It is very addicting and I find myself playing it frequently. Once you get to mid levels you really need to grind to move forward. The pay to win mechanic for this game is a little annoying though, and to be honest I would be willing to pay $4.99 a month for the vip pass but not $20 a month for a phone game! Literally what they are charging right now. It’s annoying to run into people in the game who clearly are willing to burn $100s of dollars to get companions with perks that stomp you so hard and so fast you can’t even get a chance to throw your phone across the room before losing. Developers please look into lowering prices I think more people would be willing to pay, this is a phone game not a triple a title for Xbox X.Version: 3.18

Mighty PartyI gave this game a 5 stars because I am hoping it will make it to the first page of reviews. The company is horrible. When you go to purchase an offer and it doesn’t even give you want you purchased, you would think that the company would either refund the money, or fix the issue and then allow to accumulate what you purchased. But no, you explain to them what the issue is and they don’t understand it. For anyone that is interested in this game, please overlook it. It’s complete trash and they steal your money. Update**** Received a response from the developer thanking me for my “positive” review. Idiots..Version: 3.01

Done with this gameI previously reviewed with issues around the poor support I received in this game when attempting to purchase stuff. I'm updating my review again because it's becoming impossible and no longer fun. Each update makes it more impossible to update your cards unless you're continually shelling out money. You used to gain coins over time from a gold mine- and gold is a requirement for upgrading. Now you must do activities in the gold mine to earn that gold at smaller amounts. I've also got a ton of characters waiting to bind but can't get enough resources to bind one here or there every week or so. Every opponent I play had a number of the legendary cards they've clearly paid for. I've paid too often already, and whatever you buy will be obsolete in the next update. I'm getting tired of being milked for every little upgrade. I think I'm done with this game..Version: 1.72

Crashes to muchThe game crashes too often to be acceptable. If you spend gems on a crashed session you lose the gems. That’s basically stealing!!! I’m also stuck in progress and there’s no amount of boosts or bonuses that will get me by. I’ve also noticed that spending over $100 won’t guarantee I get past that barrier. Which really doesn’t matter because the next barrier probably requires you spend more. So, after spending hours trying to get past the barrier and unable to do so I’m frustrated and rapidly losing interest and I’m starting to look somewhere else for some “real” fun. That coupled with the fact that the game crashes at least 3-4 times when I play, removes any sense of being able to progress in the game. There’s just no payoff anymore. Plus spending the amount of money they force you to spend to get anywhere in this game you’d expect that they would have fixed the crashes or have a better system rather than steal from you. It’s shady and disrespectful. The game constantly crashes and is basically unplayable. I play to relax and blow off steam not get frustrated over the constant road blocks that can only be overcome by spending a boatload of money. Not worth the hassle with other options out there. Since I feel more cheated and frustrated with the game crashing than any possible joy or satisfaction I could get playing when it might work, I just deleted it. Bye bye..Version: 3.03

Game crashes a lotThis is a fun game but extremely frustrating. I have spent more money playing this game than I should have but don’t usually mind if the game is quality. My frustrations come from constantly having the game crash on me in the middle of a battle. It happens almost every day. This is extremely frustrating when fighting in the dark tower because if you lose 3 times your done and when I get booted it’s an automatic loss. There have been so many matches I was confident I was going to win only to have the game crash and it register as a loss. I play on my iPad and iPhone and have the same problem with both devices. So far I have spent well over $100 but refuse to spend another penny till this glitch is addressed..Version: 2.6

Pay to winI have wrote to the people in the app and explained that it’s ridiculous how you have to pay to win anything, and how you can’t even get through the game modes anymore. they put you up against players that are way better it is super unbalanced, and everything cost way too much money I honestly enjoyed it in the beginning but the more I play the more I dislike the game!! I wish the people running the game actually took into account when you write to them but nothing ever changes you will hit a wall and unless you spend money you can’t go any further. The give incentive to buy stuff but you can’t play to receive anything worth using without spending money. I thought the last update would’ve helped but it didn’t do anything for the better.Version: 3.21

Gross man 😐So how do I start this? Oh yeah, your disgusting and use kids for money. I saw this game a few days ago and I was like “yay finally I’ve always wanted to play a game like this”. So I downloaded this wolf in sheep’s clothing of a game only to see it was a stupid scam to get people to play. So I’m mad I’m angry right? So I delete the game and go on with my day. Today I was playing a random game I like playing and I see one of your ads. It’s annoying enough but it’s disgusting that you but tied up girls and had them moaning in your video. KIDS PLAY YOUR DUMB GAME PEOPLE, K.I.D.S. You put them in skimpy clothing and made them “moan in distress” your just trying to prey on young little boys(and maybe some girls) on the internet. And the worst part is I’m not even a mother I’m a teen girl with a little sister. I grew up with fun games and not that many ads and look at you, scamming kids and assuring that they’re gonna play your stupid game just to see girls look “pretty”. The fact you would sexualize women like this is horrible. Just because other people do it doesn’t mean you have to. Listen I get it your genre of game might not be that popular but the way your advertising is bad and it makes me want to wish bad about your game. But I respect you (like only a tiny bit though) so just do better man 😐.Version: 3.20

Great format but slow goingPositive- It is a great game to play, there are things to do daily, and keeps me interested with the quickness of actions, characters are progress and there are cards that you collect to upgrade the fighting grunts. It is interesting to find the next characters to collects cards for. Negative side - sometimes it’s a little slow to make progress, wait times for rewards are a little long, staying on the app to get additional rewards is just waiting. There is not enough to do all the time and I find myself coming back once to twice a day to do tasks. There are so many characters to use that I use auto play to fight, not sure on the link between main character group and the fighting grunts... it is a little complex and will take time to learn the relationships to better use the grunts more effectively. Final analysis- reminds me of Idle Heroes with character upgrades and multiple combinations to fight other people. It is simple at first and walks you through the progress and at times is slow. Only a week playing this app and I see other-multiple games that have the same format. 4 star for ease of play and creativity, but lacks explanation of relationships of characters and for the length of time to unlock between every time you level up (play time and advancement for a beginner is similar to playing an app for a year, takes the same amount of time to unlock new things no matter how long you have been playing the game)..Version: 3.09

So much good but still badThe game is surprisingly well done. The game play is fun and leveling up units is somewhat balanced until you get your units around level 8( for blue,purple, and gold units). Unfortunately once you do hit that point or when you get to around league 10 the game becomes a cash grab. If you play this as a f2p title then unfortunately this is about as far as you’ll go before you hit the cash wall which really isn’t too bad or any worse than any other p2w title. You’ll be relying on friends and lucky chest pulls to even be able to get good units unless you’re willing to pay for them. Journey bosses get so strong that the ones you just destroyed a week ago will be impossible to beat. The arena gets crowded with p2w players pretty quick after league 10 so it can be difficult getting any higher than that. You won’t be going far in any events if you are a f2p so just prepare for that. The game is good but because they created it more towards paying for content than earning it I really can’t recommend the game to anyone. If they backed away from the p2w model just a little I think the game would be much much better.Version: 1.48

Pay to winAlright first off let me start with what I like about the game. It’s fun with the grid system of combat and unique with the cards and effects. The different types of cards and their individual effects gives it an almost magic the gathering type feel and allows players to use strategic decks to overwhelm their opponents. Alright now onto why this game got three stars... if you’ve played this game you might have climbed up a few arenas, it’s not that hard in the beginning. However, once you reach a certain point, for me it was arena 21, you face players with cards so broken there’s no amount of strategy you can use to win. It gets to the point where if you see them drop a legendary you just surrender right then and there, what is one to do first turn when something with 28 health and 2 archers behind it is placed when you got up to the arena with trashy cards relying on strategy..Version: 1.97

The glitch is so annoying and I think the tutorial should be optionalSo I don’t wanna fuss but there is a glitch where when they ask me to open a chest I will not let me press the button I keep closing it and then opening it. And also I think the tutorial should be optional first of all because what if somebody already knows how to play,Second of all because what if somebody wants to learn on their own. But I would say the game is kinda cool even though I just downloaded it. (ps.I think you should fix the glitch and there is another glitch where the finger points in the wrong spot so it’s annoying looking for the spot but overall the game is cool).Version: 3.20

So close yet so far away.This game is almost awesome. But. Not. It would be so cool if only it worked right. The game play is fun and has a lot of potential. But it’s very broken. A lot of the skills don’t work right. I leveled up some heroes. Then they got bugged out and stats went back to level 1 even though it still says the heroes are leveled up. So I have level 6 heroes with level 1 stats. Now today I can’t even play it. Try to start the game and it says wrong version need update. But there’s no update. Have deleted and reinstalled and it still says wrong version. If any developers happen to see this message. Clone this game and make one that works right. This would be a 5 star hit of it wasn’t so broken. I would definitely spend money on this game if it wasn’t broken and was more reliable..Version: 1.68

Addicting but progression is whack.The battles become nearly impossible. You would think that being continuously knocked down several leagues loss after loss that battles would get progressively easier to win again but there is literally no balance. They still get more difficult despite the recommended might going down with each lost battle. Same with journey progression! My might is higher than the recommended amount yet am facing enemies that kill my character in 1-2 hits. Disappointing & frustrating when you spend 20-30$ on gems and deals, 20$ on a gem fund, 20$ for a mighty pass, and you can’t even progress and benefit from the money you’ve spent. You would have to spend in the hundreds to continuously progress in this game and I simply refuse to do that on a mobile app. This game is definitely not for those who don’t want to spend money at all, and if you’d like to spend less than you would on an actual console game, prepare to only enjoy it for a week or so before you get stuck..Version: 3.11

AFK Arena is better, play it insteadI gave it 5 stars in hopes that it makes it to the first page of reviews. This game is complete and utter garbage, the ONLY reason I haven’t deleted it is because I’ve spent money on the game. I should’ve read the reviews before I did such a thing. You hit a pay to win wall that you will not overcome unless you continue to pay more and more money. The game crashes all the time and players will be charged a loss. You don’t even play actual people in PvP so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to reload the game and continue where you left off. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME UNLESS YOU WANT TO SPEND MOUNTAINS OF DOLLARS. You’re better of playing AFK Arena, the gameplay is much better and you’ll have fun day after day. Please I beg you don’t waste your time or money on this game. VIP status only last a week and then you have to buy it again, you don’t even get to keep the privileges from the VIP rank that you have already paid for. This game is only for those who want to break the bank on a mobile game. Please read the 1 star reviews before you download this game. If I could get my money back this game would’ve never lasted on my phone..Version: 2.3

Please read thisI have never written a review before. Normally I will just delete an app I don’t like. This game puts me in a weird spot because I like the game but I also hate aspects of it so much it ruins it for me. I saw the game in a misleading ad and that game mechanic isn’t even in the game really. And the game itself is super polished and pretty fun to start until you start leveling up and meet all the pay to win players which completely ruins the game. I win 1 in every 4/5 battles and not due to my own negligence but due to the fact some of the cards are so overpowered and dumb that those cards can single handedly beat your entire team. And you can get these cards but the only way to get them is to either buy chests/gems or win battles and hope you get it in a chest you waited 8 hours to open and that’s still not guaranteed. The game is fun and I’m unsure if I’ll delete it but it needs some serious balancing to maintain any kind of consistent player base..Version: 3.19

Pay to win but funThe game is 100% pay to win but if you’re down to throw some cash into the game I’d say around $60-$100 gets you pretty far and set. The thing that irritates me the most is the fact that even after you try to grind, or even fork over the cash they so badly want, they match you against players that are INSANELY higher level than you, which is where I have a problem. It would be one thing if the ladder play and special events actually gave you a chance, but the developers have almost designed the game that unless you either have an unparalleled patience or endless bank account that you end up wanting to give up. As other reviews have said, it’s also hard to make a friend want to join in on the game when everything is based on how much cash you’ll throw down.Version: 3.18

Good game but crashes too many timesHonestly it is a good game and I am OK to pay some money every month to play it. If you are not die hard player (Getting an event done with medal will cost hundreds of dollars ), only spending few bucks can get you a strong team. However it is so easy to crash and sometimes it is really annoying (crashed when the pit boss was one blood left). I originally installed it on my iPhone (new iPhone 11) and had to reinstall it on my PC (PC version is much better and player friendly). So the money spent on the original one was wasted. It is a pay to win game but it is also all right to play it almost freely. However, I will not spend money on this game again just because of crashing issue. If you want to play, install it on your PC. The App version is really badly designed..Version: 3.02

Fun at First....But you quickly realize the negative reviews weren’t too far off the mark. It’s HEAVILY pay to win, sadly. And the drawing system seems almost impossible to expect to draw anything good randomly- meaning you’ll have to pay when you see a “special offer” for a decent character. No easy way to collect gems needed to draw after completing the easy initial quests (which is crazy... how can you even play?), and the PVP battles give for free chests that take time to open, with limited times you can do it unless (once again), you pay money to give more slots. Sad. Seemed like it had potential, but I’ve only been playing for 3 days and can already see I’ve hit a wall (Almost night-and-day difference) with the battles suddenly. Not worth it, guys..Version: 2.7

Could be the best game on the store.This company is the worst out there when it comes to game support. I spend plenty of money on this game, and let me tell you, it’s designed for you to have to spend money to compete. In order to achieve daily challenges in dark tower, they require you to spend gems. You have to wait 12 freaking hours to get an attack back, and they match you up with players 5x your level. It’s not giving you competition, it’s requiring you to spend money over and over again to get the POSSIBILITY of playing someone your level, and then based on the AI and the deck you’re dealt, you might win. Talk about an absolute rip off. I have tried to communicate over and over again with support and they do not care. They just want your money, and do nothing to support their paying players. It’s a constant request to get it FAIR, and nothing but. I will leave a negative review anywhere and everywhere I can..Version: 3.21

I actually loved this game, but left because...I actually loved the game - I loved the animation, the champions, the strategies, the different game modes and everything. I even found it pretty easy to get decent legendary champions through the different events. However, I ended up leaving the game. The differences from my mobile account and the account I started on Facebook were astonishing. Even though I was much further ahead in my mobile account, I was willing to sacrifice it all of the perks from the Facebook-started account. However, I accidentally deleted the wrong account and there’s no way to restart progress. I decided it wasn’t worth it and ended up leaving the game. If there was a way to fix this, then I might come back to the game. I was surprised that there wasn’t a more robust online community around this well-designed game, and I think it’s due to the little stuff like that plus the high costs..Version: 2.94

Do not waste your time unless you want to payTitle says it all. This is the single most pay to win cash grab ever. I’ve spent more than I should have and am telling you now that there is no hope of progression without constant micro transactions. Characters are level locked, loot progression is level locked, and these levels depend on you beating other players who are paying to win. The card game itself has some cool dynamics to it, but the overwhelming amount of gambling dynamics makes this a bad thing to begin without being aware of the cash grab. Here’s a perfect example: a recent event has you spend 5000 event tokens on a legendary chest to get through an event milestone. The prize I won on my spin was 3950 event tokens. It cost more to buy tokens to buy back the legendary chest I had saved up to get. My prize was a deficit. It’s constant little things like that that I should have paid attention to before buying into the game. Long story short, play something else..Version: 3.20

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:)Very fun, especially if you have mental illness or are in lockdown - it gives you something everyday to look forward to.Version: 3.20

Waste of time if you are unwilling to spend moneyUnless you want to put $1000 into the game every month I wouldn’t bother wasting your time. You’ll learn very quickly that you won’t be able to progress very far. Not worth the frustration or effort..Version: 3.18

Won’t progress unless you payPay to win becomes dominant from the first 20 mins of play. Once you clear first area in adventure, it’s virtually impossible to progress unless you buy gems & heros. Everything is ridiculously overpriced. Crashes more than any game I’ve played in the last 3 years. At least 4-5 times within 1 hour of play..Version: 3.08

Loading In GlitchIt’s a great game but when I start to get excited to start playing sometimes, it doesn’t load in. I can see this game is interesting but I can’t play because of this glitch. Please, fix this so I can play and have some fun with some of the other players! It’s still an amazing game!.Version: 2.4

Glitches too oftenI enjoy the game but it continually glitches and kicks you out of the game. Especially annoying in PVP when you are trying to achieve a goal with limited lives. Game is good but the devs have no idea how to program..Version: 3.20

Good basics but blatantly P2WEarly game is solid with a lot of options. If anything it’s too easy to build your team. Then it becomes very obviously pay to progress further. This happens in the first week of play so I can’t recommend it..Version: 3.16

Decent gameSome strategy involved, decent game to pass the time and graphics.Version: 3.05

Good game but needs balancingGame is good overall. With well done card levelling system, but very unbalanced battling system between the pay to win players/long time players and those who aren’t. So not much point bothering with the dark tower or the brawl if you’re someone who can’t invest a lot of time or money. Better match making between all of the battle modes would increase the overall gameplay tremendously..Version: 1.81

The clickbait of mobile gamesBoring game that slams advertisements everywhere advertising a completely different game from what it actually is and sprinkling in tiny amounts of what they advertised to try and keep the player playing. If you are reading this and have seen the adverts, do not download. It’s not what you think. It’s a waste of time..Version: 3.18

Super addicting app!This game is so fun in many ways!What’s not to like you open chests get hero’s and most of all you get to either fight with your friends or play against random people!personally I recommend this app to all ages.Version: 1.89

C:;-WarsAwesome strategy game but missing a few visual things compared to the PC game it was made from but overall great addictive fun.Version: 1.96

Great strategy game with some design flawsThis game has so much potential to be good, if only the pay to win aspect wasn’t so heavily prevalent in addition to bugs that make your game crash at crucial moments costing you in game currency which is ridiculously expensive for what you actually get. The continual improvements to the game however have the made the game much more playable for even those who don’t wish to purchase in game currency..Version: 2.99

Ok bar crashesGreat game concept for starters, fun to play, but my experience is heavily spoiled by the persistent crashes, I was getting them about once every 10 minutes or so, or once every 3 battles, but since the most recent update I haven’t been able to keep the app open for more than a minute before it crashes out. Often I’ll be midway to a battle win, just started a battle or have just seen the chest animation after winning a battle only for the game to crash, me lose trophies, and for no loot to come. Especially frustrating when I’ve won and it then crashes. I’d love to keep playing, but as of this last update, it looks like I’ll be forced to stop, as it has now become unplayable. A message for the developers; If you want to keep players playing, PLEASE fix the crashes. My guess is an overloaded cache maybe?.Version: 1.79

Great gameI love this game, I’ve been hooked for weeks now. Please add a family tree tab for every hero to easily get access to lower tiers for that hero..Version: 1.56

Great game but stopped workingThis was a really good and addictive game, but for some reason, the app has now stopped working for me. It loads to 3/4 of the way and then just stops. Really disappointed.Version: 3.20

Mighty partyI love mighty party so much I would never delete it un less my nan seas to.Version: 3.16

?Every one seems to say it’s pay to win don’t listen to these I easily got to high leagues like 10 without spending a dollar it’s a good game concept but it has to many over powered meta isn’t pay to win just luck that’s how the summoning system works.Version: 1.72

Good GamePretty good game not too heavy on the pay to win, just takes more re time to do things without paying.Version: 1.85

Pretty entertainingThought this game was gonna be an instant delete but is actually pretty fun. Strategy is it super complex but enough to scratch an itch. Pretty enjoyable.Version: 3.16

CrashesGood game, very addictive, but for some reason it keeps crashing after a few battles. iPhone 6s. Would rate it higher if it stopped crashing in the middle of battles etc.Version: 3.03

Addictive but overtly priced and flawed with P2WTo be fair, I am addicted to this game - it’s fun and short which is perfect for my breaks in between work and that is also what makes it addictive too. However- it’s WAY too expensive to even want to support you regularly. And because of that, it really is a “pay to win” (P2W) game. Come on guys, $30-$170 for your packs and heroes is just ridiculous. Even your entry point purchases at $7.99 is already crossing the margin. Again, I confess - I am addicted and like this game. Definitely wld be a whole lot better if you really toned the $$$$$ signs down a couple more notches. You’ve got a good mobile game concept going. Build it and reward ALL your players - bot just the ones who can pay to win..Version: 2.5

Avoid If You’re BrokeAs mentioned previously, this game is pay-to-win, and gives unfair advantages at multiple stages in battle when up against those able to pay. It is a fun game, but it becomes easily frustrating. I wouldn’t highly recommend this game, just due to the fact you can find other games similar to it that don’t (As heavily)rely on the pay-to-win system. On the other hand, it is addicting once you begin playing..Version: 3.18

It doesn’t work anymore 😭I went in the app and their was a chest l clicked on it it didn’t open it said mister Easter.Version: 2.7

DO NOT PLAY UNLESS YOU CAN PAY!As a long time player, the game used to be good, work hard to catch up to spenders..... now... it’s a total pay to win experience, and has frequent game crashes that the devs do nothing about except run you in circles. The devs gave ruined this once great game by getting greedy! Stay away!.Version: 2.5

Lack of responsivenessTo be fair, the game is like a 4.5star, but the issue lies with the developers. I experienced a glitch which reverted my game progress and all the summons and tasks i did during that period was wiped clean. Reported that to the developers via Facebook messenger, they asked for my ID and never got back to me. Messaged them couple more times but never heard from them again. Super upset that I lost a legendary summon just becoz of that glitch. Hope your team can at least be a little more responsible to players..Version: 1.99

It’s good but...Overall it’s an awesome game but at the part we’re it shows you how to open the chests it was very annoying, i was tapping at it vigorously but it wasn’t doing anything. I tried resetting it but that didn’t work either, if you could please consider changing this or fixing it i would vote it 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😕.Version: 3.20

I can’t get enough!This game is simply amazing. The endless amount of characters, upgrades and levels is purely addicting, and is a great time-waster. The animation style is also quite nice, with constant movement, jiggling and shifting. Overall, this game contains great levels, amazing pvp and infinite fun!.Version: 1.85

Game cannot load pass loading screenI love this game and play it on a daily basis, but ever since the last update, the app has been, from time to time, stuck on the loading screen. As of now, despite refreshing the app countless time, it seems to be stuck on the loading screen indefinitely. Very disappointing.Version: 3.20

YoI would really love to play this game but it won’t stop loading even when i leave it for close to half an hour it is still not done loading. Is this normal or something that shouldn’t be happening?.Version: 3.22

False advertisingHello, I am here to speak about the tower advert that suddenly popped up on my screen. I downloaded the game but took note that there are no tower game option so I played for a while and then deleted it. Please get rid of the tower advertisement.Version: 3.18

So very disappointedI’d give a minus 10 atm if I could... i’ve played this game relentlessly over a month, spent money to upgrade, got to level 35, league 15 today then updated with the new update and I have lost everything. I’ve been re set and am back at square one with the tutorials even. so very upset and disgusted i’ve not had a reply as to why. I would seriously not touch this game..Version: 1.84

Fantastic game but pay to win unfortunatelyI’m spending a fair amount of time on this game and already payed $25 so far but still not really progressing. You pay for VIP and then it runs out so you have to pay again for VIP, I’ve played a lot of games where you pay for VIP and you are granted permanent bonuses. It would be good to see a less pay to win game. I’d be happy to pay if I could progress much further and consistently..Version: 2.92

Just needs to be fixedGreat game but it crashes so often, costing you battles and sometimes in game currency you’ve spent on event tries.Version: 3.03

Great game, but very unstableThis is a great strategy game that has puzzles and turn based combat that’s very similar to Heroes of Might and Magic. Unfortunately, it’s very unstable, is prone to freezing and crashing. Within the first 10 min of playing it there were multiple bugs. Even if you force close the app and restart it, it takes a solid 30 seconds or more to connect and load back into the game just to encounter the same bug again..Version: 3.03

Developers tone deaf to feedbackThis game has so much potential. Unfortunately keeps being ruined time after time with completely tone deaf to feedback developers completely obsessed with cash grabs. Players have been providing feedback and change after change is geared at pay per use and defeating any enjoyable gameplay. Why pay money to play fewer modes? Why disenfranchise those using the game. So much potential to expand modes and engage players but one to seriously avoid if a newbie. Move on and nothing to see here..Version: 2.93

Don’t botherIt would of been a great game if it wasn’t so heavily pay to win. It’s to much of a grind to get even close to past league 19, in the end just get back to 20-21 because you are versing people that paid over 200$ for their items. You cannot continue to play unless you pay, or if you have spare 5-10 hours a day to grind to get somewhere in the next 7 months then go ahead get the game, in the end game is good, just hitting a brick wall unless you pay is a big disaster to a game. I wouldn’t bother even starting u less you don’t mind spending money on a game, better of finding a different game with a same concept. Don’t give these money grabbing game devs anything due to wasting peoples times until you get to that point of having to pay..Version: 1.69

Just too expensive and useless grinding that gets you nowhere.In my personal opinion this game is fairly fun, however and unfortunately if you don't spend money, your not going to get far.....at all. The main point of the game is to really play the league, by playing this mode and going up the league, you obtain more and more heroes. However in order to go beyond league 20 or s you need to pay so you'll have decent heroes to progress up the league lol. my main problem is that I don't mind spending a little money on it, it's just to expensive and even if you do you don't get much out of it at all. You can't even grind because the amount of gems you need is ridiculous! In conclusion Great concept, fun game, cute and attractive art style but ruined by greedy cash incentives..Version: 1.51

Pay to win the gameThe further you progress down the track, the more you have to spend to get good heroes. The heroes you face further down the league is just way too powerful that the normal heroes you get from the chests cannot beat. It’s becoming more and more pay-to-win kind of game and the heroes are expensive to purchase. $30AUD $80AUD each time. Enjoyed the concept where you have to strategically beat your opponent but some people enter the battle with heroes that you can only get after vip 7(how much do you have to spend to get those heroes, I have spent $140 and im only vip 5), feels like the more you spend the less strategy you need to win the game..Version: 1.60

They ruined itThe game itself is a good game and quite a fun way to kill time. But the game was ruined in the last major update when they restructured the leagues and gave players compensation for leagues lost. The update stated that it would make it easier to progress through the leagues. But due to so many players being compensated with massive amounts of gems, the game has now been flooded with players using warlords that are extremely difficult to beat. Thus forcing the stronger players without said warlords to the lower leagues making it near impossible to progress in the leagues..Version: 3.17

Can’t play it due to bugI’ve just started playing it, got my 1st win chest, was told to click on it to start the countdown to open it, but I’ve clicked everywhere and nothing happens. The game is stuck on that screen and I can’t play it..Version: 3.19

Awesome yet needs to fix some bugsThe game gets crashed in middle of the fight you loose all your progress. Rest everything is fine..Version: 1.78

Good gameYes spent some $$ on it. Very fun and enjoyable. Wish list is they fix crashes. Gotten worse after update for myself.Version: 1.79

EnjoyableEnjoyable game takes a while to build team.Version: 2.99

Heavily pay to winThis game could be great if competing on anything other than intro level wasn’t locked behind spending stupid amounts of money. Even the campaign mode (PVE) is pay to win. Spend your money on something worthwhile instead..Version: 3.17

Fun but have to payThe game is fun and have potential but an hour after started playing you are already losing because you haven’t spend any money for upgrades! That’s quite terrible and really you aren’t going to get anywhere in this game without spending so I gave up.Version: 3.16

The game overallThe add showed something different to the real game but the actual game was better than what the add had and I think if they showed the real thing the game would have a lot more downloads.Version: 3.09

FunFun game and quite strategic. Lots of heroes with different abilities. Can grind away to compete with some of the big spenders, but getting there will take time. The events offer good chances to increase your hero pool and deck, but like all f2p games if you want to be at the top you’ll need to spend big..Version: 1.56

FIX THE MATCH MAKING AND HEROESI would like this game if rolin just doesn’t get over 30 ok because also why the prince you wipe out the archers then they come back it is like soul blade but op play them both then rolin is 22 on turn 2 also Adam needs a nerf or void spirt gets a buff because void spirt is what you call a glass cannon my idea is that Adam storm does not kill void spirt straight up..Version: 1.97

Nice workDecent game, not a real need to spend money on it to win, grinding dose take a little bit of time but not too long you lose interest would recommend this game👍.Version: 3.06

HelpCan't open game since new update..I've invested some money in this s having fun It won't update ..... Quick response great job guys.Version: 1.46

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Mighty Party: Battle Heroes
Panoramik Games
Role Playing, Strategy
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Mighty Party: Battle Heroes 3.22 Update

Version 3.22 (2021-07-29): - Bugs fixes.

Version 3.21 (2021-07-20): - Added decoration for Summer Festival; - Changed the balance of the “High Growth” fable; - Updated the design of the quest window; - Fixed bugs..

Version 3.20 (2021-07-05): - Bugs fixes.

Version 3.19 (2021-06-30): The update contains balance changes, updated notifications, a major overhaul of the windows design and various fixes: - Updated Pit mode - Updated Black Market - Updated mobile notifications - Updated windows design.

Version 3.18 (2021-06-11): Following the balance update, we have added several innovations and fixed some bugs so that you could enjoy the game! - We’ve made a completely new notification window. You can adjust notifications in a way convenient for you. It’s easier now to stay informed about game news; - We’ve rebalanced the Gold Mine. Now the level of this mode depends on your progress in the Journey; - Hunting is now available during events! At any time you can make your faithful companions stronger; - Bugs fixes..

Version 3.16 (2021-05-25): - Bug fixes.

Version 3.11 (2021-04-10): Game optimization update Heroes! To slightly reduce the load on your devices, we have carried out optimization work. The upcoming update will allow you to enjoy a more stable game! Best regards, Mighty Party team..

Version 3.03 (2020-12-23): - Completely redesigned main screen; - Added New Year's decoration; - Improved game optimization; - Minor bug fixes; - Minor localization fixes..