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Clue: The Classic Mystery Game App Download

Clue is the classic murder mystery board game played by millions - Now you can effortlessly enjoy the beloved Hasbro family board game on the go. Download the official app and crack the mysterious case!

WHO, with WHAT weapon and WHERE. A grand mansion… a dastardly murder… a gathering of six suspicious characters. Join Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Dr. Orchid, and Professor Plum on a night of murder and mystery in the Clue Tudor Mansion.


THE CLASSIC MYSTERY BOARD GAME - Play Clue, the classic murder mystery board game by yourself or with family and friends!

A PREMIUM BOARD GAME - No pay-to-win, no ad pop-ups; an app approved by Hasbro

BRAIN TEASER - Puzzle your way to the solution and train your detective skills in the classic murder mystery board game.

SINGLE-PLAYER - Play against our AI and choose your difficulty level.

ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play a game of CLUE with people from all over the world or create a private multiplayer game to play with your friends and family.

10 ADDITIONAL THEMES - Step in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes or go on a spectacular Egyptian Adventure with the CLUE Season Pass.


Mr. Boddy of Tudor Mansion has been murdered! But who did it? With what weapon? In which room? The suspects have arrived, and it is up to you to find out who committed the evil crime.

Roll the dice to make your way around the luxurious mansion and ask questions like: "Was it was Miss Scarlet, with the Rope, in the Study?"
Use the innovative logic-assisted virtual Clue Sheet to take notes and eliminate red herrings. Follow one clue after another and puzzle your way to the solution.

Play CLUE any way you want!

Enjoy the classic murder mystery board game the way you like. You can create private multiplayer games with family and friends. Or get automatically matched with CLUE fans around the world. Play in the Single Player mode and choose the AI opponents' difficulty - challenge yourself with hard mode or cruise along in easy mode.

Never miss another clue!

The ideal companion for every detective: The virtual CLUE Clue Sheet helps you take notes when you make your deductions. Use your Clue Sheet notes to perfect strategy to win the classic Hasbro board game.
CLUE, a mystery brain teaser

The classic murder mystery board game is perfect for practicing your deduction skills. Find the solution to the heinous crime and train your brain with the tantalizing riddle of who murdered Mr. Boddy.

DISCOVER gorgeous new worlds in the CLUE Season Pass!

Explore ten different boards with the CLUE Season Pass. Roam the dark streets of Victorian London where Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson solve the heinous crime at hand. Or travel to the hot sands of Egypt, where an archaeological dig becomes the site of an Agatha Christie inspired murder mystery. Each theme adds new characters and spectacular 3D boards.

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game App User Reviews & Comments

Make another mystery gameI found this game town of Salem were you get roles that do stuff and you have to find the mafia or the money costing version coven and you can also chat so please make a game like that and change up the roles a little bit and please do not make bad words available in chat please make a game like this :) because I know this company is really good at making mystery games and just games in general so s suggest you make it free but add in game purchases tip ( make the game free and if they really like they will probably buy your in game purchases but don’t make to many in game purchases because if you have to many your customer or gamer will get upset ) so please take my advice and this game is really worth the buy I also suggest to buy more of these games so this company can make more awesome games like this and also just buy then because they are really cool awesome and fun.Version: 2.7.0

Very convenient!This is just like the board game, just without the time taken from shuffling and writing! All of this is replaced by automatic randomizing and simple taps of the screen. All of the family can play, as well as friends from real life and the internet. There are also a lot of choices for skins, and you unlock even more if you pay a few more extra dollars. Just like skins, you can by maps to play. They even have both put together as a theme. Recently, I bought the Murder Express Theme and I’m quite happy with the product. I would definitely say this was worth the money! Thank you creators for this fun and convenient game! 😊.Version: 2.3.4

Highly recommend- few snags have been solved!This is one of my favorite games on my phone that does not get old. I love the original board game, but this brings it to the next level with great graphics, music ,and automated play. I sprung for the expanded boards and characters pack, and despite the high price, it was definitely worth it. There were some issues playing multiplayer when the game would freeze and lock out, but it seems that recent updates have solved that issue- kudos developers! One thing that would make the rest of my 2020 seem bright would be additional boards and characters, as the most recent reviewer recommended below. Thank you!!!.Version: 2.7.5

So fun, online games are limitedThis game is so fun. I loved Clue as a kid and have really, really loved playing it as an adult! My only criticism is that the only options for playing online are 3 or 6 players. I'm guessing this is the keep the cards even? I originally thought that the option "any number" meant literally any amount of players... After many, many games I've decided that isn't the case. I strongly feel as if people choose the any amount of player option, they should and would be okay with an unequal number of cards. This would just allow for more variety in difficulty and strategy. I see how deciding who had more vs less cards would be difficult.. Perhaps the spin to see who goes first could happen prior to drawing cards and the cards could be distributed starting with who goes first? Whatever the solution, I would love to see this option added!.Version: 2.4.1

Great game! Worth it!Game takes up lots of storage but good game and good quality. There must be a way to remove unnecessary data so iPhones won't have to use 1.3 G to download all iap. Fun to play whenever and able to play online multiplayer or by yourself with added AI (computer/bot). Just wish you could customize profile more and get achievements or something? Objectives make the game very fun and addicting but that's what I'm looking for. Season pass is worth it. Just would like to see more added features to make the game more competitive and exciting/less storage usage for iOS devices. Love the work!.Version: 2.7.9

Best Clue Ever!I’m so happy to finally have a game like this to play anytime. My all time favorite board game has always been Clue (loved the movie too) and I am a die hard mystery/detective fan (Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, etc). The creators have done a great job of keeping true to the original while also making it seem new again by adding additional characters and locations (for additional $). I highly recommend getting the package deal...then whenever they update with new themes, it’s a surprise! My only complaint is that I can only play on my iPhone....when will you update so there is an app available on Kindle fire tablets?.Version: 2.3.4

Clue is definitely ClassicThis game is great! My least favorite thing about the actual board game was that you couldn't go into rooms that other players are blocking the doorway to.... but in the app, that doesn't happen!! The only thing I don't like is that there are as I call "cheat cards" that you can use but you have to pay for, which means the higher you pay, the greater your ability to manipulate your chances of winning, but, since you only play computer players and not online with other people, I guess it doesn't make too much of a difference. I haven't paid any additional money other than the download price, and I have full access to all I need to enjoy the game. All the extra purchases are cosmetic and unnecessary. Overall: awesome game, love it!.Version: 1.3.5

Finally! Where have you been!EDIT: I shaved off a star because the multi-player, which came out a month ago, is really slow and wonky. It seems like there’s a 50/50 chance the app will freeze whenever I play multi-player; at first I thought it was just slow players, but it lagged repeatedly at the same moments in the game. The single-player version remains fantastic, however (but they need to add some sound effects to some of the rooms in the Castle Vampire version). Yes! A proper app that lets me play Clue whenever I want to! I love to interface, the graphics are great, and the note-taking functions are superb. Really smooth, handsome game! I play with the music off and the sound effects on, and it's great. If I could shave half a star off of this review, I would for one reason: the game allows you to purchase additional characters, but for some reason you can't play a "challenging" version of the game with all eleven suspects; it only allows six suspects for every game. I think that would be fun, as well as an update like the old "Master Detective" version of the same game. Also, some more "skins" or alternate versions of the board, please! Overall, good stuff, I'm really glad it's finally here and I'm glad I can exercise my brain with some six-player games, be they with actual human beings or AI..Version: 2.0.5

Should be much betterThis game is not as good as either of the PC versions that came out in 1998 and 2008. The graphics are fine and the app works as intended, but it isn’t faithful to the game, and the in-app purchases or deceiving, in my opinion not in good faith. First, the board is different than the original board game. Players all start in the center, rather than in their traditional peripheral spots. Miss Scarlet normally always go first, which I guess they’ve dropped for equality. But the doors and spaces between the rooms have all been changed, which removes the strategic component of using your token to block out other players. Also, classic rules are that the player must declare if he or she is going to use a secret passage, or stay in room that someone has moved them into, prior to rolling the dice. This version doesn’t follow those rules. My biggest issue is that there is a $6.99 Classic Board and Characters bundle, which I purchased, and no refund is possible. The board is exactly the same, just with different artwork. That’s outrageous...if you advertise it as the classic board, it should be the classic board. But it has the exact same terrible new layout, the changes are only cosmetic. It seems like every ten years a new electronic version of this game is released, and each one is worse than the previous one..Version: 2.7.4

Not worth the moneyI absolutely love Clue. The movie, the board game, everything! This app is cool. It’s a good way to get my fix, but it has a lot of features you can’t use unless you pay even more. It’s also slow. I don’t have to see the dice roll animations or moving the pieces. The attention to detail is incredible, but let me click past it or have a feature I can turn down the extra animations. I really love how close to the real game it stays. It is fun, but as the first app I have ever paid to play, it is lacking. I play free games that have even more to offer (i.e., Harry Potter or Pokémon). It has everything you need to play a good game of Clue, but I wouldn’t pay $4 for it again even with how much I love the original board game..Version: 2.4.3

Brain tickling, but is it worth it?I’d probably have given it a 5 Star if the price were $1. But for $4, I expected a much better user interface and graphics. The game delivers a great content in terms of gameplay and story. However, the graphics aren’t very sharp on an iPad Pro 10.5. You can still see some blurring as the animation plays. The main menu is very vague and lacks options. The worst part is you can’t play the game on landscape mode... It took me 3 days to decide wether I should buy the game or not, as I am a fan of CLUE, but was hesitant due to the $4 price tag. I ended up buying it. It was entertaining, but I regret paying $4 for it. Note: the online multiplayer works great tho, but there isn’t chat, or any socializing options at all..Version: 2.1.3

Clue, the mobile adaptationI was reserved at first when I tried it out as I’m wary about any micro transactions in apps. I love the changes to the board as it seems easier to get around and spend more time in rooms making suggestions. I would give this app 5 stars but I’m knocking off a star for the Computer player logic in single player. Ive watched in almost back to back games where the AI would send all five of it’s characters to the same thee rooms with the same suggestion for 2-3 turns in a row where no information is gained. It gets rather game breaking when your character is the sole pick by the ai and gets stuck going to those same rooms and can’t get away to go to another room to find more clues. One feature I would like to see added at the completion of a game, is being able to review what cards the players had and compare them to your notes. Ive had a few games where I accidentally fat fingered my notes and resulted in a loss due to having bad information and not be able to figure out what I messed up on. Ive enjoyed playing this game and look forward to playing many more hours of it..Version: 2.7.8

Needs an UpdateIt would sure be nice to get an actual update on this app. About once a month I get the notification for an update, but it’s only for UI, which are basically pointless since these updates provide no noticeable changes. The fact is that developers have not paid any attention towards updating it, but instead have focused their attention on providing updates for Monopoly, Life, etc. We need better graphics like the older version of Clue that’s no longer available to be downloaded and more boards, like Clue Master Detective for instance. *Edited to add -Yet another UI update that provides no actual change. I’m even more frustrated because today I get a notification that the monopoly app has been updated and offers new features. This is getting ridiculous. If the developers are not going to work on this app, you need to refund everyone who has paid money into it..Version: 2.8.8

Needs a few new features, but good start.There are not enough options for note-taking. Numbers should be at least 1-10. I should be able to make notes in my own column. I miss the deck of cards, but it plays well enough without that if I could just take more notes, like one would do on paper. Nice art on the character cards and board. Animations are also nice. It would be nice to be able to skip thru them when short on time or battery. I like that you give character options for your cards. ★ Thank you for your response. Also adding that each character COLOR should have male and female options and even some ambiguous options - something for everyone. In notes I want a column or two separate from my competition to make notes in. Thank you! Up ★★ → ★★★..Version: 2.7.10

Well Done!!!This is an outstanding achievement. The rooms and characters are beautifully rendered, and if you want you can purchase different versions and themes. I also appreciate that they don’t try to gouge you - the game is complete and ready to go with the basic purchase. But the real achievement here is the functionality. CLUE is a very tricky game to design in a digital format and they have produced a smart and logical and interconnected interface and functionality. Last and not least, the computerized characters are able to ask for suspects, weapons or Rooms they already have in their hands. This is critical to the game, and older versions weren’t programmed with such depth. Thus if the computer asked to see Miss Scarlett, you knew the computer didn’t have it, so all strategy was lost. Well done ladies and gents!!!.Version: 2.6.2

3 1/2 StarsI’m pretty sure I’ve been playing this game since it came out, and I’ve seen it through all its changes and additions. I started when it was just the one board and character set. The game has always worked well; I’ve never had problems with bugs. I paid for all the current and future boards/players months ago, and I mostly wish I hadn’t. I liked the Halloween and winter sets, but I’m not a fan of at least three of the other boards/sets—some of the themes seem weirdly lazy. I also think the characters all should have titles of at least Miss or Mr. I don’t like that there’s no way to get hint cards anymore, either. Another player said that they wished a roll of the dice would determine your playing sequence because going first isn’t really an advantage, and I agree. Hint cards come in handy when you’ve missed solving the puzzle by one player several times in a row. Sometimes you just need a win. My final beef: I don’t understand why you can only play one of each type of character. Why not be able to play all the Greens or Plums or Scarletts against each other? My suggestion to the developer for the next theme: royalty. How much fun would a medieval castle be?.Version: 2.2.3

Needs improvementSolo is great, while multiplayers needs some improvement such as: -Kicking out those who stall every turn or who disconnect. We have to wait minutes just for them to make a move or hit continue since they are either trolling, taking too long, or disconnected. A normal 6 person game that usually takes 20 minutes took 40 minutes. -Awards and permanent score system is needed. We play games just for the leaderboard to reset, so whats the point of playing 100+ games just to have it reset? We need some incentive more than just a temporary leaderboard. Why not have a permanent leaderboard or level system to unlock new characters or boards that you can’t just buy? -Chat system is needed. Maybe not a full on chat system, but pre-filled phrases would be great. -Final accusation troll fix. Some people just hit final accusation to troll and then back out. -Final accusation bug. Whenever the timer runs out and you hit the submit button at the same time, your map turns into a blue background map, unable to see what’s going on until it’s your turn. -Different game modes. It would be cool to have different game modes such as a speed game, “can’t suspect your own card” game, etc. -Different music. The looping for some map music soundtracks get a little annoying. More music for those who don’t want to mute. This a good game and I really want it to be great. Hope you take my suggestions into thought. Thank you..Version: 2.1.1

Worth it...a streamlined Clue gameI read all the reviews before I bought the App. Played the first game and loved it. After playing many more games I bought the very expensive clue boards and characters pack. I am not sorry I did, it really makes the game so much better. Now for some board suggestions: 1. Outer space theme...with an alien as a weapon 2. Spy theme, like James Bond. 3. Caribbean Cruise 4. Christmas priority for sales guaranteed 5. High school reunion 6. Island paradise 7. College campus murder 8. Zoo murder 9. Remote Antarctic research lab 10. Remote summer camp by a lake 11. Murder at a wedding...with scarlet as a bride of course. 12. Underwater research station 13. 50’s, 70’s, 80’s themed event 14. Theme park murder 16. Death in the sky... on an airplane 17. Adventure/ Tomb raiding expedition...maybe in the pyramids. 18. Death on the Nile...river boat murder. ...and don’t forget lots more great costumed characters. This makes the game extra special and adds a ton of replay value..Version: 2.3.1

Online mode/HintsA few things that annoy me: One is whenever I play online (and for the record my wifi is fine) why does it allow other players to delay for SO LONG? Its not fair because whenever I take “too long” it times me and then just decides for me which I understand when you are playing with people online but why is that every time an online opponent takes “too long” they don’t get limited time? They just get to delay however long they want? When it lags like that it drains my battery and sometimes they take so long I end up quitting. Or sometimes it will freeze. Second is there should be some kind of snooze when a player leaves the game. I play on my phone and sometimes need to check something outside of the app but if I am playing online I have to make sure I am not away from the app or it freezes and kicks me off and I have to start over. There is a game called evil apples that just snoozes a player from a game if they leave the app or take too long to respond. HINTS: I understand how to use the hints in single player. But I noticed when I play online that other players are able to block me. So unfair! I only have the option to use hints if its single player but why can’t I use the hints like “blocking” when playing online??? But other players can? Come on!.Version: 2.7.0

What the?I would give this game five stars except for a few truly annoying features: - you pay a pretty commensurate price for a game of this type and quality but they want you to pay more on in-app purchases to “unlock” all the characters/boards which, per their “deal” right now if 55% off would be over $30. Seriously??? For a board game?! and that’s over half off what you’ll charge people later? - it gave me a profile name “politelion” and won’t let me change it anywhere that I can see... what? How the heck did I suddenly become “politelion”??? Never in a million years is that a combination of words that would even come out of my mouth. So strange... - in game advertisements. Usually when you pay for a game you don’t have to see any advertisements but they have no problem throwing up huge ads for their other games that you have to consciously Avoid pressing on it less you be taken to an option to throw more money at them I do love playing the game and on the single board they provide for your $4 and the limited characters it is fun. But it would be great knowing I paid for the full app and don’t have to spend more money to use other characters and boards.Version: 1.5.1.

Lots of fun to play!This app is worth the $$ especially if you’re into Clue! I used to love this game growing up and had forgotten how to play but after downloading this app the game is so fun and interactive, I have had a blast playing. Taking notes in the game has never been easier, before I bought the app I knew that feature could be a make it or break it for the game but it is so easy and fun to use. Wish we didn’t have to pay real money to unlock more characters or mansions but it is still fun. I like that they have easy medium and hard levels, keeps it a bit more interesting when I play again..Version: 1.5.1.

Great AppI absolutely love this game. I purchased the three game bundle and got Life and Battleship. They are are fun and smooth running games. I think a way to boot people off would be good on Life because some people don’t pay attention or are busy or something and you end up having to wait forever for them to take their turn or you have to leave the game. I think it would be fun for Clue to have a little menu to cheer opponents lol...sounds weird but I’ve played some people that are super quick to solve and I’m over here thinking...”that’s awesome dude.” Great games. Can’t wait to buy each theme. Just can’t afford all that at once for the discounted bundle..Version: 2.4.1

There are some issues...If you love clue, you will definitely enjoy this app. I do, and I play all the time. I do have a problem with it though. I recently purchased the “Warning” hint for $2. It is supposed to show you how close other players are to solving the crime. I have tried it in single player and multiplayer mode, and it doesn’t work. Tried clicking on it to activate it, it gives a message that says the hint is permanent and doesn’t need activated. Looked on the app for a way to report the problem, there is no way. Even tried coming to the app store and clicking the “App Support” button to see if I could report the problem that way, and it took me to a page that says “404 error page not found.” If you want people to spend as much money on this app as you expect, you should most DEFINITELY have a way for them to report errors. Until then, my rating stays low..Version: 2.6.7

A few changes and perfectAll the things in this Game R awesome! The only thing that I would change is maybe just leave out the purchases but if you can’t leave out the purchases I would totally recommend lowering the price or even having no price at all that’s what I would really recommend. I really like how you can switch between easy medium and hard because I’m usually easy/medium level but I sometimes do hard. Could you put a box where you could type a message to the other players? I really like to interact with people and I think that interacting with the robots or your friends or whatever would be awesome. I also like the hints because sometimes you just need a hint really bad. Thank you so much for adding the cancel button!!! I almost made an accusation (for example, Professor Plum in the lounge with the dagger), but I clicked the cancel button because I didn’t want to accuse too early, I want to verify so thank you for making the cancel button! Maybe the app can not take up so much storage? If you read this review, developers, Please listen to this review..Version: 2.7.0

Favorite gameI got this game when it was super cheap because I love clue but don’t always have real people to play with (then covid happened). I haven’t bought any extras and I don’t play online so I use it for the basic but it’s a great game with superb graphics and gameplay. I recommend it to everyone as it keeps my mind active. My only con is that within the last few months (can’t remember exactly when) the sound stopped working. No matter what I do the game is silent. It’s not a huge deal for me as it doesn’t impact gameplay but sometimes I wish I had the music to listen to while I play. I still love this app and game and play almost every night!.Version: 2.7.10

Awesome! (And requests)I love playing this! It’s very well done, and very true to the original board game. I really like how the scorecard automatically updates as you play— that’s an awesome feature! The scorecard also has options for note-taking I never thought of, and I’m sure that’ll sharpen my skills when playing the physical board game, too. Even tho I have requests, I still gave this 5 stars — that’s how good it is! My requests would just be the cherry on top.🙂 My requests: 1) I’d like to be able to go back to my score card after it’s been solved — I’m interested to see how close I came myself; 2) I’d like to be able to friend the ppl I’ve played with; 3) The animations could speed up a ‘little’ for my taste; 4) Regarding the cards I have, which are automatically crossed off on the scorecard and blocked from getting notes, I‘d like that changed so I can put notes down for those..Version: 2.7.8

Some suggestions to an awesome game.Clue Master Detective board would be a nice addition. This would expand the gameplay tremendously. In the physical board game if another player suggests your player and you’re pulled into that room, at the start of your turn you have the option to suggest without rolling the dice. However, in this version it forces you to roll the dice even if you stay in the room to make a suggestion. Why? You should be able to without having the roll the dice unnecessarily. Would be nice if the computer makes a mistake once in a while and make incorrectly accusations, like a human would. Plays too perfectly..Version: 2.3.3

Amazing!I love this game so much! It’s so nice because you don’t have to worry about shuffling or give extra cards or errors with the game! It’s also nice because you can play online with players from three to six! And if nobody wants to play the original board game at home with you and you don’t want to wait for online people to finish their turn you can play single player! You can then choose exactly how many people you want and how smart the robot is! You don’t have to wait at all for the robot! There is also MANY different new skins! The game also includes hints! I really suggest you buy this game!.Version: 2.7.10

Love Clue, this game is ok though...I love Clue. I play it with family and friends on gamenights and at partys. This game is dead on considering layout and how to play. The graphics, though, are bad. I feel like there should be more animation and more creative design. The characters on the game board are not good. They look like colored blobs. At least they move where they are supposed to go. The game is mostly the same except character design. The characters look different. SCARLET IS A BLONDIE! SHE WAS BRUNETTE! AND PLUM IS SUPPOSED TO BE A GINGER! CERNAL MUSTARD LOOKS FOREIN! HE DOESNT EVEN LOOK LIKE HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE IN THIS GAME! WHAT THE CRAP! The board feels smaller than it was, originally. I thought it had 11-12 rooms but this one feels like it has 5. The board is really small. Please send something back, developers, because I need anwsers..Version: 2.6.1

Based too much on luckI downloaded this app and played for about a week before I deleted it. I learned several different steps of logic and reasoning this game involves. Unfortunately, a lot of the game depends on when you take your turn. If I was the first to take a turn, then on my 4th turn I wouldn’t have enough information to know the answer. However, if I was fifth or sixth to take a turn, I wouldn’t get a 4th turn because one of the computer players would have the opportunity to answer first. In either case I had to guess on my 4th turn with less than enough information and just hope I was right. I’m not interested in guessing; solving a mystery should only involve logical application of reason. The rules of this game are ridiculous. As soon as a player wants to offer an accusation they should be able to do so. It should be about who can solve the mystery first, not about whether or not it’s your turn..Version: 2.6.4

Needs some reward incentivesI just bought the game and have played it nonstop for a day. Honestly, a lot of fun and a very smooth game. They make it simple and easy for note taking by making it automatic and also allowing you to make your own notes, with a few symbols. However, one con about the game that I found after playing for a day, is that there isn’t that rewarding feeling after the strategic puzzling you’ve gone through to win. Really wish there was some reward incentives other than seeing your name climb the leaderboard. I understand that there are in app purchases for better game cosmetics, however, I think you should unlock some cosmetics to be earned as a reward incentive. For example, unlocking certain characters with the stars you earn instead of using it towards the leadership board. I think it would be highly unlikely that someone would pay $2.99 for one character, when they can pay $5.99 for a character pack or $6.99 for a theme pack with the characters and board included. You can also add unlocking other things with stars like profile pictures, profile frames, and character frames. I took a look at the latest update which was 5 months ago. I hope you guys really take this into consideration for the next update, as I believe this could make the game so much better and so much more addicting!.Version: 2.7.10

Multiplayer - Bugs and GlitchesOther than that we were playing with no interruptions except for this. Also an option to choose timed or not would be nice, with tweaks to how slow or how fast you want it. Also someone else tried to use the reveal card and it didn’t work for them. Reveal needs fixing. The game on multiplayer was in-sync with us this time though. The dlc is what I call way overpriced since one board is more than the game itself, and seeing as how you have to pay more than the actual game clue itself, even with multiplayer semi-fixed I’m not sure why the boards and characters cost so much. Fix the glitches with the 3 things u get to use every game please. It still is getting stuck when showing someone a card..Version: 2.0.3

FIXED - Multiplayer Does Not Work - FIXED***UPDATE: After reaching out to the Developer team last week I was informed and update was coming in the next few days and then saw that it was available the next morning. Updated the app, and now I am having so much fun with my friends! A great developer team with very quick response and they even gave me a list of troubleshooting procedures to get it fixed! Thanks for the amazing game. I am already addicted to multi player! **************** ORIGINAL REVIEW: Multiplayer option to host an online game for you and your friends does not work. Was literally the sole reason me and a friend bought this game in such hard times during COVID-19. Please refund me or fix the game ASAP. I am on lockdown in my own home and I’m going crazy..Version: 2.6.5

Overall Great - Four IssuesGraphics are amazing, game play is seamless, and never experienced any glitching. Really enjoying it. Four issues: #1: As others have stated, starting in #1 position on hard means you’re going to have to guess without all necessary information nearly every game, or another player will win. You get three rolls, four if you’re lucky.. but if you could roll a die to determine your position randomly, or follow the board game rules and always start with Scarlett then go in order it would be great. #2: $35 to unlock the game content after paying $3-$5 for the game is absurd. Make it $9.99 total and I’ll buy it. The board game is $8.99 at Walmart. #3: Give us the traditional character skins with the initial purchase instead of making THAT character pack an add on. #4: For the life of me (other than for ranking) I can’t figure out how the score works. It’s not in the App Store description, not in the game, and not listed online anywhere. Please tell me how the score system works and how to get higher scores per game... Time? Difficulty level? Number of players? Number of suggestions? I have no idea what factors in. Great classic game..Version: 2.3.3

Rating for Single PlayerDefinitely good for practicing and picking up good methods of note tracking in Clue. Especially being able to play when you don’t have more than one friend on hand. Those two things alone are worth the money to me. Have not tried anything besides single player against computer, and I have seen others mention issues with that. It sounds like a time limit would be necessary for playing with randoms online to make sure the game progresses. It would be nice to be able to pay more to play multi-player with friend from your own account instead of them having to purchase on their phone (just like owning the game)..Version: 2.3.1

Outdated graphics and pay2play characterWhile the game itself is a lot of fun and works great, there is no dedicated iPad version and the graphics are not HD/Retina ready, which is frankly disappointing. The game is 10 years old and should be updated in this regard. Also it seems that the developers of the game are more interested and making the most money out of the game rather than delivering an outstanding game, as their extremely overpriced add-on policy reveals. Even if you pay 3.99 for the game itself, you presented with in game ads and purchase opportunities at every turn, which is frankly very annoying and disappointing. In summary, the game itself is fun but please focus more on the game than making money, offer an iPad version that works horizontally and upgrade the graphics..Version: 2.4.3

I miss the old Clue appWhile I appreciate the updated graphics this new version offers, I wish they kept the story-based mode the original Clue app offered in addition to the new modes. In the old version, it used a footstep-based pacing model instead of dice. Dialogue clues were used instead of cards. I found this to be more organic and it felt like playing detective point-and-click adventure game with endless replay value (best of both worlds). I regret deleting the old app from my phone as it is no longer accessible. The aesthetics of the new app are impressive and I like that you can add different character skins to keep it interesting. If they found a way to incorporate the old logic-based model into this new game, it would be perfect..Version: 2.4.3

Favorite Board GameThis is a great version of my all-time favorite board game. Even with the horrible blond Scarlett (wish she were the raven-haired Miss Scarlett). With all the different versions of the other characters you would think at least ONE version of Scarlett wouldn’t be this ugly blond version. But I LOVE that you can choose from all these different characters, especially the old international characters like Brunette and Rose; Gray and Azure look awesome. I hope they add the Master Detective map, poison, Mrs. Meadow-Brook, Rusty and Lady Lavender (though she might be redundant now with Dr. Orchid...). Plays great, great art, multi-player what?! Love this game, especially if they give me an 80’s black-haired Scarlett (with the long cigarette holder.).Version: 2.0.3

Good game overallThe single player game is very enjoyable, although like some other reviewers have already pointed out, it would be a good idea to roll dice for the starting icon in a single-player game, as frequently you can end up doing all of the work for the AI and losing by round 3 due to bad luck. It’s also really unrealistic that the AI always guesses correctly, even in cases where they could not have eliminated a suspect, weapon, or room. The multiplayer is still a bit buggy (and I agree that the prizes for winning seem meager), but other people have gone into that in much greater detail than I need to. My main purpose in writing this review is to let the developers know that these latest updates completely obliterated my tokens, my game cards, my score and my ranking. That’s not cool, folks. I’m sure you’re fully aware how much time your players invest in this. To have a lot of work wiped out due to an update is genuinely discouraging..Version: 2.0.3

Best board game adaptation appI love this app and play daily! The gameplay is seamless, the graphics are lovely, and it’s intuitive to use. I bought the expansion option so I love when new boards roll out. I wish all characters had an appropriate avatar for each board to widen the variety of characters you can play that are theme appropriate. I’d love to see a future update where you can mark off which of your cards you have already revealed (for example, if I had Ms. Scarlet and had to reveal the card to another player, it would be neat if the Ms. Scarlet block in that player’s column was filled in with a solid color to indicate they had been shown that card). It would be neat too if there was an “expert” mode where it didn’t auto-fill the Xs. It would add another challenging level of gameplay if we had to fill it in ourselves in an “expert” difficulty level. I did notice that any games I play against the computer are no longer counting in the solo leaderboards. The only time my gameplay registers on a leaderboard is if I play online against strangers. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update..Version: 2.4.1

My favorite game at the table, and on iPadI love this game. Clue has been my favorite game since I was a little kid, and it does not disappoint now more than 20 years later. I go through spells where I play this game for hours at a time, it’s just so fun. Especially the online component, which brings in more challenge than the computers do in offline mode. My one gripe for this game is that it is played in portrait mode. I had an iPad Pro, one of the original ones that is gigantic, so it’s hard to lay in bed and balance it in front of me while I play. I wish the game had landscape mode, so the iPad could be held a little more naturally. I use my iPad almost exclusively in landscape mode, anyway, it’s just this one game I have to flip it for. Please, please, please make it in landscape..Version: 2.7.4

Finally a real Clue game!!!Finally. Finalllllly! Classic Clue in app form. Very well done overall. Fun to play. Quick AI movements so you're not bored senseless even with full opponents. Very intelligent auto notes. Pretty boards and graphics. Couple suggestions to really make it have replay value. 1. Ability to randomize your player and opponents. 2. Ability to randomize boards. 3. More boards! 4. Stats page - how many times you caught Mr Green. How many times you played as Mrs Peacock. How many times the rope was he murder weapon. Wins vs losses. Etc etc. 5. Trophies!!!! 6. Holiday themed mansions. 7. Custom names on Generic toons. 8. Customize your own player if you want to use a favorite..Version: 1.3.5

Great game but seems scriptedThis is a great game - the difficulty levels are spot-on and the way it fills in the info you've acquired is really intuitive. Update: Still enjoying the game after a couple months, although since the most recent update, the games feel much more scripted. A great game overall though and competing on the leaderboards is fun. Update: The developers have made some nice improvements, but the single player games are so obviously scripted that it becomes really frustrating. When they were selling hint cards, rigging the game made sense to entice you to purchase hints. But now that the hint cards aren’t available for purchase, I wish they’d update the game engine to be random..Version: 2.3.0

Play With FriendsI love Clue, the game is great! BUT when you do the Play With Friends mode, it keeps telling us that our passcodes are invalid and we have to keep entering over and over until it gets accepted. And now we just realized (we’re sitting next to each other playing) that we’re playing with each other but our games are moving at different speeds and computers are guessing different things? Example: I was in the middle of my turn and my friend was ending her turn on her phone. And Scarlet went (computer) and guessed Plum, Candlestick, Library on my app but on my friends it was Green, Candlestick, Library. Just for an example. Very confusing and makes it hard for it to be any fun anymore playing together, just frustrating.Version: 2.6.5

Great Game, Bad Online PlayersThe game is fantastic, but I can’t get over how bad players are online. The goal of clue is to gather as much information as possible while giving out as little as possible. People online will figure out who the murder is and sit there and accuse that same character over and over and over, giving the information to everyone else in the game, and inevitably someone else who has figured out the weapon and room picks up on this and wins the game despite the fact they should still need more information to solve it. Or my other favorite is the payer that enters the game, makes one accusation and then makes an incorrect final accusation and is out of the game 1 minute in, leaving it a 2 player game..Version: 2.5.1

Great but...Omg I love this game, if anyone else makes a clue game they will never be able to be this. I would just like to say can you please make more boards and characters because you guys make awesome boards and characters. I love this game and I love playing with my family, but here comes the only problem with that. Sometimes it kicks me out and then it’s says I’m kicked out while I’m playing with my family like this morning for no reason and makes me a computer on there’s and makes all of them computers on mine which I don’t like and it didn’t happen to them. Please can you fix this soon and then that would be outstanding! Hope to see even cooler things in the future! -a fan :).Version: 2.4.1

A Bit BuggyI love Clue, and was super excited to see that this was available to purchase and play online with other players. The games great when it works. The loading for online players for a six person match is messed up. Either you get stuck in a five person loading lobby waiting for a sixth player - or when you do get a lobby with six players it doesn’t continue to the game. There’s also a bug that when a game finally starts and it’s the first players turn - the dice doesn’t show up for some time so your sitting in a game that’s about to start for some time. Once the game gets going it’s fine. But to actually load in and start a game is where the frustration lies. I feel as though if those bugs were fixed people would be more inclined to purchase in app purchases because the game is fluid and actually works..Version: 2.7.9

SuggestionWhy not have an option to join next available game? I really don’t care which board I play, but sometimes I pick a board and wait and wait but it’s a nuisance to skip in and out of boards to find a game. WHY HAS MULTIPLAYER STOPPED WORKING???? NOT HAPPY ALSO, I BOUGHT ALL BOARDS WHICH INCLUDE UPDATES & SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED TO PLAY NEW BOARD. VERY UNHAPPY Where is the challenge when Plum is the only character who will accuse? Eliminate Plum and I can't lose. The game needs levels of difficulty. Pick your character faces wisely. It costs money to change them. The discounted package exceeds $30!!! Save your money! I bought the snowy peaks. It is cool however Miss Scarlett still can't lose so there is still no challenge. I even tried online (which might be slow computer and not people there is no way to tell) and Scarlett always wins Also, no improvements to Tudor mansion. I'm glad I only spent $7 not $36!!!! FIX MULTIPLAYER IT STILL FREEZES CONSTANTLY & RUINS THE GAME FIX THE COMPUTER PROBLEM! I have lost at least 4 games because your computer puts an X in both opponents & then when I accuse, it says it's a different thing THIS KEEPS GETTING WORSE. MY SCREEN FROZE FOR A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF TIME. THEN ANOTHER PLAYER SOLVED AND WON WHICH WAS IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE I HAD ONE OF THE CARDS. FIX THE GAME.Version: 2.4.1

Not badIt’s good, you win through making suggestions. I would only maybe suggest adding a little more? When you win, it just ends, there’s nothing to reward your victory. Not even a better upbeat background tune. It leaves much to be desired after spending so long winning it and recovering the bare minimum. In real life, the reward is seeing the others defeated looks or yells of frustration, but you can’t do that online so I thought they’d have some other way to make it worthwhile. Honestly speaking, not really worth 4$ if you have the actual board game and some people you can play with. Not to mention how you have to pay so much inside to game for all these individual things, quite clearly a money grab scheme..Version: 2.7.10

I love this game, but there are a few glitchesI love this game, it is so fun, and the graphics are amazing! I also love the new maps, like tropical mystery, Sherlock, Hollywood studio, and all the others! Tropical mystery is my favorite! I just need to talk about some glitches. The first one is about the AIs when playing with friends. I feel like sometimes, if you put it on easy they are harder, but if you put it in hard they are easier. And sometimes, no matter what difficulty, they get lucky sometimes and guess it too early. The last thing is a small glitch that has been going on for probably only about a week, but when I try to play with friends, I create a game, but when people join, they don’t show up for the person who start the game, and it is hard to get everyone into the game. And sometimes when the game finally starts, after a couple turns, the game freezes and it might say that the person left the game. I might like this to be fixed because I like to play this game with my friends online! Thank you for reading this!.Version: 2.7.9

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Clue: The Classic Mystery Game 2.8.7 Update

Version 2.8.7 (2021-08-26): Detectives! You have a murder mystery to solve! Made improvements to the game's UI. Let's play the classic Hasbro mystery game!.

Version 2.8.2 (2021-08-04): Detectives! You have a murder mystery to solve! Made improvements to the game's UI. Let's play the classic Hasbro mystery game!.

Version 2.7.10 (2021-02-03): Detectives! You have a murder mystery to solve! Made improvements to the game's UI. Let's play the classic Hasbro mystery game!.

Version 2.7.9 (2021-01-09): Detectives! You have a murder mystery to solve! Made improvements to the game's UI. Let's play the classic Hasbro mystery game!.

Version 2.7.8 (2020-12-18): Get the Snowy Peaks theme for free! - Celebrate the holiday season with a chilling limited-time offer until January 2nd! Find your way in the cosy alpine chalet and its nine luxurious rooms to untangle this murder-mystery. Sneak through the mountaintop bar and tiptoe to the lift station. Enjoy stunning views while you solve the heinous crime. Six ice-cold suspects have assembled in the cottage but only one of them is the culprit. Join Scarlett, Mustard, and Peach in Snowy Peaks this holiday season and download the wintry theme for free with this limited time offer until January 2nd 2020..

Version 2.7.7 (2020-12-12): Hello detectives! New evidence has been discovered! - Fixes to multiplayer bugs have tied off several loose ends Polish those magnifying glasses and ready your minds, because the case won’t rest until you solve it! Play the classic mystery game wherever you are!.

Version 2.7.5 (2020-12-03): Hello detectives! New evidence has been discovered! - Fixes to multiplayer bugs have tied off several loose ends Polish those magnifying glasses and ready your minds, because the case won’t rest until you solve it! Play the classic mystery game wherever you are!.

Version 2.7.4 (2020-10-19): Happy Halloween detectives! From October 19th to November 1st, the Vampire Castle theme is FREE to all players as a limited time offer! Sleuth your way to the truth with your family, friends, and online opponents, in the most spooky of settings. Solve the case where every suspect is a monster, but only one committed the crime!.

Version 2.7.3 (2020-09-28): Hello detectives! New evidence has been discovered! - An update to Unity has thrown the case wide open - Fixes to multiplayer bugs have tied off several loose ends Polish those magnifying glasses and ready your minds, because the case won’t rest until you solve it! Play the classic mystery game wherever you are!.

Version 2.7.0 (2020-06-04): Detectives! You have a murder mystery to solve! - The new Marmalade Game Studio logo and brand Let's play the classic Hasbro mystery game!.