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Human Anatomy Atlas 2021 App Download

Join millions of medical professionals, students, and anatomy enthusiasts who use Human Anatomy Atlas to see inside and better understand the human body!

Human Anatomy Atlas offers thousands of models to help understand and communicate how the human body looks and works--and includes textbook-level definitions. Use it as a reference, instead of an anatomy textbook, or to create virtual lab experiences.

Includes over 10,000 anatomical models with descriptions in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

* One of the App Store’s Best Apps of 2017
* Winner of the Association of Medical Illustrator’s Award of Excellence
* Winner of the Digital Health Awards' Gold for Mobile Applications
* Winner of the W3 Awards' Gold for Mobile Education

“If you are in the medical field or plan to be, this anatomy app is a must-have.” — App Advice

“... strikingly realistic and detailed...” — The Boston Globe

“... mind-blowing, and always amazing in that it works so well.” — David Pogue, Yahoo Finance

“Visible Body’s [Human Anatomy] Atlas and frankly, all their A&P apps have always been my go-to reference for exploring the human body and its function.” — Teachers with Apps

Human Anatomy Atlas offers the most complete human anatomy atlas available, as well as a fast to learn and easy to use ad-free experience. The base purchase includes complete male and female gross anatomy models that can be dissected, common muscles actions, select mircroanatomy models and sample animations. Additional in-app purchases can extend the atlas to include more detailed 3D dental models, and animations that explain physiology and common pathologies.

Human Anatomy Atlas 2021 App User Reviews & Comments

BeneficialThis app is extremely helpful when studying Anatomy. With any book you are using to study you can always cross reference with this app and get a better understanding on where things are in the body. Well worth the money!.Version: 2020.0.64

BUY THIS!!!Seriously the BEST app for anatomy hands down! Not only does it give you names of everything in the body, but also names of specific locations as well. Also, very useful for muscle attachments, origin, etc. I’ve already recommended this app to nearly everyone that has an interest in the health field and have to remember these things. The AR is pretty cool too, but all this for .99 cents is the best deal ever. If you have an interest in a health profession that you need to remember or study these things, this is an absolute must. Really wish my bio classes in college had this app as part of the required class materials. 100% more helpful than the textbooks in studying the anatomy of the body!.Version: 2018.3.05

I LOVE this APP!!!I am so grateful for this app because it permits me to see and learn the parts and areas of my body that I have difficulties with and teaches me about my body parts so I am able to talk intelligently to my doctors. And get my aliments and concerns across to them with proper medical knowledge and terms. I thank you so very much for this app and I truly appreciate the time, work and effort that y’all have put into building this app and keeping it up to date with the latest medical knowledge. God Bless y’all and may God keep y’all always. Your brother James A Boston Jr.Version: 2018.3.05

FantasticThis app is absolutely fantastic! Having been a child brought up on encyclopedias, this is something I fantasizes about! The systems and movements and as icing on the cake the way each part can be repositioned for viewing different angles! I've had a knee injury and difficulty explaining the location of the pains. The app provided the perfect visual and 3D movement structure to show my doctor and physical therapist the exact areas! I had placed this app on my wish list as the cost was a bit high but then I received a notification of a sale price and I quickly acted! I'm very happy with it! Still learning my way around but so far it's great!.Version: 2018.2.27

Nearly perfectI really love this app. I like how I can look at different body systems just by tapping a few buttons. I only have 1 problem: I can’t use AR mode any more, I was able to use it before then a few days later I couldn’t find the button to turn it on. I still can’t find the button. Please help. Thanks.Version: 2019.1.38

Good idea but basic stuff missing!I would expect that a human antomy app would contain some very BASIC structures such as skull sutures. Not there unless you buy the extra premium skeletal app and even then it was a last minute add-on in the illustration section, not in the main app. I purchased both this AND the premium skeletal supplement (almost $45 together) and now find out from that they allow NO REFUNDS. Outrageous. Better stuff out there!.Version: 2018.3.05

This app is greatI am studying for my massage therapy license and this app is great for studying. It gives me the chance to see all the systems of the body and break them down and dissect each part. It also will stay take me back to the exact spot where I last studied which is brilliant..Version: 2018.3.05

Essential guideI can view horizontal sections side-by-side with CT scan and cadaver sections?? Simply essential for me. Animations of movement, videos with narrated explanations of physiology, pathological clinical correlates for every anatomical feature. And above all, app design is beautiful and navigation of the many, many features is pretty much intuitive. This should cost more..Version: 2018.2.40

In app purchase with low quality videosDoesn’t worth at all to pay 28:0$ for such a basic short videos: just a few 5-6 short videos that are less than a minute with basic introduction of each organ which is useful just for kids, however not enough for them. The rest of the videos are in-app purchases ones with 22-0$ not sure for each one or for each series. There are tones of free learning video with higher quality available in the internet, doesn’t worth at all to waist your money for learning nothing and being changed for each video,.Version: 2021.2.24

Very helpful!I’m currently taking Anatomy, and this app is very useful! We’re learning about the muscle system and getting to see the different muscle movements is extremely helpful! So is the muscle attachment option on the bones! I keep find new ways the app is helping me learn! So far, it’s the cheapest thing I’ve bought for my anatomy class and the most fun and informative! It makes learning fun and exciting! I don’t normally write reviews, but I figured since I’ve been telling all my classmates about it, I could write one and let anyone wondering if this app is worth buying know that yes, it is!.Version: 2020.2.18

Perfect for medical studentsThis app is very very good. Lots of very detailed and labeled 3D anatomy. Easy to find and highlight/view practically every element of the human body from any angle. Even has animations showing muscle movements and points of insertions. I’m a 1st year medical student and have found this app incredibly useful while studying anatomy during the pandemic without cadaver lab. Even has some fancy features like AR and cross-sectional anatomy and a virtual cadaver. Makes learning anatomy easy and interactive and fun!.Version: 2021.2.24

This app’s strength is not its detailYou’re marketing this as something you can use “as a reference, instead of an anatomy textbook”. When it does not include things such as the supraorbital nerve or infratrochlear nerve. If someone who was using this had to know where the supraorbital nerve was in order to do a nerve block they would be out of luck. You also say in the video that this is used by “thousands of universities and hospitals around the world” so the above scenario should not be implausible; especially since you are marketing it as a source of information to use instead of an anatomy textbook. This review was made on 8/8/18..Version: 2019.0.32

Areas of improvementThis is an amazing app for A&P. The issue I am having is that in the drawing section, the pen does not write as smoothly and the little highlighting circle when I bring my stylus up to my iPad to draw is very distracting. Another thing is I am having issues searching for things after I exit my drawing to look for another muscle. I have to exit the app and let it restart again to start a new search which is inconvenient..Version: 2021.0.14

Great for Patient EducationI’m an acupuncturist nearly 30 years and use this app all the time to educate and enlighten patients about their problems. The ability to highlight particular structures, and to be able to peel away layers is fantastic. In studying anatomy this way I have learned so much detail that I never really knew before. Little things that you just don’t get from looking at a cadaver or studying in books. The ability to resize and rotate the image is powerful and allows you to clearly see the relationships between different structures. I recommend it to lots of colleagues..Version: 2021.2.21

Awesome interface, but missing a ton of contentThe app is designed beautifully and is easy to navigate, but is missing a ton of content. I’m currently a medical student studying anatomy, and am finding that tons of structures talked about in lecture are missing. For example, the acromium and corocoid process are basic anatomical anatomical features of the shoulder, but they’re not specified. This is only one of literally dozens of examples! If you can get it on sale for $1 it’s worth it, but I regret paying $24. I’d recommend looking at other options before committing to this one..Version: 2019.0.32

Really great app for students!I am a pre Med student in anatomy and this app is great! I love the detail, the augmented reality, and the quizzes it gives you! You can even isolate muscles to see how they move, what the second order information is of that muscle... my only recommendation is that they make it so you can “dissect” superficial muscles off of an animated movement to see the muscles underneath work. Otherwise an all around great app!.Version: 2019.1.38

Great app but ONE suggestion!The app is great, but I have one suggestion for the developers. Right now the app does not seem to support split screen mode for iPad. Please add this feature as it would be extremely useful for med students who want to reference both the app and their text books on the same screen to study. I will give it 5 starts if this feature is added!.Version: 2018.3.05

Buy itThis app has everything you can think of think your 100$ anatomy book or 50$ greys anatomy book here in a app but in 3D buy it if you are a doctor or just in general curious about anatomy. Any healthcare interest as well this is a great app to buy.Version: 2020.0.64

Best anatomy reference to date, excellent valueThere is so much information, and the interactive nature makes it easy to explore it all. I was hesitant to buy at first since I’m studying art, not medicine, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get much use from it. However, compared to the price of a textbook, it’s really not that much at all. This app is the core resource I use to study anatomy. It has information on attachment points for everything, which is helpful for memorizing the shapes and functions of bones. My only complaint would be that the male/female toggle doesn’t show much sexual dimorphism. The male and female skeletons are almost exactly the same, with only the pelvic girdle different. For example, the shape of the spine, the angle and separation of the femurs and the size and shape of the skull are the same when they should not be, which would also affect the posture of the model. My guess is that to get those differences modeled would be an enormous amount of work, and at any rate it’s not especially important unless you’re in art or forensics. Being able to spin around the anatomy and virtually dissect the models is amazing. Also impressive is the animations showing how the muscles operate..Version: 2019.1.38

Wow! Wow! Woweeee!Unbelievable, wonderful, fantastic app! I'm not one to take time to write reviews. But I have to thank the developers of this incredibly useful tool. I am a singing teacher who focuses on functional technique, i.e. the way the larynx and its surrounding structures move (thus influencing how the larynx functions). Mine is a relatively unusual approach to teaching vocal technique, but I get amazing results with my students from this methodology. For years I've been looking for a book, pictures, diagrams that can show me practically how the muscles of the larynx & pharynx are layered so I can understand which muscles to release or contract. And this app does it all (except showing me how the intrinsic muscles of the larynx move). This app allows me to FADE muscles so I can see what's underneath them. It shows me the nerves innervating the larynx, the blood vessels, the membranes, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can show my massage therapist, my physical therapist and my chiropractor specifically what to work on now. I look forward to add on features to this amazing app. I've been sharing it with my students as well, so you have an enthusiastic (if not evangelical) marketing consultant in perhaps an unexpected client base. Brands! Bravo!.Version: 2019.0.32

Fantastic AppBought this app for my medical school Anatomy course and I rely on it heavily. The main feature, the 3D body, is a great supplement for both class and lab with the other features (virtual cross sectionsquizzes, Muscle actions, microanatomy,...) being an extra bonus. I ended up buying the in-app purchases for "patient education animations" and "advance animations", but these aren't necessary for everyone to have. The base app that you download will be more than enough for any Anatomy course that you take..Version: 2019.1.38

This app does wonders for pre-health studentsThe app gives you the complete anatomy of the body with access to regions and cross sections of different body parts (so sagittal, coronal, etc). They even have a quiz portion in the app (there was one for the circle of Willis). It lets you see everything clearly with minimal distortion of images and they give detailed explanations of every nerve, muscle, artery, etc. Extremely helpful app that’s worth the pricey 1.99 investment..Version: 2019.0.32

APP IS AMAZINGFor anyone in medical field or layman, this is a “goto” and “must-have” app. Amazingly constructed for school or practice, office or classroom, or even someone getting surgery or knows someone getting surgery or wishing to explore the body to be able to communicate effectively with a health professional. App can be navigated easily no matter your knowledge. Easily 10 stars!.Version: 2019.0.32

This app is amazing!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍I am in love with this app, it has helped me study for all my anatomy, physiology, and biology clases. I am grateful for this app and u guys by far have made one of the best apps I've seen. The animations alone are full of details, the sources on all the injuries are from very prestigious organizations. I use this app everyday. Although its the best for me, i am sure that u guys can take it to the next level. Perhaps you guys can add more animations and more micro anatomy such as the motor neurons and the muscle fibers. An animation such as the glucolisis or the Kreps cycle will be amazing and it would defined help a lot. BEST ANATOMY APP EVER!!!!! #ATLASFORLIFE.Version: 2019.1.38

Prefect of SLP students!!I’ve used this app for 3 years now, and I’ll use it until I can’t. I used it for anatomy, neurology, dysphagia, aphasia, and many more classes. It is way cheaper than any textbook. I love that you can search a specific structure, and it becomes highlighted. I will forever recommend this app!!.Version: 2021.2.21

Awesome app!I usually don't write reviews, but after using this app I thought it deserved some appreciation. This app is easy to use, beautifully designed and is extremely informative for my needs. As a current EMT preparing to go to medic school, this app has helped me tremendously. To be able to read through my textbooks while looking at a 3D model of whichever region of the body I am studying gives me a much better understanding of what I am reading and how the body works, from cells, tendons, muscles and ligaments, the skeletal system, and virtually every region and system in the body. I would recommend this app to anyone in the EMS field who is looking to improve their knowledge of the human body..Version: 2019.1.38

This is awesome! But...I’ve been browsing many anatomy app and this one stood out in every aspect. The only concern is the muscles. If you switch between the man and woman the muscles are almost identical. I think you should build up the muscles on the mans body since when you enable the skin the man is buffed. So buff the muscle size. I have no concerns with anything else.Version: 2021.0.14

Great app with some possible improvementsEverything about this app is great, and I would have given it five stars if they didn’t leave out a lot of the fascia (i.e. fascia of the abdomen) in the labels. In addition, I would give five stars if the app had more detailed labeling for sutures/processes of the skull. Otherwise everything about this app is great, almost always works smoothly and would recommend 100% if you don’t care about the minor things missing as mentioned!.Version: 2020.1.72

A Must Have For Med Students, Artists & Learning JunkiesYou will never find the vast amount of detailed & INTERACTIVE information that you get here for any price. It’s an absolute steal! The only problem is that you will lose hours of your day simply exploring the human body before you know it. Love it!.Version: 2021.2.22

Not sure why all the 5 star reviews.I didn’t think this app stacked up very well to the Complete Anatomy competitor. Used both. CA seems to be a superior product. I bought this one though because one review said “it’s all there” and “it’s not a shell app with other expensive in-app purchases”. Also the user interface is a bit more annoying than CA. In my opinion at least. And yet when I opened the app that I paid $27 for, the very first thing I see is... drumroll, locked out features I have to pay even more for. Really!? That’s the EXACT reason I bought the app is because it was all included and CA is a subscription mode for the advanced stuff. This add has a differential diagnosis feature where you click an anatomical part and it lists all the diseases that could be associated with it. That is pretty cool I will admit. Anyways. I asked for a refund. They said ask apple. Makes sense. Apple said I’m not eligible for a refund. I emailed them back and waiting to hear back. I guess if I don’t get my money back, I’ll make the best of it and use it for the ddx list. Not the worst thing in the world..Version: 2019.2.49

An excellent applicationI am in love with this application. Its beautiful, helpful, and everything at the same time. It makes study much easier. Especially for me, who lives in Georgia and there is not opportunity to study anatomy completely. If you are a medical student, this app is for you. Just dont hesitate and purchase it. Absolutely love it ❤️.Version: 2019.2.49

Good but not really ARA very good anatomy explorer. However floating the 3D model on a virtual table is barely “AR” and is actually an inferior way to use this app. Way easier to use the conventional touch interface. My wish: This could be so much better — for instance hold out your hand and see the inner structure as you move your hand. Or point the camera at your friend and see internal anatomy. AR has so much potential but this app gets a C for effort regarding AR..Version: 2018.2.27

So helpful!This app has helped my so much in my musculoskeletal block in medical school. The information is clean, it’s easy to navigate, and the clinical information really helps to contextualize the information. Would strongly recommend to anyone looking to learn human anatomy at any level!.Version: 2019.0.32

Really good, but....After spending $25 for the app, which is really very good, I was disappointed to see that there are additional costs for some of the content. Much of the ‘Media’ content costs extra. Going through circulation in my anatomy class and that media video is locked. However, there is a lot of content included and it is really excellent. Using this in conjunction with another app for my class..Version: 2019.1.38

Don’t listen to the criticsThis is the best app for anatomy. There are animations of processes (like breathing) that explains to you how it works and what other body parts are included. I’m a nursing student that needs to see more than a figure in a textbook. This is essential to completely understanding the anatomy, how it’s shaped, what is attached, etc. $25 is not cheap, but it’s an investment for your knowledge and future..Version: 2018.3.05

Cannot recommend enough. Would pay for this a hundred times overThe title says it all. I’m a neuroscience and behavior student and this is perfect for me — in-depth 3D models of the human body, including AR, dissection, common diagnoses, a glossary of terms, and several free videos. It works best on my iPad and it has really proven to be an invaluable resource. My regards to the developers responsible for this work of art..Version: 2021.1.64

Great appI learn through physically seeing and this app really helps. Deserves its five starts but one missing function for me is the ability to manipulate the structure to see how the body moves. The app has videos which are helpful but not enough and I would prefer moving the structure.Version: 2021.1.64

Great app! Just one thing,and a question.This app is great! But 2 things I want to say;Here in the website when I needed some help trying to find the drawing tools, you said a window would appear after you tap the “draws icon”, But it doesn’t appear in my screen. If it’s a bug,please fix :(. Now the question i want to ask;is it ok to add a description thing for us to use in the tour section in the app?(the section with the pelvis tour and the brain tour). By the way,this app is amazing!! Even the 2017 updates! :).Version: 2018.3.05

Amazing App!This is a powerful App. The content is organized in a very clear, easy to use way. In addition to detailed human anatomy, it also gives you the option of viewing the muscle actions, a very useful feature to see what all is involved in making a movement..Version: 2019.0.32

A True Learning ExperienceAn amazing app. The clarity of presentation, level of detail, flexibility and ease of use are unmatched by any other anatomical or physiological tool. Short of a hands-on dissection in a first-year anatomy lab, this is the best way to develop a clear understanding of how the human body's systems work, and work together..Version: 2018.3.05

Great anatomy appI am a faculty member teaching Point of Care ultrasound to medical students and residents and physicians and I found the app very helpful to review anatomical details and also to develop course content. It would be very helpful to have corresponding ultrasound images in both labeled and unlabeled format with some animations in augmented reality for the ultrasound images with both normal and pathological findings. Point of care is a rapidly growing area of ultrasound and will be an integral part of medical education as well as education for medical residents and so it would be great to have that feature as well. Something to look into and if you need any tips you can look at some ultrasound simulation products by companies like Simbionix 3D systems and CAE. For sure that feature would be welcomed by the medical community and will address a real need in medical education. Thanks..Version: 2018.2.23

Missing Sutures but helpful for A&P II’m a student currently taking anatomy and physiology I. This app has helped me with my lab manuals as well as helping me visually understand the human anatomy since I am a visual/kinesthetic learner. I appreciate the AR function since I am doing anatomy online due to covid and can’t just go to my college’s learning resources on campus. Definitely would recommend as a supplemental learning tool, however don’t expect this app to have 100% of the features you might be looking at in class, like for example the cranial sutures..Version: 2021.2.22

Not user-friendlySuper-detailed illustrations and loads of anatomical information await you...if you can figure out how to get at it. There’s no explanation about what keys do what, and I’ll be damned if I can tap on the exact structure I want to see—assuming the image hasn’t decided to rotate when I wanted it to do something else. It took me two days to figure out how to access the images of the heart I wanted, and I still can’t find anything of the atria. If I could get my $$ back, I would. An expensive disappointment..Version: 2021.2.24

My favorites don’t saveThis app is fantastic. The only problem is every time I try to save a fire, it doesn’t show up in my favorites. Very frustrating as I have saved so many favorites and they are never actually there when I go to look for them. I have an iPhone SE and a new iPad Pro, I don’t think it’s a compatibility thing, but you never know. Possibly user error..Version: 2021.0.14

I don’t usually write reviews, best app everI am in a CRNA (nurse anesthesia) program. A friend told me to get this and I was concerned it would take too long to learn to use it. It didn’t! It’s incredible. I think it’s better than the anamotage we have in class. You can rotate and really see the origin and insertion from every view. Love the muscles in movement section. Especially love being able to annotate the pictures with my apple pencil and save them as notecards in the app. Idea for future improvement...ability to export these notecards to quizlet. That would be the kicker. Absolutely incredible. The best app I’ve ever seen. Love..Version: 2019.0.32

Limited content available even with full purchaseI purchased a complete bundle because I wanted access to all the basic educational resources. The bundle included 3 apps (Anatomy 2021, Muscles and Kinesiology, physiology and pathology). Yet very basic educational content is locked. For example, for joint movements there’s content for 1/7 joints but for the rest you have to buy other packages. I can’t even imagine what little content would have been unlocked if I had only purchased the atlas. This is an unacceptable money-grab!.Version: 2021.1.64

Been with me through 4 years of medical schoolI originally bought this when a sale was going on prior to starting med school. Now with 4th year coming to an end, I can definitely say this app has been a great supplement to learning, both in didactic and clinical years. The overall set-up and models are great. They’ve continued support for the app and have a solid development history. Depending on your intended use for this, it can be a great primary resource for learning anatomy or as a great adjunct resource for medical training. It’s not perfect just like everything else that exists. In the long run, if you think something like this would be nice to have and you can reasonably afford it, I say go for it. [Now, if they join forces with the folks at Amboss, Anki, Pathoma and Radiopaedia for a seamlessly integrated platform with optional user tagged references to UptoDate, Evernote and Figure1, then it will be darn-near-perfect, I’ll change my review to a 6 and hand over all my student loan money.].Version: 2021.1.64

Love this app!!I am a future chiropractic student and have been using this app to review. It’s super helpful and has actually taught me things that I didn’t learn in undergrad because I am actually able to get a 360 degree view of all of the structures. Amazing!! I also love that printable lab activities are included in this app. I will definitely be referring to this app in chiropractic school!!.Version: 2019.1.38

Must-have for any Med studentI don’t know how I would’ve survived gross anatomy in my first semester of med school without this app. The amount of detail combined with the three dimensional viewing made learning the intricate design of the human body so much easier. Anyone who is starting a gross anatomy course needs this app. There is no better software out there to help your studies.Version: 2020.0.64

Great app!I don’t usually review apps but this one has save me a lot of time studying in a 200 level A&P course. It is pretty easy to learn how it works. The one and only small complaint I have is that while you use the app you battery will die very fast!.Version: 2018.2.40

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 2021.2.24

BrilliantWell worth the money, fantastic platform, user friendly, great for the kids ....Version: 2019.0.32

BrilliantI don’t ever write reviews, so this says something. This app has excellent value for money, and more features than I even hoped for! If you’re on iPhone or iPad and looking for an anatomy app, I highly suggest this one..Version: 2020.1.72

Genuinely impressedHonestly the most useful resource I have as a medical science student - incredible value for money. Absolutely packed with features. I only wish the UI was a little smoother on the home page, and I’ve occasionally had it crash but other than that I love this app..Version: 2019.0.32

MisleadingThe app screenshot shows dental anatomy in the App Store without mentioning that Dental Anatomy is add on product. Dev can at least separate in app purchase content from main menu of the app. It is totally misleading and the only reason I purchased the application was for Dental Anatomy..Version: 2019.0.32

In app downloadsTried downloading In app purchases but program wouldn’t allow it stated cannot connect to iTunes Store developer can you please respond.Version: 2020.1.72

No AR reallyThey is no ARkit as you might think in regards to what Apple talked about with the new IOS11. Don’t get caught by this..Version: 2018.2.27

I can’t open it after upgradingIt’s a great app, but I can’t open it after recent upgrading. Can someone fix it?.Version: 2019.2.48

Brilliant ReferenceI have used this app and earlier versions for over 5 years, with excellent image, information and ease of use it’s a must for any anatomy students or just wanting to understand your own body. Highly recommend..Version: 2019.2.49

Makes me nervousCause I like those with nerve..Version: 2019.2.49

Get it.An amazing layer by layer exploration of human anatomy, all for the price of a bottle of vodka. I'm going to lose many days..Version: 1.0.25

App constantly crashesI want to love this app. I have used it on my Mac as well and it was great for my anatomy classes at uni, however, I can’t use the app for more than 30 seconds at most without it crashing. I have tried reinstalling it and my iPad and app are up to date, at this point I don’t really think it was worth the money as I can’t seem to get any use out of it. Here’s to hoping that it gets an update to fix it..Version: 2021.0.14

AwesomeI am studying Certificate IV Fitness and since purchasing the app finding my studies of human anatomy and movement easier to understand.Version: 2018.3.05

Incredible app!Highly recommend! Definitely gives an upper-hand in learning anatomy amongst peers who don’t have this app (or similar), whereby single textbooks are restricted to their mode of teaching. Being able to visualise the body dynamically or statically all within the same program is definitely a highlight! The ongoing updates are great. Thanks for a great app!.Version: 2020.0.64

Extremely slow response on the A12X chipUI design is quite unfriendly to be honest. Compared with other anatomy app that I used, the button in this app is much worse due to the poor animation and slow response. Would strongly recommend choose a substitute for this app before the developer improve its code to make this app smoother. This is not the quality for a $45 app..Version: 2021.0.14

Must haveI have used this suite of apps for a number of years, and they continue to improve. I use them all the time on my iPad for patient education and I no longer have the clutter of models on my desk or shelves!.Version: 2018.1.06

Can't select text.Biggest gripe with this app is that I can't select text to check the dictionary or Wikipedia. The custom UI also feels cramped (on iPhone) and no doubt contributes to the battery drain..Version: 2018.1.06

Don’t Buy!- Very poor navigation - lacks smooth transition from anterior to posterior surfaces - lacks a significant number of structures including major blood vessels - owned for 1 week before permanently freezing during an update.Version: 2020.0.64

AmazingThis is a great app and I’m very impressed with how easy it is to use..Version: 2018.2.40

Best reviewThis app is so good my son learned so! Much about the human body, this app is 100%5stars Because the company who made it put a lot off hard work and lots effort.there is like everything that the human body has!!!Thank you so much whoever or what company made this app!.Version: 2021.0.14

😀Love it! Find the 😃 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 Like (if you can) if you found it..Version: 2019.2.49

Not optimised for IPad Pro 11”Pretty disappointed that I have to use this premium app with black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. I expected that paying this much for an app would at least have been optimised for the most up to date iPad Pros..Version: 2019.1.38

My fav appNever glitches, super detailed and simple. Recommended for all learning anatomy.Version: 2019.1.38

Human bodyVery good app for kids in videos..Version: 2018.3.05

Better than dissectionBest tool to learn anatomy.Version: 2019.2.48

Augmented reality on this is amazingJust purchased this to try to augmented reality features. The graphics are incredible, and although not all systems are visible in the augmented reality view, there are plenty to keep me coming back. The kids will learn a lot from this one..Version: 2018.2.27

Is there any way to edit the hairstyle of the models?The app is real good but I was wondering about how to edit the hairstyles of the models.Version: 2021.2.22

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Human Anatomy Atlas 2021
Visible Body
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Human Anatomy Atlas 2021 2021.2.24 Update

Version 2021.2.24 (2021-03-18): Introducing Visible Body User Accounts! With your VB User Account, you can: - Save and share all your newly created custom interactive content! - Make 3D Views and Tours that include tags, 3D drawings, and notes, and edit them whenever you want. - Share your 3D views with other Atlas 2021.1 users. - Minor corrections and bug fixes. Note: Visible Body accounts have replaced iCloud in Human Anatomy Atlas 2021.1 or later..

Version 2021.2.22 (2021-02-16): Introducing Visible Body User Accounts! With your VB User Account, you can: - Save and share all your newly created custom interactive content! - Make 3D Views and Tours that include tags, 3D drawings, and notes, and edit them whenever you want. - Share your 3D views with other Atlas 2021.1 users. - Minor corrections and bug fixes. Note: Visible Body accounts have replaced iCloud in Human Anatomy Atlas 2021.1 or later..

Version 2021.2.21 (2021-01-22): Introducing Visible Body User Accounts! With your VB User Account, you can: - Save and share all your newly created custom interactive content! - Make 3D Views and Tours that include tags, 3D drawings, and notes, and edit them whenever you want. - Share your 3D views with other Atlas 2021.1 users. - Minor corrections and bug fixes. Note: Visible Body accounts have replaced iCloud in Human Anatomy Atlas 2021.1 or later..

Version 2021.1.64 (2020-07-27): Introducing Visible Body User Accounts! With your VB User Account, you can: - Save and share all your newly created custom interactive content! - Make 3D Views and Tours that include tags, 3D drawings, and notes, and edit them whenever you want. - Share your 3D views with other Atlas 2021.1 users. Note: Visible Body accounts have replaced iCloud in Human Anatomy Atlas 2021.1 or later..