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Join Trainers across the globe who are discovering Pokémon as they explore the world around them. Pokémon GO is the global gaming sensation that has been downloaded over 1 billion times and named “Best Mobile Game” by the Game Developers Choice Awards and “Best App of the Year” by TechCrunch.

UNCOVER THE WORLD OF POKÉMON: Explore and discover Pokémon wherever you are!

CATCH more Pokémon to complete your Pokédex!

JOURNEY alongside your Buddy Pokémon to help make your Pokémon stronger and earn rewards!

COMPETE in epic Gym battles and...

TEAM UP and UNITE with other Trainers to catch powerful Pokémon during Raid Battles!

It’s time to get moving—your real-life adventures await! Let’s GO!

With the player’s permission, Adventure Sync uses the Health app to enable the player to earn walking distance when the app is closed.

- This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones, not tablets.
- It is recommended to play while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information.
- Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks.
- Compatibility information may be changed at any time.
- Information current as of July 11, 2019.
- Compatible with iPhone® 5s / SE / 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 Plus / X devices with iOS Version 9 or later installed.
- Not compatible with 5th generation iPod Touch devices or iPhone 5c or earlier iPhone devices.
- Please visit PokemonGO.com for additional compatibility information.
- Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices.
- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life.

Pokémon GO App User Reviews & Comments

Won’t finish loading at startup. Please fix ASAP.I haven’t tried to open this app for months, but am on an iphone 11 and just updated to iOS 14.8. It keeps prompting me to log into my Google account then gets frozen halfway through the startup bar. When I’ve had this issue in the past I had to enable cookies and JavaScript, clear myself website history and cookies and restart my phone. I’ve done that and more…repeatedly, and it keeps getting “stuck” but without an error. And yes, I have all of the other settings required on. Please fix this ASAP. I’ve spend 5 years and literally well over $1,000 on the app and should be able to access it. Now for a quick review beyond this glitch (this part would be 4 1/2 stars). I’m a perpetual weight fluctuater, and since my friend practically forced me to “try” playing one night, I got hooked and it pushed me to lose 30 pounds. It also helped me lose a significant amount of weight two other times, while walking for hours with friends, motivated me to get out when I didn’t want to, and is just a great game. And for the negative reviews about not getting enough free coins, etc…that’s how they make their money. And this app has helped a lot of people in the way it has helped me, so I don’t blame them for wanting, and deserving to make a ton of money off of it..Version: 1.185.1

Why the challengesThe games good I’ve had it ever since it came out it has amazing updates and features like the buddy and egg hatching mechanic but one thing I hate are the challenges. The problem with the challenges (I’m talking about the special ones not the ones that you get from pokestops) are that they don’t count unless you had the challenge. If you don’t understand I’ll explain, for the new challenge or Meltan go challenges there’s one specific challenge that took me a year to finally do, it was to catch a ditto which I had done an hour before I got the challenge.i had caught a ditto an hour prior of getting the catch a ditto challenge and the problem is it didn’t count towards the challenge, but not only that I had evolved a magikarp three weeks ago and I just got the challenge evolve a magikarp challenge I don’t want to wait another year to just get another stage of a challenge that I will inevitably will have to do that will take me another year to do I just want to play the game and earn the challenges that I did too early without knowing it was too early. I hope this is seen so at least I have some sort of reasoning for this and if this is seen by a developer thanks this game is really nice and I cannot wait to see what else this game holds in the future..Version: 1.125.2

Fun game, needs to be polishedLove the game. With the newer updates there’s a lot more to do in a more organized way. Most of the objectives of the game work flawlessly. The inner economy of items and Pokémon’s creates a wonderful system that makes you want to come back and play more. But, there are a lot of issues to still work out. One of which is the coins and gyms system. Right now, you can only get 50 coins per day. And a pokemon earns a single coin per 10 minutes in a gym. You would reach the max limit for coins in about 8 hours. This creates an issue, in which, if you have 4 pokemon in different gyms that have been in there for all over a day. Well over the limit. Meaning you could make 200 coins total, if they get defeated on different days. However, if they are all defeated on a single day then you only receive 50 coins for all 4, missing out on the 150. Currently, there is no work around this issue. You can’t recall your pokemon early, and if one gets stuck in a gym you are sitting there praying for it to be beaten. Another issue is with the combat leagues. When I first started the game with my most powerful pokemon at about 1000cp to try out the feature, the opponents were vastly unbalanced. I had to fight a 3000cp mewtwo on my 4th or so fight. It just seems that some of the features weren’t given enough time as opposed to other features of the game, and that lackluster approach clearly shows..Version: 1.137.3

New update is great but it might as well have totally killed the go plus deviceUpdate with the newest version. Really annoying bug I’m hoping it’s a bug at least. Every time you transfer or rename a Pokémon it always jumps back to the top of the list instead of staying where you were. Very annoying and time wasting change having to scroll all the time. I really like the changes in the new update. The weather pattern thing is great. The button push charge move in gym battles is a huge improvement. The spawn rates have improved. Overall a really great update. However, it has basically killed any usefulness the go plus device had. The catch rate wasn’t great before, but at least it was acceptable for what it was. That definitely changed with the update. With the weather feature causing affected Pokémon to be higher cp the plus is even worse. You just can’t catch an almost maxed out anything with a regular ball. I would suggest what I think would be a fairly easy fix. Maybe have the game automatically start a catch attempt with a suggested ball instead of a regular one every time. Ie... if it pops up and I see the circle yellow I switch to a great ball. Red goes to ultra balls. Have the game/go plus be smart enough to do the same thing. I have huge stockpiles of great and ultra balls so I’d rather the plus use those to improve the catch rate..Version: 1.57.5

Go Battle LeagueThe G.B.L used to be very fun and competitive. I could go out and see what people were using and strategize teams capable of doing well. But, now in season 3 the algorithm feels socialist and fixed, way more than last season. What I mean by that is, I’ll use a team and everyone I go up against “just happens” to have the perfect team to destroy mine more than half the time, so I’ll change my team to combat the teams that I have been seeing, but the teams I’ve been seeing are no longer what I am seeing and again everyone I verse has a different team which “happens” to be made to easily destroy my team. This algorithm has in fact ruined the G.B.L. by removing most if not all of the competitiveness. So, people get wins when the algorithm says they should win and loses when the algorithm says they should lose. The only way to really get more than 50% wins seems to be if your opponent makes a mistake, which doesn’t usually happen because people who you verse when ranking matters usually know what they’re doing because they got to the rank they have by knowing what they’re doing. So, socialism may sound great, but in a competitive game it is asinine to have the system built around an idea that completely lacks competitiveness. Please allow the matching system to be more capitalist because capitalism is very competitive. And competitiveness is way more fun than non-competitiveness. I’ll probably increase my ranking if this change is made..Version: 1.141.2

It is fun.It is indeed fun and has grown a lot since I first started about four years ago. I am also really glad they retracted with the sprite version of Pokémon. I would have quit. I am proud that those behind Pokémon Go are doing what they can to help people enjoy the app during the pandemic. Even more so, I commend them for standing up for the black people and all races. Being anything other than white dose not mean that they mean less. To me they mean so much more. Now on from that and back to Pokémon Go. I find myself pondering weather to keep with Pokémon go, or to let it go. Community days end when workers are getting off work or kids getting off school. That is extremely unfair. There should also be more Pokémon, Pokémon stops and gems for those in rural areas. Also, I purchased a remote raid pass for the event. When I hopped in to join, the people left so I hopped out only to find that I had completely lost my remote raid pass. This was also unfair as other raid passes do not vanish when you hop in and out when others leave. Another reason for me to consider leaving. It is very wrong for the raid to be used up like that especially when we have to pay for them. I surely will not buy another, event or not. Sure, coins, incubators, lucky eggs and so on are expected to disappear when used, but when other raid passes let you hop in and out, it is shameful to take the remote raid pass without having participated in any raid. That is all I have to say..Version: 1.143.0

I LOVE IT BUT,Ok I have been playing Pokémon go since it came out. I have never left it, and I have probably spent 100$ on it this year. Pokémon go is so fun and addicting for Pokémon fans. Now on to the bad parts. A Raid glitch happens here’s how, so I was playing Pokémon go and my friend invited me to a Espurr raid yesterday, and we won because me and my friend have good Pokémon and I went to the catch screen. IT WAS A SHINY. I freaked out and I started screen recording. But then it said “network error (3)”. I didn’t care because that happens when u exit out of Pokémon go. So I went to my berry screen to get a golden Berry and it just started spamming network error 3. It didn’t let me touch or do anything. My entire phone was frozen! I tried to power it off and it didn’t work. So I went to apple to fix my phone. They fixed it but I lost the shiny Espurr. I was so mad. And your probably like “oh just go and get another raid” I live somewhere where there is no gyms, or raids. The only place where I live where there gyms and raids are at the city capital (where the apple store was) and I can’t go there because of covid. Oh and to mention I lost my Pokémon go account because I forgot my password (when apple fixed my phone they reset it completely deleting all my apps and photos.) but I made a new account and I’m level 20. I’m gonna try the grind to get my account back. (Sorry for spelling errors I rushed this.).Version: 1.159.1

Buggy appFor the most part you better have good connectivity with your mobile device or you will experience the most frustrating lag at times when you are battling other trainers thru the new go battle league schematic. I have lost tons of battles due to not my skill level but the servers not being able to connect my Pokémon fighting the other trainers Pokémon. There are times where the Pokémon disappears or takes time for the servers to load the Pokémon on the map which delays the time frame of events like community days etc. if you carry an iPhone I don’t think this game will be any fun due to the lag and any other issues that come across over time. Even Samsung has trouble on occasion with the 5g connectivity in certain areas. The antennae’s on the iPhone are awful and are better used for taking pictures and just calls. But for games stuck with a Samsung note or the galaxy series to get a better experience. This game after four years in the making struggles to allow any fun for the user about 60% of the time. Playable only when poke stops are near by and if you are out and about. Absolutely unappealing due to the laggy servers and lousy deals from in app purchases. One star automatically until this issue is fixed which will never happen. There will always be crashes and laggy gameplay for more than half of the time playing. Also make sure you have the unlimited data plan so you can at least load the game..Version: 1.137.1

UpdateI love the game but i give it a 2 bc it needs updates for ease of use. im a passenger in a car alot and pokestops should be able to open and spin if were going past one at 60 mph bc some of the places we go by no one is walking to so the onlyway to hit it is from a car but like i said if im a passenger there shouldnt be restrictions. also i dont need the dont pokemon and go while driving message to pop up every time my speed changes if i say im a passenger it should acknowledge and not ask again unless i close the app and open back up if u have to create a license agreement stating that if u check this box and are using pokémon go while driving after it asks if ur a passenger and u aren't a passenger u cant sue if u get in an accident then do that . also the special stones and leafs and all that for upgrades should be way easier to get I'm level 28 and have never seen some of them and i have the candies to upgrade idk if thats just me but ... lastly ditto idk what i have to do but its the longest achievement I've been trying to get i cant ever find him and like i said i'm a passenger a-lot i go all over the state it's getting to the point where i don't wanna play anymore bc i cant get to the next stage of special research its a lil ridiculous like i feel like they should pop up once since i have 2 special researches for it but yea hope thats all taken into account before i delete the app bc i like playing.Version: 1.117.1

Fun gam just needs patchesLove the game just wish they would freaking do something and fix the cheating. It’s been a problem. People using 3+ shields. Honestly I feel like if they could either make it so a weak connection forfeits the match and make the mobile raid pass global through the app. You should be able to raid with anyone in the game easily. Just being able to easily join a raid without another app would make me keep playing the game. I love pvp too just gets annoying. Not every time it’s cheating but there is a lot of people exploring the game as well. The connection thing seems to big a big issue. I play consoles and I know connection issues typically are from you manipulating the signal to gain an advantage. I have dealt with lag switches all that and this to me seems like all people do is cut their connection a certain way to get more than 2 Shields. Because it’s always freaking laggy when it happens to me and it only happened when I’m winning rarely when I’m losing. If I have a bad signal myself I know when it’s me because nothing will work right. I battle friends all the time without issues and some of us try to find out how people are doing it when the connections get messed with that’s when the problems start so they need to fix the connection thing. Could be a quick simple patch like what some console games did. If u disconnect from server or have a connection issue your out and disconnect from the game lobby..Version: 1.185.1

AWESOME!First off, it’s a GREAT game!! You have so much to do! You have tasks/challenges and you get rewards from them like, poké balls(to catch Pokémon and some are regulars poké balls and some are Great balls and others are Ultra balls), potions to heal your Pokémon after a battle and more cool stuff! My favorite is the Pokémon reward where a Pokémon will appear and it’s usually good that you can catch! You can also Battle your friends and Team Rocket which if you win the battle of Team Rocket you can get one of their Pokémon and it will be a shadow! (Only if you catch it) it also has purple fire/fog around the Pokémon from team Rocket. I love how there is so much to do! Create tags, have a buddy (Mine is Squirtle ofc) and when they walk with you they can collect candy and when you collect enough candy for one Pokémon you can evolve it and make it better! You can also customize your avatar. Every day you could send a gift to your friends (You get them from Poké stops) (don’t worry they can send them too!), and you could also trade your friends and battle them! One thing I dislike (It’s not bad it’s fine) is when the weather is wrong even tho they could be using predictions from weather apps (which aren’t always right) but otherwise it’s…. THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!! (Get it!).Version: 1.179.0

Great, but needs improvementI love this game and wish I could do everything in it but I don’t live close to any gyms so raids are almost impossible for me to do. I have been playing since the beginning but do not have a single legendary because of this. I know that they are sometimes in breakthrough boxes, but rarely. I just wish that I could get a legendary Pokémon. And when I said I’ve played since the beginning I have but under a different account. Also I have some issues with the special research because I evolved a grimer and literally 3 minutes later I got a quest to evolve a grimer and it really ticks me off that it is making me use up the candies to evolve another one instead of powering up my near perfect IV muk. Also the game crashes whenever I try to trade or do anything online. Idk If anyone else has this issue but I would greatly appreciate it if it would be fixed. That’s pretty much all of my complaints with this game. Other than this it is perfect. I love how you can actually be a trainer though I wish using AR wouldn’t crash on me so I could feel more immersed in the world. Also I would love to see some changes to the map. It has looked the same for ages and a fresh new look would be nice. Maybe implement a skin system so that you can change it. :).Version: 1.155.0

Addicting game, I just got a request.I love the game so much. I got it a while back, but due to losing my account information I couldn’t retrieve anything from it. But it was okay, because I was still a sort of low level. I love that you can customize your character creation and walk around the map finding locations of places and poke. I just ask that there are more available options in customization. I kinda want more hairstyle options. I feel like having a unique character sets a more attractive mood in the Pokémon world. In the anime/cartoon, characters were distinguished by their hair shapes, eyes shapes, and what they wore...Oh and their colors! If the developer doesn’t have time for that, maybe finding a way for a creator mode where those who sign up for it can create hairstyles(or other mod creations) for other players across the world. You can even have the creator mode set up where they pay for that kind of vip section, it may boost your product, who knows. Whatever you do and however you find, I really just want a different hairstyle 😓. That’s it for now! I recommend this game to everyone! It is fun and addicting! Also helps your motivation for walking outside more and exploring the world..Version: 1.127.0

Pokémon go is OKI like Pokémon GO it’s very simple now very hard to use and it takes you out of all of the house and help his people to walk about and explore but the one thing I have problems with is that when I logged on for the first time I was at level one and then also I had a glitch and also I became level six on the red team even though I never chose that team the problem with this Pokémon go is that the team that develop the And the support system there is terrible because when I tell him about my issue they won’t even respond to my problem I was trying to tell him that I did not pick my team and they were saying that we can’t do anything about it once you pick your team there’s nothing that you can do I also try to reset my account with my new email and I didn’t do any good like I had really had issue with the login is your for Pokémon go and the support staff on that game was terrible they need to learn to have some Consideration about their customers if there’s a problem they should take the time and look into issues instead of just sitting on the automated discussions about what we need to know stuff like that the support system was really terrible in my case I mean the game is fine not gonna lie but the support system is terrible though tech-support for their game is terrible I even went to the website and didn’t do anything about it.Version: 1.99.2

Best game everAlmost. I love the new trading and friend system, this has been one of my favorite games over the last couple years. But I think that you guys should add a chat system to organize raids better. It could be like a messaging system between friends only so that way there no trouble with stalking or anything negative like that but it would make it easier to organize raid parties without having to download a third party app like WhatsApp which requires you to let everyone know your phone number. Also it would be great to be able to buy great or ultra balls from the shop as well. I walked at a park near me for about 30 miles and caught every Pokémon that appeared. By the end of the walk I only received about 40 ultra balls and 50 great balls which sounds great until you consider that I walked for 9 hours. I received plenty of regular poke balls though(over 250 to be exact). One last note, I live in Miami and there are plenty of places to go play Pokémon go but sometimes I wish I could just walk around my area without having to travel to play. There’s plenty of things that could be pokestops near me but just aren’t. There are 2 churches on my corner that don’t have pokestops. Right across the street there is a building with a cool design that could be a pokestops but I refuse to download ingress just to request pokestops..Version: 1.79.2

Good, but needs major improvementsI have been playing Pokémon Go on and off since it came out, and it’s undoubtedly improved since then, evolving into a mostly enjoyable experience, and Niantic has adapted to the restrictions of COVID-19 pretty well. However, there are some things that desperately need fixing. The first one is raids: when a raid boss is defeated, the timer keeps running out for several seconds until the boss shrinks down and you can capture it. The timer should stop immediately once the boss’s health reaches zero. The second is Go Battle League: connectivity issues really ruin a lot of battles. I don’t want to win a battle because my opponent can’t fight back, and I don’t want to lose a battle because I’m taking damage and am unable to deal any back. There have been several instances where I will attempt to use a charge move, and despite no shields being used, it won’t do any damage to my opponent. And vice versa, I will use a shield, but I will still take full damage from my opponent’s charge move. If there is a connectivity issue, it should affect both players equally (read: neither should be able to do anything until it improves). It really ruins the excitement of GBL to experience something like that when there’s nothing you can do, and you still lose rank points for it. Please Niantic, fix these issues..Version: 1.139.2

This game has come very farI’ve been playing this game since week 1. There was a month of 2 when I had it deleted because I wasn’t playing it, but when gen 3 was added I came right back. I’ve spent a good hundred dollars on this game, and I really only have 1 complaint in the dinosaur of video game perfection. I just wish Mega Evolution was better. Anyway, the way they have adapted into making play from hone easier is really nice, so people don’t risk getting sick. If you look back at the beginning of the game, you can really tell it’s growth. Research, buddies, friends, trainer battles, Team Rocket, shinies, and even legendaries weren’t even in the game at launch, and now we (almost) have 5 ENTIRE GENERATIONS with a read of gen 6. Research has been a really fun time killer when I’m bored, and the fact that Pokémon constantly spawn make it even nicer and a continuous adventure. Looking back, I feel so dumb taking a break from the game, even if it was only for 2 months. Anyone could get a blast out of it, and it’s a great way to drop a couple of pounds even if you’re only going out once a day! A lot of people got it at the start and quit a few weeks/months. If your one of those people, definitely check this game out again! This game has come so far, and I can’t wait to see how much it grows in the future!.Version: 1.151.3

Best game ever but it needs some workPeople say that this game takes forever to load but it doesn’t. They say that Pokémon hardly show up anywhere but that’s not true they have been popping up all over the place. I can hardly go one minute without a Pokémon showing up on my screen. So those people need to shut their mouth unless they know what they are talking about. This game even makes lazy kids who sit on the couch and play video games all day get up and go outside. It helps people get exercise and many people have said that this game has helped change their lives and those of many others. Pokémon is a great game and anyone who thinks otherwise can go cry to their mommies about it. That being said, this app does need a little help. For instance pikachu is very rare in fact maybe a little too rare. I have heard many people complain about not even seeing a pikachu at all ,me being one of those people. Also there isn’t much to do on the game in rural areas and it would be nice if you could just do something with the game to make it easier on those living in rural areas. Also you need to make it easier for people to earn gold coins. Because most of us have been playing this game for years and still have not gotten any gold coins..Version: 1.123.0

My Favorite Game...By FarI haven’t written a review for Pokemon Go yet, and I think it is about time. I have been playing since the day the game was officially launched and have loved it. I love the creativity, and all of the little details like team rocket taking over. The ability to play with my pokemon in the Let’s go Pikachu game on Nintendo Switch. I love how some community days I didn’t really catch everything I wanted to, but then the next time I catch twice as much, almost like it is making up for the last time. I love how the game is fair, you do not get everything all the time, but it is made up in other ways. One community day I remember it being awful, but part of the reason was I was in a bad location, so I didn’t get to evolve my Squirtle I think it was, but the next day I caught a Snorlax, it was just hanging out at my house. I love the incorporation of exercise and the idea of getting up and going to catch pokemon like a real trainer would. This game has meant so much to me, and I want to say that all of you at the Pokemon Company are amazing! In all of the games you create, the movies and episodes to the show that come out, the cards, the toys. I love it, and hope it goes on for so many more years to come!.Version: 1.117.1

Not RightI have been playing Pokémon go for several years now and about a year ago started getting into the raid. Until today I actually enjoyed playing Pokémon and doing the raids. I got the chance to do the new raid boss Giratina and actually had enough people to down the raid boss just before the time ran out. However I DIDNT GET Giratina because it would NOT stay in the White ball. I gave it berry’s but NOTHING WOULD HELP. I was not over throwing the balls and I didn’t miss 1 time but didn’t get the Pokémon because it would NOT stay in the ball AT ALL didn’t matter if I threw a berry or not. We do the raids to win the Pokémon and to do all that work and not win the Pokémon because it won’t stay in the ball is very wrong. It’s hard enough to actually find enough players to down a boss like Giratina where I live which is why I’m so very frustrated this happened. I’m sure some might think I’m just complaining but this is the 2nd time this has happened. I fully believe something needs to be done about this. If we are given these special white balls then it should be very hard for the Pokémon to brake out so we actually get the prize we are there for not break out as soon as it’s caught ever time. If that’s the case then why give us the special white balls .I don’t know if this has been happing to others I’m sure I’m not the only one but I can say if this happens again I will stop playing it Pokémon!!.Version: 1.91.2

Perfect pokemons, coins and trading chatI love this game like way so much to be honest I’ve been addicted, the battles , the raids, the evolves everything feels like being a real Pokémon trainer but ives seen this weak details which I think would make the game better for thousand : 1. The trading distance shouldn’t have a limit and they should give a chat option for when you are trading Pokémon with a friends so you can talk and decide which Pokémon would you like to trade. 2. The poke balls they give you on the shop and items is not too much for the price , even for regular basic reds poke balls they charge you too much , it would help the trainers better options on deal prices for stuff on the shop . 3. The rates and possibilities for hatching or catching a perfect IV Pokémon is way way so low that I’ve been playing for like 2 years and still have not a perfect one and less a shiny perfect thats kinda harder looks almost imposible to the level my friends say they feel they will never have a perfect Iv one . 4. It would be more interesting if there would be new types of gyms for battle with Legendary and mythic that we can put on gyms will slay more than never , also a battle online option for legendaries with friends ..Version: 1.181.0

Needs a changeHi so it whoever’s reading this please read it carefully . Number one , so you know about Pokémon candy? And you know about Pokémon trades ? Well it would be great if you could trade any amount of candy as you want. Number two , so you know about Pokémon raid battles? Well it is really hard to catch legendary and mythical Pokémon even my most strongest Pokémon that is to strong for the ultra league can’t even beat a legendary Pokémon . Number three , it would be great if you could add new mega evolved Pokémon like mega Glalie . And you can mega evolve other Pokémon in all like the Nintendo games. Number four, it would be great if you could add Pokémon from all the other generations and Alolan and Galarian Pokémon like Popplio, Rowlet , Litten , Scorbunny , Grookey and Sobble and Sylveon and Dedenne . Number five , so you know about ultra beasts right?? Well it would be great if you could add Pokémon like Nihilego , Poiple and Pheramosa and all the Island gaurdiands like Tapu KoKo , Tapu LeLe , Tapu BuLu and Tapu FiNi. Number six , it would be great if you could give a chance for everyone to catch three of the same Pokémon everyday Because I really wanna get Espeon then Sylveon so more of every Pokémon . Number seven , the Pokémon Ditto is a hard one to catch so add more Dittos. Thank you 🙏🏾 for reading 📖 this and I would Appreciate if you’d use these changes.Version: 1.171.1

Great Concept, But It Could Use PolishSo, Pokemon games are about getting Pokemon and pitting those Pokemon against other Pokemon, right? Well this game is just that, but without the second part. Sure, catching Pokémon in the real world with AR is genius, but it gets old after a while. And the only way to battle other Pokemon is going to gyms. Now, what’s smart about the gyms is that you need to be a certain level to enter certain gyms, which encourages you to level up more by, again, getting Pokemon. Now, what I mean by the battling part of the game not being there is this: it sort of feels like an afterthought. If your Pokemon faint in battle, you’re in for some SERIOUS grinding. First, you have to get potions from pokestops so you can use them to heal your Pokemon. But oh no! If your Pokemon aren’t leveled up enough, you can’t heal them! Wanna level them up? Sorry! Nope! YOU have to be a certain level in order to level up your Pokemon, AND THEN you can heal them. This is literally the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever experienced in a video game. Granted, gym battles are optional, but if the option is available, don’t make it so freaking tedious!! Although, I have hope that you will fix these problems, because this game used to have SEVERE internet issues, and you fixed that. So please, listen to my complaints and fix the grinding issues!!.Version: 1.57.5

Great Fun!!!First let me say that I’m 53 years old, so I’m most likely not the average player of this game. I first became interested in the world of Pokémon back in 1998, when my older children discovered the TV show. Because of their heavy interest in all things Pokémon I took interest as well, trying to be a good dad. I invested HEAVILY in the card game, took the kids to weekend tournament each week, even became our local gym leader (because I was one of the rare adults who knew Pokémon as well as the children). Now we flash forward almost 20 years later an I’ve re-entered the world of Pokémon through Pokémon Go! The game is so well laid out, with quick and easy to learn game aspects, even for a newby to Pokémon. The best part of the game is that it’s design encourages the players to get out and move around. To walk and explore your town or city. Since every park, mall, restaurant, or store may be a hotspot for a new breed of Pokémon you’ve yet to catch. I’ve even been able to get my wife playing the game. Which says a lot since she almost totally avoided stuff back when our older children were heavily into the Pokémon world. This game is by far one of the best, most fun and addictive games I’ve ever played. Once you start you’ve “GOTTA CATCH EM ALL”!!!.Version: 1.49.3

I love this game, can we make it even better?This has been a great game since the beginning! Never before have we had a game that encouraged people to get out and meet people in the real world with the same love for Pokémon. The best part is Niantic really does care about their players and listens to the feedback given from their loyal players. The new changes have been great keeping older players such as myself actively playing yet I’ve felt like since the beginning there has been a key element that has been missing. In the original Game Boy games when you tried to catch a Pokémon you had to fight it with one of your own Pokémon and each Pokémon had up to 3 or 4 attacks that you could pick from. Less tapping the screen continuously and more strategizing your next move. I was reading the reviews and I agree that there needs to be a chat with your friend group so you can coordinate raids rather than using facebook chat groups. I honestly don’t struggle with poke balls but more with potions since I battle a lot I am always healing my Pokémon and always have a huge amount of Pokémon I can’t revive due to the low amounts of potions that are more frequently getting distributed as gifts from raids or friends. Also can we make dodging work in battles? It’s an underutilized addition that doesn’t appear to help with battling..Version: 1.157.2

Not a game for AgoraphobicsSo when I first played this game I used to love in bumfuq nowhere land where the closest gym was 30 minutes away, gathering coins was a distant dream at that point which is why I tried to cheat and use programs to make it so my character could actually go places for once but then that account got banned. 😔 I can understand why but how tf else was I suppose to progress!!? Anyways, even after moving closer to stops and gyms, though I live like maybe 10 minutes away from a gym walking distance it doesn’t matter because of my anxiety and agoraphobia so either way I’m screwed here. XD Not to mention being in the middle of a virus pandemic has made it EVEN HARDER to even TRY and go to gyms or stops out of fear of killing ppl by spreading said virus... and NOW I got riots to worry about... idk if you know this Niantic but the world isn’t always a nice place especially now and playing this game would be loads more fun if we could actually move our characters manually without actually having to leave our house and our characters could even travel the world that way which would be cool. (Or even have 2 modes so ppl can still walk around if they wanted, idk just an idea) Please fix this game so that EVERYONE can enjoy this game because as it is right now some people have a disadvantage and it’s just not fair to those people :T.Version: 1.143.1

Good, but limited nowThis game is great. It is fun and does get you out, but some changes have occurred which have really made the game less fun. First, there is really no way to get coins, which allow you to play, without buying them (you can get some things you need within the game but it cripples your ability to play much). So now you have to pay to play more than just the minimum. Next, there is no longer any incentive to fight to capture a gym or to hold one. You can get 50 coins per day by holding a gym - but there isn’t anything you can buy for 50 coins in the game. For instance, an incubator, which lets you hatch an egg, costs 150 coins. And that’s it. You don’t get any points or experience beyond just practice fighting and you Pokémon’s are stuck in the gym until someone takes it over - which there isn’t much incentive to do. I’ve had Pokémons sit there for days waiting for someone to take the gym. I’ve noticed players now no longer support their pm’s in the gym if they are under attack and some players put in very week pm’s so they don’t have to waste resources to revive. As more players figure this out, fighting for and holding gyms will become a thing of the past. And people without money to spare will find the game frustrating and limited. So sad, because it really was a great, community game once..Version: 1.91.2

Love it, but needs improvementTo start this off, I want to let you know that this is a great game. Even though it was the craze a year or two back, I’ve just started playing a week ago and love it! There’s only a couple things that I would like that might get other players back into it. First off, changing that battle system is a must. Players do not like the mad tapping and sliding you do when you battle a gym. Maybe switching it to the usual battle style will keep players happy. Secondly, I think adding battling and trading with other players will make it more enjoyable. I personally, don’t have the money to fly to another region and catch a Pokémon that is region specific. If we had trading, you could trade with someone elsewhere that might have the Pokémon. Also, the battling will keep players engaged to the point where they will try and beat their friends by catching more powerful Pokémon. Last but not least, I think you should add NPCs to the game. With the battle mechanics you could add trainers to battle against and earn rewards for winning! That would give players enough enthusiasm to go and battle trainers. Adding the evil organizations like Team Rocket could also add some spice to the game. That’s all I have, and thank you for reading!.Version: 1.71.1

Frustrating Customer ServiceCurrently customer service does not provide adequate support. During and shortly after go-fest, I was invited to multiple mobile raids but got flat kicked out after all my Pokémon fainted. I couldn’t get back in. If the timer hadn’t expired and I was able to get back in, it burned a second pass. This glitch cost me at least 6 mobile raid passes which I had purchased with money (not coins from raiding.) I bought more because I wanted to have fun with my friends and not let it ruin my time. Later when I contacted customer service I got reimbursed for 1 pass. One. That’s it. They blamed it on a “visual glitch” saying the pass was still there, but it wasn’t. My inventory never got reset, the passes just disappeared. Even after closing and logging out. They know the system is buggy and people are getting gypped out of things they purchased but don’t seem to care. Everyone I play with experienced the same issues and only half of us have received any sort of refund. Also: (yea I know it’s petty) character customization. There’s lacking color variants for even the basic items, you can’t choose between long or short hair. Every male/female looks the same but with a different skin tone. We’re 4 years into this game and you can have blue, yellow, green, white, purple or 3 different shades of brown hair ... but no RED. (Give me my stupid red hair!!!).Version: 1.149.0

Not pleased currentlyI’ve been playing Pokémon go since it first came out. There have probably only been 2 game apps I’ve ever used for this long. There are two things I’m currently unhappy about. How difficult it is for rural players to get some action. It is at least 5 miles to the closest pokestop—-there’s no way of walking that far, which I thought was the main idea of PG (getting people more active). There is NO Pokemon spawning near my home. I can walk from one end of my road to the other end and there are 2 spots where they spawn. 2 lousy spots. Once I catch what’s there, it takes a while for a new one to spawn so what am I supposed to do? Turn around and walk the miles again for 2 more Pokemon? And the raid battles. There is no way on earth that a small town will ever get 17-20 people together to catch a legendary out here. It’s impossible even with social media. My second complaint is the lack of revives! I understand that you want to make money on the game but come on! Pokémon go is one of the few games I have spent money on. I have mainly bought lucky eggs and incubators. No way am I gonna sink money into revives. I guess when all my Pokémon faint I will just quit the game. It wouldn’t be as bad if there was a way to earn coins in the game. I used to earn a few coins by defending gyms but you hardly earn any coins currently..Version: 1.61.1

Gambling mechanics coded into every feature of appThis is a great game, with a thriving community and regular and frequent updates and content. If you can look past the bugs and glitches then this is a standard Pokémon game. The issue is that they have algorithms in place in almost every aspect of the game, regardless of your play style. Although Pokémon Go is free to play, they put you at a deficit limiting your access to playing the game for any length of time without making in app purchases for items. Pokémon in this game have IV’s that don’t change and require you to catch more in order to level them up. Pokéballs in this game run out very quickly and require item bag upgrade purchases for longer playtimes. The eggs in this game work as loot boxes that incentivize you to purchase incubators in order to get event themed Pokémon. the legendary Pokémon in this game require raid passes that you must purchase in order to have access to them. Player vs Player has algorithms rigged to match you with other players at an advantage to break up your win streaks to keep you from exploiting the reward system. Completely powering up a Pokémon uses an ‘XL candy’ currency system that requires you to play during specific events in order to completely upgrade a Pokémon. Just understand what you are getting into and make a budget so you don’t spend more money on this game than you intend to. “The house always wins”.Version: 1.181.0

Fun but some issues.Firstly, it is fun. all the more if you’re actually a pokémon fan and grew up playing it or even just watching ash kick some as… h. but the my personal main problems come with the battles and the lures. the battles seem to have 0 balance whatsoever. in the no limit leagues, let’s say your best pokémon may be 1k CP, they put you against someone with all 3k-4k or even higher CP pokémon’s. it’s bull. so you have to do only the <500 CP league, in which trainer level still doesn’t matter, so you’re put up against really good pokémon while you have to fight with crappy low tier ones, which will still happen in all the other leagues too (like great league (<1500 CP). I could go on about that, but that’s the main point. to the lures, when you spend hard earned poke coins or easily bought ones, you do expect at least a little return. so when you throw two on a time on two nearby pokestops, you’d expect to get more than ONE pokémon in total from the two lures 400pkc or $4, however you look at it, it’s pretty annoying. i’ve also had many other times when using lures that only one would show up over a 30 minute span. as a side note just as a quality of life improvement idea, maybe when transferring evolved pokémon, you could get +1 (like normal) for the unevolved, +2 for the second evo, and +3 for the third and so on when applicable. just an idea :).Version: 1.187.0

AmazingThis app is an amazing app! It is an amazing way to kill time and a great app to get your exercise in! There are a couple things that I think could be better. I feel there should be a chat space! So you can talk to the people you are friends with to meet up and do raids or battle together. Instead of having to download an app which even then you need to at least know there phone number. I feel you should be able to get more than 50 coins a day. Or at least be able to get a bonus for every continuous day your Pokémon is at a gym. Saying that I know that the prices to buy stuff is set to match the amount of coins able to be received each day. So if needed I feel it would be ok to up the price on coins a little. For trading.... I feel you should be able to choose what your friend gets. Or at least be able to put something in there for them besides a sticker. This also adds onto the fact that we need a chat system between friends to be able to tell what each other needs and or is receiving. I know you have the notifications for what your friend has received but it would still be nice to be able to say “oh thanks for the poke balls dude” or something along the lines of that. Overall this game is amazing! And I get on it several times a day. But I am sure other people have been saying things along the lines of what I have said! I mean none of this is no rude way but I do feel that these things should either be changed or added into the game!.Version: 1.147.0

Good game but many fixes.OK so first of all I would like to say is a great game plus there’s many problems with it. My first problem is that you have to pay for everything in the shop instead of earning points but I have played for about three months now and I haven’t a single coin and it is really annoying to have to pay money to be able to get more poke balls and revives. Another problem is that a lot of times when I go to a PokéStop and spin it, it won’t let me collect anything, and will tell me to please try again later even though I already tried but it didn’t give me anything. One of my last two problems is that I hate how you run out of poke balls so quickly because then the only way to get more is to buy with money, or go to a poke stop for only 3 poke balls, which gets really annoying at times. One of my last problems with this game is, I don’t like having battles that all you can do is tap the screen I wish it was like that you could actually choose your move I could use and you can dodge other moves like a real Pokémon battle and I think that would improve the game much better. Just being able to tap the screen taking in every single shot is really annoying. Also the blocks don’t really seem very Pokémon, since in actual Pokémon battles you don’t really have a big screen in front of you blocking so I think it would be better if you guys let us be able to dodge instead of blocking..Version: 1.161.1

A great game for any Pokémon fan! So long that you live in a populated area and have friends...I’ve been a huge fan of Pokémon for over a decade now and Pokémon GO was like a dream come true for me. It’s so much fun to just get outside into the wilderness and search for Pokémon! However, there’s a few issues, and not particularly the technical kind. I live in a somewhat urban area and it’s near impossible to find Pokémon. Sure a weedle or pigey may appear from time to time but that’s it. Unless you have an insense, it’s hopeless. This issue defeats the whole purpose of “go out in the wild to find Pokémon” when the ACTUAL wild is barren of them. Getting items and resources also becomes a problem because guess what? There’s no poke-stops when you live in the middle of nowhere. The next issue comes with raids. When you reach a certain level, you’re able to fight powerful Pokémon and occasionally legendaries! But the whole idea is that you need a group to do it. So if you don’t have at least 4 other people to take time out of their day to join you, you’re soft-locked into being without the ability to take on stronger Pokémon. Maybe I’m just being too harsh, again I LOVE this game. I’m hoping that with maybe the Alola or Galar update, they’ll make more wilderness filled areas have more Pokémon..Version: 1.165.0

Not gonna lieI’m not even going to lie, I’m 27 and absolutely love this game. I grew up with Pokémon and this is by far the best Pokémon game. I stopped playing for a year or so because I reached the top level and got bored with it; about 6 months ago my husband convinced me to redownload it because of the numerous new features and two more generations of Pokémon that had been added to the game. Unfortunately as of lately I’ve been having nothing but problems with getting it to load. This is now the third time in a week that I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the game and unfortunately this time it doesn’t appear to even be reinstalling. And yes the app and phone software are all up to date and everything like that. On top of that, on my other phone, if/when the game loads it no longer loads all of the way. It’s genuinely one of the most frustrating things I’ve been dealing with because playing this game keeps me out of trouble and out of my own head. It’s definitely become my biggest hobby and biggest outlet, so when I’m stressed out to the max and it doesn’t want to load - which seems to be every single time I’m excessively stressed lately- it just makes everything worse. I was praying that these last batch of updates they did would have fixed that but I haven’t even been able to get the game to load since it updated! That is literally the only downside to it and unfortunately it’s a major one..Version: 1.85.5

Truly AmazingThis Game Is The Best Pokémon Game, I’ve Liked Pokémon For My a entire Life Every Since I Heard About It. I Was SO EXCITED When I Heard Sylveon Was Gonna Be A Thing, But Sadly It Never Came Into The Game 😢Also, The Thing About Eeveeloutions Is, Their Rare. A Little Bit TOO Rare. Eevee Is Way Too Hard To Get For Me And My Siblings 😢It’s Been Like 3 Months And Not 1 Eevee. Eevees Are Common, Right? But Why Aren’t They In Pokémon Go? It Just Dosen’t Make Sense! My Goal Is To Get Every Eeveeloution In The Game And Atleast Try To Get Sylveon, But I Can’t Now! Eevees Are So Darn Rare! I Always See Famous People With Like 50 Eevees Because They Put On Incenses, Lure Models, Spin Pokéstops Etc. But People Who Are Stuck Inside Because Of COVID, They’re Mum Or Dad Won’t Drive Them Around For Gyms And Stuff, Etc. (My Dad Only Does That When We Go Somewhere Which Is Almost Never) Also, Where I Live Only Has One Pokéstop, And Its Like A Yard Away! Not Even When I Use Incenses I Don’t Get An Eevee. Ok This Is A Complaint About Eevees But Really, They Are So Hard To Get 😞. Anyways, I’ve Loved This Game For A While, And I Don’t Think I Can Quit. I’m Waiting For The Eevee Community Day In August And I’m SO EXCITED!! I Might Get A Shiny If I’m Lucky. Anyways I Think Pokémon Is An Amazing Game And Yea. (Please Let This Go Through It Never Does).Version: 1.171.0

Please make it work better with iPad!!!I absolutely LOVE this game, but the performance on my iPad Air 2 is pretty crappy at times. Like all day today it’s been giving me GPS errors, and it’s also been telling me to ‘try again later’ when I’m doing poké stops even though I’m not driving and I’m close enough. I have to try them like 10 times before they finally work. There’s also a glitch where sometimes when I try to place a Pokémon in a gym it tells me ‘this gym has no room for additional Pokémon’, even though there’s only one or two in there. And last but definitely not least, I just got into a legendary Pokémon raid (which I was very excited for by the way, and used a remote raid pass but when I went to go into the gym it told me I was too far and kicked me out. That was my last remote raid pass. Why did I get kicked out when it was a remote pass? Now I have none left. These issues are very very frustrating. I spend good hard earned money to buy things on this app, and when I use it on my iPad it does not function properly. It does a lot of other stuff too that I can’t think of at the moment that does not happen on the same account on my iPhone. I think you guys need to do some fine-tuning so that it works better with iPads. I would definitely give it 5 stars if these issues were fixed. Thanks for your time!.Version: 1.159.2

Horrible customer service!!!!!!I’m writing this because of an experience I just had with this game. I’m a long time player, I have been playing since the game came out. Anyways I took part in go fest that just took place and besides a few glitches everything was fine until 8pm hit on Sunday. I was playing and I had a Durant spawn at 8pm and it was shiny!!! I couldn’t believe it I was so excited so I took a snap shot of it and then proceeded to catch it. I posted the Pokémon I just got on the Pokémon messager group I am in to show everyone how excited I was. Well that’s when everything went south. I went back to my game and it wasn’t shiny anymore... so I took screenshots of everything including the original shiny one I had and sent it to niantic to have them try and fix it. Well guess what the creators of the game said they can’t help me... I mean you would think that maybe they would wanna do something to make me happy because I have been playing this game for 4 years and have given them thousands of dollars. So I messaged them and told them my situation again and all they said was it’s a glitch and nothing they can do.. they didn’t even offer any sort of compensation for my troubles. Then Regina was the person who messaged me and was very rude about everything. Well I am very disappointed in the customer service they offer and I will absolutely think twice before spending my money and time in this game again if this is how they treat people!!!.Version: 1.147.1

Location accuracy is terrible; gets real boring.I could be right where a pokestop is, and when I click on it it says “walk closer “. How much closer do you want me to get??? Then all those annoying warnings about my speed when I’m not even moving is a HUGE NEGATIVE! The location accuracy is terrible; I can be right in one area, then the game will show I’m half way across from where I actually am. Furthermore, as they continue to add new Pokémon to the game; the same repetitive ones still show up consistently all the time. There’s no variety to catch unless you are walking all over the place; at random you may come across something worth the effort that’s IF the game is functioning properly; or if they have some sort of event happening. Lastly, I finally deleted the game because any time I have an opportunity to do something with the game, it ALWAYS takes a lifetime to load up EVERY time i get ready to try and play it, or it won’t load at all. Additionally you can’t play it if the game fails to read your location properly. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this game. Update: now the experience as far as catching the Pokémon is worst! They seem to now make you use the augmented reality when trying to catch the Pokémon forcing you to lose several balls, because if you move the phone around you lose sight of the Pokémon too. It’s like they think they’re making this game better, but it just gets worse with each update!.Version: 1.123.0

Great, but still missing some stuffI played this game on and off since it first came out in 2016. And while I think it’s a solid game, it’s still missing out on some things. There’s still really poor rural and suburban representation in Pokémon go, especially in regards to raids and pokestops. I understand if raids have to take place in towns, but it wouldn’t hurt to have at least some amount of pokestops near communities. I live near a local park and there are zero pokestops there. I understand that there’s an option to create pokestops indirectly through another Niantic game, Ingress, but from my experience that game isn’t properly optimized for newer iPhones, and the base-building system is clunky and tedious. It would make more sense for Pokémon GO players to create new pokestops in gardens and parks, so that they can more easily play the game away from the city or towns. Another minor complaint is the sound. What was the deal with the sudden degrade in sound quality? Was that for saving battery life? Another good thing to add would be to battle other players’ Pokémon directly, instead of going to a raid or a gym and battling their Pokémon there. Niantic still needs to realize that not all of their player base is willing to drive 10 miles to go catch and see Pokémon. If these issues would be fixed this game would be 5 stars..Version: 1.75.1

Great Game BUT........This is a wonderful game, great to get people out and moving I definitely recommend it for people who live in populated areas and towns BUT if you live in the rural areas and the country sides of this country where service is spotty and where they placed most all the stops and gyms there is NO SERVICE then playing this game is almost worthless. As a player moving from the city to the country it almost leaves me no choice but to quit or almost forget about the game, sad because I’m a paying player. I read how Niantic was working hard at trying to come up with a resolution for RURAL players but every update and addition to the game benefits populated players. Even trying to contact help support and Niantic is a waste of time, all you will get is a return email where someone will just copy and paste the same answers over and over again, if you cared to do something about this critical issue then maybe taking a moment and conversing with the rural players may help. I hate to have to leave this game but Niantic does not seem to care if they lose their rural players and that is so sad as if you maybe took the time to work with rural players the issue could be resolved, I say to the populated players get out and have an awesome time playing this game and don’t complain about adding a couple bucks to the game it is a lot cheaper then a night out to the movies and a lot more fun with the family! Signed The forgotten rural players!.Version: 1.79.2

Actually a really good gameSee, I started on July 17, 2016 and I’m still playing it. The pvp battles that were added in are an easy way to gat rare items and cool pokemon. There are also five generations of Pokémon in game so there is a lot of variety with Pokémon. The updates during corona make it easier to play without going outside so that makes it a lot more enjoyable to play. And I’m not sure if this helps but the 3D models make good drawing references for me. I’m a long time Pokémon fan and have been playing since 2001. I really don’t understand the critical reviews. I think that this game is simple to understand and good for all ages. You can also get motivated to exercise with this app. The game has good graphics too. My only complaint is that many people are hacking the game. I think that a game that is still receiving updates in 2020 should be harder to hack into. Also there may be daily gift boxes that give you pokeballs but some of us don’t have many Pokestops around their homes so we don’t have much accessibility to pokeballs. Even so, it’s a good overall pokemon game and I would recommend it to many. Thank you for taking your time to read my review by the way. 4 stars for me! But please stop asking for Pokémon that haven’t been added in yet to be added in. Gen 6 along with greninja will be added Later. Thank you again..Version: 1.145.2

Account IssuesFirst off, I’m a huge Pokémon fan! Have been all my life. I got super far in my original account but then it wasn’t letting me buy stuff in the shop with my coins I had. So I figured I’d log out and go back in. Now it’s saying my password isn’t correct which I know it is. But then I requested an email to change it. They said it was sent but I never got it. I tried retrying and it said the link is active for 48 hours. Does that mean I’ll get the email within 48 hours or I have 48 hours? I tried using a made up email just to see what would happen and they said there’s no account on there with that email. Just wanted to be sure the email wasn’t a problem. So why is it not allowing me to change my password by sending me an email?? Also I made a second one just for the meantime but on this one it won’t allow me progress with egg hatching and/or buddy Pokémon getting candies. I turned all settings on for allowing my location and all that. My battery saving mode isn’t on either. Aside from that, I can’t add friends. It said that it won’t load and to try again later. All I’m saying is that on my original account, everything was okay. I was even playing earlier this morning. Is there anything that can be done? I can’t even really get the full experience because the events have to do with my buddy getting candies and also hatching eggs. What can be done?? I’m just upset because I put so much time and effort into this all for this to happen....Version: 1.141.0

Innovative and AdaptivePokémon has been a staple of my childhood; so needless to say, I had very high hopes when Niantic brought Pokémon Go to us. At the start of its conception the game has been captivating and engaging in a whole new way with today’s technology. Though lacking aspects from the original game such as battling others or fighting a great evil like Team Rocket, Niantic has continuously evolved the app, actively listening to its fan base to make a Pokémon game that resembles the original more and more closely. Admittedly I was only slightly disappointed by how limited the game was first starting out, so I dropped it for a year. When I started playing it again with friends later, I was shocked and impressed by how far the game has come in its innovations and adaptivity, bringing 1 on 1 battles to the table in a variety of league settings, constantly sending out news letters to its players in order to stay up to date with Pokémon events happening from week to week, creating Raid Hours and Community Days, allowing invites to Raids, battling Team Rocket, and so much more! If you thought the game was lacking from the start, I strongly encourage you to pick it up again and see what it has become today. I look forward to Niantic’s journey for this game with great anticipation.Version: 1.149.0

Similar to real gameI started playing July 2016 but due to all the glitches and lack of Pokémon I stopped playing for a few years. The reason I started up again was because a friend recommended to try it. Now gifts can be exchanged, the Pokémon generations are mostly caught up, and there are a lot more stops and gyms to interact with. My main issue with this game is the lack of interaction with other players. I would like to be able to battle with nearby trainers like the real Pokémon game allows. Also during gym battles, there should be an option to switch Pokémon in between defeats. Those are the rules in a real Pokémon battle and this should be applied to this game. Pokémon should also gain experience after battles to help build them up. I understand the candy concept but those should be bonus experience/cp. I have lost a few great catches due to the glitches/network errors which is very frustrating! Other than that I enjoy catching Pokémon and spinning stops on my walk up to work through the downtown area. It’s a nice way to see the town. EDIT I forgot to mention: I’m not sure why but when I’m on the bus or in any vehicle as a passenger I should be able to spin stops for rewards not “try again later”. It doesn’t make sense to allow me the option to catch Pokémon but I can’t get stops or gain steps with my eggs or buddy..Version: 1.91.2

The game has really grownI remember when the game came out 2 years ago. It was rough around the edges at best. It was the first of its kind and was revolutionary but crashed often, servers struggled, and to path to being the best wasn’t strait forward. The game was good at keeping you active but that was about it at the start. I remember a year ago it started getting better in terms of crashing, but still the encounter rate of certain Pokémon made it seem like they actually weren’t in the game. All you could find were pidgeys and rattatas. When the legendary raids came out a spark of life struck the game but there was still a lot of room for improvement. Now it’s September 2018 and the game has grown so much. There are a lot more Pokémon, and I encounter rare ones periodically rather than never. I enjoyed the Chikorita community day earlier today as well. A crowded university with hundreds of people all doing the same thing was really fun! I crashed a few times but overall the game is a lot sturdier than it used to be, at least on the iPhone. I feel like Niantic is actually taking our worries into consideration to a certain extent. I hope the game continues to go in the right direction. With all said and done I consider the current Pokémon go 5/5..Version: 1.89.2

Decent game, but unless you spend real money you miss out on most thingsEven with max friend gifts daily, random free daily store gift you are veryyyyyy limited on what you can do playing this game for free. It is a fun game dont get me wrong but the battle system is very flawed and lazy, you could easily have every pokemon capable of 4 different moves AT ONCE like the Older but better pokemon games. Depending where you live you might not be able to see a poke center or gym or any buildings icons at ALL on your map while home so again certain people constantly have a advantage. Many glitches and modders on the game who can force you out of a battle and count 50 wins against you in 1 battle . Pokemon spawning system should be improved as well, and team rocket ballons are veryyyyy scarce . I hope they keep improving this game but really it just seems like most other phone games where its all about the money and very little actual quality and time put into making a good game, just a okay game that was super rushed and underdevoleped in EVERY aspect, not like any other pokemon game for evolving too? Whats up with getting rid of stones or having a inventory that is SOOoo limited you cant even hold 1 of every pokemon... suppppppper lazy. Please fix, i dony care if a game has to be 50 gigs or more, it should be quality, not rich kids auto advantage and free players play 10 times as long just to keep up..Version: 1.171.0

Great but some issues. Pokémon should evolve naturallyI love this game I have been obsessed with the whole Pokémon series and games but I live more out in the country and there is only 2 poke stops in like a 5 mile radius and there are barely any Pokémon around here. I have seen 2 Pokémon in the last 3 or 4 days and you don’t get that many poke balls from poke stops a lot of times and if you go to a suburb or city you don’t get enough poke balls to catch certain Pokémon. Also it’s annoying how most raids require you to have a friend in the area that play Pokémon go because not many people have this game anymore which they should. My friends don’t play Pokémon go and the people I have as friends usually live in different states or even countries. I also feel like you have to catch way to many Landuras’ in the battle leagues. It’s annoying because he has wasted over 20 great balls and 5 ultra balls. I am annoyed how you have to catch the wild Pokémon for winning 4 or 2 battles but you can’t move on to a different battle set until you catch that Pokémon. One of my bigger problems is that i hate how friends/ people have to be near each other to help in a raid or even trade I think that is the dumbest problem. But other than those few problems the game is fantastic. I love it..Version: 1.139.2

Unplayable. Zero stars.My game just crashed 12 times in the last hour (I have time-stamped screen shots to prove it). I have an iPhone 6+. No other app I’ve ever used has been like this. This game has been consistently glitchy since it launched 3+ years ago, and there have been times when it was basically unplayable for me. But I’ve been a lifelong pokémon lover, so I didn’t give up back then. I am seriously considering it now. Literally the only thing tying me to this game is Nintendo’s franchise. Niantic is terrible, and if any other company were to put out a pokémon game, I would dump this game in a heartbeat. Even though I love Harry Potter just as much (if not more) than I love pokémon, I can’t actually bring myself to play WizardingWorld because I can barely tolerate ONE Niantic game. Two would be impossible. Niantic needs to completely overhaul its entire programming department, because as it is it seems like they’re incapable of producing a halfway decent game. They might make a bunch of money, but it’s all through gimmicks. If they actually had a game that most other developers would consider worthy of making available to the public, they’d be making billions more than they are now. Update 6/6/20: Still terrible. My game just crashed 3 times in 2 minutes, costing me a raid pass and a lost opportunity to get roughly 1500 stardust. I’m really not sure what the recent server updates are supposed to have done. I see no changes. Still worst app ever..Version: 1.143.0

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Pokémon Veteran ApprovedAs a life long Pokémon fan who has enjoyed the franchise since the days of red and blue, and who has played every main series game and many of the spin off titles, I can firmly say that I thoroughly enjoy Pokémon Go and believe it holds it's own in a franchise filled with wonderful titles. Don't believe any of the "Pokémon go is for casuals" nonsense whined by some veteran players. The game is unique, dynamic and social and encourages exploration, cooperation and fosters a true sense of community. There are still some problems (bugs, balancing issues for rural players, and slow roll out of requested features) but overall Pokémon go is a positive experience and a game I can see myself being heavily involved with for many years to come..Version: 1.85.4

Frequently Connection problem on the Battle SystemI love Pokémon Go and the new battle system is everything that we players expected since the beginning. It made the game finally reach a level that us, Pokémon fans, were wanting so much, making the game more than just a collection system but also a competitive game, so I’m thankful to Niantic for that. On the other hand the new battle system still has a lot of connection problems, and it’s not duel to the internet, which results in lost of the battle even that sometimes Is not able to join it, so it’s been hard to appreciate the battle system so far, hopefully once you guys correct those problems will make the game more enjoyable. Please fix it as soon as you guys can, cause I can’t wait to enjoy the battles :) ..Version: 0.131.0

Pokémon, Pokémon ,Pokémon,...I’ve Loved Pokémon ever since I was 6, I remember thinking why Brock always had his eyes shut and I was always making new theories, and still am! But something I had always wished in my heart was... that Pokémon could be real! I bet most of you wish the same. So before Pokémon Go was released I was bored so I went on to the App Store and Searched up ‘Pokémon’ but just one game which had okay graphics came up (wasn’t Pokémon Go) but... it was for money and I didn’t want to pay money for a game I didn’t even know. One day my friend was on her phone Logging into Pokémon Go, I asked her “What’s that?” She immediately replied “Pokémon Go” then the Game that I had searched up earlier came up In my head, I asked “isn’t that for money?” She shook her head and said that it was for free. I didn’t believe her so I went into the App Store and searched up ‘Pokémon’ again, this time the first result was Pokémon Go! I installed it and found out how fun it was, NOTHING has made Pokémon so real for me like that before, Note: If you want Pokémon to be as real as possible download this app ❤️, if only there were a Pokémon emoji. 💔.Version: 1.59.1

Love the game want more features like the Pokémon gamesI have been a fan of Pokémon for ages and when Pokémon go came out I was extremely excited I played it all the time but there were a few features that should be put in like a breeding centre were you can put Pokémon in and receive certain egg types which would make things easier also they should add feature were you can allocate a home and drop some Pokémon there so you don’t have to transfer use poke coins or have no room and an area we’re you can see other players that are commonly there so you can become friends trade and battle. From a large Pokémon supporter please add these features in..Version: 1.141.0

Pokemon Go seriously need to fix This pleaseI love playing Pokemon go I play it everyone for a long time, at first the game worked perfectly no issues but now for me and for some other people who play this game it lags and kicks you off the game, when battling a friend and you send them an invite and they join and you both press ready to battle it won't start the battle. For me when feeding or trying to take a photo of my buddy it glitches out of the game and IK don't understand why. The game was working perfectly about a week ago but now it's lagging and glitching even when I walk 1 km it would come up as 0.01 or not even register. I use Apple but it's also Samsung some Samsung users who are having a problem with Pokemon Can you try and fix this please 🙏.Version: 1.149.0

Awesome but I have problemsI’m an og player from as you would know 2016 and I love the game but I have my fair share of problems for example: charmander is a ton rarer to find than all the other starter Pokémon along with Treeko and snivy, as in I have never seen an snivy or charmander in the wild and have only received a Charmeleon in a rocket raid and charmander from an egg an my starter. I’m also in a raid predicament and don’t know why but in raid battles it shows me knocking the boss out single handedly and then knocks out my whole battle party and a few random Pokémon. And I’d like to add to this with another problem I nearly never receive potions of any variety from Pokéstops and gifts and this is a huge problem putting the fact that doing raids knock out u bunch of my Pokémon for no reason. But is still love the game. Also please add a feature to trade/sell items and a candy trading system.Version: 1.137.3

I really love this game but...I really love this game and Pokémon and I can’t wait till gen 8 as my favourite Pokémon, Sylveon will probably be added but it would be really cool if you added breeding because pokemon barely spawn where I live and maybe for some others too. Breeding would be really helpful for a lot of players like me! And breeding can work like this: there will be a breeding centre icon and when you tap it you will be teleported to the breeding centre and you choose your Pokémon to breed, then in a while you get an egg you get your two Pokémon back and you hatch the egg and I don’t know that much about IVs and EVs and so on but you could figure that out. Well I really hope breeding gets added, thank you if you add breeding :).Version: 1.103.0

2019 and the game is buggy plus cheaters ignoredAs a new player who just started playing in 2019 and with high hope of becoming a loyal customer / supporting financially, i am devastatingly disappointed with my experience. Just a few days into the game ive came across a very very obvious cheater using multiple level 40 accounts to attack / defend all gyms in the surrounding local area. first its unfair to the opposition teams, second HIS own teammates wouldnt be able to get a spot thanks to his selfishness. I tried and reported this a few times to Niantic only ended up getting ignored, not even a single acknowledgement email saying the matter is being investigated. And today my character suddenly stopped moving completely and i have submitted a support ticket and not yet answered as well. I am very pessimistic with the integrity of Niantic’’s T&Cs as it seems they dont care about their own policy and the customers either. And i checked this with a few pokemon go communities in social media and they said dont bother, thousands of people have tried but Niantic doesnt do anything about it. So yeah my suggestion, if you want to play this game casually for free, then go for it. but dont get your hope up and dont even think to support niantic because they dont even care about you. I wonder if this review will get deleted by them also..Version: 1.125.2

I love it but more features pleaseI love the game but the hair styles we don’t have any plats, buns, out hair, short hair for girls long hair for boys the selection it terrible with the hair. I love the new buddy feature and their adorable but I’d love some more features to play with them and have a button to tech them tricks like a pet. And I hope we can maybe get another team like a team rocket so the have to try and take over stops and they have to battle good Pokémon and turn them dark and gyms they try to take over the gyms and their colour purple or black and they can still catch Pokémon but they will go dark. Other than that I’m obsessed with Pokémon go I love the Pokémon everything about it! 🤩.Version: 0.131.0

Fix the buddy feature ASAPI reopened the game after almost 4 years and almost forgot how to play it. There’s quite a lot of different menu’s, and it’s taken quite some time to relearn it’s complexity. I do enjoy the buddy features, though I struggle to be able to place the buddy in a room to gain stars for playing and feeding the buddy candy - the main reason I’ve detracted a single star. Even in a well lit room or space, the game struggles to identify places and is a waste of time opening during the evening when I’ve finished my shift work. I’ve also asked a question in the game regarding the ability to place your buddy on your characters shoulder (reflecting Misty and others in the cartoon TV series) however I received no reply. I don’t like the aspects of the game where spending money is required either..Version: 1.137.3

Good game but...Hello I have been playing Pokémon go for a while now and I am enjoying it a lot but their are some things that are annoying. One of those things being u need mobile data or a hot spot on to be able to go through the world to get more Pokemon. Luckily I have a poke stop within my wi fi range so I can still get Pokemon. I understand is impossible for you guys to make this game without having to use wifi but it does annoy me sometimes. Next thing is you need a pass thing that costs real money to participate in raid battles. They are basically the only way to get high cp Pokemon with out having to grind for a good encounter but I don’t think it’s necessary to pay for to participate in arias battle. I haven’t played for that long so their might be another way but yeah. That’s my honest review :P.Version: 1.131.1

Battle league needs serious workSorry for writing a one star review i enjoy the game but the go battle league is AWFUL. For starters, if you dont live near the niantic servers, for example australia, pvp is so much harder. i recommend adding an option for regional based matchmaking to make the go battle league a lot more fair. secondly, the great league is just an awful way for pro players to exploit it to get overpowered pokemon under 1500cp. it can be literally any pokemon, even a rayquaza or mewtwo, AS LONG AS IT IS UNDER 1500 CP. I think niantic needs to realise that leveling up is so much harder because people are exploiting to get such powerful pokemon, so FIX GREAT LEAGUE. apart from that really enjoying it thanks 👋.Version: 1.167.1

Amazing but fix poke coin pricesThis is an amazing game and I absolutely love it but there’s one thing that really annoys me. When purchasing poke coins which is an in game currency, you can buy 100 for $0.99 but then the next amount you can purchase instead of having to buy heaps of $0.99 ones is 550 poke coins but it’s costs $8.00?!?! You could just by 8 $0.99 ones and you can get 800 rather than 550 and it’s the same with the next amounts you can buy. It’s just a massive rip off so I really hope they make it worth it to buy poke coins in bulk and maybe make it a discount when buying bulk like $7 for 800 to encourage people to buy in bulk. Apart from this I love this game :).Version: 1.161.2

Get rid of the spoofersNiantic really needs to step up and do a better job of getting rid of cheats. There’s one player around where I live that I believe had come back from a second suspension only to go back and cheat as soon as the suspension was over Well I’m updating my review here and ABSOLUTELY nothing has been done about the spoofers. Two people now with multiple accounts have taken over 16 gyms in the area I live and have done so for the last 3 1/2 years. Occasionally there’s a couple of other obvious spoofers that will join these gyms, but it’s mainly two players with multiple accounts that will hit gyms from far far away. I’m going to start making inquiries to my state department of consumer affairs to see what can be done about seeking reimbursement/ refunds on money spent on this game.Version: 1.181.0

Good game but...So this game is fun and if u like Pokémon and taking walks outside then I strongly recommend this game to you. Also I have a suggestion that I know many many people want in the game, and that suggestion is that in the thing where you check the nearby raids and Pokémon, I suggest you put some sort of indicator next to each nearby raid so people can see how many people are currently queuing up for a raid so that that way you don’t have to check how many people are queuing up for a raid by tapping on a raid because in my opinion that is too time consuming and this suggestion would make it much easier and I know a lot of people also want this in the game..Version: 1.157.2

Im back again!I started playing when it first came out. And I loved it. As an avid fan of Pokemon I was so excited about this game.. I was one of those people who used to drive around and stop by places just to catch pokemon. I experienced running within a crowd of people trying to catch some rare pokemons out in the street. But then I suddenly lost interest probably after 6 months as it became repetitive. The game became boring. I think people lost interest because the updates and the release of new gen pokemons took forever to happen. But then when I found out that they released gen 2 pokemons my interest came back and up until now i am still playing. All my friends lost interest but im back! I hope that the makers of the game will be able to release gen 3 and 4 soon...Version: 1.53.2

MONEY HUNGRY NIANTIC!! 🤬I only wish I could give them ZERO stars. The way Niantic treat their players/customers is beyond APPALLING!! They don’t mind taking our money but when it comes to the HEALTH & SAFETY of their players they couldn’t care less. We are in a Global Pandemic with a deadly virus and they want us gathered in groups, with people we don’t know, catching goodness knows what illness from them to play a game!! In 2020 they altered the game due to the Pandemic and for our health and safety but they have now removed that feature making the game impossible now to play for some people. We are still in this Global Pandemic with the Delta strain now, which is more deadly than the original strain. The USA are getting 100K++ new cases every day, countries are going in & out of Lockdown, and NOW is when Niantic decide to remove the features that allowed us to play at a SAFE distance from people we don’t know. I can tell you right now I won’t be spending any more of my money in this game!! I think we should all hit Niantic where it hurts. No more $$ from us until they make Pokémon Go SAFE TO PLAY AGAIN!!.Version: 1.181.0

Bearable when it worksGreat intention behind this game when it first launched. Since then its became a constant grab for money with time not being devoted to bug testing. The game crashes, has many graphical glitches and other annoyances, which take the fun from the game. PvP was a great idea however it has broke the game in it’s entirety. There is to many cheaters and/or other bad mannered folk, to play the game as it was intended. I respect the free to play model as much as the next person however, there is definitely fairer and better ways of implementing this kinda model without turning it into a grab for money. Events can at times be worthwhile, however these are more targeted towards the newer players, and are rarely rewarding for those who have reached lvl 30 and beyond. The recent experience with this game has not given me any reason to believe the game can be played for enjoyment..Version: 1.139.0

Buddy PokémonI honestly loved the idea of having the buddy Pokémon walk beside us because it’s adorable and allows us to make more of a connection towards our buddy Pokémon, but they need food too often. You give them 3 berries and then they’re full, you earn a heart, whatever, whatever, and then you go on a walk and a short amount of time later they’re hungry again. You gain a total amount of 3 hearts per day for feeding your buddy Pokémon so them being full should last for a while, but no it doesn’t. Every time I go on the app, my buddy Pokémon needs to be fed again. It becomes a chore instead of something fun and cute. You should either have it where it lasts for around 3 hours or have it where it will be hungry after a certain walking distance let’s say 1km or 2kms or do both where it will be hungry again after 3 hours or after 1 or 2 kms whichever comes first. Also my buddy (larvitar) gets left behind which is both adorable and annoying. He always does catch up though, but somethings I think that he’s hungry, but no he’s just completely off the screen chilling. [ side note: I love how Larvitar runs. ] The last thing that annoys me about the buddy Pokémon is you can’t tell them apart from wild Pokémon. They should have a coloured (perhaps your team colour) ring around them or something so you have tell the difference. In any case, I love the addition of buddy Pokémon. I wasn’t expecting it at all, it was a lovely surprise..Version: 0.129.2

Great, but requires some fixesI’ve been playing for roughly 6 months now. My experience has been great, but there have been a few issues that have bugging me. 1) The speed limit is too low. Sometimes when I go on a jog the speed limit randomly pops up. I’ve asked others on reddit who also had this problem when they clearly haven’t passed 10km/h. 2) It’s too hard to get potions. With the addition of team rocket balloons, I’ve been in a lot more battles then usual. And as such, I used up all my potions. I live in a suburban area, but there aren’t any pokestops around me for a good distance. I’m about run out of revives and potions after fighting the team rocket leaders. There should be a new system where it’s easier to get potions, or that potions are rewards for field research quests. 3) There should be hairstyles and face shapes. This is purely for cosmetics, but there should be hairstyles and more customizations for face shape. This is as all trainers look basically the same. And if you ever do add these, I hope they aren’t behind a paywall. I understand you need to make money, but I don’t want to pay $10 for a different hairstyle..Version: 1.151.3

Almost a complete game but raids need improvementRaids are an amazing idea and without them I don’t think I would play the game. However, the areas that I play in are pretty inactive. There are 3 5 star raids on at a time often and my group of 4 people needs more to help us with 5 star raids. I think there needs to be a feature called rallying to a gym. If someone presses a button on a gym it sends a message to trainers in a radius of that gym saying “Player1234 is ready to raid the Example Gym” kind of like the messages for lures. This would help people know which gym to go to and they would be able to actually defeat hard raids. I think this would make the game a lot more accessible for people who don’t live in crowded urban areas and expand the player base..Version: 1.121.1

Why I like it and why I don’t and suggestionsSo I like It because it’s fun and active but I don’t like it because for me it loads very slow I suggest maybe you can make it so there’s an option if you want a poke stop in your house so if you have a cold you can just go to where the poke stop is in your house and it will be easier do and can there be settings and if they say yes they want a poke stop in there house than you can put it anywhere you want in there house it’ll be in settings incase they change there mind but if they say no than it will not happen and it will be in settings incase they change there mind but anyway i LOVE POKÉMON GO! it’s awesome this is a add on for you it will only be visible to the people who live in that house.Version: 1.87.3

Great time killerIt think this app is fantastic for just killing time while doing stuff. It’s got a good set up and what not but I do feel it’s very limited. Most of the Pokémon are in the city and they have a fast appearance rate but if your out in the suburbs it takes a while for them to show up and it’s always ones that are very common. The amount of pokestops aren’t too great either in the suburbs and the cost of things in the shop can be quite expensive and all this makes it hard to stay interested in the game. If these were to be fixed and made for easier access to people who don’t get a chance to go to the city a lot like myself it would make playing this more enjoyable. Please make things a bit easier for the ones who can’t catch them all ;P.Version: 1.61.2

Megas plzI started off being someone who liked Pokémon but didn’t care too much about them. I eventually ended up addicted to this game and could only ask for 1 more thing, mega stones, allowing everything that can mega evolve to do so. It could just work if you give it to the Pokémon the same way as a rare candy or potion and that Pokémon would mega evolve permanently with a mega evo symbol or something in their info. You could get it from the shop or a field research task and you had 1 lucarionite or venasaurite and you have it to 1 of the species and it used up the mega stone. So pick which one you used wisely because they could be rare or expensive. 10/10 game.Version: 1.121.3

This is epic but...Hi, this is one of and even yet the best game I’ve played I love and everything about it. The feeling of waking up every morning and going out to play this, and the thought of you still getting exercise it’s amazing. The reason I put a but in the title is cause I have a idea that might make the game better. Ima not be a Karen and complain about the game, I just thought maybe if they added a permanent change on the music. What I mean is still keep the old music but add like a radio and add more song, that are not copy right what I mean is u could be able to play the night music during the day. Or the battle music during normal time. And it could cost like 80 poke coins. That would be a cool idea right?.Version: 1.159.2

Why I like it and why I don’t and suggestionsSo I like It because it’s fun and active but I don’t like it because for me it loads very slow I suggest maybe you can make it so there’s an option if you want a poke stop in your house so if you have a cold you can just go to where the poke stop is in your house and it will be easier do and can there be settings and if they say yes they want a poke stop in there house than you can put it anywhere you want in there house it’ll be in settings incase they change there mind but if they say no than it will not happen and it will be in settings incase they change there mind but anyway i LOVE POKÉMON GO! it’s awesome this is a add on for you it will only be visible to the people who live in that house.Version: 1.87.3

Catch em all? As if..Far too difficult to catch higher ranking Pokémon unless you know at least a dozen other players. Raids above level 3 are un-soloable so if you mostly play on your own or even with one other trainer then forget about ever getting the better Pokémon. Eggs hatched give you basic Pokémon. Why? Give a chance to hatch rare ones please! 10km eggs are as rare as Mew in this game. Takes forever to rank up Pokémon to any useful level. Played since the start. The game needs easier access to stardust and sinnoh stones. Once you collect over 250 candy for a Pokémon you should be able to trade excess candy above that for stardust. I’d suggest one candy for 1000 stardust. This would give you more incentive to keep catching the useless Pokémon that are the majority. Sinnoh stones are far too hard to acquire for all the Pokémon that need it to evolve. It’s ridiculous. Once you catch a certain amount of one Pokémon they should then be very, very easy to catch. Like 1 ball catch every time. Game is currently 9 parts frustration to 1 part rewarding in my opinion..Version: 1.151.3

Needs more battle interactionThis is a great game, it gets me to go out to catch Pokémon and I love the idea of it. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that when you battle you only have to tap the screen. If you could give maybe 3 moves to each Pokémon and each did different damage and required a different amount of energy. Energy could be gained every time you attack. Anyway this would improve the game greatly and encourage people to battle more often. I also think you must improve how we can interact and make friends, i think there should be a message option so you can chat with friends, this would be great because it would increase interaction with friends. You should also add an option to friend people you battle or people who put Pokémon in gyms. This would allow me to trade and have fun with people who liver near you. Thanks.Version: 1.157.2

Needs more for long term playersGood and bad. People look forward to such good rewards and you give us “mewtwo” after all the hard work we went through to do ex raid battles. Back in the day when it was so hard to find a chansey, they’re just spawning everywhere. There is no challenge because we know what to expect. Make it more interesting and unpredictable because I know it’s not just me who is sick of all your rewards. 7 day pokestop rewards too. How about rare candy and not “upgrades”. Kudos on community days but what, aren’t you ever going to now have one for a swanky because they’re already out as a shiny?? Or growlithe? Or magicarp? I’m not even going to bother getting deoxys because yep, sure, there WILL be a way somehow. For people who started in 2016, what good are events like the frequent spawn of the manor region, other than few extra candies to add to my collection. Overall it’s fun, but people want more..Version: 1.89.2

Missing key Pokémon featuresThe game is boring and it’s hard to collect coins to buy backpack space, bag space is also way to limited, key features that are missing in this game that we need: surfing, fishing and fast travel/flying to new locations, joystick for surfing only, fishing, poke-ball crafting like in gold and silver, unlimited bag/item/Pokémon storage space, actual Pokémon game music, patches of tall grass to walk into to catch Pokémon just like in the actual games, decent U.i backgrounds and buildings, anything really to make it look like a game and not a avatar walking on a GPS screen, theirs so many more features I could list but theirs no room to right them all down, overall the game is poor due to activities like raids requiring 6-8 or more people to complete, regional Pokémon that can’t be captured in your own country, and micro transactions are very very expensive and it takes forever to earn required coins in game. 1/10.Version: 1.79.2

Some areas been having trouble with Newtown parkHi there, There’s two zones at Newtown Rose Garden park where myself and my partner could not get the prizes for Roses Artwork Seat. The other one is the West Toowoomba Croquet Club. It keeps telling us both to walk closer to interact with this pokestop. We’ve been extremely close and under the sign for the West Toowoomba Croquet Club. The Roses Artwork Seat we have sat on it to try to get it to work and that one tells us to walk closer to interact with this pokestop. It could of been the graffiti on the Roses Artwork Seat. The West Toowoomba Croquet Club sign could be because there was no shrubs on the ground underneath the mailbox. Otherwise we haven’t had any problems with it so far. Since we joined the Pokémon GO. We are enjoying it so far. But if you could check this out please and have it fix for us and everyone else who plays it. Please and thank you. We will let you know in future if there are anymore that aren’t working. Thank you for your time and helping us to try and get this fix and other players who play the game. MAYBE DO UPDATES ON THE POKESTOP TOO MAKE SURE ALL POKESTOPS ARE ALL WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.117.1

Good concept, poor execution. don’t expect muchThe two biggest problems in my opinion are: 1) Stability The app crashes constantly. This has been an issue for a very long time, and I honestly don’t see it being fixed any time soon. I can’t complete some of the in-game tasks such as using the buddy system because the app crashes. This is especially an issue in battles, which leads me to... 2) Gyms I love the idea of them, but gyms just aren’t fun. They cause the app to crash, there is no benefit to populating multiple gyms due to the coins limit, and trying to keep control of a gym for your team for more than a day is disincentivized. It’s an aspect of gameplay I’d like to engage with more, but can’t get much out of. There are some features I like though: 1) The variety of Pokémon spawning is good in my experience, with common spawns cycling frequently enough to not get tedious. Rare spawns are at a good rate to be both interesting and valuable. 2) Item drops seem balanced to me, if perhaps a little low on potions and a little too heavy on berries. 3) Team rocket balloons. I wouldn’t spend much time battling them at stops since I don’t want to stop walking in the middle of the street, but the battle balloons make these battles fun (when they don’t crash the game...).Version: 1.155.0

Great game but...I love this game. I play it with my friends and we walk around battling and collecting items, it’s awesome. BUT recently what’s bugged me are the hackers. People hack so that they don’t have to walk anywhere which means that they don’t have to work as hard but they still progress through the game faster than all the legitimate players. There was one case where my friend and I ran to a gym and ran back to the car so his mum could hurry to work and as soon as we got back. Our Pokémon were kicked out of the gym. Then we looked over to where we ran from and there was nobody there. It was a waste of potions. That’s a good example of hackers being frustrating. Please find a way to stop hackers. Other then them, the game’s awesome (apart from a few minor bugs.).Version: 1.123.1

Good but the bugs :((This game is by far one of my favourites, i grew up with pokémon so being able to play on phone is really neat when out and about. it IS really nice and has improved so much since it was released but guys, come on, fix your bugs! the first worldwide GO Fest was an absolute sham, i haven’t met anyone who wasn’t disappointed. please update your servers, the fact that people couldn’t play due to the app freezing, lag and being forced shut is really terrible considering people had to pay to play yknow. remote passes have so many bugs too, please fix being kicked from raids & being unable to rejoin. it’s very frustrating and gives a sour taste towards the game. i appreciate the frequent updates but stop adding more fire to the issues than fixing them.Version: 1.147.0

Update issuesHi I’ve always loved playing Pokémon go and I still do I’m giving a 5 star because I think it’s a great app to get your self out of the house while playing a great game you can enjoy the only problem I’ve had since the current May update for the game is that I could be playing Pokémon go and all of a sudden it just exits the hole entire app and then I have to reload back into the game I’ve tried restarting the app and reloading back into the game numerous times but I find I still have the same problem as before but other then that I still love the game and give it a 5 star review I’m just hoping that the problem gets fix in the next update in the future Thanks again Daniel.Version: 1.141.0

I’m a 13 year old that thinks this game is awesomeI didn’t know what a Pokémon was until I heard a friend talk about this game so I got the game and I’ve been a Pokémon trainer ever sense the game is awesome but a trading and friend system is needed so you talk to friend in your contacts and trade Pokémon with friends to complete the Pokédex also at the start of the game you should be able to choose all the starters from gen 1, gen 2, gen 3 and so on and more ways to get pokecoins would be amazing thank you and keep up the good work niantic P.S legendarys are really hard to battle and I missed my favorite legend already mewtwo and I want to catch rayquaza so please could you guys make it a bit easier so I catch my first legendary.Version: 1.61.2

It s very addicting but needs more improvements!This game is fun and it is good exercise, although it is extremely frustrating to try find a Shiny Pokémon. They need to add more Pokémon to raids for example: Mega Lucario, and Gardivoir. I feel like I sometimes waste money on PokéCoins because I buy one raid pass for 100 PokéCoins, and i lose to a raid. I think they should give us 1 - 2 Raidpasses, per day. And I do t understand why you have to buy pokéballs just to catch Pokémon, you could just go to a PokéStop and get PokéBalls. Every time you discover a new Pokémon, you should get 12,000 Xp. If your Pokémon has been defeated, they should heal automatically. I love Pokémon go but that’s all I had to say. Have a good day!.Version: 1.169.1

ReviewI think it’s a pretty good game. At first it was absolutely annoying because the servers weren’t working very well and when sometimes when you would click on a pokestop, gym or Pokémon it wouldn’t load up or it would say error, the gyms were nearly impossible to beat, there was just a lot to fix but now the game has improved a lot! Servers are running perfectly, more items have been added, it’s easier to defeat gyms you, there’s been a lot of Pokémon and features added to the game. So I would highly recommend playing this game because I absolutely love it because I’m getting outside more (which is rare for me) and it’s just a lot of fun!.Version: 1.99.4

It’s really good butIt says like I’ve made my character and everything and then it says are you done with finishing your character so I like yes but then it just says location not found so open up settings so I open up the settings and I turn location on so then I go back into Pokémon GO and then just says that the location can’t be found and I’m like yes I put everything on your Settings and allowed it but its not working so what should I do because I don’t know how to get into the game it’s just really hard because I keep on allowing it for my location but it was like you know haven’t found location and everything but I deleted the app well the first time I got on it arm it said do you want the location to be found and I was like no but then I realise that I had to so I deleted the app and got back in but then it like I made my account and everything is on Google and everything but I went back in and it said that the location was around and open it up and told you all of that but it just doesn’t work and says the location hasn’t been found so please help me with the app 🙁🙁😞😞😞.Version: 1.171.0

Solid 5 stars from me! However...Overall, coming from a Pokémon geek like me, I love how diverse the game is and how it encourages players young and old to get out and active! The new buddy system is also a good addition to the game just to add a tidbit of salt into the game. The however part of this are the raids. The good news is that with more recent legendaries being added into the game, it lets us all the chance to catch some Pokémon that may never come back. The thing is that all players should be able to enter raids even while they are walking (or using transport to get into the raid) a fair distance. As a hardcore PoGo player, I want a feature to be added where players can do a raid even though they are walking/being the passenger away from the raid. That way, we all have the opportunity to catch the raid Pokémon. Other than that, good job on making PoGo an entertaining and very fun game to play!.Version: 0.129.4

Changed for the betterHighly recommend redownloading if you haven’t played since it came out. The game has drastically improved with features such as trading, friendships, 4 generations of Pokémon, raiding, dedicated days for the community where you can find an increased number of a certain Pokémon and even find their shiny form, with past days being tyranitar and metagross, research, a kind of story that you gain mythical Pokémon from, legendary Pokémon, and much more. The game now is what everyone wanted the game to be at release, with consistent updates and stuff to do in game wether it be raiding or shiny hunting. I’ve met a lot of good people from the game and the community near me has close to 3,000 people in it. Get your friends back together guys, it’s good now..Version: 1.93.1

Great game!Good job on making such a great game Niantic! 😇 My favourite part is probably the GBL (GO battle league), as it is an easy stardust gain and also really good to pass your time when there is no Pokémon. The only problem with the GBL is how you’re only allowed 5 sets a day. This isn’t that much of a bother but it would help remote players. Other than that it’s fine. Raid battles are also fun and useful, as it’s the only way apart from the GBL to get legendary pokémon. I love how you can invite friends from around the world and beat bosses together, but please allow players to invite more than 10 players to raid. Raids have proved very helpful for me and gave me a big boost for my Pokémon CP’s. The only other problem I had with the game is that you need to be a high level to nominate pokestops, so if you lowered the level to only 30 or so, it would make playing in a remote area a whole lot easier. The research tasks are also fun to complete and give you good rewards, and also give you strong Pokémon from the research breakthroughs and thankfully, they added a free rrp with it too. Thanks for making a great game, TNTCAK3.Version: 1.177.2

Still FunIt’s Still such a Fun game with Updates making even better. The Team Go Rocket Addition was very good but I think they should be could Team Shadow Rocket. Also them adding Unova Pokémon Was Good to now there are lots more Pokémon For my Father to discover who recently got into Pokémon Go and it’s made me get a lot closer to him. The only Bad thing I would say is that you can’t Change your Hair Style. They have added so much like more close and Poses but still no different hair Styles? It would definitely change the game a lot for me. It’s very sad that Not very many people play this game anymore but there is still a good amount of people to keep up a Gym Cycle and I love it. Keep it Up👍👍👍.Version: 1.123.1

Introduce trading? But can’t trade items?As much as I love this game and want to love it more I can’t seem to. This is the only app I would spend money on and yet with every update you fall short every time. Why can’t you trade or sell items that you have excess of? Why can you only trade Pokémon? If you are introducing Pokecentres, that’s good and all but what’s the point of me having 3 dragon scales after I’ve evolved my Seadra? There isn’t much. What’s the point of my girlfriend having 4 Kings Rock after she’s evolved Slowbro and Poliwhirl? Not a lot really. Waste of a reward system for 7 day streaks and just seems like the system isn’t as well thought out as it could be. I get that it’s hard to make a game as good as this but you guys fall short every time. It’s just lucky that the Pokémon Community is as big and loving as it is. And what sort of company doesn’t have an email where you can’t have some sort of free form text where you can actually explain a personal issue with the game. Your consumers have a right to voice there opinion to listen and it’s your job to listen. You say you are very supportive of the community but it feels like you guys don’t care about us and limit what we can tell you so you can hear what you want to hear..Version: 1.79.2

App constantly crashesI’ve been a fan since the very beginning of Pokémon back in 96 and I enjoy playing Pokémon Go but I’m very much over the app crashing all the time. Seems to always happen when I’m in a League battle making me lose the battle but yet it still adds to the amount of battles we’re limited to each day. It will also constantly crash when I’m in a Raid Battle. The one star raids I can deal with but when it’s a three or five star raid is extremely frustrating, especially when I miss out on getting the chance to catch the Pokémon and/or I’m needing other trainers in the raid to be able to defeat the Pokémon which then results in wasting a remote raid pass that I used my OWN money to purchase. Seems a little unfair don’t you think? I know this review will mean nothing to you or the company because you know the app is continuously going to be a success but just remember how you respond (if you do) will reflect a lot on what the company actually really cares about. Let’s hope you get these issues sorted quickly...Version: 1.177.2

Greed is ruining POGOThis game has been around since 2016, you would expect it to be incredibly polished by now, but it isn’t. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though, for example say you buy some raid passes to raid with friends, the game can glitch out and boot you from the raid. You lose your pass and the chance to catch the elite Pokémon, you might get one pass returned to you if you contact support, but that’s it, even though this problem is common you won’t get any more refunds and are possibly gambling money away. You can essentially be taxed for the technical faults of the game. Now there are nerfs to earning the in-game currency, in Australia at least. You could earn coins daily by holding gyms long enough, it was fair and rewarded players who kept going out and playing the game. Now they’re trying to make it harder and more tedious to earn coins for free, to encourage people to buy coins with real money..Version: 1.141.0

Love the game, not the bugs.I absolutely love this game and really appreciate the developers putting in all the hard work to make the game more accommodating during self-isolation. Unfortunately there seems to be a couple of bugs that are quite annoying. The first is my friends list automatically scrolls back up after sending someone a gift. You have to keep manually scrolling down after closing each friend to get to the next one. The other bug I’m running into is when I open a mystery box alongside incense, rather than tell me I can’t run both at the same time it just opens another incense and stacks the time on top of what was already remaining from the initial incense. Finally, I’m not keen on the proposed lower rate of coins earned per minute at the gym. You end up having to take over 3 gyms to earn coins at the same rate currently. Not exactly conducive to self isolating if you have to go to additional gyms. I hope this just isn’t a potential money grab by the developers to have people buy more coins than rather earn them in these difficult times..Version: 1.141.0

You need to start fixing all your stupid faultsWe were in COVID lockdown Nothing open except supermarkets 1 person could leave the house for a short time to go to food shop We get moving again and your errors make me want to quit today I tried to raid and everything jammed the nothing to poke stops or Pokémon. When the stops cam back all I got was error every time I tried I was just at the best spot of my run Yesterday it happened slight different at the best part of my run I really am ready to quit. Fix some of your problens Tonight I opened my RedRedRose And she is not there. Replaced by a green haired male. With the wrong buddy. I don’t know if you read these BUT I want my RedRedRose back 8 December 2020 I sign in this morning and no RedRedRose, Just this green haired stranger. I want my RedRedRose back PLEASE 8 dec 2020 I have been trying to get my account to the level 41 for quite awhile. You have so many gliches and errors it is almost impossible to play the game. At my age I don’t need the frustration. Why don’t you try to get the game working properly before you add anything else new.. you certainly can’t handle what you are supposed to be running at the moment Marilyn Guse Sorry to be so miserable but I like the game and I hate to see it fail so badly.Version: 1.159.3

A bit of feedbackIn the next update, you should include data when capturing Pokémon or when you site the Pokémon what their strengths and weaknesses are in the Pokédex ie if there weakest against ice and water attacks, and have each Pokémon have a different weakness and strength so that the trainers have it handy when they want to find the info. You should also include an area of data in which a trainer can go to in the Pokédex where they can study up on which Pokémon is best to fight against which ever Pokémon is around “either trainer battles, grunt battles, or raid battles) rather then waiting for the hint guy to pop up at the end of the fight after loosing the battle. It would make the game more enjoyable, help those who don’t actually know what there doing play, and not have to leave the game to look up the information online either..Version: 1.159.3

Playing PokémonHello. Wow what an amazing game Pokemon go is. I have been able to get out and see some new places and make a lot of new friends. Walking around parks playing Pokémon has helped with my siatica nerv ( not sure if I spelled that right lol ) even getting my 63 year old Mum out playing to. I was just wondering how does the trainer club work. I use the same email for both Pokémon go and the trainer club. Is it allowed to be signed into one on my phone and the other on my tablet or is that a type of cheating. I don’t won’t to cause a issue that gets me band. Any information as how it work/ or best way to play both would be great 👍 thanks again for an amazing game and look forward to new events and new Pokémon.Version: 1.61.2

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Pokémon GO 1.187.0 Update

Version 1.187.0 (2021-10-07): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - Get ready for the spookiest month of the year! There’s much to look forward to this October, from Pokémon GO Halloween and costumed Pokémon to a tie-in event with Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. - You can now zoom in and out while in the style menu for a better view of your avatar’s outfit. - Nickname suggestions and updated gameplay tips have been added. - Various quality-of-life updates..

Version 1.185.1 (2021-09-14): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - Get ready for an exciting new Season! - Various quality-of-life updates have been made..

Version 1.185.0 (2021-09-02): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - Get ready for an exciting new Season! - Various quality-of-life updates have been made..

Version 1.183.1 (2021-08-20): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! — Hoopa is making more mischief! For the final part of this year’s Ultra Unlock, Hoopa has used its rings to summon the Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta to the world of Pokémon GO!.

Version 1.183.0 (2021-08-12): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! — Hoopa is making more mischief! For the final part of this year’s Ultra Unlock, Hoopa has used its rings to summon the Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta to the world of Pokémon GO!.

Version 1.181.1 (2021-08-06): - Ultra Unlock Part 1: Time will take place from July 23 at 10:00 a.m. to August 3 at 8:00 p.m. local time. During this event, Pokémon from various eras will be appearing more often. - Address Book Import: Soon, you’ll be able to add friends from your contact list. - In-app support is now located at the top of the Settings menu. - Collection Challenges now include a window explaining the challenge’s icons. - You can now skip the Team GO Rocket battle-reward animations..

Version 1.181.0 (2021-07-26): - Ultra Unlock Part 1: Time will take place from July 23 at 10:00 a.m. to August 3 at 8:00 p.m. local time. During this event, Pokémon from various eras will be appearing more often. - Address Book Import: Soon, you’ll be able to add friends from your contact list. - In-app support is now located at the top of the Settings menu. - Collection Challenges now include a window explaining the challenge’s icons. - You can now skip the Team GO Rocket battle-reward animations..

Version 1.179.2 (2021-07-15): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - Are you ready for Pokémon GO Fest 2021? Every Legendary Pokémon discovered in Pokémon GO so far will be appearing in five-star raids during the event! - Various quality-of-life updates have been made..

Version 1.179.0 (2021-06-30): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - Are you ready for Pokémon GO Fest 2021? Every Legendary Pokémon discovered in Pokémon GO so far will be appearing in five-star raids during the event! - Various quality-of-life updates have been made..

Version 177.3 (2021-06-22): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - Together We Raid: Experience our biggest update to raids yet, including gameplay changes, visual updates, and new ways to see your achievements in raids. - Get ready for a musical summer—Pokémon GO Fest 2021 is coming soon!.

Version 1.177.1 (2021-06-15): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - Together We Raid: Experience our biggest update to raids yet, including gameplay changes, visual updates, and new ways to see your achievements in raids. - Get ready for a musical summer—Pokémon GO Fest 2021 is coming soon!.

Version 1.175.0 (2021-05-20): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - Sylveon will be making its Pokémon GO debut! - Quality of Life Updates.

Version 1.173.0 (2021-05-07): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - The Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal make their Pokémon GO debuts in May! - Quality of Life Updates.

Version 1.171.1 (2021-04-19): Bug fixes.

Version 1.171.0 (2021-04-08): Bug fixes.

Version 1.169.1 (2021-03-24): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - We’re excited to announce that a referral program will soon be coming to Pokémon GO! - Season of Legends begins! From Legendary Pokémon to legendary Trainers, this Season will celebrate legends in Pokémon GO. - Level-up achievement-sharing feature - Inventory selection improvements - Fixes to raid invites.

Version 1.169.0 (2021-03-15): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - We’re excited to announce that a referral program will soon be coming to Pokémon GO! - Season of Legends begins! From Legendary Pokémon to legendary Trainers, this Season will celebrate legends in Pokémon GO. - Level-up achievement-sharing feature - Inventory selection improvements - Fixes to raid invites.

Version 1.167.1 (2021-03-02): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto is right around the corner! The festivities won’t end there—join us for a weeklong Kanto Celebration event leading up to Pokémon Day! - Have some Pokémon to transfer? You can now transfer Legendary and Mythical Pokémon when selecting multiple Pokémon. - The Season of Celebration will end on 3/1. Are you ready for what’s next?.

Version 1.167.0 (2021-02-25): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto is right around the corner! The festivities won’t end there—join us for a weeklong Kanto Celebration event leading up to Pokémon Day! - Have some Pokémon to transfer? You can now transfer Legendary and Mythical Pokémon when selecting multiple Pokémon. - The Season of Celebration will end on 3/1. Are you ready for what’s next?.

Version 1.165.0 (2021-02-03): Bug fixes.

Version 1.163.1 (2021-01-21): There’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - Celebrate different regions of the Pokémon world in January as we count down to Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto! - A new year means new challenges, and in that spirit we’re introducing a new feature—Collection Challenges! These challenges provide a handy guide to catching Pokémon featured during in-game events. - You can now search your collection for Pokémon powered up with Candy XL. - We’ve made improvements to Egg storage and Pokémon tagging..

Version 1.161.2 (2021-01-05): Trainers! Are you ready to GO Beyond? - You can now GO Beyond level 40! Do you have what it takes? - Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, and more Pokémon originally discovered in the Kalos region are now appearing in the wild! Have you caught one yet? - Leveling up is now more fun than ever. Enjoy a double Catch XP bonus through the end of December! If you get to level 40 before 2021, the Legacy 40 medal will be yours. - Improvements to the Egg inventory, AR Mapping tasks, and Pokémon HOME connectivity..

Version 1.161.1 (2020-12-21): Trainers! Are you ready to GO Beyond? - You can now GO Beyond level 40! Do you have what it takes? - Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, and more Pokémon originally discovered in the Kalos region are now appearing in the wild! Have you caught one yet? - Leveling up is now more fun than ever. Enjoy a double Catch XP bonus through the end of December! If you get to level 40 before 2021, the Legacy 40 medal will be yours. - Improvements to the Egg inventory, AR Mapping tasks, and Pokémon HOME connectivity..

Version 1.159.3 (2020-12-05): Bug fixes.

Version 1.159.1 (2020-11-25): Bug fixes.

Version 1.157.2 (2020-11-04): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! - Mega Gengar is now available to battle in Mega Raids! - You can now store your battle parties and preview Pokémon’s attacks during battle party selection. - Pokémon searching has been improved, including the ability to navigate to your Pokémon storage from the Pokédex and the addition of new details about your Pokémon! - Updates to certain Evolution requirements.

Version 1.155.0 (2020-10-15): Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO! You can now enjoy the following. - NEW AR Mapping Tasks: Experience Pokémon GO in a new way with new geo-targeted Field Research tasks! - Masks category added to the Style Shop - Updates to AR Scan.

Version 1.153.2 (2020-09-28): Trainers! There’s always something new in Pokémon GO! You can now enjoy the following: - Mega Evolution has made its way to the world of Pokémon GO! Defeat Mega-Evolved Pokémon in raids to earn Mega Energy! - Reality Blending has rolled out to more devices! With Reality Blending, Pokémon will be able to move behind objects, either partially or completely, while AR features are activated. - Personalize Gifts you send to friends! Check out the in-game store for new stickers you can send..

Version 1.153.1 (2020-09-18): Trainers! There’s always something new in Pokémon GO! You can now enjoy the following: - Mega Evolution has made its way to the world of Pokémon GO! Defeat Mega-Evolved Pokémon in raids to earn Mega Energy! - Reality Blending has rolled out to more devices! With Reality Blending, Pokémon will be able to move behind objects, either partially or completely, while AR features are activated. - Personalize Gifts you send to friends! Check out the in-game store for new stickers you can send with Gifts..