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Incredibox App Download

Incredibox is a music app that lets you create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers. Choose your musical style among 7 impressive atmospheres and start to lay down, record and share your mix.

Part game, part tool, Incredibox is above all an audio and visual experience that has quickly become a hit with people of all ages. The right mix of music, graphics, animation and interactivity makes Incredibox ideal for everyone. And because it makes learning fun and entertaining, Incredibox is now being used by schools all over the world.

How to play? Easy! Drag and drop icons onto the avatars to make them sing and start to compose your own music. Find the right sound combos to unlock animated choruses that will enhance your tune.

Save, share and download your mix! Once your composition sounds great, just save it and you will get a link to your mix. You can easily share it with anybody so they can listen and even vote for it.

If your mix sounds great and gets enough votes from other users, you may go down in Incredibox history by joining the Top 50 chart. Ready to show your stuff?

Too lazy to create your own mix? No problem, just let the automatic mode play for you!
Pump it up and chill ;)

Incredibox, the brainchild of Lyon, France-based studio So Far So Good, was created in 2009. Starting out as a webpage, it was then released as a mobile and tablet app and became an instant hit. It has won several awards and appeared in various international media, including: BBC, Adobe, FWA, Gizmodo, Slate, Konbini, Softonic, Kotaku, Cosmopolitan, PocketGamer, AppAdvice, AppSpy, Vice, Ultralinx and many others. The online demo has attracted more than 60 million visitors since its creation.

Important: For optimal playability and a better experience, please use at least an iPad 3 or an iPhone 5.

Incredibox App User Reviews & Comments

Master tracksThis game is awesome. But, something would make it the elite beat game ever. Master tracks or the other 1st,2nd,3rd tracks. Now what I mean is that there is buttons on the top next to the recording button that makes a secondary area (with the sounds from the first track) with more guys to add to the song to make it a SWEET dj game. The guys can have the same roles as the first track but it allows more sounds so people can make complete Incredibox music. Just a thought. But, it would bring out more in the game and in the music. Thank you for your time, to read this..Version: 5.0

IncrediappSo many combinations, incredibly functional! Buy it! It is SOOOOOOOO worth it. It really is incredible, worth the one dollar. So glad it’s no longer five dollars, I would pay that if they added another section with a female artist, I like how it’s only one person, if you could do that with a female that’s awesome. And also more music, as many combinations as there are, I’m greedy and want more!!! Overall, incredibox is my favorite app on my phone ever! Just think about what I said for future updates..Version: 3.6

Amazing plz readI remembered using this on my laptop in fifth grade, and I wanted to get the app, and so after a little digging I found the name. TOTALLY worth the money!! It never gets old, I play it about 3/5 of the day and there are literally infinite combinations you can make. I love how you have different versions, although I mostly end up using the same three (sunrise, alive, Brazil) and I think the new Jeevan version is fairly annoying, but that’s just me 😇 so in a nutshell, BUY IT! You will not regret it one bit! Awesome, phenomenal, amazing, incredible 🤩🤩🤩🤩 AND FURTHERMORE, please don’t nag the creators about how it’s only boys. If you’re concerned about the fact that females are seen as inferior, this is coming from a female too, go get a girl power game or something 😒..Version: 4.7

It’s stuck in my head now!It’s about time I write a review for this game. This game is great and the songs always get stuck in my head. There are also many people to choose from so it makes the possibilities even more. 5/5. BUT there is one problem. I happen to play on an old phone so I’m using my moms phone to wright a review now. Anyways so problem is that the older phone I have, you can’t save a song. I don’t know if it is just I have an old phone or something, but please try your best to fix it, thanks. I’m 10 years old I’m broke lol.Version: 3.7

How to make a game (or anything for that matter) the right wayToo many game developers forget the most fundamental key to creating perfection. Some people may disagree and say this isn't a game but the none the less the lesson that this app teaches still holds true. Simplicity and knowing the goal is everything in making something perfect. There are no perfect modern video games because they set out to do far too much. This app does one thing, it lets you make music. In keeping the goal of the app simple and straight forward they were able to nail exactly what they had wanted to do and in doing so created the closest thing a person can perceive as perfection. Other devs should look at this as a lesson to think simple and to try not to be the “next-gen thing” but rather the best of just one thing..Version: 5.1

Amazing!!!When I first saw this game The thumbnail was amazing and I was rushing to my parents room to ask my father if I can please get this. After 132 tries I finally got it! And when I first trying it out it was like taking out the first chip out of a fresh chip bag, It was amazing. Really amazing the game is and I'm ready to some new content! Moms who are checking the reviews, if you think it's to expensive and a waste of time, I'm telling you this could be the best experience your child has had! And if you want to try it out for yourself, go for it! This is an amazing app and I already inspired 2 of my friends to buy it! Amazing right? Thanks a lot incredibox you just made my life INCREDIBLE!!!!!.Version: 4.7

Love it!Let me start off with I love Incredibox it’s an amazing app I like the way you can create your own mix and the cool thing about Incredibox is anything works and you can be creative and have an amazing mix all in one you can choose out of seven different styles and you have seven men and filters at the bottom and you put the filters on the men and they make the noise for the filter you choose and you make your own mix I love this game and I think you would to have an amazing time on the app I love it have fun..Version: 4.4

Very RelaxingI came across this website years back when there were only 3 versions to choose from. I was hooked from the start with the concept and the loops were great. Now the app has more loops and cool animations adding to the experience of Incredibox. It’s very relaxing after a stressful day to throw together a quick beat and decompress. Music soothes the soul and Incredibox provides a great mix of loops for you to kick back, relax, and enjoy the music. Great job and keep the music coming!!.Version: 5.1

One problemI have no idea if this is the app’s vault or my phone storage is just that bad, but I’ve been getting some odd glitches. I just redownloaded the app after deleting it in the past due to storage issues, and strange stuff has been happening after I unlocked the two bonuses for alpha. Every time I play the bonus “satisfied” and it ends, it doesn’t exit out. It just stays, and trying to reset or go to home just shows me a black screen. And when I try to do the other bonuses, it doesn’t work because one of the guys just doesn’t show up. I can’t solo or mute it, nor can I remove. Exiting and going back doesn’t work. Is there a way I can fix this nonsense? Before you say anything, no, shutting off and turning back on my phone doesn’t work..Version: 4.7

Great appThis is a great app for creating notes just a great beat/rhythm but there are melodies and vocals to create a song. Also there isn’t any in app purchases, all you have to do is purchase the app and you get everything that is available. One and done. I only wish or hope that there will be some new things added like some new content. In other words, there is V1 - V6, maybe add a V7 or V8. Just asking for more content. The current stuff is starting to get stale..Version: 3.7

Incredibox is gonna be 10 years old!Incredibox is amazingly fun. This game helps me keep my boredom away, and is less hard than making actual music. And you can make your own beats, which can be catchy. But this game started out on a website taking back to 2009, known with the sounds being Alpha (Until later they remastered Alpha). And the app was released on 2012. But I’m only focusing on the website’s date, not the app date. Now, the game is gonna be 10 years old, so I’d like a (V7) name be called,”Ten” And with more sounds than the other versions. I’m not sure how you guys are gonna come up with the theme will sound like, but you guys have the trick to make a music game, but also make it fun. I’m really looking forward to see what V7 will look like, and cya..Version: 3.7

Amazing app, one major glitch.Before I state the glitch, it’s overall amazing. But when we get to the glitchy part, well... Not so much. Incredibox is an app where you express your musicality. Since 2009 it was rated app of the day. The devs worked very hard on this. (Except the ones that were models of Paul REALLY scared me) It’s a great app for children and adults alike. Used for projects and much, much more you can do anything to music backdrops to wallpapers. Okay, enough of me rambling on, to the glitch! So Dystopia (V8), the one everybody favors is Incredibox’s new release. When I was recording, (my DJ name is Unpopular) I was doing really good, after I used the (only) bonus, Riviera. After the bonus ended, the screen turned white for a moment, then it turned me to the title of Dystopia. It scared me! And it had deleted the recording! Please fix this. Thank you, SO FAR SO GOOD!.Version: 5.0

Phenomenal appThis app brings music making to the fingertips of younger generations, as well as older generations. No matter what you do, you can never make a bad mix, and that’s one out of many things that make this app incredible. I appreciate the hard work and dedication the team brings to the community, and they aren’t afraid to take criticism and make this game better than it already is. This game inspired me to start beatboxing and music making, and although I’m not the best, this game has showed me techniques that I could use in my beatboxing. Thank you, Polo, and the rest of the Incredibox team for making such an amazing app..Version: 5.0

This game is AwesomeHi I’m Kaison if the devs are reading this I found the demo this was shared with my music teacher at first I thought this was boring but oh h and e with to hockey sticks no I wasn’t expecting for me to fall in love with this game the moment I dragged an icon on one of the people I saved my money up for the full version of this game and I do not feel scammed Thea is awesome but there is some problems, first problem: if you quit while doing a bonus the game freezes and you have to shut off your phone or IPad to get it working. And problem number 2: if you leave your game on everything freezes and you have to delete your game then install it to get it working. Anyway this game is awesome fun and INCREDIBLE..Version: 5.1

Incredibox is INCREDIBLE!This music game isn’t called Incredibox for nothing. It truly is an incredible work of art that we are lucky to have on the App Store. It’s a game that you can’t play for hours, but you can just whip out the game anywhere, play it for 15 minutes or so, then take a break, and you can play it again later. One thing that makes this a 4-star game instead of a five is the modes. This game has been around for 10 years and yet there’s only 8 modes. If I could give this game somewhere around 4.7 stars, I would. That’s all I’ve got for this review. God bless..Version: 4.7

Incredibox RocksIncredibox is an amazingly cool game. Not only can you make music in five different styles, but you also have animations and art to enjoy as well. The part I like the most is probably how there are storylines going with each version. V2: Little Miss shows a 1940s-style street gang looking for love, and V6: Alive features a world overtaken by technology. V6: Alive is the most impressive version yet, in both visual and audio quality. However, I agree with the others that V1 should come to the app. It may not be as flashy or cool as the other versions, but maybe you could change that by remaking it, especially with the bonuses. Just something to consider. Thanks!.Version: 3.5

Amazing but just one bugI love the app! Just love it. I’ve been in the incredibox fandom for 1 year now and this game is amazing. I cannot wait for v8. But one thing has been happening since like a few months ago. Sometimes when you load into certain versions. The sound doesn’t play. Not only that, the animations glitch out sometimes and the bonuses don’t play and just turn back. Again this only happens at random moments and I love the game, but I just wanted to speak out about this bug. (Also sfsg if you’re reading this. I’m the BIGGEST fan).Version: 4.7

Best. Music. GameThis app is great, i loved it how you can make your own music in a simple like fashion, plus it does get some kids ideas to learn some beats here and there, the bugs, i don't mind at all about it, but the bonus clips do need a fix, 2/3 of the clips don't work(mostly the 2nd and 3rd), i wish for you to fix that as you get V7 done, but take your time on it, no rush also, it would be cool if you can have a duration on making music like customizable from 2-7 minutes of the duration of music and a bit more of clips to make the fun never stop, no need to do those, it's all up to you, but their ideas, i wish you well♥️.Version: 3.8

Educational gameGreat way to teach kids how music works. Gives someone a understanding how tracks are overlapped to make one piece of music. Other variations of this could be further utilized as a musical educational games. If the numbers were to pop up on the screen stating 32nds,16th, 8ths, 1/4, one measure equaling 4 quarters and so on repeating. This also makes a person understand mathematics of measurement that can be visually broken down on a tape measure. 32nd of a inch, 16th of a inch, 1/8th of a inch, 1/4 quarter of a inch, 4 together equal 1 inch. A Awesome game our daughter loves it the way it is. I wish I could help make games like this to bring them in to school systems as a new way of musical mathematics..Version: 2.2

Not terrible at all, but has flawsYes this app does have flaws, but it is still an amazing game that you should definitely get but I have 3 problems with it. Me first problem is there isn’t enough guys, it just feels one short of a guy but that is just a personal nit pick of mine. My next problem is that you can use all the beats and vocals, they’re relocated to versions, it just made it feel like there was no diversity at times. One way this can be fixed is you can keep all the versions, but also have a sandbox version that includes all of the beats and vocals. The last problem is also just a personal nit pick, but I wish that you could record a custom line and/or download download sounds and lines for the game. And if you do make the sandbox version you can use all six of the custom lines. Thank you for letting me give you this feed back and for making this amazing game..Version: 3.7

Wonderful App To Make Your Own MusicThis app is great. I just bought it today, but I've played it on my computer countless times before and I love it just the same. The interface is easy to use, the loading times are very small, I like how you can share your own music with social media and listen to the top 50 songs for all the 4 versions. The only thing I would want is to be able to see newest/all songs or maybe search bar to search for songs. This is a must buy if you want to have some fun playing around or make great music!.Version: 2.0

Awesome Game But...Incredibox is an awesome game. I’ve had the app for a couple months now and I enjoy the time and the little bit of money spent on Incredibox. I love the V8, it has very cool and unique sounds for music that’s not normally heard before but...It has some flaws that are not usually common in most music creating apps and websites. One Flaw that could be fixed only if you (developers) wanted to fix you don’t really need to, I like V8 the way it is, the flaw is some of the characters can be scary and weird for younger users(primarily kids 4-8 years old) so if you changed that a little I think a lot of younger kids will fully appreciate it more and tell their parents and friends all about. One quick note about it is that it would be nice to add more “extra clips” to V8. Overall the App is Awesome and I would recommend this to all my friends and family (which I already did). EVERYONE OUT THERE GET INCREDIBOX! From an excited user....Version: 5.0

Very very good but some bugsLet me just say that this game is amazing, very very cool, creative and you could do a lot. My concern is that there are some bugs that ruin the experience. First is when I load up a version, any. Sometimes the people don’t pop up like their supposed to. Another bad thing is that audio can’t be heard, and I don’t have silent mode on either. One last thing is that after a cycle like yknow the circle that goes around in the corner. Everything making sounds just stops, and the circle has stopped too..Version: 4.8

Great game but recent glitchI love Incredibox in every way! However, when I opened the app after installing the latest update, I found a glitch. I opened up little miss and the people didn’t show. I couldn’t exit out of the version because the app froze. This has happened to me frequently across many versions. Although sometimes it does load properly, this is extremely irritating and it just started happening after I installed the latest update..Version: 4.8

Cheaper than it should beThis game is an absolutely amazing beatboxing game that every single music lover in the universe should play! This game has won many awards and I think it deserves it. I think it should cost more than it is because of how amazing it is. On suggestion I have is to maybe be able to view the top 50 songs and your songs all together instead of just one mode, but other than that this game is a very good app people who might want to start making music. I also would like to point out to some people that there is a reason for all the characters being boys and that there is no females. The man in the game is actually one person (Incredible Polo) who has different personalities and/or outfits and Incredible Polo made every single noise that is in incredibox and you should know that backstory because the developers are not sexist. But yeah this game is a 10/10 review (5 stars) and I just love it so much and it is WORTH the $3.99..Version: 4.1

Awesome AppI think this app in particular is one of the best music creation apps available in the App Store. It’s user interface is very simple and unique, it’s also very user friendly. You don’t really need a tutorial on how to use this app because of its simplicity, and the sounds that come with this app are outstanding. I definitely recommend this app for the type of person who just wants to have fun making different style of beats. This app also contains a sharing feature where you can share the beats you make with a whole community of people on the app. Although you can only record a little bit of your mix at a time, I think that’s enough time for someone to really enjoy the incredible beat you just made. In conclusion I definitely recommend this app for the casual music creator who’s looking for a way to make simple but amazing beats. If you are looking for a complex music production app I’d say look elsewhere, but for those who just want to have fun with it I strongly recommend this app..Version: 4.5

Amazing with some problems.This honestly is really fun and I can play this for hours but I have 1 big problem with it. I can only play for about 3 minutes before my iPhone 8+ gets extremely hot and dims my screen to almost where I can’t even see the screen. I don’t know what to do about this problem but other then that this app is totally worth buying. I’m really hoping someone can tell me how to fix this or even if it is fixable..Version: 5.0

Love this app but after upgrade it glitchesThis is one of my favorite apps and I love the new upgrade. Unfortunately when I went into v8 bonus and when the guy looks at his screen on the spaceship sometimes the screen shows a moving circle then it kicks me out of the app. Then I have to log back into the app again. This happens during recording and also when you are not recording. Please fix this. Thank you.Version: 5.0

The Perfect Game...or so I thoughtOriginally I praised this game and I still do. It’s just amazing! However when I tap the bonuses for the video clip my screen freezes and the video audio will play but now clip! Also the buttons work too, I can still change game editions and restart. I thought this might have been a problem with my phone since I just updated it but all my other apps were working just fine. So I have reason to believe there is a big ruining my enjoyment! Hopefully this stops happening or you fix it..Version: 3.7

Amazing game!Incredibox, like it's name, is quite incredible. It allows you to create sick beats in minutes, seconds, sometimes even hours! There's so much experimentation here! "Oh, what if I use this one? Hmm... Not right. How about this one? Oh that's nice!". Sometimes you just have to litsen to an individual beatboxer to know if it fits. "What noise does this one make? Hmm... Actually.. If I change beatboxer A for beatboxer C, then maybe beatboxer B will fit!" All of the styles even have special cutscene but you have to find the right combination. This game is well worth the price without being able to post and litsen to songs and like them! 5/5 Ps. My favorite style is "the love".Version: 4.1

Great appThis app is charming, intuitive and superfun. After playing with it for like 5 minutes I thought of two people I knew would be into it — my friend’s 5 year old and my 36 year old boyfriend. It hits that sweet spot of being simple but not boring because there are a ton of combinations to mess around with, you can try to figure out the structure behind the outfits/colors, and most importantly you cannot make a bad-sounding combination. You can make things that sound meh at worst, but the loops themselves, and the way they work together, make it easy to put something together that sounds cool. I’ve only had it a few days but I can see it being useful for putting together music I actually listen to for studying or running, when you want something kind of repetitive but not too repetitive..Version: 3.2

Duh best game everI love to play this game and you can create amazing beats to show your friends and listen to. And it’s so easy like you just put symbols on some dudes and suddenly it sounds like an actual song, like I could give this app to a toddler and he would make AMAZING beats. Not to mention that there’s 8 different music styles that you can choose from. Really the only “bad” thing about this app is “The Love” and “Brazil”. No matter how much I try to make them sound good they’re always bland. In conclusion you should definitely get this app because it’s INCREDIBLE, get it?.Version: 5.1

Amazing, but has noticeable bug...Let me just say first that Incredibox is absolutely incredible. I give my heart out to the developers for working hard to create something truly special. The music is good across the board, even the older ones still hold up, and it’s so fun to mess around in. However, there is one bug with the app itself that I think needs addressing. Whenever I play the app for a certain period of time, the sound on my phone or in my headphones becomes incredibly distorted, to the point where the app becomes virtually unplayable. It’s rather disappointing, because I really love this app, and want it to perform the best it can. I hope the bug gets resolved at some point so it doesn’t get in the way of a truly great experience..Version: 5.0

Best App on the AppStoreThis is definitely the best app I have ever downloaded. If this app got removed from my phone and got a new price of ten dollars, I would buy it back without a doubt. This is not only good music, I genuinely believe that this is the best sounding music i have ever heard. All of these songs are now some of my actual favorite songs. Furthermore, the way the mouth moves actually is the actual mouth movement you would make to make that sound. The attention to detail is exquisite and the the animations are truly perfect. Especially in the new song dystopia. Also, I did not listen to this app on headphones for the first few times I played it after I got it on my phone, and I still thought that it was the best app. Then I listened to it on headphones and now I get literal chills every time I play. Amazing..Version: 5.0

Why this game is awesome:This game is super good like it has beat boxing and it sound really nice if you do the last mode and also the one guy in the last mode of this game kinda looks like walter and also i really like how there is some of them that can sing like the guy with funky glasses and it just sound really cool but for the people who don't have it you should get it it's really fun and it has different modes I recommend this game if you have a thing for music: that was why this game is awesome:.Version: 5.0

IncrediboxThis game is worth it. I could sit down making music all day, or I could sit down and listen to some in game hits! This game costing money doesn’t even matter, the money is better used on this game than anything else. I love it and plz keep making new incredibox options the more there are the more I play! But I do wish that there was a open slot that all of the incredibox sounds are under, just to increase the amount of creativity that can come with the game. If the game had a slot for all of the characters beats that would be great, but other than that I LOVE this game. Thank you!.Version: 5.0

Perfect for anyoneIt’s cool how incredibox is for everyone. But I want to know if it’s actually real people who did the sounds or if there computer generated. I can do a few of them, but I still want to know. Plus I think you missed a few of the characters in bonuses. Either way, it’s so awesome! Please add version one (which for people who are wondering is kind of creepy by the way) to the mobile version because people will be curious. Still, thanks for adding incredibox to the world because it is amazing! -Anonymous reviewer.Version: 3.5

Incredibox has (probably) changed my lifeI played this game when I was like, 8 or something (about 6 years ago) on my grandma’s computer. I loved it to death. At some point I lost this wonderful game, but I always kept whistling and humming a few of the parts I remembered. I blame this game for my infatuation with music and rhythm. I can say that this game has changed me to the musical side of life. I currently play trombone in my school’s symphonic and jazz band. Thank you for a wonderful childhood and an infatuation with music..Version: 5.0

Amazin-no INCREDIBLE!This is so awesome! But I have a suggestion for a future update. First, the new theme (V7), it could be based off of real life singers (just the outfits), and be called, “Back-to-Life” or, “Reality”. Second of all, you could add a mode where you can design your own beats. Last of all, maybe you could add more hidden music videos, but you can’t get any hints. But, it would show you your progression and maybe it could take up all 7 spaces. Out of all, this app is INCREDIBLE! Keep it up! I would really like to see my ideas come true!.Version: 3.7

Great app!I love this app, although there is a bug. The bug is that when I make a mix publicly the app stops making sounds. Also I do and don’t use headphones for mixes but I love this app! Also I would think it would be cool if the game had more characters and more bonuses. My favorites are v4 (the love) and v6 (alive). I also want you guys to make a button on the top that says advanced, it would axe boat, bite sized beats, the old version of v1, and the Christmas version of v2 (little miss). Also you should make full versions of the bonuses. I love the community too! And remember to pump it up and chill..Version: 4.7

Small problemThis app is amazing I use it everyday. But your current update removed an option I use to make my songs sound how I like them. You can hold a character to have them perform a solo, and you can also tap the green circles to play a special song. You used to be able to old a character to make them do their solo, and make a green circle song at the same time, and when the cinematic of the green circle was done, the character would still be held if you kept your finger on the screen. You removed this and I really want this feature back. Thank you.Version: 4.1

IncredibleAs from the name, Incredibox is incredible. I remember a few years ago, someone told me to go visit this music creation website called Incredibox, and I really enjoyed it. I messed around in V3 (because it was the coolest sounding one) and I eventually stopped and forgot about it, until a year later when I visited it again for 20 minutes and then left. A couple of days ago, the tune I created just popped into my head and got stuck, I then did some digging (as I forgot the name) and I eventually stumbled back onto the website in which I found it was now an app. I gotta say, that app is phenomenal, the ability to share the songs you make easily online now makes you to listen to inspire or just to hear something cool. The new auto play feature makes it so you can just turn it on and the app just randomizes the beats for amazing background noise, so you can just turn it on, and enjoy while doing work or whatever. They also let you change from 7 versions from throughout the years, and I was able to mess around in three brand new versions (it was at V4 the last time I used the website) and it’s still being worked on for new content. All in all, Incredibox is a phenomenal experience that let’s you easily make your own music, and I highly recommend it if you’re into that sort of thing. HOW DID I NOT MENTION THE STYLE, it’s great, plain and simple, great animations and great character design..Version: 4.5

Incredible App! Just a few bugs🙃This app is absolutely incredible! I totally recommend it but...there is some bugs😕 The first bug is that when I close the app for a second my screen just freezes and deletes the song I was making, and then I have to make a new beat even though I worked so hard on making the beat the app just deleted. The second bug is that I like to record good beats that I make and then when I stop the video my screen freezes again and the people don’t sing and one of the people is on solo mode and they don’t sing and all the other people are blacked out. And that’s all the bugs that are in the game. Please try to fix these bugs! I would very much appreciate it! ☺️ Thank you for reading this! Love the app! Keep it up! ❤️ Sincerely, Your number one fan! ❤️.Version: 4.6

Ignite the Incredible IncrediboxOh, my... such funky tunes... love how they beatbox... and sing words or sounds... better that My Singing Monsters... it's where you drag many outfits over to a naked septet of humans and they'll squeeze a rhythm from their gullets to create a round of four catchy calls... five Beats (beatboxing or their own percussive voices)... five Effects (basses, melodies, rhythms, or vocals)... five Melodies (basses, melodies, or vocals)... and five Voices (almost all of these skills are sung)... there are seven versions... a lovely hip-hop version... a tribal calm house version... a seasidey dance version... a Brazilian samba version... a Japanese impact version... an Indian Bollywood version... and a remaster of the original version, since 2009... man, oh man, I really, really love Incredibox.Version: 4.4

Highly Worth It!It may not look like much at first, but this is AWESOME. It’s easy to use, but it gets in your head super easily. I can completely understand how this game got as many awards as it did. It’s easy to use, and a creative idea. There is one suggestion I have for the developers, though; before making a seventh version of incredibox, add more content to the first 6. I can make at least 5 unique mixes in each version of incredibox, but after hearing one version for long enough, it grows somewhat stale since you’ve heard the same sounds over and over again, just arranged differently. This isn’t that big a problem, and it does have an easy solution (just add even more different costumes to register even more sounds), but it’s worth mentioning. Outside of this, this app is highly worth buying..Version: 3.7

Awesome for party’s or just to chill and make some sick beatsIncredibox is really fun to play around with and discover all the features the app has to offer. You can record your own music and share it or put it up on the leader board and try to break top 50. This app is great for party’s and there is not a single bug with this app that I can find. Performance is amazing. There are so many different genres of music and more just keep getting added. 5 stars is an understatement..Version: 4.1

This Game is Outrageously AmazingWhen I first found out about this game I was in 3rd grade music class. 3 years later I remembered it and bought it on the app store and all the memories came back to me. In 3rd grade, only alpha was unlocked. But when I saw that there were way more than last time, I jumped straight on it and unlocked every single special. I even created my own mixes! This game is truly amazing and it is very shocking how great it is at merging certain sounds together to make a song. Out of a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate an 100. I’d definitely recommend this to a friend and I recommend it to you too!.Version: 3.7

READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASINGI just got this app because I thought it would be a fun time killer and I LOVE IT. You can record your music and post it to the internet! I love that you can record it up to 3 minutes because its a perfect amount of time to record my music! I also love that it has different music genres that you can pick from and you don’t have make in app purchases for them! You can listen to other peoples music and get inspirations! The A cappella is OUTSTANDING! You don’t need WiFi to use this either so if you’re on a road trip somewhere that has no WiFi, you can still use it! You can name your music, have a DJ name, and make dedications to people! There’s nothing I don’t like about this so I 100% recommend getting if your debating whether to download this!.Version: 5.0

The Best App on the Planet is BrokenThis is easily the best app in the App Store. As far as music remixing and song structure teaching goes, but just overall the most fun you’ll have making jams on the iPad or iPhone, however it is currently broken. Launching the app brings up the screen of the app but with no Incredimen. Exporting a song that’s been recorded exports with all the information but when you go to play it it’s no music just the naked Incredimen. It doesn’t matter if I quit all other apps, or if I restart my device which is an iPad Pro 12.9 inch running iOS 14. This is all rather unfortunate because Incredibox is our favorite app amongst all in our entire household. We’ve bought things from your store, we cannot wait for V8 to come out but it’s difficult for us to not be able to play versions one through seven because this is something we do all day every day my three-year-old son cannot stop with Incredibox and it makes him very upset when it’s broken. I believe he is going through withdrawals, perhaps not physically, but definitely spiritually. You simply must help. Thanks in advance..Version: 4.8

As Incredible as it SoundsIf I had to point out a flaw, it would be like finding a solution to "x squared + 4". What I mean is THERE AREN'T ANY! This game is absolutely amazing, and if you can get past the $3.99 price tag, it is worth every cent! Each individual sound composed entirely out of voices? That alone sounds amazing, but to give us bonuses that could very well be full 3 minute songs that transition back smoothly no matter what 5 guys are singing? This app is wonderful, extremely ear-wormy and all around INCREDIBLE.Version: 3.7

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Incredibly fun!Honestly Incredibox is so much fun and really let’s your creativity go wild! Playing this amazing game you wouldn’t even notice the hours just zoom by, and helps to really improve your symphonic superpowers And create your ultimate masterpieces! Thank you for this fun and different game concept! 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4.2

Great but so expensiveLove it but why $6 I would buy it if it was $3 or something the thing is I accidentally downloaded this app I was looking at it then I tapped buy to see if it was actually 6 dollars as I did that I had to go get my coffee but when I got back I thought it turned off so I but my thumb on the home button and turns out my brightness was just really low and then I brought out of my iTunes card I just got and it started downloading I’m like whoops but it’s a great app just lower the price a little.Version: 3.7

Worth itThis game is quite expensive but it is so worth it. There is so much to do in this and if u don’t like making songs then u can listen 2 other people’s songs..Version: 4.7

IncrediboxI started playing incredibox when I was in music class in prep and I am still playing it these days I really recommend incredibox it has 8 versions I will list them alpha ,little miss,sunrise,the love,Brazil and alive my favorite is sunrise I really recommend incredibox.Version: 3.7

Best game everEver since I got incredibox I’ve never played something else. I’ve already made 3 songs and all of them have all 3 bonuses in them. Incredibox is the best game anyone will play..Version: 4.1

Heaps of funI haven’t played something this good for so long. Intuitive game play. Enough variation to keep it interesting. I love the ability to record, share and see other people efforts. I’d recommend it. Also a big fan of the lack of in-game advertising..Version: 3.5

Creativity boostThis game is an exceptional way for people to get creative. If you enjoy music, creating, and designing, this game is for you. My brother introduced me to it, and I immediately loved it. It is such an open app, and you have so many choices that help make your song just right..Version: 2.0

Best beat box in the whole worldI’m really glad I got this game for my first time because of the fact that when I was playing it it was amazing.Version: 4.4

This game is relaxingI’ve been playing this game for about 10 days and I recommend getting this game its just relaxing to listen to the music and the timing..Version: 5.0

GREAT GAME, but...This game is overall very entertaining and fun to listen and enjoy, but a problem I have been having recently is the people don’t show up when I open the version I’d like to play. Please fix this..Version: 4.8

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Lit 🔥 it is awesome to see what other people have done since this game is amazing. When I got this app my sis wanted to get the app after me her name is DJ Viv in the game mine is Dnb with Australian flags under the names. Guyss make sure to like ALL are recordings! Bye 👋.Version: 4.5

I ❤️ it!!!I love the app, in fact I love it so much I got my dad to make an account on my mum’s phone and iPad! I really think that 6$ is a great amount! Though I don’t know if you should add more songs or rhythms? You’ll love the app!.Version: 5.0

A pretty good appWho ever made this app good job to them. But there are sooooo many bugs that u can hardly play the game. Like u can’t even play all the versions cos of the bug it won’t let u see any of the people ur supposed to play with. So not to good but I kinda like the app just pleaseeee fix the bugs..Version: 4.8

Fantastic and educationalGreat sounds and interface allow for easy creation of electronic music you actually enjoy listening to. Many sonic options to choose from, but alas, not an infinite amount. Highly recommended for anyone, especially teachers!.Version: 2.0

WOWS it is amazing!!Honestly I’m impressed because I usually don’t want to have after a wile but I like it and want to keep it. I really like how the game works and I love trying to get a good song out of pretty much nothing. but I’m pretty sure I’ll delete it at least I have more time playing the game..Version: 3.7

Far out this game’s satisfying.This game is ‘incredible’ and I can’t stop playing it. I don’t think any of the versions are bad besides the first two, and if you’re seriously considering buying this than get it. Also if you don’t want to spend any money than there is a computer version with the first 4 versions for free without download. There are certain things you can’t access, like My Mix and versions 5-7 but you can still record and share your mixes. 5 STARS!.Version: 4.5

THE BEST GAME EVER!!!This game is a very fun game you make music and you have more features and people from the free version you can make so much music and it’s so fun cause if you got board from all the people in version six you can go to version 1 2 3 4 or 5 this is why this game is the best.Version: 3.7

Download now so goodThough it may cost money it is a child musicians dream or even a beginners dream I should say. I have had the app for over a year and “so far so good”.i’ve made some hits and the app really brings me joy during the dark times especially now during lockdown..Version: 4.6

Bad reviews turned goodWhoever says lower the prices, who cares about prices, this game is amazing and worth the money and also that guy who said he accidentally bought it... don’t be stupid... you knew you wanted it ;) anyways. The other guy who said that he wants to make custom music... you literally can so yeah, I also rate this 5 stars because of how high quality the sound and animations are and it’s very easy to control, I only got this recently and I got a question... when do you release new songs?? Is it usually every year?? And I hope you don’t quit.Version: 4.4

Never gets oldThis game is amazing! There are so many options t make music with so you can spend hours mixing and matching to make a tune just for you! There are plenty of themes to choose from too so there are always more and more things to explore with this app!.Version: 3.7

Keyboard keysWhen you finish recording a music piece you get to name it, write the creators name and who it is dedicated to. What I really want to happen is to be able to type in symbols like this: #, (, ), \, /. This could really help typing hashtags, love hearts (<3) ect. Thanks for taking your time to read this idea! Looking forward for version 6!.Version: 2.2

I LOVE THIS APPI genuinely love this app. It’s great. It’s so original, plus the sounds are amazing. Two things I hope for though: one is a free mode, where you have all options from every mode, so you can mix and match. Second is that I hope to see something that lets you listen to the beats you make whilst you’re out of the app, or have your phone turned off. Apart from that, this app is absolutely worth it, and I love it. Buy it if you can.Version: 3.5

Oh my goodness...This game is SO amazing! My teacher let us play it in class and then BOOM I'm into this game. Defiantly a five star rating. You can make your own music and everything! I recommend this to those who love music and an awesome beat!.Version: 2.0

Best music mobile game out thereBeen a while since I posted my last review, and still nothing but a 5 star, absolutely perfect, these are the type of mobile games we need, not all those other budget kid games, one that teaches children in a positive and fun way like this, and it isn’t even limited to children, this game has been going on for more then 10 years now and it’s still more active then ever, hope to see more from you guys, absolutely astonishing game 11/10.Version: 5.0

Perfect game. But just one thingI have been playing incredibox for a while now and I am amazed by it. But I feel like there should be an update to add a new preset. I have played every single preset and unlocked all the cutscenes over and over again and am starting to get bored. I'm just suggesting to add another one.Version: 4.9

This app is incredibleIt’s a nice music app with tons of songs to play from others and to make your own in your own world like it’s amazing and I hope they add more of those pack thingys but overall really good 5/5.Version: 5.0

Amazing but NOT Worth itThis game is very well-made and fun but the price is absolutely ridiculous, if you’re thinking about buying this remember that it is not worth the money. I’ve had this game for three days and I have already done everything I can possibly do with it. The devs should lower the price to $.99 or add three x3 the content..Version: 3.2

So good so goodIt is so fun🦉 it is like its making you feel like a really cool DJ with all the beats and sounds I love it🐥Imagine if it was able to record you singing or doing something like cooler noises 🎤🐒10/10 WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💚💜💚💙❤️💚💜🖤💜❤️💛💚💙💛❤️💜💜 WITH ME we got it when it was for free which makes everything so cool but I wish it was still free.Version: 3.7

Good I supposeThis game is good but I I have a few ideas to make it better this game is fun to play when you just feel chill and mellow. The set out of the game is good but you could have like a profile and have all your songs to look at so you become better and show your friends and not have to look through a big list The second and last thing I have to say is that why are they dudes you could add some girls to the game it would make it more fun..Version: 4.2

Need a little moreThis is such a good game I play it all of the time like every day for music but I have some things to say that could make it better for the website version you could let people share and on both types you could get more song types like strings, wind ensemble, guitar and keyboard and also why do you name them better please but other wise the app is spotless.Version: 4.7

Absolutely amazingThis is really fun to play with! The sounds are great and all go well with each other, the artwork is awesome and the effort is through the roof. The newest version (as of when I’m writing this, v8) is skyrocketing with the amount of quality put into it, as well with (possibly) some lore. This app is absolutely stunning and worth paying for. Superb work to the team :D.Version: 5.0

BEST APP EVERIt’s totally recommended to play, I love the quality of the animations and the bonus, I played this when it was still on google! Man can’t believe this all started in 2009, but what I might say is what could be in the game would be ALL THE VERSION TOGETHER! Just asking if any developers can see me..Version: 4.8

Chill And Listen!It was the best app I’ve ever gotten. I’ve been begging my dad for a gift card so I can get this app 😅. But it was a great app! I listen to this all the time and I like the dystopia! It has a lot of good sounds in it. It was the best!.Version: 5.0

WowThis is really good, my cousin has been using it more than me! 🤣I totally think you should get this app for your self and you can even kind of make your own songs! I’ve had this app for two years (a long time) and I’ve been making music for my cousin all the time 🙂🙂 but there isn’t any new Versions which makes it kind of boring but still awesome!!👍🏻🍪.Version: 4.7

2.0 for every version?Hey so far so good, I have known you guys a long time, since the release of V4, and I was wondering today, could you guys make a version for any upcoming Versions? What I mean is that we have the default people for every bonus, but then there is another version of that version that has different people for bonuses, it would just seem cool, I got this idea from playing Jeevan, from the 3rd voice.Version: 4.7

FantasticI just so good, at first it seems complicated but after two minutes you get the hang of it. you can create layered and unique songs that you can title and upload it’s just made really and the art style is good, I can’t say enough good about it..Version: 2.2

BEST GAME EVERThis is my favourite Game EVER and, TRUST me I’ve played a lot of games! PLUS on the website you can only play 3 types of music. On the app, WELL u can play MORE. it’s not to hard to explain and it’s not to hard to play but YOU WILL GET ADDICTED! Sorry I keep using capital I just really love this game and want to see more music. In Incredibox if you make a REALLY good song and LOTS of people like it they put it I score board! I could go on for AGES saying what a great game this is BUT, I’m writing this at 6:25 am So I’m really tired so I’m gonna wake with some... INCREDIBOX🎶🎵.Version: 4.8

I love itIt is a really good app I heard about it in music when we got to play on the iPads I also like it because you can get different types of misic.Version: 4.7

Accessible art for the winI’ve shown this app to countless people with little to no music ability and within minutes they are hooked and creating their own stuff. Bravo creator..Version: 5.0

💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗I absolutely love incredibox it is probably the best app ever! It is so much fun and a good thing for when your board. I also love how you can save your songs on the app! I love this app so much and definitely recommend it!!!😊💗💗👍😘😍💝.Version: 4.1

Really good.I enjoy this but I have a suggestion. This might be hard but I want a version creator. So there would be a section where you could animate the bonuses and record characters. Anyway this is a fun and easy to use game..Version: 5.1

I love this but...I truly do love this app. I played it when it was still a website and I was obsessed, it’s easy it’s fun and it’s high quality, it’s truly amazing. The only issue I have is that quite a few of the animations and culturally insensitive and stereotypes, for instance V3 the “Native American” man. If these and others were changed to even slightly different animations that weren’t portraying certain stereotypes this app would be absolutely perfect. I know it’s something that’s a lot of time and effort but I personally think it’s worth it :).Version: 4.7

Best game ever!This game is totally worth buying it has soooooo many sounds and styles and now I can finally play music for my family so if u want to vibe or pump it up and chill this is guaranteed the app for u.Version: 5.0

Worth six dollarsI bought this because a previous reviewer said they’d buy it for $3 but not $6. Sure not everyone has unlimited money, but neither do app developers, and we shouldn’t feel entitled to their labour for any less than they ask. This is easily worth paying $3 twice, as a fun way to pass time and as a musical tool. Would buy again..Version: 3.7

Really good gameThis is a really good game. I only have one problem and that’s why I have 4 stars. I want there to be a custom mode. Because I have never seen a game on iOS that actually has beat boxing in this context and I would love to be able to make my own music. I know it’s hard trying to figure out how you would be able to implement it. I mean you could just have the characters head replaced with a radio and make its mouth move when sound comes out but it’s not up to me.Version: 3.7

Great appI love this app. I think it is great except I would love to be able to create my own sounds, possibly record them. Someone else mentioned a freestyle kind of mode where you have all the sounds available and the would be great as well..Version: 4.5

This apps amazing but one questionI love this app especially dystopia but there’s something I need to ask. It’s that in dystopia the bar that circles the pause button kinda glitches and I need to know if that’s intentional..Version: 5.0

NostalgiaI swear this was the only thing I ever played like 5 or 6 years ago, and I completely forgot. Now I’m back and jamming with more colourful tunes, and i feel like a kid again. Genuinely, so well made, so well designed, so perfect and fun and entertaining that it’s hard to believe it exists but it DOES and it’s RIGHT HERE.Version: 2.2

So great but some glitchesSoo I’ve been playing this game since maybe 2018 and it’s been really fun since all of the new versions and more sic to make and especially the new one that just came out! Love this game! Request... pls make a version that is based on natural stuff like flowers ok thanks bye.Version: 5.0

AMAZING!!!This game is amazing!! It is soo fun. I love creating the music and listening to other peoples too. The sounds, pictures, and creativity of this game couldn’t be better. I would love to see what the creator will do in the future. Thank you for making something so great.Version: 3.6

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Incredibox 5.1 Update

Version 5.1 (2021-02-19): • The second bonus from the V8 is waiting for you! (we are already working on the last one) • Minor bug fixes.

Version 5.0 (2020-12-01): • A brand new version 8 called “Dystopia” has been added to the app! • Find the right sounds combo and unlock the first video clip (next ones coming soon) • Minor bug fixes.

Version 4.9 (2020-10-23): • We fixed the bug of the frozen scene that appeared on some devices • Minor bug fixes.

Version 4.8 (2020-09-30): • Minor bug fixes.