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Collect archers and beat your enemies to become the biggest army of archers! App User Reviews & Comments

This game is the worstThis game is terrible, hitting the wall stops you like if you fell into a pool of molasses, past level 5 is impossible because they LITERALLY START OFF WITH 10 PEOPLE, and it’s too short and boring.Version: 1.1.6

It’s fun but..When I play I keep getting pulled out to watch a add, In the middle of the game..Version: 1.1.6

More cons than prosGame is fun. it lags A LOT and there’s way too many adds.Version: 1.1.6

5 star gameThis is so fun and simple the ads do get annoying but it fun.Version: 1.1.6

Really funThis game is just really cool and fun but one thing you should do is to remove the timer.Version: 1.1.6

Not very competitiveIt doesn’t seem like you play against other players.Version: 1.1.6

Bad gameYou don’t even have to kill them you just have to get enough so bad.Version: 1.1.6

Minus improvement/: (boring game sry/:)I rated dis game a 3star because first of all THE ADS their r so much of them. Second of all idk about dis time thing like u have 1minute to play then u just respawn to another game while that A AD pops up it’s rlly rlly annoying! And third of all like it’s minus improvement sry!/: overall it’s an ok game! Just need more time less ads and u RLLY need something else that’s not only that lil game! Anyways it’s fun when ur bored because theirs nothing to rlly do coz it’s just one thing and u have 1min on it until u get a ad then play again! It’s annoying! To be honest if ur reading dis before getting dis game I recommend not to get it/: and also there’s lots of glitches and bugs maybe fix that too!/: and I always get a ad between my game so fix that pls we’ll anyways it’s it’s umm sry to say dis but a BAD GAME as in boring!.Version: 1.1.6

It’s a good appI think there’s not a lot of adds!!! But my 1 problem is that there’s only 1 min to play 1 game!!!!! Maybe u can make it like 5 mins or more. But it’s a really good app!! It’s a relaxing app!!!!! It is a chill game..Version: 1.1.6

Good but very goodThe best I’ve played ever thank you so much.Version: 1.1.6

To improveIt is fun and addicting even if the adds get a little annoying sometimes but I think in order to improve it and other games that you might put in the future is to add some music. I find it boring to have just vibrations. I want some tune to play while I play..Version: 1.1.6

Too many adsEverytime it gets to 20 seconds it gives me an add and it is not fair but over all it is good.Version: 1.1.6

Too Easy & Too many adsYou clearly are playing against bots & not other players. The game lasts no longer than a minute because it’s so easy it’s not even fun after the 2nd time playing . Literally . you can expect to win EVERYTIME unless you’re like 5 years old..Version: 1.1.6

Free modeIt would be nice if you guys did a big map and unlimited time ..Version: 1.1.6

HorribleI payed for no adds and still Have adds stop scamming people.Version: 1.1.6

Another mind numbing mobile gameExtremely repetitive, nothing new, and no online matches..Version: 1.1.4

Way too many adsPractically force you to pay for the ad removal because it plays an unskippable ad after -every- single round. Makes it absolutely in enjoyable..Version: 1.1.6

ReviewIt’s fun but it got boring quick no competition.Version: 1.1.6

Too many adsUnplayable due to the amount of ads, removed app almost immediately!.Version: 1.1.6

Not enough adsThis game needs more ads... 1 between each game and one during game is not enough... they should put a 30 second ad every 4-5 seconds.Version: 1.1.6

Played enoughI have played more than 1k hours I guess haha.Version: 1.1.6

Ad every 30 seconds!It is just too much..Version: 1.1.6

Fun but very annoyingThis app is very enjoyable as a game but it is sooooo buggy! It freezes, it crashes, and it lags so much that it’s really annoying to play..Version: 1.1.6

Update WorthlessThe game was fun until the update. Cant play it anymore. Cant recruit etc..Version: 1.1.4

AdsToo many ads are plastered everywhere. Although I like the gameplay itself there are too many ads. An example would be after finishing a round you’d get an ad played, which is very annoying..Version: 1.1.5

This is funI can win every single time on each round it’s just so awesome and fun you should download it now and you could probably be like me.Version: 1.1.6

WhyWhy would you make ads come on in the middle of the game? Deleting this.Version: 1.1.6

Vivaldi in the Ad is hypeI liked the music in the ads I saw so I got the game it’s pretty cool.Version: 1.1.6

BoringThis game has no challenge and the ads 30 seconds after each game. Lame..Version: 1.1.6

Not bad, but it’s just botsThe games ok, ads aren’t too much of an issue, but the only thing to do it just play. The only thing to unlock is skins and that’s all. It would be fun to do online multiplayer, but otherwise, it’s just an ok time waster.Version: 1.1.6

Why so laggy?This game is so laggy that it will randomly blink and it messes me up. The gam is also very easy I would recommend less laggy game play and harder challenges..Version: 1.1.6

Good but could be betterI wish this was more like an endless game rather than rounds.Version: 1.1.6

Its ok..I think it needs some more work and I don’t really think it’s really online the AI’s in the game are (I personally think) is overpowers? You could say but it’s a pretty good game but I think they need to in improve more on this game.Version: 1.1.6

Unresponsive Button(starting size)I’m really loving this game, but once in a while I’d like to watch the ad to increase my starting size. No matter how long I wait this button is unresponsive, I think it would be best for everybody if this was fixed.Version: 1.1.6

Fun but so many adsThere's no timer between ads so if you play 4 seconds and are killed, an ad, win in 30 seconds, ad. Want to upgrade, ad, play 30 seconds, win, ad, see an ad to double gold. You can easily play for 10 minutes and 3 minutes of that is you doing something and 7 minutes is ads. Forced ads are about 50/50..Version: 1.1.6

Cool Idea, but didn’t workFirst of all it’s not online it’s fake. It gets way too easy..Version: 1.1.6

EhOverheats my phone and too many ads. Like most mobile games there are way too many ads to actually enjoy the game. Like you die, AD, you win the game, AD. I play not even 5 minutes and my phone could probably melt the sun, like no game should make my phone this hot especially a 131.5 megabyte game..Version: 1.1.6

Absolute garbageThe game’s idea is slightly original but doesn’t have good gameplay, the “players” are obviously bots, and the shield mechanic is very unfair. Will give extra points because it doesn’t show too many ads..Version: 1.1.6

Fun gameGreat way to waste time. Adds are not incredibly long..Version: 1.1.4

This game is so easy and awesomeI love this game please make more updates.Version: 1.1.6

It’s okayIt’s a pretty decent game, I don’t like how glitch it is..Version: 1.1.6

Don’t buy no adsI got the no ads thing which is 3 bucks and there’s still ads randomly popping up that you can’t skip for a few secs.Version: 1.1.6

TimeThe game length is long enough. Should be able to play more than just under a minute..Version: 1.1.3

Add purchaseDon’t pay to get rid of the adds, not only is the game short but the adds will still play anyways..Version: 1.1.6

FunGood to waste time.Version: 1.1.6

Cool gameI like the game but it doesn’t give you enough time it should just go until everybody gets eliminated.Version: 1.1.6

Waste of My TIMEDont waste your time just another scummy maker half assing a game loaded with adds then says no adds for a small payment of 2.99 get outa here rip.Version: 1.1.6

Not enough playersThe time is too shot and want more players.Version: 1.1.3

Too short and easyThe app is really fun to play but one minute isn’t enough, I would rather have it at 2-3 minutes. Also it it very easy to win I want the bots to have a lot more points than just 7, I want them to a least have over 12 so changes the difficulty..Version: 1.1.6

Very funLove it so far.Version: 1.1.6

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It the best game everWhen I first played this game it was awesome and was the best thing ever it was so good that you could get it so buy this game and if it doesn’t work you will have to not ever buy this game ever again and if you want to buy this game and it didn’t work then don’t buy this game and if you buy this game and if you buy this game and it works you can keep it.Version: 1.1.6

WifiThe game is good but only if you play it disconnected from wifi if you play it with wifi it glitches and doesn’t load and it’s slow which is quite annoying.Version: 1.1.6

GoodGood but I think multiplayer would be nice.Version: 1.1.6 (Version: 1.1.6) App Screenshots
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Version 1.1.6 (2021-02-18): - Improvements.