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Scribblenauts Unlimited App Download

The award-winning, best-selling puzzle game franchise Scribblenauts is back!  Imagine Anything.  Explore Everything.

Welcome to an adventure into a wide-open world, where the most powerful tool is still your imagination. Help Maxwell solve robust puzzles across dozens of seamless, free-roaming levels by summoning any object you can think of. Or you can apply adjectives to existing objects and magically transform their properties! Then learn the back-story about Maxwell's parents, 41 siblings (including his twin sister Lily), and how he got his magical notepad.
• All-New Unbound World: Explore an open universe with unlimited hours of fun using every level as your playground.
• Object Library: Store previously summoned objects and your own creations in Maxwell's Magic Backpack for easy access and future use.
• Mobile optimized controls: Pinch-to-zoom and two-finger pan around enormous playgrounds.  Interact and modify any object on screen.
• Exclusive, new characters: Enjoy a time mashup with Hipster Lincoln or Robo-Einstein, become a Corporate Werewolf, or rule from above as Queen of the Skies!

Scribblenauts Unlimited App User Reviews & Comments

❤️Love Scribblenauts Games🎮I've had these games on my 3DS & loved them. It's nice having it on my iPad 📲 but it doesn't seem to translate✏️ AS WELL on iOS as on my 3DS, The adjectives aren't always available or they don't quite work the way they should. Some words 💬 seem to be missing altogether and they definitely should be included IMO 💡. 👀There are a few glitches 👓 but none too bad. In any case, I still love the game & the whole concept. 🆘 Some puzzles are a bit crazy 👤💭 & I most likely would have never 🙊🙉🙈 figured a couple out but still love it ❤️❤️❤️..Version: 1.20

A really good game ❤️😍I love this game because you can really get creative and do whatever you want but the thing is that I have the pc version and I wish the object editor could be brought here. Also, I wish you could add more levels. I know it is an old game, but I wish that there are more levels because I decided to restart and I finished everything within a week without playing obsessively. But it is a great game for only $5..Version: 1.20

Great but needs multiplayerOk, so this game is great, I finished it with no problems and love the bag tool. Finally I can put my most great items in without having to make them again. But I think there should be a multiplayer game mode, that would make things so interesting and awesome. First, the way to obtain it is you would have to complete the game, get at least half of the starites, and have at least 18 spaces in the bag. That way, you are shown to be creative and you know the game well. Next, the player limit, you can’t just have infinite players, the game would crash. So, the limit I’m thinking is around 25 or 30, a minimum of 4 players to start. Also, you could choose between public, allowing anyone to join, or private, only people that know a password(made by the player)can enter. Last, and most certainly important, the policy. Be like ROBLOX and, if anyone says something inappropriate, replace it with hashtags, no numbers. So, I think that multiplayer should be a thing in this game..Version: 1.22

Nostalgic, VERY Nostalgic.I remember playing this as a kid, and now that I have a higher vocabulary, it’s become a very overall enjoyable game. I love the story, and I think it’s an amazing game to play to pass time. Highly recommended buying, and playing for yourself, instead of listening to me say how much I enjoyed it..Version: 1.22

Awesome but needs improvementI love this game but it needs more things added like an edit option to let you create anything you want needs keyboard fix to add everything numbers and symbols and any items you can make or to pick from.Version: 1.20

Doesn't really make senseThis game is one of my favorite apps but it does put questions that some people won't understand like me and I end up having to look it up on Google Scribblenauts is a good app and all but the amount of money it is for a cheap little game is ridiculous and I could get a way better game than this All of my friends are saying how much fun this is, but I don't really agree with them and I hate writing bad reviews but this game is a huge waste of time and money 😥😥😥.Version: 1.20

Please, the object editor.Scribblenauts Unlimited is a lot of fun! But I really do want the object editor in the mobile version. Please reply, and also if there’s a problem with copyright then at least don’t put a object sharing website. The object editor is very important because it can expand bigger creativity and entertainment. At least make the object editor for mobile a in-app purchase. This is all I’m asking for, if you wanna reply (Developers) please do. I like the game and give it 4 stars just for the game, if you added an object editor I can do 5. Bye!.Version: 1.22

Eh its ok i guess just...The reason i got this game was because i wanted the editor. I have it on my computer just not on my phone. The reason why i got on my phone was because i wanted to create stuff when im away but i cant do that because i wasted $5 for a game that doesnt meet the actual price. I think this game should be around 2.99 just because it doesnt have the editor. With the editor you can create so much more than what the game already gives you. You can create fnaf, super heroes, deadpool, and all of those characters. I hope you guys add the editor. Then ill play the game. I already beat the levels on my computer..Version: 1.20

Great But...This game is amazing, really, it is. I've played the whole Scribblenauts series and have enjoyed each and every one of them. And when I discovered Unlimited was on the iOS devices, I just had to get it! I rate this four stars for a reason though: There are ads. It's annoying, and just plain dumb that there are ads on a five dollar game. I'm sure plenty of people, as well as me, would appreciate the removal of these advertisements. Other than that, game is great! Edit from 2017: Yep, I still play this game in 2017, and I have yet to receive a single advertisement in this game. Were they finally removed??.Version: 1.20

Good and BadEverything is super good. But now I see others dat play on da computer have the custom mode which they can change the look and more. I really want this added to the iOS version of Scribblenauts unlimited. And and the memes too, I tried to add the memes in here, but it didn’t work. Why don’t you add these? There is no reason that you shouldn’t. I’ll change it to 5 star if you do. (And also the multiplayer on it + can you add more levels and things to create) It is also short cause I finished the game like in 1 day and 3 hours.....Version: 1.22

Great, but I’d like to be able to eat food.Sometimes I wish I could eat the food, like a “consume” option. The only food I can eat is angel food cake. And I can only eat once. So could you maybe add an eating option for all food? Just like all the other people with the hungry adjective. Thanks, I enjoy this game. ✏️.Version: 1.20

Add More supernatural stuffI 100% love this game, and play it as often as possible when I think I can find something new. I always wanted to play against the four horsemen and in this game I can it's pretty challenging trying to out think their powers. I'd like to see something like the 7 deadly sins or new monsters or new weapons, new abilities no matter how ridiculous it is I would love to play this game no matter what..Version: 1.20

WWE immortalsUpdate wwe immortals add an easier way to get platinum make it where you can trade in credits for platinum like 50,000 credits for 200 platinum and also add more characters like the miz more of the Wyatt family and also a diamond tier and a 500 platinum for a diamond pack and make it easier to get platinum and make the ladder match every day but it resets every 10 days and for the tiniest chance of you seeing this please update wwe immortals.Version: 1.22

AMAZINGWhen I got this game when I was 5 I was so intrested I am still now , I think it’s worth a bit more then 5.99 dollars and you can do anything you want with out anything backfireing (apart from getting killed) it’s better then the scam 0.99 version I hope this helps you ..Version: 1.22

So there is just one thing.....😌I love this game and all, but...... there is one thing i do not understand, how come there is no object editor or just editor? I think there is room for improvement, and when i downloaded this game, I realized there was no object editor, plus there should be more levels, and if you can..... PLEASE ADD A BONUS LEVEL!!😆 I would love to have like some type of challenge, also, sinsce there is levels, please do add freeplay along with my ideas, or whatever other people’s reviews say. If you read or respond to this, thank you!🙏🏽😊☺️👍🏽❤️ I hope for updates in the future..Version: 1.22

HelloCan we get the same update that the wii scribblenauts has when you can make your own character or just type anything in the chats cause when i was playing on the wii u one years ago i had created Naruto as a character and it was fun.Version: 1.22

Great game, some ideas1st idea, it would be cool to add a automatic carbine that looks like a M4A1. And also make the assault rifle look like a AK 47. 2nd idea is to make the soldiers look more modern. 3rd idea, make it so you and friendly soldiers can’t kill and hurt each other. Same for enemy soldiers but they can kill you and friendly soldiers. Last Idea is to ADD THE OBJECT EDITOR TO THE GAME I LITERALLY DONT SEE IT . Thank you..Version: 1.22

Amazing gameThis game is probably the best game I have played. You can do anything. But a few things. Like trademarked things and stuff like that which I understand. But the storyline was too short. Like once I noticed that she was freezing I immeadetly beat the game and she's just fixed. Please please PLEASE make another one and expand the story. But this also takes up lots of storage and eats battery. But overall this game is amazing!!!.Version: 1.20

Best. Game. Ever.This game is the legit BEST! I even got my sis hooked on it. It promotes creativity and expands your imagination. This app does have what are called "In app purchases" but they don't really impact the game. You can either buy more skins or more worlds. But you can play through the it and still get new worlds. I'll admit that it has a couple times where it will glitch out but it only happen to me once. Overall this is a 10 out of 10 app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars , GET IT NOW!!!!!.Version: 1.22

Still fun when you beat itI’ve beat the game and I should get bored of it since there’s nothing else to do but there’s more to do after you beat the game like, make a funny story or make random stuff you can think of like taking a place and flood it with dogs, I have turned the Dino museum into a zoo using hard work, so there’s more to do after you end and it dose not block you from anything when you complete it, this is why I still love the game even though I beat it.Version: 1.22

Super good!Scribblenauts is a game you, the player, play god. And you have to help people in all sorts of situations, but if you don’t care for that you can use your god-like powers to ruin everyone’s life. It’s super fun and addictive. I have one question though, How the F R I C K do you access the object editor? I’ve seen all kinds of videos showing you how to make ALL of these AMAZING things, HECK, it’s even advertised! I’ve looked everywhere, from the menu to the base game, but I can’t find it anywhere. I don’t know if it’s like some 100% completion reward or whatever but I can’t find it ANYWHERE. Jolly good game 4/5 stars.Version: 1.22

Amazing but shortIt’s an amazing game. But it’s annoying. I try a few things that would be fun to see or just plain out helpful and I can’t summon it. I also really hate that when your at the farm where you press start you can play around but not put ANYTHING in your backpack. I had made giant lions out of every material in the game that I could think of, put them all in my backpack and pressed start only to find that it didn't save my kittys. I would really also enjoy it if you added more levels or maybe even PVP. I would also like more types of potions added to the game. On the level with the wall that shoots adjective darts I hav3 been enjoying it so much doing it over and over. I have tried to recreate the wall but I can’t. Lastly, you have already put Nintendo into the game, so could you add more? For example: Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, and the marvel and DC universes..Version: 1.22

AWESOME GAME...But I wish there were more levelsI love this game it's soo good and really fun but I just wish there were more levels. The game just needs more levels to play because you complete the world soo fast. But I'm a related note this is a really fun puzzle game for anyone! It was totally worth the 5 dollars!.Version: 1.20

This game is amazing but there is one thingSo I have a small problem. One of the levels won’t reset when I reset it, and it’s the last level I have to do. I think it’s Dot The Island that’s not working. Please fix this I wanna finish the game. Other than that the game is perfect and extremely fun so I’m still gonna rate it 5 stars.Version: 1.22

Great! But...(warning spoiler!!)I think it helps kids develop in there source of writing in imagination! It's a great fun and active game, I never want to stop playing it! But it takes up a LOT of storage and also the ending was way too quick.. suddenly when you collect enough shards lily turns back to normal And that's it 0_0 really? There should be like a small quest to try and save lily! Ending is way to short and ruins all the experience! Also make more items from other games! Like Pokémon, minecraft, and other games! It would be great! You already did Nintendo so why not other games? And please make less storage and lower the price! Please?.Version: 1.20

Awesome! But could be betterThis game is great! I having all these feature right at my fingertips but there is a few things that I think could definitely help improve the app. Alright, so it takes a while before you finish the game but I was wondering if you could update it because after finishing there is not much to do. I would really enjoy if you added a second part or something. Also another thing, I think it would be really cool if you could add more characters because there’s only a limited selection..Version: 1.20

GlitchWhenever I put something in the backpack, leave and come back, it disappears from the backpack. Same thing when I change worlds. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to work this way when you save things in sandbox mode, but it’s annoying if you made something and it took a while to get right. Please fix this..Version: 1.22

I love it sense I got it I did not play any thing addone thingOk this is the start I did my chores math and I wanted It sense I started watching this cool FGteev vid and I got the game and first I wanted to make my own guy so please make it so you don’t have to buy it .And would you like to make your own guy and not have any money to get it so think about it OK.Version: 1.22

Love it but...Okay, Scribblenauts Unlimited is a very cool and adventurous game, however it asks questions that I don’t understand and I end up texting my friends or asking my Alexa. It also gets boring quickly and I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to. I want to beat the game, but all the worlds are so messed up from the things I spawned haha!! I think there should be a “reset” button so that I could go back and see the ending. Thanks a bunch Warner Bros!.Version: 1.20

Ok hear me outThis game is amazing! I think the money was worth it but I have complaints FREEPLAY It’s sounds crazy but it would be so fun to create objects and basically make my own city. Plus there should be an option to make quests and statutes plus maps! People could see it and use it. I also think that there should be girl characters. Plus more objects to make. When I put glow, it just turns green. I’m on 40 Starites and I’m kinda bored, there’s no world that really meets my expectation for a game that costs 5 US dollars. I’m Unsure about this game..Version: 1.22

Really great but …………I love this game don’t get me wrong it is amazing but the problem is that Scribblenauts mobile is not like computer versions you see in the backpack there is something called the item editor. with this you can creat custom anything But mobile does not have that if you put that feature in I would be happy and you would get a 5 star review.Version: 1.22

Doesn’t have the object editorI’m replaying this on my phone because I originally had it on Wii U but I can use one of the most know features of the game the unlimited part the note pad only gives you real life type items like an axe or a gameboy but it doesn’t give you stuff like the imposter from among us or spider man from marvel, I actually really like the game but it feels not finished. Please add it.Version: 1.22

Love the gameI love this game so much I’ve been playing this game for years it’s always been a adventure. I love so much hope you make you games like this. But there’s two things, 1: is I would like to see this game with the editor that would be so much fun. 2: I saw on other devices a game called Scribblenauts unmasked and I would love to play that. Keep up you good work..Version: 1.22

ADD MORE LEVELS, EDITORThis is such a good game. It channels your imagination. The only problem is, I completed it in about 4 days. I would love there to be more levels. For example, a level including the Greek God's Olympus where each god needs something done. Or, you could add a blank landscape that you can just build on and create a new land..Version: 1.20

What I want to seeI have been playing this game a lot but I was disappointed that there was no object editor or object library. Updating would make it great. Also the game doesn’t feel unlimited with in-app purchases. This makes it feel more like a free app than a 5 dollar app. Fix all of this and I will be enjoying the game even more..Version: 1.20

It’s nice, but the object editor needs to come back.Okay, so I used to own a Nintendo Switch system. And I had the Scribblenauts Mega Pack on there. I mostly played Unlimited though. Unlimited was great, and one thing I seriously liked was the Object Editor. It was where you could edit objects and NPCs in the game and make them look however you wanted. You could even edit yourself. But now that the Switch is gone, and I payed the $5 to replay this game, it was still gold, except that you had to pay for custom avatars and that there is no object editor. Everything else was the same. If maybe you could add back that object editor and stuff like that, that’d be awesome. Thank you for taking the time to read this! 😊.Version: 1.22

BEST GAME EVER BY FAROh my god this is the best game I have ever played on my phone!! You can do so much and it really makes you see creative solutions to problems. It is so fun to apply adjectives to things to solve problems, and I have a blast going through each level. However, since this is a huge game, with so many levels, characters, nouns, and adjectives, it does drain battery. From what I saw, it took 18% every 30 minutes, which is above average for most non online mobile phone games. In spite of that, this game is absolutely worth the $5 and is my most beloved game on my phone and continues to be very enjoyable for hours on end!.Version: 1.22

Pretty goodThis game has a amazing concept and it’s amazingly fun! I just wish there were more levels. Like others have said, this game ended too quickly, which for me, was a huge let down. Another large letdown was no item editor. Before I got this game a couple years back, I watched youtubers use item editors and that was one of the big reasons I got the game. Please make it so we can edit items in mobile..Version: 1.22

Add iPads object editorIPads need object editor so we can make and give people an example of what we think and it’s so short add more levels I literally finish the game in a hour one star because all game that are usually are on pc and iPad are different the iPad does not have the good things the pc have and you should be better then that the pc and the iPad should have the same things it’s no fair to the people who can’t afford a pc yet they should like they don’t have to get one because it’s should have the same things the pc have it’s no fair dude pls be better then them because it’s no fair.Version: 1.22

One more world plsI’ve already beat the game and lifted the curse on Lily and she is the character I play as now and can you pls add a level where you can create Pokemon and if you complete Eevee’s request you can play as it and there would be 5 starite quests one is helping a trainer beat a gym leader another is a calamity on catching a Magikarp the third one is grooming a Raichu forth, turning a dragon into a dragonite and the last one is teaching a pidgey to fly. Pls do this! :D.Version: 1.22

Fun, creative, and imaginative,This game is awesome! When my son got his iPad, he asked for it soon as he got home! It teaches kindness, creativity, and its very fun! My son says: “The developers of this game rock! It’s amazing because the possibilities are endless of what you can do! And it teaches kindness and creativity!! Can it really get any better? I think not! You guys are the best!”.Version: 1.22

This game is worth it!Though this game does cost money, it’s very much worth it. It has a lot of things for you to do, a lot of levels for you to play, and the way that the notepad’s truly unlimited mechanic works is great. For the most part, I have zero problems with this game. I would say it’s worth around 5 stars, because a lot of other bad mobile games get 4 1/2 stars, and they’re a lot worse than this game. I enjoyed this game, and I’m sure a lot of other people did too!.Version: 1.22

Pretty goodThis version is functionally identical to the 3DS Version, bar a few tweaks (for example, Starite Vision no longer has the cool effect from the other versions) to make the game run better. Oddly, the game uses Maxwell’s Sprite from Scribblenauts Remix, which sort of makes him clash with literally all of his siblings (except Lily, who’s Sprite was changed to a similar style). The game is a bit framey (I think it’s locked at 30 FPS, which looks a bit weird for a game like this), and the object limit is very low (just playing through Storybook Keep is enough to max out the object counter). Overall, it’s a fine port, definitely recommend it..Version: 1.22

It's great! It's just missing some things...Four words. I. Love. This. Game. However, it's missing some things from the console and PC editions. It has no object editor. I was so excited when I got this game and I thought about what I can do with the object editor. There's also a certain area not in the mobile edition. It's the plane thing (I think that's what it is. Maybe it's a cruise. I forget.). That's all that I know is missing..Version: 1.22

I absolutely love the game, but I don't think it's quite worth the money yetYou neeeeeeeeed an object maker, i would love to play this game a lot more and would probably but the special packs if there was a maker. It's been so long since you added an update, I wish developers would listen to there fans. I hope you will....Version: 1.20

More levels please!This game is really fun. I love how it encourages people to use creativity and a little bit of logic as well. The game is amazing and all but it really needs more levels added. I also wish you didn’t have to pay for more sets of characters. It feels like a rip-off considering the game is “ unlimited” because this makes you believe you can access all the characters. The game also needs more words added. Another complaint I have is Maxwell only had one sister who you can’t use. This is annoying because as a lady I would like to be able to play as a girl ( and not have to purchase it). If you could include all of this (which I know is a lot of things) the game would be 5 stars..Version: 1.20

Needs more but overall goodI liked the game other than the fact there were no girl characters I could play. I think it’s a good price and is worth the money! The big reason why I gave this four stars is because u wish we had girl characters to play as and I wish there was a free play mode were you could build what ever you wanted instead of having to build things for stars and such..Version: 1.22

The Wii U was BetterI was so excited to hear that Unlimited was mobile. I love this game so I thought it would be cooler if it was played on the go, but then I found out this didn’t have the editor feature. That was what made Scribblenauts Unlimited great. I might as well have gotten the old Remix version. I love the game but it would be a lot better if it was similar to the WII U original where I could create new things. I’m a bit disappointed but I guess I can understand that it’s a bit harder to transform U games into mobile ones. Best wishes..Version: 1.22

Great Game (Just One Problem)The story is great. It's inspirational, and it's entertaining. Just one thing: the editor. That's what got Scribblenauts Unlimited so famous. The mobile version just seems like a way for you guys just to earn a quick buck. Five dollars. It's not a reasonable price. I think it should've been about 2.99 USD. You see, if you make something that's worth the money, it'll be more of a success. Thank you for your time..Version: 1.20

PLZ ADDSorry for shouting... But I had this game on my Nintendo Wii U and had the editor, and I was surprised and a little overjoyed when I found out that there was an app version of this game. So could you guys reimplement it back into that game? If it’ll cost money if you add it or if any reason you can’t, I’ll understand. I really loved this game and especially the editor. Plz put it back.Version: 1.20

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.22

Awesome game but...Can you please add a feature where you can make your own creations by using other items and combining them?!.Version: 1.22

How do IHow do I create a avatar on IPad.Version: 1.22

To repetitiveThe game is fun and all in the beginning but after a while you realise it is just the same..Version: 1.22

Not worth the moneyGive me my money back remix is cheaper and better.Version: 1.20

Family sharingWhy isn’t this game available on apple family sharing?.Version: 1.22

Object creator please!I absolutely adore this game, but the only thing missing is object creator. Can you please add object creator to the the game, it would really make the game more interesting and fun..Version: 1.22

Great gameWho is here from RTgame?.Version: 1.22

PLEASE ADD OBJECT CREATOR!I really love this game but it only needs one more update. EVERYONE WANTS OBJECT CREATOR ON IOS!!! Please add! Thanks :).Version: 1.22

CoolIt was good I almost finished the game I wish there was a object editor.Version: 1.20

Creators!This game is great but where is the Here/Object creators? It would be awesome to have these 2 features!.Version: 1.22

HelpIt’s in a different language, how do I change it?.Version: 1.22

Greatest game ever :)I love it it is great i like playing it in the car.Version: 1.20

Read thisMake object creator for iOS pls.Version: 1.22

MThis game is horrible it says you can make anything you can't make even close to anything and why can't you bomb people it's stupid this game is too strict with the age thing I want my money back.Version: 1.20

YESThis game is one of the best games I have ever played I really appreciateYou made this game.Version: 1.22

How to get stuff on internet in scribble nAuts we’re creator modePls tell me I’m dying to know pls tell me also WErES CrEATOR MODe.Version: 1.22

Love itJust love it.Version: 1.20

Future add onsI don’t have object editor. Can you add this in please?.Version: 1.20

You should make the girl have a chanceI thought if I could finish all the levels I would save the girl but it turned out to be an end to her life please change that ending.Version: 1.22

Soooo fun❤️❤️❤️Ever since I tried it I have loved it, there is always more of the game to discover so it doesn't get old!.Version: 1.20

Great game! But…It’s a amazing game! I love the art style and everything! One thing I wish you could add though. Can you please make eggs hatch if there in a nest? It’s my dream if it happens. So please add it to the game. 🐣🐥🐣🐤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐤🐣.Version: 1.22

Object creatorCould you add the object creator for IOS!? When I was watching you tubers play I was seeing them edit objects, create them and download them. So I think it would be a great idea for object editor/creator for IOS and not just PC it’s really not fair because that's the main reason why I down loaded this game. Even if it costed money. So that is my reason. But it’s still a very nice game. It’s just that you left the best thing about the game to PC and not IOS so, thank you if you do add it to IOS it is a very great game overall..Version: 1.22

Good game but one thing missingScribblenauts is a good game but there is one thing missing! It’s the object editor! I saw it on the trailer for the game on steam on the pc so why isn’t it on the iPad too!.Version: 1.22

Sick ladNeeds object creator though But still a good game 👌.Version: 1.22

Not downloadingI've been waiting for 30 mins and it hasn't downloaded a little bit! Not even a little! It's already been paid for so I'm annoyed 😡😡😡😡.Version: 1.20

Pretty goodPlease add an object editor because I actually bought this thinking there would be an object editor and got really excited. Kind of disappointed but the game is fun..Version: 1.22

Love this game but....I really like this game but theres a lvl where i do something corret for a mission but it doesnt count as if ive completed the mission. Seya.Version: 1.22

Good but object editer in iosNo dam object editor in ios.Version: 1.20

Super amazing!!!This game is so cool we love it we play it a lot and we’re missing one more thing. It’s object editor!! So just please add it I really want it so please get it in the game please ):.Version: 1.22

OBJECT EDITOR PLSI’ve noticed on a different platform for this game a object editor the one thing you NEED to have and if that isn’t enough to make you add it what about this people will stop putting things about the object editor and I WANNA LOOK LIKE BENDY FROM BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE PLS ADD I BEG OF YOU.Version: 1.22

AMAZING!!!!!!When I first started to play i played every single game it was so good I thought you could add more levels though.Version: 1.22

PLEASE ADD OBJECT CREATOR PLSSSSSYour game is fun but can you add object creator the game has everything but object creator so PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ADD OBJECT CREATOR PLSSSSSS. You only made computer have why not a iPad? I’ll love you game so much if you add object creator so pls do it plssssssssssss.Version: 1.22

Pretty goodNeeds to have better and smoother graphics and game play but is a Very good and entertaining game..Version: 1.20

OBJECT CREATOR!!!!This game is incredible with the story and the creativity but we need object creator just saying lots of comments say “Object Creator” 5 Stars Though Amazing Game :).Version: 1.22

PLEASE!!!Ok I have given this four stars because this game is AMAZING!!! There is only one thing missing...OBJECT CREATOR!!! I have seen SO MANY reviews saying that they want object creator and I COMPLETELY agree! ALL OF THESE PEOPLE are asking for ONE thing! It makes me upset how you’ve left the best element of the game to people on PC I just want the object creator otherwise this whole game is boring and repetitive after you’ve saved Lily...PLEASE RESPOND I NEED TO KNOW IF YOUR GONNA ADD IT!!! Sincerely, a depressed sheep😪.Version: 1.22

Great but it takes ages to loadIt took over 10 mins to get 1/11 of it:():.Version: 1.20

Pls plsGive us something new like a object creator pls pls pls.Version: 1.22

More updateMore update to add new fun stuff to creat pleaseee.Version: 1.22

Stop reading reviews download it!You probably think I’m a bot but what the this is such a amazing Game the possibilities are endless...but I wish they would add a feature were you can edit characters or create your own pls respond back ASAP I’ve seen so many reviews like that and I agree.Version: 1.22

HiI want object editor.Version: 1.20

IdeaPls make a 3D version.Version: 1.20

R U adding it?I ♥️ this game just the object editor is what everyone wants and I do too. I might buy the pc version because of it, which is a waste of $30 which I don’t want to do because I already have the game apart from that it is totally ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.Version: 1.22

JUST RELEASE 2.2 ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!Robtop, Why Haven’t You Released 2.2 Yet!? It’s Been Forever!!!! Everybody is Saying “Robtop! Release 2.2 Already!” So Just Release 2.2!!!!! I Mean Like, I Know That Geometry Dash Subzero Has 2.2 Features, But There Isn’t a Level Editor! So Either Release 2.2 NOW or Add Level Editor to Geometry Dash Subzero, OK ? ? ?.Version: 1.22

This is something that we ALL want! Please!Okay, okay, so this is a pretty fun game! But what would make it more better is that, if it had create a object and creat a character! Please I have waited for a long time for this update, but yet, still haven’t got It, it would be a 5 star review if it had these updates that we request, maybe in the future if you EVER make this, I would most likely change it to a 5 star review, please, we all want this!.Version: 1.22

This is amazingKeep it this way it is awesome.Version: 1.22

Object EditorThis is great and one of my favourite games but one thing is missing. You guessed it, the Object Editor.Version: 1.20

TrashThis game is trash really good recycled trash turned into a vr headset.Version: 1.20

I want my money back.Why can't you change the maps without paying money just to get some really restricted area for you to flop around in? Honestly remix is way better and I want my money back..Version: 1.20

WHYYYYYFor some reason, this app will not download on my device. It only loads a tiny smidge and then it does nothing. This game needs a major bug fix. Also, I have been trying to download this app for 5 hours. Please fix this.Version: 1.20

Srsly noooooo object editor wut?Love da game but no object editor if there will be an object editor 5 stars boooooooooooooooooom.Version: 1.20

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Scribblenauts Unlimited 1.22 Update

Version 1.22 (2018-06-04): This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. - Bug Fixes - iPhone X Support.